Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 489

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 489 Time Paper

Nik sat on the dreamy pink clouds once again. The literal cotton candy clouds were soft to touch and extremely comfortable with a sweet scent filling the entirety of the hazy pink sky as if he had been transported to some sort of pink heaven. This is the dream core, the most invaluable item that Sky had ever crafted in her previous lifetime. An item so sturdy that even Supreme Seraphim didn't try to destroy it and merely shook it off of from Sky. After all, Sky could, just like Nik, move her body into the space of dream core and fled away but she never got the chance. In Sky's words, even Kaal, the mind-boggling genius of his era, did not have enough fortune to form an item of Dream Core's caliber.

"Are you sure?" Unwilling to appear in anything but her true form now she had gained one, only Sky's words could be heard within Nik's mind as he nodded. With the Nightmare Demon Pot right in front of him, an item bound to Nik by a traditional blood contract that Sky taught him, Nik connected his will to the pot and removed its lid using his own hand instead of his spirit energy. "Yeah... it's just some time-enhanced pages, right? Either they merge, or they get destroyed. I am not going to check on their specialties one by one... merging them sounds far more efficient."

Nik shrugged as three golden streams of light shot from his body and plunged into the nightmare demon pot. The thing he wished to do was easy, both, in procedure and theory. The mystery of the usage of the remaining two pages still haunted Nik and since the consciousness of his previous incarnation melted without even chatting with him, as if already aware who Orochimaru was, Nik had no way to understand the application of the two extra pages.

And he sure wasn't going to try them. What if the page brought him into a realm where one hour in the real world equals to ten years and the activation period of the page is actually ten hours this time...

Didn't that mean abstinence for 100 years? Since his consciousness is pulled itself, he wouldn't even be able to enjoy his time in the consciousness realm without bearing the burden of the difference in time. The feeling of enjoying ten hours' worth of action in frames slowed down enough to pass a total of hundred years... is definitely not something Nik wants. If the pages merge, then fine. If they get destroyed, then Nik effectively got rid of a series of accursed items, that is it. Finally, in the procedure, Nik only had to close the lid of the nightmare demon pot and it would work on its own.

"Alright, fuse away, my super item. Melt these papers and... make a scroll out of them?"

"Possibly a diary?" Sky inquired.

"How can three pages ever constitute a diary?" Nik retorted.

"How can a paper hold a different time realm?" Sky countered.

"Magik..." Nik muttered.

"Yeah, right..." The concept of time had always been a sore spot for Sky, one of the reasons why she even decided to approach Kaal in her previous lifetime. So, she was as clueless as Nik when it came to the true mystery of the concept of time. Sure, she could try and enter the dream of a successful Time Grandmaster... but just like Nik... Sky really wasn't that into training. The decorations of her Dream Core suggested that she was far more intrigued by the strange lifeforms in the entirety of multiverse.


A deep chime erupted from the demon pot while Nik looked at the surroundings, feeling the purity of spiritual energy in the air that was more than 30 times purer than the concentration of spiritual energy in the real world.

"Damn... to be able to modify its internal formations and actively purify the form of energy present in its surrounding... this core really does help in the cultivation of Spiritual energy of a cultivator. Too bad, I cannot cultivate, and the girls cannot remain conscious in this world."

"I know right... even Kaal lamented this in the past. He even offered to modify it for me."

"Then... did pride get in your way and"

"I ain't gonna let anyone stay conscious in this world besides me... well, now that you are the owner, the only reason I am conscious is that I am your true spirit and the creator."

"About that... how did you even become my true spirit?... I mean, aren't you just like the remaining three?"

"Yeah, if they also sacrificed their life and merged with your soul to reincarnate together with you, then sure."

"Well, to me... whatever you just said sounds more hocus pocus than ever."

"And here I sacrificed myself for you~!" Sky lamented with a mockingly disappointed tone.

"Whatever~ Ah, that's right..." Nik grinned, "Tell me a little more about your Supreme Father... he seemed rather interesting when Kaal described him.

Is the body pillow really that hot that the mighty Supreme Seraphim would leave his concubines for private time?"

"I... don't wanna talk about it. Ask something else... like, if Kaal had the same birthmark as the one on your balls. Or, did we ever f.u.c.k a galaxy into destruction..."

"Ehm... how does one destroy a galaxy... oh wait... Galactic S.p.e.r.m Canon?"

Nik inquired with a chuckle as Sky's soothing laugh echoed, "Don't you forget the Galactic Squirt Arch~!"

"Ah, of course..."

Nik smiled and looked at the humming demon pot as silence ensued once again.

"Never thought I'd discuss my s.e.x life with my partner's future incarnation."

Sky suddenly stated.

"Tell me about it... as we speak, I can only think of topping Galactic S.p.e.r.m Canon..."

"Well... it isn't that great and all when you were a quick shot back then..."

"And should that relieve me?"

Nik snickered, unable to believe that any form of his incarnation could ever be a quick shooter.

"Well, shouldn't it?" Sky inquired, "Well, the 'quickness' of his shooting is relative. When at our level, it is all about the sensation, so we never try to hold our true bodily reactions. Funnily enough, Kaal once said that since Nirdai had been doing nothing but f.u.c.k for hundreds of years, there once came a time where he came with just a touch of his favorite concubine...

I never had the courage to ask Kaal how and why did he know all that..."

"It seems... the fiends had quite a tight but brittle bond back then..." Nik commented.

"Yeah... I guess so."


After a few hours passed, the lid over the nightmare demon pot trembled but it still continuing its humming, albeit, at a greater pace. If it wasn't for Nik's connection to the pot just like his connection with the Dream Core, Nik wouldn't have known what the actions of the pot meant. The three papers were still merging somehow. Since the concept of fusion is far too high from Nik's current understanding and Sky being ignorant in everything but Space and Dream signified that the both of them couldn't hope to affect the result and left it in the hands... well, the handles of the pot.

"Hey, Sky... what do you think would happen if I... tried to fuse a human with animal..."

Nik suddenly inquired, making Sky speechless.

"If you are thinking of creating beastmen... then I'd say fusion isn't the way but mating and exchange of genes are... well, if you do fuse... for instance a dog with a human girl... maybe... just maybe... you'll create something that will revoke all of your interests from domestic pets."

Nik didn't even try to imagine such an abomination as their further conversation was cut short by the rattles of the lid of the demon pot whet a golden glimmer shone and erupted from the gap, stopping right in front of Nik.

Only one paper floated in front of him. Slightly yellow surface with... well... it was blank.

"Did... the formation on the paper got removed...?" Nik stammered. In the past months, he had combined many things. Heck, most of the items in his partner's hand is a fused one with eccentric but practical abilities. From clothing to weapon. Even Nik's gears had changed so much that he had to change all his plans for the upcoming auction hosted by the Team Absolute and the Team Infallible.

But still... this result stretched upon Nik's expectations. Touching the paper slightly with a cautious heart, since there was nothing else left to do to understand the situation, Nik found himself pulled in an empty space once again.

"Umm..." somehow standing atop the empty white space, Nik coughed, "Sky?... You know, if she isn't here then it's good. I've always hated that little bitch... acting like she knows everything."

Nik suddenly spoke but after a few minutes, he didn't receive any reply, his lips started twitching.

"Hey, Sky? Come on! Surely I wasn't pulled in here all alone, right?" Nik groaned and when he confirmed that Sky might not be with him, he groaned in indignation.

"F.u.c.k this shit! I want out!"

Instantly, Nik's vision zoomed and he was sitting atop the cloud once again, this time, there was no paper in front of him and a single look into his origin sea made Nik aware of the page's whereabouts.

"From the look on your face... I'd say you spent a week?"

"Minutes. How much time passed here?"

"In real life? Not even a single breath... did the page's efficiency decreased?"

Nik thought for a moment and as he willed to enter the strange time-space, he found himself on the empty white region once again, and with another thought, he was out.

"More like, it became one with my will. Ah, let's try this..."

Nik suddenly spoke out loud and willed for the page to target his spiritual world and pull Sky into the time realm, alas, he failed. The page seemed to only work for him, making it almost useless to Nik. What's the use of a time realm where he'll have to spend time all alone? But much to Nik's joy, he was one step closer to have a time realm of his own.

Sharing the result with Sky, the two finally thought of leaving. In this space, even Asmodeus, Lilith, and Pure couldn't contact him so Nik and Sky got to spend their own sweet time. Finally, before they actually left, Sky raised the most important question.

"Say, Nik... should we call that Overlord Temporal Space?"

She inquired with moderate excitement, making Nik's lips twitch.

"Time Paper..."


"I said, we will call it Time Paper... it's the aptest description. What's with this overlord and stuff? If it was an overlord space and belonged to me, surely, it wouldn't have been so restrictive, right?"

Stunned, Sky thought about the issue seriously.

"Well, it seems that you are correct..."

"Anyway, we should leave. It's already Tanya's feeding time, and I want to check up on 'him'... hehehehe, let's see if he has something good for me..."

Nik smiled with malicious intentions as he disappeared from this space and emerged back in the real world. As soon as he appeared, Nik was graced by Tanya's cries, making him move hurriedly as Asmodeus mimicked the sound of whip sticking against empty air.