Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 490

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 490 Valkyrie?

The lower plane, as Samya would call it, is divided is infested with multiple realms that hold strange lifeforms. In fact, Samya informed that there are two realms hidden within Glory City itself. One, within the Holy Orchid Institute, and second, hidden within the Saint Judgement Hall. The one that Ray wanted to visit with Nik as a vacation was actually the realm hidden within the Saint Judgement Hall since Nie Li already knew the method to enter. However, Nik had different plans. It has been a total of three months since he implanted the Valkyrie Art within the mind of a slightly... unfortunate youth. No, the art itself didn't harm the man directly, but his life was just that f.u.c.k.i.e.d.


Nether Realm.

His name simply constituents of the first half. Being one of the most populated and, in fact, as an open realm, quite a popular place amidst other realms, Nether Realm is flocked by various species and hence, various traditions. As a hogmen, one of the few remaining ones, in fact, Grinden didn't need a last name. His supposed wife is belted under one of the elders of her family, effectively placing a green hat upon him, his friends have proclaimed to visit her by paying the elder a rather large sum... ah, correction, ex-wife, ex-elder-in-law, ex-friends. Today, after bearing humiliation for so long, Grinden would finally strike.

"Let's see... a man needs to look perfect before destroying a cheating wife, an unsightly bastard, and backstabbing friends." As a hogmen, though possessing mighty strength even without the use of spiritual energy, his physique, and facial structure could never pull appreciative feelings from the civilians around him. He didn't mind it, what else could he do after being born as a pig-faced hogman? Pulling his deep-brown hair into a slick ponytail, brushing his elongated tusks, Grinden donned a ceremonial battle outfit.

If someone said that a hogman could ever find comfort in the 'services' of the top beauties of the nether realm, then no one would believe that crazy bastard. Especially, if that particular hogman's wife is already somebody else's bitch. "Nil Nai," Grinden whispered, instantly making a crimson-haired outstanding beauty appear in front of him, her body covered with nothing but two pieces of clothes, barely covering her exaggerated curves. Still, the lack of 'twinkle' in the eyes of such a youthful and 'prominent' woman was hard to miss. Commanding the strongest battle power, even with only three spirit rings, Grinden had decided to slaughter his stronger so-called comrades and others that slighted him in a manner that crossed his lines.

"Master!" With a black, inverse heart-shaped tattoo extending out akin autumn branches over her crotch, the woman named Nil Nai bowed. Admiring her beauty and feeling a nefarious blaze spreading across his body once again, Grinden coughed. He would have all the time in his world to f.u.c.k Nil Nai, alongside other 'slaves' termed as Valkyrie Group. If the technique Grinden received wasn't wrong, Valkyrie should be an ancient term that represents the Goddess of War of the Olden Era. Of course, this was merely a certain level of bullshittery from a loveable apostle.

With a similar, but a rather tame tattoo on the back of his right fist, Grinden chanted, another strange requirement that seemed awfully rude and only served to raise his own anger. "O' Goddess of War, the owner of Valkyries, I need your assistance to help remove the title of an impotent from my existence."

Instantly, Grinden's eyes turned dazed, just like Nil Nai, as if the words triggered a beguiling effect, Grinden seemed to possess stupidly outstanding spiritual control before he plunged his energy into the spiritual brand on his fist.

"Ugh!" Nil Nai's body shuddered, a scorching sensation spread from her w.o.m.b but even if she didn't scream didn't mean that her comrades that were enslaved by this pig could resist the pain. Various beauties that couldn't be found and were reported to have died under the claws of spirit beasts during their travel slowly melted. Including Nil Nai. Their skin turned gooey black as the mass of goo slithered across the floor before mixing together and congealing into a ravishing, eight-armed figure with a pale violet skin and not a single socket on her face for her eyes. No... her face did not have any featured but her curves suggested that the figure would have been an outstanding beauty.

Grinden's gaze shivered as he saw the n.a.k.e.d figure with black marks running down... her? body. After all, as a female, she had nothing to 'show' despite her curves. However, the terrifying pressure leaking through her body seemed to have even surpassed the pressure that the damned elder expelled from his body while ravaging his 'bitch' in front of him.

Knowing what to do next and recalling his escaped plan, Grinden gritted his teeth. He is ready to burn the bridges.


"Alright, is it agreed that we act like real scientists?" Under a crimson sky, Nik leaned on the shabby wall as an outrageous cry leaked through the house. Instead of the paved road beneath his feet, Nik stood on hot, cracked land with lava streams crisscrossing around as if harmless piss.

"Yes," Sky stated with her ability to conceal her excitement coming into play. However, the remaining three couldn't.

"This is delta- ah! That's military stuff... ummm, yeah, this is Unit 2 of the Observation Lab, the lab rat is ready to dance... ehm, perform," Pure chimed followed by Asmodeus.

"This is the inscription department. The hypnotic sigils have finally been used up. Correction time: 89 days. The test is now liberated and possesses a healthy mental capacity."

"This is the power determination center," Lilith snickered, "The changes in the original technique by installing slave brands has added the element of control. Power deviancy reaches up to ()30%."

"This is the cultivation department," Nik smiled, his violet hues completely lit with high expectations, "The test subject is leaving. The form of the Valkyrie is vastly different and the slight resistance against the brand mark due to collection of will and spirit is increasing by the seconds."

"Sigh, all of you are kids..." Sky groaned, slightly sad that she needed to keep her own image as the mature 'Sage' unshattered.


The Aikil Family could barely hold a footing in the city of Silver River City, one of the lower ladders of the Nether Realm with only a single Rank Six Master. However, the auspicious mansion that seemed to blend into the hellish environment was no more. Instead, all that stood was an eight-armed faceless beauty alongside a tub-bellied man with horrendous tusks.

Placing one foot on the large rubble, Grinden looked at the only survivor of his slaughter.

A tear-stricken beauty, n.a.k.e.d and submissive continuously kowtowed, her slightly pudgy and voluptuous body once again entranced Grinden momentarily before he snapped back and sneered. He had enough time to enjoy the sweetness of getting his revenge and he intended on capitalizing on the fact that he was even earlier than his schedule.

"Lama... come on~ Call me a little bitch! Call me a worthless animal like the day you did while rutting that dead meat!" Grinden roared, his visage manly. Alas, only a single figure observed the man and he didn't seem to appreciate this mock show of strength. After all, in his slaughterous joy, Grinden failed to observe how light the black marks on his 'Valkyrie' had gotten. Meanwhile, Lama, the unfortunate wife sobbed uncontrollably.

"I am sorry! I really didn't want to cheat on you... *Hic* I don't know why that night happened... how it happened! Believe me!"

"Go, slap her. Don't kill her though..." Grinden commanded as the brand on his Valkyrie's body flickered.

"Please! Aah! No! Aaghhhh!"




Under Grinden's command, the woman with a sweet neighbor aura was tortured continuously. From slaps to the face to punches on her stomach, breaking off her calf and then finally

Valkyrie suddenly turned, her eight hands stabbed into the fat belly before tearing the man apart and then instantly fleeing the scene.


Lama muttered as she watched her husband collapse. If she was truly sincere in her earlier proclamations, then now, she held nothing but hatred for the man who she decided to love despite her family's criticism.

Ignoring the pleas of the man, Lama hurriedly crawled towards one of the corpses and hurriedly picked the spatial ring before taking out a healing pill and a set of clothes. It didn't take long for the woman to loot a few more corpses and be on her way. Meanwhile, dim-eyed, Grinden succ.u.mbed to his last breath.


"Is this the 90-days cycle of eternity? Once a group of females is continuously affected by the Valkyrie brand for three months, they won't be able to turn back to their selves once morphed into a Valkyrie?" Nik whispered.

"Is this what is on your mind? What about the Valkyrie's spirit rings? Surely, the power system of this world might have affected the technique in some manner," Sky stated.

"This is just one experiment... it is a good thing though that we decided to do this in the first place. But modifying a unique technique cannot be considered easy."

Nik sighed as he turned on his heels. He was already familiar with this Nether Realm once he destroyed the Dark Guild from the inside and looted its treasury. That is three months ago. And it was then, he implanted the technique for Grinden and set the stage for the man to show his worth.

Well, he was worthless.

"Let's find another valiant warrior with a thing for getting cucked and leave the technique for him."

"A thing for cuck?" Pure inquired, "He... didn't look like he enjoys his wife under someone else."

"It's all relative," Nik smiled while moving to the Lava River City, "Now consider this, there are two popular types of decision in a scenario where a wife cheats on the husband with someone more prominent, the assumption is that the wife herself enjoys the act later on. Now, once the wife is extremely exhilarated by the 'high' from cheating begin her husband's back that makes her s.e.x.u.a.l tension high and orgasms more relieving, there would come a time where the husband would eventually find out. Since it takes too much time that way, I decided to control the mind of the elder and made him expose this fact in a span of few days before making him invite the husband's friends, too."

Slightly parched due to high temperature, Nik gulped and continued to preach, "Now, as a husband, you either leave or you stay. In either situation, our plan remains unaffected. Once the husband who has left finds a way to get revenge, I will need to make sure he does so. That brings the use of the hypnotic sigils and suggestions present within the technique. Next, well, we saw all of it with our own eyes."

"As for the man who stays, the most entertaining kind"

"Wait, why is he more entertaining?"

Instead of her master, the bully replied.

"You didn't see? That pig killed a but left his wife alive and only tortured her. Why? Because he wanted to establish dominance and tame her once again. Even after getting cheated on, he still wants to f.u.c.k her hold once again, and that is considering the fact that he had f.u.c.k.i.e.d women far more beautiful than his wife. That is the most interesting. The act of desperation to keep up a facade of strength but being so rotten that one cannot even understand what they really want."

"And that," Nik smiled, "is why I'd like to find another test subject as Grinden. If he grows, well and good, after all, he would definitely end up dying... the only problem is now I don't know what would happen to that crazed Valkyrie... honestly, it's a pity."

Nik shrugged before finding a suitable man for the task and committing the same deeds as the previous time and finally left the realm to return to the manor. However, this time, instead of leaving the slave mark in the technique, he left his creation Love Mark.

After all, if it wasn't for the sheer preparations and time required for the fruition of the technique, he would not have considered leaving the heavenly realm of Tanya's cries and for the stupid nether realm. Much to Nik's anger, he had missed Tanya's first giggle and even Klas couldn't capture the moment in time, finally making Nik take another leave from the institute and fully focusing on Tanya instead.