Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 491

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 491 Ray's Sundress

Title: Ray's Sundress

"You two look... bored," Nik commented. It was barely dawn and Tanya had already woken up. How punctual. With Nik gently cradling the demanding Princess in his arms and reclining on a camping seat, he let all the girls soak in the medicinal bath in front of him. The most amazing part of this medicinal bath was that no matter how tiny the effects are, they would still occur. His gaze fell on Ziyun and Ning'er, who rested their chins on the tub and gazed into the distance while their apprentice sisters, including Xiao Xue, happily enjoyed the bath, without having the need to hide their bosom, making the two aware that Xiao Xue truly left their maiden's club for good.

"N...othing..." They both replied, unable to muster their usual morning energy while Nik remained all too aware of their thoughts. Think from his perspective. He is surrounded by women of utmost beauty and ability, of course, Tanya being the best of them. It is hard not to be attracted to a man that is already loved by many in a similar way that it is hard for a young boy to not form a crush over a married woman of any size just because she has that... gentle charm and the fact that without crossing certain lines, the boy would never be able to have a relationship with the woman. High... rush... this is the only thing s.e.x is all about. There is a rush of emotions in having s.e.x with one's loved one, a forbidden high in taming a woman possessed by others and that is what form the current s.e.x.u.a.l standards in a civilized society.

To Ziyun and Ning'er, Nik is now the source of their forbidden high and genuine attraction. They had already seen their master with nothing but boxers, and that too, after the disciples' timely warning to not get fully n.a.k.e.d, too. And the sight itself thrummed on their b.r.e.a.s.ts. In a world where lean young masters are plenty, though charming, Nik didn't meet the eye of too many women and whomever he did, were certain to have some nasty tendencies. Ziyun, Ning'er, and Xiao Xue weren't like that. They had their aesthetic sense skewed after having their master in their lives for so long and now it showed. Their eyes lingered on Nik and Tanya before they sighed in distress.

Of course, such emotion and facial expression had long turned into a source of fun for the mature women surrounding the duo. "Oh~! Ryu'er, how could you only introduce one of your friends to your mate and not the rest?"

Gojira chuckled while admonishing the narrow-eyed Ryu'er who enjoyed the warmth of the medicinal bath. Her arms leaned outside the tub as if she is visiting an onsen. "I am sorry~!" she uttered, somehow, gaining an incredibly languid body language that Nik had only seen in Gojira until now, "I'll bring Ziyun and Ning'er later."

"Hey!" Both of them gasped and glared at Ryu'er, who was simply way too sleepy due to a certain silver-furred kitten playing with her all night. Amidst the knowing chuckle of women surrounding the duo, Ziyun and Ning'er looked towards Nik coyly, wanting him to say something and stop the teasing, alas, with Tanya in his hand, Nik momentarily forgot the ongoing commotion and gently pecked the top of Tanya's forehead. Instantly, the sound of shutter snapping echoed as Klas placed the smartphone in the spatial ring once again and raised her thumb. She had snapped an incredible picture right off the bat.


It's been a hectic month. But Nik was now finally able to balance his domestic s.e.x life alongside being a mother to Tanya while Ming continued gaining experience as a seamstress from Elsa. He didn't mind it, in fact, he grew to slowly love taking care of Tanya further, which, finally made Nik realize how much of a dumbass he had been to even look up to a few 'shounen' dads he had read in his homeworld in his pastime. Why leave your kid alone just to make him great? Why let your child suffer through so much just because you want him/her to mature quickly? Did they give birth to a child out of love or expectations? Sighing at his own thoughts, Nik kissed Tanya's forehead as she twisted her body with a smile. Ah, that sweet, wonderful smile.

'It's already been a month... time to go on a trip. Ah, of course, I'll return in a few days!'

Nik smiled as he left Tanya's room without a

making a ruckus. He had already prepared everything. From equipments to food and drinks and finally, a pepper spray that he had purchased in his homeworld in a whim. He had even decided to use a single skill to defend himself in this journey without counting the support skills like [Purification.]

Since he had already bid his farewell to the girls yesterday, Klas happily jumped at the chance to stay by Tanya's side since Nik had already nursed her for the time being, effectively providing Klas the chance to do the fun stuff.

The location of their meeting was the backside of the Saint Judgement Hall that actually presented the crack in the formation array. Standing closer to the archaic building, Nik waited for Ray to show up until curiosity took over him and Nik took out a few elemental stones that he had purchased. Although he wasn't that much of a genius in Inscriptions and formations when it came to Asmodeus and her recently gained disciple, Xue Yin, Nik did have a trove of Knowledge from Nie Li.

"By essence, Inscriptions, in any form is just a language. The inscriptions of the formation and array themselves give the answer to unraveling them, as long as I am able to understand the language..."

Igniting a small formation circle of his own, Nik saw a strange rune form on the ground in front of him. Seeing the language with which the rune was formed... Nik gave up.

"Ah! That's the best part of inscriptions! Understanding new languages and their meaning!" Asmodeus instantly switched to encourage her owner, alas, Nik shrugged, "Nah, it's the best part for you... I'd rather have someone else do the task while focusing on... something else."

"Like?" Asmodeus pursued.

"I don't know, let me think, hmm, how about sports? I mean, I am already a teacher without qualifications, I have acted as an Inscriptionist, I even have knowledge on smithing that allowed me to unravel the Tang Inheritance and gift it to Shigure... I can stitch like Elsa and even fight like Elizabeth and Saeko. But... they all get too boring. Teaching is still slightly interesting, but that is only because I am not asked to teach the same group of students forever and there is a change every year..."

Muttering to himself, Nik found a third party chiming in, "How about trying to be a student, then? Since you know how to be a good teacher, surely, being a good student is also up to your task, right?"

It was Ray.

Dressed in...

"Wait... why are you in a sundress... and that hat..."

Nik narrowed his eyes. Ray wore a round picnic hat alongside a sky-blue sundress that well... actually looked great on him. Indexing up the edges of his hat, Ray grinned, "You look great, too. A little less casual though~!"


A golden fluff ball instantly jumped out from Ray's back, trying to land on the silver fluff ball naturally perched atop his shoulder.

"Hah, Sunny~!" Nik smiled and caught the Sun Kitten in his arms, nuzzling his cheeks against the soft back of the kitten as it purred soothingly.

Looking at Ray, who had actually grown his hair and even braised it into a loose tail, giving him a rather... well, Nik wasn't ashamed to call beautiful people... beautiful.

"So? How are you going to enter this realm? This is unlike the Nether... and we don't even know of the weather conditions in here."

"It's fine~!" Ray grinned and took out a ball, "We'll deal with those issues once we face them! This is the key Nie Li developed after a few days of research! Let's use it!"

Smilingly, Ray threw the key towards the top of Saint Judgement Hall and instead of falling down, the ball dispersed in a strange glow before a small stream of orange light fell down in front of Nik and Ray as the boy toy walked in while beckoning Nik, who, continued holding Sunny and walked into the warp.

'Ah, I can make my own dimensions once I get better at space manipulation, right?'

Nik inquired Sky who chuckled, "Without their own time realm, that is. Your dimensions could only follow the time of the main world. Of course, if you make a dimension within yourself, there will be no time."