Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 492

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 492 Dark Realm

"This... isn't a suitable place to style a sundress..." Ray muttered, slightly creeped out by the surroundings.


"Yeah, sundresses become see-through once wet enough... but... that panty is kind of nice," Nik smiled at the soaked Ryu'er, as they stood over a raised, concrete-like platform surrounded by multiple pillars, "No homo though," Nik added as a reminder. He gazed at the dark sky, unimpeded by rain but he didn't try to stop the mellow drizzle from falling on his body. "The grass looks greener in this dimension."

"You know..." Ray cooed, "You could have looked while I changed!" Now wearing a water-resistant battle outfit, Ray chimed while skipping towards the edge of the platform. The pillars were almost two meters in length were construct out of the same material as the platform. Shrugging at Ray's words, Nik inquired earnestly, "Would have I seem something that I don't have?" His question stumped Ray for a moment before she playfully smacked his own back and smiled while wiggling his butt, "This bubble butt."

"I have seen plenty," Nik raised his foot and pushed Ray through his soles pressing his so-called bubble butt. Well, a single physical push did make Nik realize that is was far softer than then their first encounter. "Hey!"

Jumping down and adjusting his position, Ray pouted before pointing at their wet pets while brushing his soaked locks behind his ears, "We should probably try to find a shelter. Sun Kittens do not enjoy bathes for too long..."

"Somebody's researching on Sun Kittens"

Nik hurriedly placed the sleepy Sunny and slowly refreshed Moon on the platform and pointed towards Ray's direction.


As the joke of an explosion rang a little behind Ray accompanied by the squeals of a small, red-skinned figure with two tiny horns emerging from the top of its forehead and eyes that would flash bright blue only if the eyelids aren't covering them. However, the moment the arm-sized figure shrieked in pain and closed its eyes, it melded into the darkness.

"Oye! What the f.u.c.k is wrong with your picnic?!" Nik growled in indignation. Of course, he had expected to face a few troubles, but not so early in their adventure. Meanwhile, not replying to the apostle, Ray spread his scent before smiling, "Sleep for me~!"


Over the wet grass, the sound of a sturdy item falling over rang continuously. With a smile, Ray twisted on his toes and bowed enchantingly, "I hope my performance had been up to the mark. Of course, the question remains, why didn't you use your own scent to find them?"

Raising his palm, Nik suddenly clenched his hand into a fist while a small explosion crackled without even affected by the rain, "I will only be using one skill to attack and defend. Its name is explosion... and its use is to shred enemies with an explosion."

While Nik once again thought of a one-eyed blonde with a perversion for explosions, Ray couldn't help but convert Nik into a brown-haired loli with a long staff shouting explosion time and again.

"Um... Nik... will you do me a favor?"

"Hmm?" Picking Sunny into his arms since Moon was already shaking its body energetically while jumping about, Nik looked towards Ray who sported a weird smile.

"The next to use that skill, ehm, just shout EKSSSPLOOOOOSSHIOOOONNN!"

Ray shouted and with emotions and dragged the term explosion for too long.


Nik didn't find any problems with her request as he nodded slowly. "Anyway... since you invited me, where should we go? Do you have any map or stuff like that?"

Grinning once again, raising alarms in Nik's heart for multiple reasons, the bubbly dumbass shook his head and proclaimed while placing his hands over his thin waist.



"Dumbass!" Lucifer witnessed his half-sister kicking the man who had defeated Lucifer time and again. That blue-haired man with dangerous crimson pupils accepted the beating while kowtowing.

"Ahhh! Sorry! I really shouldn't have lost the compass! Don't worry, I'll just time travel into my past and bring the compass! Ah! Don't kick mah balls!"

Kaal squealed, his voice making Lucifer shudder as the previously hot-headed Dream who still hadn't witnessed the cruelty of the world enjoyed tormenting Kaal. The blonde Lucifer swept his pearly blue eyes across the empty void they had accidentally traveled. Truly, he didn't know how Kaal could beat him in three spear strikes.

Suddenly, the grey-skinned Lucifer who had fallen to rank 7 opened his eyes. His grey pupils looked at the empty sky without any emotions.

"It's good that I can kill both of them together... still can't try to invade the lower plane of Spirit Rings system... those dumbasses just had to live after breaking their promise... Well, I guess, I need to change my focus on recovering my past strength. Father... Nirdai... Mirage, Khooni, and the two wills...

Truly we are just ants fighting our loneliness away."

Swiping his pitch-black hair, as opposed to his previous blonde locks, Lucifer laid back onto the smooth blood devour grass and quenched the planet with his infinite source of blood supply, "Let's see... my mind is no longer clouded by Battle tendencies formed from a Battle Seraphim's lineage. That Kaal... he used my weakness into portraying that we could ever hit it off... makes me sick," clenching his jaws while letting his complicated emotions flow out, Lucifer soon regained his composure.

"Those who live longer in our world are the strongest. Talent can never outmaneuver eons of experience... the only way is to find inheritances left by Kaal and other Time-path experts to increase my strength."

With his dull gaze soon gaining a glimmer, Lucifer smiled, his gaze flashing eerily.

"Hehe, even Dream's arrangements are acting up once again. Trying to rekindle our feeling of friendship... but I don't hate that. I'll cut this last flaw alongside her and the new toy the three pillars have sired. Ah, I think, it is the current owner of the Death Paradise that Nirdai begged... keke, what's death to an undead... I'll trample them all.

Alongside the illusion that this reality is. Ravagers? Chaos? Void? Embodiments?

No person needs their strength and title...

It's all a lie!"


"Liar!" Nik stated as a matter-of-fact while blushing heavily, Ray denied as he scooched Moon into his arms, "Am not!"

"Then..." pointing at the abyss they had accidentally entered with only a single way to leave and that, too, thanks to Dream's guidance while Nik took charge in forming an escape spatial array, the two finally decided to explore this realm. And yes, they currently enjoyed themselves. " why don't you lead?"

It was already hard to spend time with each other and vent due to their prior commitments and this is also the reason why Nik didn't oppose to the chance of hanging out with a person who he now slowly considered a friend... well, currently, comrade seemed like a better term.

"Hah? What kind of man asks a pretty lady to lead? Could it be... secretly, Nik... are you an M from the heart?" Ray snickered while ruffling Moon's wet fur, "Don't be stupid," Nik snorted before sniffing.

"EKSSSPLOOOOOSSHIOOOONNN!" As he shouted loudly and felt his reserved depleting once again, multiple explosions, a little more intense than the last time, rang around the duo as Moon yelped and jumped from Ray's embrace while the succubus stifled a laugh.

Seeing this, Nik furrowed his brows.

"I am not shouting that again... until I understand the reference."

"Hahaha!" Laughing loudly, Ray tiptoed forward and took a deep sniff, "There's some sort of mating ground ahead. But the stink isn't a human's, more like a spirit beast... I really want to transfer to a world where humans act just like beasts! Man, just think of plowing down a woman out of nowhere and then having her follow you for your s.e.x.u.a.l prowess!"

Ray whispered while walking towards the side, fully intending of avoiding any strange situation as Nik followed this time around, "That sounds nice... but, I think that's what beastkin world actually is? I mean, unlike the beastmen shown in mangas, wouldn't it be logical for them to embrace their animalistic traditions, too? Like a mating ground in the middle of the city or something like that..."

"It does," Ray agreed, "Well, we would know once we enter such a world. Now then, where should we go... left or right?"

"Shouldn't we navigate using North, south, east, and west?"

Nik inquired.

"I never learned the art of navigation. And well, don't we need a celestial body in the sky for that?" Ray looked at the dark sky with not even a single twinkle.

"For the last time, we should just leave. The nether realm is far better than this raining hellhole!"

Rolling his eyes at Nik's comment, Ray snickered, "Yeah, like magma hellhole is better than raining one!"

"By the way, where is Yar? She's been awfully quiet."

Nik burped while speaking as he stopped eating on the candy bars.

"Yar? She is trying to learn something called [L.u.s.t Domain.] Since I would get an inmate skill based on Yar's understanding, I am trying not to disturb her.

Ray had known that Yar and Nik weren't on the best term, but that only meant that the two had things that needed sorting out. Of course, Ray wasn't going to try and smoothen their interactions. He isn't their relationship adviser after all. However, with a smile, Nik pointed out kindly, "Hey, Yar, stop ignoring me. It's kind of pathetic that you are still stuck at learning the skill... after all, I have found quite a mastery in [L.u.s.t Domain]!"

Ray's eyelids twitched as he heard Yar hurling curses within but still unwilling to break her attention.

"Ah, sorry, sorry, you are the kind of s.l.u.t who needs to concentrate to get better," Nik grinned, "Whereas I... it comes naturally to me~!"

"Isn't s.l.u.t... a curse?"

"Hah? Never! Being a s.l.u.t who has bedded many, I am most assured that our type is the best!" Nik proclaimed while thumping his chest as Ray spoke with a wry smile.

"Yar says that... she'll deal with you after we find someplace to stay..."

"Bah, you mean that she is just shy enough to face her untimely defeat!"

Nik smiled and jogged forward, "Let's go in that direction! I have a feeling that we'll find something nice there!"