Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 493

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 493 Cheerful Escape

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"I have a good feeling huh?!" Ray shouted as the splashing sound of their footsteps over the wetland echoed through the pitter-patters of ran while a wave of thousands of red-skinned imp followed behind Nik. Since the duo didn't know the name of the species, they decided to call them red imps. As the blue torch-eyed imps chased after Nik and Ray while they both held each other's pet, Nik thought time and again to use one of the items to try and kill his way out.

'Nah, since we can escape without troubles, there is no need to use more energy for shenanigans. And, these imps were f.u.c.k.i.n.g each other without any consideration of their gender, so possibly, this is their mating season or they are just kinky. If I leave Sunny on the ground, he could get a trauma of his life... well, maybe he might just enjoy it?'

Thinking till here, Nik's glowing violet hues shrunk. His vision was the most outstanding sense under his belt. Even though Nik had already converted [Life Vision] into a skill seed for someone else to practice, he still had [Purple Demon Eyes] and his talent [Perfect Vision] that worked extremely compatibly. Right now, the only thing that Nik's vision could observe was a pitch-black behemoth with its hill-sized maws opened and multiple tentacles wriggling out of its mouth.

[Purple Demon Eye: Lvl 18

Use: This skill allows a passive boost to visual abilities. This skill requires a continuous supply of purple qi to level up.

Level 10 Boost: Accelerated Vision- Capabilities to see movements and other objects that are traveling at a high speed. It allows the user to gain visual information of surroundings at a quicker pace.

Note: In case of using SP to level the skill, the user must have a large holding of purple qi or the eyes of the user may be permanently damaged.

Next Lvl: 24 SP]

'A tentacle monster? Naice!'

Mentally complimenting the beast's natural debauchery, Nik sent his observation to Ray through the chat and they instantly decided to avoid the ten-thousand-year spirit beast. Since none of their spirits seemed compatible with the natural alignment the beast proclaimed. After all, in Nik's spiritual world, Sky's natural alignment is Dream, Asmodeus' is 'Defense' aka tough skinned monsters, Lilith seemed far more interested in monsters with natural, bodily blades and finally, Pure alignment gave her compatibility with Ice-type monsters. On the other hand, Ray's Hissy needed Amphibians and other reptilian monsters, Kitty needed feline monsters, and the Skydream required ice and mental attributed monsters. Either way, with the locks shackling their bodies according to their ranks, Nik and Ray could only absorb a single spirit ring for each of their spirits.

"Ahhh! So awesome!" Ray grinned as tentacles shot from the behemoth instantly caught multiple imps and the fleshy tendrils with the thickness far surpassing Nik's tool soon stretched out towards Nik and Ray as they continued their escape. "We'll literally get f.u.c.k.i.e.d if caught by that thing. Can you fly?"

"Of course, not! Don't you dare fly off while leaving the delicate me to a bunch of tentacles!"

"Ugh, grab on! Make sure that Moon doesn't fall off!"

Nik shouted as Ray jumped onto his back, keeping Moon in between and wrapped his limbs around Nik's abdomen. "Don't fly too high though... wouldn't want tentacles erupting from the sky!" Ray hurriedly whispered as Nik shot to the air, clearly, his speed increased but as Ray suggested, he kept the height under control. Once they were able to shake off the slimy horrors and pitiful imps whose worse fate would definitely be living within the cl.u.s.ter of tentacles than death, the duo continued on towards the direction which Nik had earlier picked on as Nik could finally observe a few motes of light decorating the humongous mountain!

"See? I told you that I have a good feeling about this direction!"

Nik smiled complacently before stopping suddenly and descending on the ground.

"Huh! What Oh! What is this?! A super legacy? A spicy tale of an affair? Or a plain ancient billboard?"

Ray inquired with a twinkling gaze as Nik stepped on the ground without moving. In front of him, a few steps away, a meter long steele was erected with strange runes etched on its surface. The lower portion of the steele seemed to be scribbled off by something metallic, possibly a bladed weapon, judging from the scratches left on the steele.

"Before that... drop down."

"Ah... can I stay like this? Pretty please?" Ray smiled as his natural scent worked a soothing effect. With a twitch of his lips, Nik shook his back, rocking Moon in between the two as it purred in frustration and struggled to move out.

"Ugh, fine! Heck, you are just slightly more comfortable to hug! That is it!"

Snorting, Ray stepped down and let Moon off as well. The rain continued as usual while Moon once again shook its body but failed to shake off the rain itself, mewling loudly and then prancing about with the irritable feeling of her paws getting muddied. With Sunny taking up Nik's embrace, Moon jumped and latched onto Ray's chest while until the succubus held her in his arms while the two of them continued to stare at the steele.

"Can you read it?" Nik inquired.

"To be honest, I was hoping you could."

"Well... I did see something like that in Nie Li's memory... did you bring him?"

"Uh, no. Remember, it's our trip."

"Hmm, so, we leave it right here or touch it just for the kicks of it..."

"Touch it!" Ray chimed.

"Indeed. Mysterious objects are needed to be touched at least once!"

Grinning, the duo instantly placed their right hand over the surface of the steele before...


"Nothing is happening for me... what about you?"

Nik inquired.

"Nope, nothing." Shaking his head, Ray backed away with a frown, "Maybe, this is just some stone."

"In the middle of nowhere," Nik added.

"Where else would it be?" Ray inquired.

Shrugging, Nik pointed towards the mountain, "Let's try to reach that place before the day ends? Wait, does this place even have a day?"

Nik looked towards the sky and inquired curiously.

"Probably not."


[Explosion +3]

It took two hours to enjoy the scaling of the mountain layered with thick trees as the motes of light presented itself to be a form of a spiritual beast bird with a glowing head. Seeing them, Moon would occasionally jump out to chase them but Nik made sure that she didn't scamper too far away. Meanwhile, Sunny had long found its place within the embrace of his owner. Of course, the duo was more than excited to make contact with the civilization of this realm since the human murmurs could already be heard and their nostrils confirmed the scents of a group of humans not too far from here. Meanwhile, with his purple demon eyes running passively, Nik gained a large amount of information from the surroundings.

There have been a tad too many scars on the trunks of the trees as if something or someone had been lashed at. Meanwhile, the distinct increase in the number of pure white feathers stuck around the branches increased, and finally, there were extremely tiny speckles of blood on the tree that were getting soaked into the tree itself, allowing Nik to understand that these trees were much more than natural providers.

"Hey! I smell blood!"

"I like how you ignore the smell of defecation and rotting accompanying the blood," Nik chuckled, "Alright, should we just scout the region and pick a valiant test subject to learn whatever we need?"

"That sounds too boring... we are here for fun. If our strength allows it, then definitely, I want to have fun!" Ray raised his fist and breathed excitedly. He gingerly placed Sunny on his silver head as Nik nodded. Since he wasn't planning to enter into close combat, it would be fine even if he held moon alongside him.


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