Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 494

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 494 Competition

In a way, a village situated within the woods adorned with starry motes of light and a sense of exoticness even compared to Nik's standard was a dream-like existence. Aside from a relatively large mansion that destroyed the aesthetic of the village itself, the only thing that marred the duo's sight was a couple of slaves getting whipped fo the death by armored men. The sound of lashes filled the surroundings as the slaves looked too weak to even scream out in pain and only endure. Alas, endurance only brought them the sweet release of death before the armored men said something in a language that duo once again did not understand. Seeing them take away the dead slaves through the flattened mud roads with wooden structures erected on either side, Nik and Ray did not remain quiet for long. As Ray said, they were here for fun, so the moment the crowd receded and only three armored men remained, they walked forward.

Focusing on the limbs of the two silver-plated men, Nik smiled evilly and mouthed 'explosion.' Instantly, eight fist-sized explosions on the ends of the limbs of the armored men lacerated their movement as they fell on the ground with a loud shout. "That skill really is useful. To cause explosion by intent and focus of vision," Ray muttered while using his pheromones to put the remaining one to sleep.

"Agghh! Kavs ak kiagdj!"

"Should we search their mind and just learn their language?" Ray tilted his head as he put the remaining two to sleep. Thinking for a moment, Nik shook his head, "I don't want to search men's memories and then find them rubbing one out, I'll wait until a good female candidate presents itself."

Suddenly, both of their noses twitched as Ray smiled, "Did I ever say how lucky you are? You want a female and behold, a female arrives!"

Snickering at Ray's words, Nik turned his head towards a certain direction, his eyes focusing onto the rustling branches before a white shadow, at least, from Ray's vision, but a beautiful brunette with angelic wings, through Nik's accelerated vision appeared before them with full intentions of claiming the necks of the sudden assaulters when Sky suddenly exclaimed, "Lucifer's bloodline!" alongside Nik's explosion occurring right in front of the lady, effectively stopping her for a moment.

"Sahu!" She shouted loudly with a sword in her hand. Her extended wings folded themselves internally as Ray and Nik looked towards each other before glancing at the green-eyed angel once again. Since there wasn't an ounce of spiritual energy over the woman at the moment, it suggested that the wings were a part of her body. Meanwhile, as if an angelic commander, the brunette wore her hair in a pulled up tail with two long locks folding in naturally, making the looping hair frame the side of her face. Alongside a pleated white skirt, she wore a sort of white battle tunic covered with golden shoulder pads and calf-lengthed boots with thicker soles. However, the most attractive feature of the woman, no doubt, was her thigh-long wings.

"Sahu!!" She called out again, making the duo's lips twitch.

"It's called sleep!" Ray retorted idiotically before putting the naive woman to sleep.

Looking towards her, Nik suddenly shouted, "Sahu!"

Rolling his eyes, Ray turned towards the youth that had his limbs intact. Meanwhile, Nik closed the wounds of the two youths he had attacked to incapacitate them. Since they didn't attack him or commit anything ill against him, there was no need for Nik to act like a warrior of justice and exact revenge for slaves he didn't even know. Once his healing life energy worked its groove, Nik walked over to the 'Sahu' girl and invaded her young mind with his pheromones. Of course, instead of focusing on her father's parenting and a rather cruel life she lived, Nik turned his attention towards the language spoke and once again, Nik realized that this form of language was also present within Nie Li's trove of knowledge. Of course, Nik never really cared that much about language as much as he did for other information.

"Ah! Sahu meant surrender!" Nik and Ray spoke simultaneously before looking towards each other and shaking their heads silently. "So, this village is under Silver-Winged Family's Jurisdiction, and they, uh, are some sort of ancient nobility that fled into this realm." Nik muttered as Ray cross-checked the information from the youth's mind and finally, he inquired Sky, 'What did you mean with Lucifer's bloodline? ... 'That' undead Lucifer?'

"Yep, I used to travel with Kaal and Lucifer before some stuff changed, and now, I reckon, Lucifer thirsts after both of our lives."

"My life? Because of being the previous Kaal?"

"Exactly... you know, Kaal had acted against too many..."

"Well, is this some sort of next incarnation Karmic Retribution? Did Kaal cuck Lucifer?"

"Nothing of the sorts. In fact, Kaal didn't like the act of taking someone else's woman if it wasn't necessary. Of course, when we traveled in this world, Lucifer spread his bloodline, just like Kaal did."

"Poor you~!" Nik snickered before inquiring, "Wait, the two just left their kids in this world without taking care of them?"

"Wouldn't you?"

"Hell, no!"

Nik scoffed as his mental evaluation of his past incarnation and the edgy undead fell to the bottom, "Call me a s.l.u.t or a whore, but never will I gain the title of an unjust father!"

"What about the son of a bitch?"

"It's a compliment for me!"

"Then, what about motherf.u.c.ker?" Asmodeus inquired this time around.

"I aspire to be one, a blood motherf.u.c.ker, that is."

"Hmm? Bastard, then?" Lilith asked with a chuckle.

"I am already one!"

"Master, then, asshole?!" Pure exclaimed.

"Give me one and I'll train it! Of course, not a man's but a woman's!"

"Hey! Are you listening?!" Ray's voice broke the mellow flow of the conversation between Nik and his spirits

"Of course! That is my thing. Listening," Nik sighed and looked towards Ray with a smile, "You were saying that we should try and screw with the family's main base, right?" Hearing him, Ray's brows twitched. 'It completely looked like he wasn't... oh well, as expected of a true womanizer.' Shrugging internally, Ray looked towards the main mansion of the Silver-Winged Family. His pink hues lit in excitement once again but Nik couldn't help but interject.

"Hey, I am still waiting to teach Yar a lesson... of course, you can tell me the truth if she is afraid or not."

Before Ray could even reply, his body flashed hazy pink with a figure slowly walked from behind Ray, her voluptuous figure and irrational pink skin could fuel a man's natural desire but that perfect sneer on her face made her look all the hotter. With a darker shade of pink hair tied into a decent looking braid and her body clothed in long panels that exposed her sides, Yar grinned and revealer her shark-like teeth, "I really hope you weren't trash talking me out of fear that I am better than you~!" Yar smacked her fist against her open palm and raised her thin brows.

"Me? Afraid? Oi, oi, aren't you the dreg who still couldn't learn L.u.s.t Domain?" Nik inquired with a curious frown. Meanwhile, Ray turned his head away. 'Ah, I haven't learned it myself...'

"L.u.s.t Domain ain't worth shit! I already have a basis of competition in my mind, if you aren't too damn attached to your playthings, that is!"

"Attachment is a form of l.u.s.t, dimwit! Ah, sorry, how would you know that... but sure, we have a perfect 'plaything' right here~!" Nik pointed towards the fallen angel as Yar nodded her head.

Sending her thoughts to Nik, Yar disappeared to hijack one of the houses as Ray looked towards Nik with a pout. No matter what, Yar has been his closest companion and of course, Ray did not enjoy the sight of being left out.

"You guys... what am I supposed to do!"

"I don't know... let loose or something! There's a perfect mansion right there!"

Nik pointed and waved his hands before pushing Moon towards him, "Take care of Moon for me though, don't do anything weird in her sight!"

Seeing Nik leaving after picking up the woman, Ray released a pent-up sigh and placed Sunny on his head before walking towards the mansion with Moon in his hands, "I am too good for my own good. Treating me as their baggage... stupid Yar, dumb Nik!"


"I know right? How could he leave someone so cute out of the fun... well, I'll give you lots of pills so that you can become a human quickly. Show your master then who's the owner and who's the pet!"


Moon snuggled her head against Ray's chest as they continued forward.


"Ah, sorry. Please rest," Whispering an apology, Nik helped the old couple over the bed and covered their bodies with a thick blanket since the continuous rain over this dimension had turned the surroundings chilly. The decoration of the house was barely moderate and much lower when compared to Nik's current standards but the Apostle needed to adapt to his situations. What would he do if he accidentally traveled into the world still in its stone age? So, not minding the lack of decor, he walked out of the room to the remaining partition of the leafy hut where an inpatient pink-skinned woman with two, index-sized, pointy horns stood while tapping her toes on the floor.

"Are you done?! Can we finally start!" Yar groaned, of course, less compassionate than the recently daughtered youth. "Let me get this clear. You want to use... um, ah, Sikong Hongyue as the subject matter of competition. You will only use the benefits of your gender alongside any pleasure skill other than body modification and so will I. After that, we'll let the lady decide who she wishes to get her brains blown from in the future, right?"

"Yeah!" Yar smiled, her gaze falling on the angel woman as she licked her plump red lips, "All we need to do is find out who gets to start..."

"Well, ladies first," Nik smiled and produced a chair from his spatial ring before taking a seat. "Do you want a mattress for your"

"The rougher it is, the better!" Yar shook her head as she unclasped the thick choker on her neck connected to the panel-like clothing, instantly making the curtains fall from her body and revealing her extremely luscious figure.


'Damn!' Everyone, including the four spirits, chimed simultaneously.