Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 495

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 495 L.u.s.t Domain Whisper

Nik sat down with an easygoing smile. Due to unknown, but instinctual reasons, Nik and Yar couldn't see eye to eye. No reason but... no matter the both of them looked, they just hated each other's faces, which made Nik realize that the few myths about Incubus and Succubus not getting along well might not be plain rumors. Though he is a L.u.s.t Apostle, and Ray is a male succubus, this could be the reason for not having a similar, innate distaste, but the same thing wasn't true when it came to Yar and Nik. They poked at each other and rubbed it off the wrong way.

"Are you sure that you won't jizz up by this?" With an elegant twirl, Yar slapped her own butt, making it jiggle before seductively tying her hair up into a bun. Her shark-smile giving her a better vibe that Nik simply couldn't admit. Removing his pants and letting his tool in its unmodified glory escape, Nik grinned, making Yar's heart throb and a vein pop over her temple, "Are 'you' sure that you won't try ta' pop up on me?"

"Hmph, you wish!" Snorting, Yar dropped on her knees and then placed herself above Hongyue's unconscious body. Her pinkish gaze lit in delight as an enticing and mellow scent slowly seeped out of her body, filling the room with a certain e.r.o.t.i.c sensation that even affected Nik, wordlessly making him half-erect. Keeping her senses over Nik and finding that her nascent L.u.s.t Domain couldn't even make him erect completely, much less to the point in exploding, Yar couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement. Battle maniacs competed with their fists and S.e.x Fiends competed with their pleasure techniques. "Wake up~" breathing out softly as if the true angel actually hid within Yar's diabolically l.u.s.tful form, Hongyue's body trembled. Meanwhile, Nik's curious gaze surveyed the fleshy, thick-to-thin tail with an inverted spade-tip with a darker skin-tone swaying around hypnotically.

With her brown eyelashes trembling, Hongyue's eyelids gently slid open to reveal a hazy vision of a something big and pink right in front of her. It took a couple of blinks for her green pupils to get accustomed to the lighting before she faced the incomparable obscene and large reddish n.i.p.p.l.es that could send her own cherry toppings for a defeated run. However, the sudden grasp of a thin but firm hand over her neck and the scent that commanded her body to simply accept whatever is to come made Hongyue gasp as her fearful gaze fell over the owner of the giant tits that threatened to smother her to a certain enjoyable demise. Observing the fear and sudden emergence of fatal terror, Yar's gaze curved gently, her smile making the poor lass daze as the full duty succubus leaned down, "You know," her grasp tightened around her collared neck as the battle tunic provided no resistance against the super-enhanced familiar, "fear really hits the spot with me, honey~ Yeah, just take shallow breaths until I make you squeal~!" Yar giggled enchantingly with her pupils actually taking the shape of spade-like hearts as they visibly throbbed, sending shivers down the tongue-tied Hongyue.

"Phew~!" Whistling, Nik couldn't help but feel... well, inspired. His own erection proved the effectiveness of Yar's words and the use of her sweet but threatening tone as the gentle curve finally managed to throw off Yar a bit, as Nik's own scent acted up on its own. Seeing Hongyue's gaze fall upon Nik's c.o.c.k rather than her own perfect face, Yar growled with a smile, finally parting her shark-like teeth and revealing a long, e.r.o.t.i.c tongue meant for providing pleasure, "Hey~ S.l.u.t! Don't go sniffing around just yet, we have an orgasm for ourselves, after all."

With her sharp nails, clenched across the tunic over her b.r.e.a.s.ts, making sure that her nails actually dug into the remaining form of clothing within the tunic, Yar pulled and shredded the front of her shredded tunic, "Ahh!" Finally realizing that being silent won't stop the inevitable, Hongyue shrieked only for Yar to throw the patch of white cloth away and the stroking Hongyue's cheek with a smile, her thumb sliding into the open mouth of the young lady and slowly descending with the thin tip of her tongue entering Hongyue's mouth. Meanwhile, Nik's gaze grew hotter in excitement as he saw Hongyue's upskirt revealing a n.a.k.e.d cunt wetting rather quickly and Yar's plump p.u.s.s.y lips covering her purplish slit that barely squirted even a little.

'No, no, no!' Hongyue chanted internally, but the moment the strange demon's tongue slid across her tongue, dexterously wrapping around it while enclosing her lips over Hongyue's, her gaze turned dumbstruck while the firm grasp over her neck slid down, warm palms stroked her filled cheeks as her mouth felt tingly, her salivary gland acted and secreted her juices nonstop while her b.r.e.a.s.ts felt hotter with an unruly hold pinching her cute, tiny n.i.p.p.l.es over the moderate b.r.e.a.s.ts. Meanwhile, Hongyue closed her eyes, unwilling to feel the same terror and excitement coarse through her body the moment she gazed into the throbbing pupils.

'How naughty,' Yar's tongue slid down into Hongyue's throat, both of demon's hands finally rested upon the angel's b.r.e.a.s.ts as the pure lady's spread wings started flapping, alas, with Yar's oversized buxom body completely laid over onto her, Hongyue couldn't flap her way out of the situation as she felt a pure streak of hot blaze scorch through her body, drying her in a few places but making her moist and warm in plenty. Feeling the demon's knee slid in between her spread legs and press against her sacred place that should only belong to her father after the coming of age ceremony like everybody else, Hongyue couldn't help but open her eyes and send gazes of plea towards Nik.

It was a bad move.

With another vein popping over her temple, Yar stopped increasing the sensitivity of Hongyue's mouth and slowly pulled herself up by placing her left arm on the floor, the slow ascend pulled Yar's naturally long tongue until the tip of her tongue still continued to drip saliva into Hongyue's parted lips. "P-please... just, let me go! I'll bring you every other female from my family! *Hic* Please... just please...!" Unable to find any form of assistance from Nik, Hongyue pleaded to the demon that was violating her. "Aren't you a smart little bitch~?" Yar whispered, slowly slurping her tongue into her mouth while clutching the sobbing Hongyue's cheeks and squeezing them with her remaining hand, "First looking at him again, and then begging to me? Is that it? You love to beg, dontcha? You just want a nice, long c.o.c.k in, stirring you, filling you, and most importantly," leaning down, she whispered, "to claim you? Hmm? Don't go underestimating me and cry around for that dong!"

Yar's knee moved in soft rotation and as she felt Hongyue wet and warm enough, Yar controlled her tail, effectively covering her holes from Nik's gaze with the broad of her tail and pulling it down in a curve, aligning the dark-pink tail against the wet p.u.s.s.y, the thick end of the tail playfully smacking against the length of Hongyue's p.u.s.s.y as she yelped. Alas, Yar's L.u.s.t Domain couldn't even fully pull her into realms of pleasure, keeping Hongyue in the marginal satisfaction and sadness, making her feel complicated and in return, ruining a lot of mood and heaviness of the surrounding.

As Yar tackled Hongyue, Nik had the time of his life. He didn't even bother stroking his own member, fully knowing that he will soon be having the two for himself, he waited. His c.o.c.k throbbed while Yar's scent almost seemed physical and swooped over his little brother, still trying to pull a globule of c.u.m, alas, Yar's efforts failed as she scowled the moment Hongyue cried while orgasming for the first time in her life.

"Before I begin," Nik smiled as he rested his cheeks lazily over his fist, slightly unsatiated by the ending and the sheer intensity of Hongyue's orgasm, "Is it alright if I know how the both of you enjoy your harem?" Nik inquired while Yar groaned and sat beside Hongyue with her legs crossed and her tail wrapping around her waist, "With this!" she pointed at the place above her crotch where an appendage soon grew in the shape of a d.i.c.k almost equal to Nik's in size.

"Huh, I always thought that you'd be f.u.c.k.i.n.g with your holes..." Nik muttered as Yar shrugged helplessly. She could feel the failure affecting her negatively and already knew that Nik won this competition. But with how much of margin Nik would topple Yar's understanding, that she didn't know.

"What can I do? Ray seems to enjoy plunging stuff, and even enjoys seeing me taking the charge. But he never allowed the other way around. You know, the guys in our harem aren't bi, but purely aligned. Lucky you, right?" Yar gruffed out.

"Ray doesn't seem too affected by the idea that I might f.u.c.k you right now..." Nik's expression grew even more... gloomy.

"Reality's a bitch, right," Yar grinned, understanding that Nik had already grown to realize his true relationship with Ray, "Master's swept by you. There's nothing other than that. And I'd reckon that it's hard for you to control yourself, right? Sure, succubus and incubus don't grow along... they both love to take to charge," rubbing the back of her head, untying her hair and letting her pink locks flow down, Yar continued while releasing a pent-up sigh, "but Ray is a male succubus... every convention seems opposite to him. Would you believe that on the first day he met you... he actually entered into a debate on how you are better than Brian?"

"But I am better than Brian!" Nik stayed as a matter of fact.

"Let me tell you one thing," Yar smiled, "I don't give a flying f.u.c.k."


Nik chuckled and then stood up. He gazed at the roughly breathing and sobbing Hongyue before speaking up, "If you keep this chat a secret, I'll teach a little about the domain."


Yar replied in a heartbeat.

"Well..." Nik smiled, a pink-gold ring expanded from his body and pulsated. Instantly, Yar and Hongyue seemed to be struck with something strange as delightful m.o.a.ns and murmurs filled the air that didn't emerge from the duo women but the... surrounding itself.

"A domain can only achieve its true effect if you are invested in the act. Welcome to my L.u.s.t Domain Whisper..."


Sikong Hongyue