Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 496

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 496 Overflow

Yar's pupils transformed themselves. She hated the sight of Nik and now, that hate itself drove endless pleasure as a soothing whisper grazed past her ears once again, "You want him, don't you? Taking away your master's distraction so that he can achieve greatness?" Yar's heart like pupils throbbed while a weird grin touched her face. Instantly shaking her head, Yar broke from the sweet illusion of the voice as she snapped her head towards Hongyue's direction. The angelic beauty had dr.a.p.ed her front with the thick cover of her feathers, but the sloshing sound of her fingers digging into her p.u.s.s.y while her face seemingly engrossed with wild illusions truly presented an impressive sight to Yar.

"You want your daddy to f.u.c.k you right? Letting your entire family know that your daddy is the best? See, he's right in front of you~! Just think..." As the sweet whispers truly presented an enticing world of debauchery to Hongyue, Nik walked over to the angelic beauty and placed both of his hands over on the edges of her wings, pulling them apart as the upper muscles and flesh of the wings secreted sweat and had already turned the area quite damp, increasing her natural scent.

"A L.u.s.t Domain doesn't derive pleasure. It is the pleasure. Everything is. The whisper, the touch, the sensation. Pleasure enhances these concepts, that is it," Nik whispered and he smiled and matched gazes with the green-eyed beauty, "You've really been treated wrongly," he continued, letting his right arm gently rub away the streaks of tear from her face while the other removed the golden shoulder guards before pulling down her white tunic. Of course, Nik let the white sleeves covering her arms remain since they provided a charm to the woman. "Don't worry, you just wanted to enjoy your first time," Nik leaned down and without any exaggerated show of elongated tongue due to the restriction on body modification, he closed Hongyue's lips, making the beauty close her eyes while m.o.a.ning softly. The thing that caused Yar to bite her lips was the fact that she wasn't crying any longer.

'Did my senses get so rough after f.u.c.k.i.n.g men in their 'oles?' Yar felt even worse as she finally grew hot down there. Everything about Nik was disgustingly perfect. Sure, he had a bulky physique, a nice round ass, an absolute screwdriver, and the face that could evoke daddy issues with a beard and make the older bitches go crazy with a clean shave. But the term disgusting remaining. "Don't tell me you don't want to feel disgusted after getting painted in white by him. Making him rock your world, making him feel addicted to your man breaker, letting you turn the boss. Come on~ Just say it, he won't mind. He likes perfectly bad bitches like you~!" Yar groaned lewdly, her tail's tip that was tied and now rested right above her crotch inevitably fell over to her swollen clit, "See? He'll pinch that dirty nubbin until you cry in joy. He'll just rut you again and again. Give him a chance and he would never stop until he turns your cunt so loose that even an elephant can fit. Give it to him. The chance to f.u.c.k you, breed you. Let you know if that hate from your blood, or if that desperate squirts from cunt is more of a priority~!"

Yar's breathing grew hotter, her pink hues gazed in annoyance as Hongyue's wings hugged Nik once again, her pure white wings hiding away the scene of Hongyue's mind and body slowly getting claimed. Meanwhile, covered by a warm dome of wings, Nik inhaled softly as she continued kissing, his tongue scr.a.p.ed on Hongyue while the effects over his body increased due to Yar's saliva mixed into Hongyue's mouth. "Ahh! Hah!" Gasping, Hongyue opened her eyes and smiled at Nik with her tongue dropping out of her parted lips, "Turn me!" she whispered, "I cannot wait for the age of coming! Just do it! Turn me into a woman! I want you to have me as these whispers claimed and I'll be the best daughter you'll ever have."

She tilted her head and kissed Nik's palms, "I'll be obedient, too!" she cooed softly, making Nik's and Yar's eyed widened just by the sweetness of her voice. 'A natural... daddy's girl!' exclaiming with glee, Nik let Hongyue's wings dr.a.p.e over to his figure as she gently rubbed the slightly red mark on the base of her neck. Leaning down and taking one of her modest n.i.p.p.l.es into his mouth, making Hongyue m.o.a.n due to the warmth traveling into her body and her easy p.u.s.s.y letting out streams of juices, Hongyue couldn't help but smile beautifully as she saw her 'Daddy' lick her b.r.e.a.s.ts as if he is a baby. It looked ironic to her.

Unwillingly, Yar had started to slowly move over to the direction of Hongyue's head where she could see everything from the gaps of the wings as her manicured fingers dug into her moist purple p.u.s.s.y, her slightly pointed ears twitching every time as she heard another whisper while her pink skin wholly flushed, almost touching the scale of red. With her watermelon-sized b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggling and her overly fat n.i.p.p.l.es slightly taking Nik's attention momentarily, Yar finally opened her legs wide, knees bent up, and her tail pushed into her slit while the demon shuddered and slowly rubbed her sweaty tail, "Hurry up and get done with the broad," Yar groaned indignantly, "You haven't taught me completely!" she added fiercely, her heart-shaped pupils enlarged to the maximum, looking extremely weird but, once again, perfect.


'This isn't fun at all!' Ray hissed internally, his honest little member pressing against his baggy pants as he dodged the behemoth of the man's attack followed by a woman's attack that looked quite similar to the previous Angel Woman the duo encountered. Keeping a tight hold on both of her pets, Ray's gaze continued to turn sour as the two rank 7 spirit masters attacked without any signs of stopping.

"Just surrender and I'll only make you feel pleasure," the giant man with a most obese physique Ray had ever seen speak gruffly, making tick marks appear over his head. "You know what... Just go f.u.c.k yourself!"

Ray hissed, a thick smog erupted from his body, physically ramming into the body of the daring assaulters.

'What the f.u.c.k is wrong with them?! I have my senses shared with Yar and she if still f.u.c.k.i.n.g?!' Ray cursed but once again, couldn't bring himself to tighten the leash around the most trusted comrade of his.


To Hongyue, wings were an extra pair of limbs that embraced Nik comfortably while sitting on his laps with her legs wrapped around his waist, meanwhile, allowing her arms to carefully trace her new Dad's impeccable physique. "He's nothing like him, right?" an echo grazed past Hongyue as she breathed deeply and lowered her waist over her dad's thick tool with high focus. She didn't want to screw this up. Meanwhile, Nik's attention was placed over the succubus familiar, her love-struck gaze locking with Nik as a condescending smile touched Nik's lips with only his face visible to Yar and the remaining portion overlapped with fluffy wings. With his hands supporting Hongyue over his tool as she descended, Nik mouthed out Satisfied yet?

Without fearing the unbridled anger and ironic passion hidden within Yar's gaze as she pushed her tail even deeper with her hands massaging the thicker, upper portion of the flexible tool, Nik tilted his head and brought his focus on Hongyue. Instead of the debauched whispers that served to blaze her lions, Nik's deep and soothing voice greatly relieved Hongyue's inhibitions, "Just lower your back, it won't hurt~!"

"Yes, Dad!" Chiming and instantly pushing the slightly stretched entrance with tip prodded in, Hongyue's mouth parted in an o-shape as she felt her entire body flooding with pleasure and her w.o.m.b deformed by exaggerated shape and size of her dad's c.o.c.k. Feeling her wings tightening around him, Nik slid his palms over to her sweaty butt, instead of helping her up gently, Nik decided to make the most of the first thrust and pushed Hongyue's butt even lower, letting his tip harshly push against her cervix while the tight squeeze of her folds pulled a pleased sigh from the apostle. A certain connection far surpassing the spiritual one that Nik held allowed both of the connected partners to understand each other through their bodily reactions. Nik understood her father complex, her need to keep anyone she deems important satisfied, and her apparent desire to remain neat and clean despite the continuous rain and her hunts. Meanwhile, Hongyue understood her dad's tendencies. His need to twist the desire of his partners, subjecting them to his whims and still caring for them selfishly and most prominent of all...

The abyss formed of l.u.s.t that threatened to gulp her whole.

Feeling another contraction that surpassed the previous one in its 'widingness', Nik leaned down slightly, finally hiding away from Yar's vision as he sucked on Hongyue's slightly pushed up n.i.p.p.l.es, credits to the continuous pinches and teases that made the tiny nubbins far perkier and sensitive. "Mmgh, Slow~! D-ad!" with her voice pitching higher and her body refusing to budge, slowly getting used to the bulge-making shaft of her father, Hongyue felt her senses fading as Nik firmly grasped her butt and pulled her up in a curve, letting the underside of his veiny shaft scratch against her bumpy p.u.s.s.y walls with drips of her sensual fluids flowing till the base of his c.o.c.k and curving down his balls.

"You know, you'll be the first daughter I am ever f.u.c.k.i.n.g~!" Nik whispered, his voice making Hongyue hug his head and push his face against her moderate b.r.e.a.s.ts even harshly while Nik pushed her butt down. Instead of moving her entire body, Nik enjoyed the act of curving her butt up and down until he forcefully loosened her tight cunt. The tightness, however, still remained relative as Hongyue soon started to enjoy the tingly sensation of her inner walls continuously scratched by the thick shaft and her cervix poked by the bulbous tip.

"Uhmmm" hearing Hongyue's m.o.a.n and feeling her twitching body, Nik felt the impending orgasm from this obedient daughter of his as she breathed against the top of his head, quite near to his forehead, making Nik feel slightly damp while his hair started to sick against his forehead, and coupled with the back of his head ruffled by Hongyue, gave Nik a peculiarly disheveled charm as the third pull of her butt made Hongyue climax with a wonderful shriek that even Yar felt deeply.

As Hongyue's strength left her body just like her squirts left her urethra, she slumped over Nik with her breathing regaining a peaceful tune while still wrapping onto Nik's shaft tightly. Her wings dropped from the sides, finally revealing Nik to Yar's gaze as he gazed at the succubus with...

Yar felt her heart shiver as she saw the pure expression on Nik's face the moment he appraised her body.

His l.u.s.t...

Yar couldn't help but stop in her tracks as she realized that that the minor difference in lineage didn't have anything to do with the difference in their s.e.x.u.a.l abilities. While Yar gave her heart to Ray, successfully shackling her own source of enjoyment, Nik remained free relatively and now it showed on his face.

The overflowing, insatiable l.u.s.t.