Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 497

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 497 Succ.u.mb

Evolutionary speaking, being Ray's familiar, Yar should be on the same evolution ladder as Nik's. No amount of modifications should be bringing drastic changes to the situation if they truly matched their l.u.s.ts but the moment Yar looked at the man standing in front of her with that squealing daughter of his sprawled on the floor behind him, not even graced with her father's c.u.m as she fell unconscious with her very first group of orgasms, Yar's gaze finally focused on the thickest of rods that even she didn't have the heart to impale the guys of her harem with. Relatively thick from the base that truly expanded from the middle alongside the gentle curve covered with mind-numbing veins and finally contracting to slightly thinner but still p.u.s.s.y-churningly enough of thickness at the tip rounded by the perfect bulbous tip that remained glistening with the bitch daughter's p.u.s.s.y juice.

Gulping and letting a sweet bout of saliva slide down her extraordinarily long tongue, Yar couldn't help but lean forward, still sitting on her knees, and take a deep whiff, letting the audible whispers slowly affect her mind and allowing Nik's wonderful scent to sink into her body as it seemed far more intending to just tease Yar with the mellow fragrance. Taking a step forward, Nik extended his hands towards Yar, "Get on, I really want to try to it upside-down..." A little bit appreciative of Nik's lack of flowery words and compliments in front of a succubus, Yar grabbed his hand as the man pulled her up. For a brief period, with her butt supported by the tip of his c.o.c.k and her limbs locked around Nik, Nik's and Yar's nose brushed against each other as they continued to gaze into each other's eyes.

"We probably shouldn't kiss," Yar stated with her pupils continuously thrumming, pulling onto Nik's curiosity once he saw the deep pink colored heart-shaped pupils. Her wet, lathered tail naturally coiled around the base of his c.o.c.k, completely decisive in its hold as Nik felt a natural warmth slowly invading his body from the base of his c.o.c.k while Yar's juices provided an aphrodisiac effect as the sensational liquid trickled down Nik's tip. "Then close your lips," Nik whispered as his lips remained parted to match the eagerness portrayed by Yar. "I can't... but still not kissing," even if Yar said that, the heavy blush that soon touched each other's face while they stood rooted in their positions made them realize how attractive they currently looked to each other, especially Yar with her pink skin and purple tongue. Meanwhile, Hongyue's soothing breathing filled the silent surroundings.

"Well, then resist all you want" before Nik could complete, Yar leaned forward and closed her eyes, unable to bear the sight of enjoying herself with Nik as their tongues collided, allowing Yar to show her skills as the tip of her tongue slithered around Nik's fleshy member and coiled its thin slippery tool until pulled into Yar's mouth forcefully while the slightest of the gaps between their lips oozed with saliva. Her hands around Nik's neck and his hands around Yar's butt, slightly closer to the base of the tail, tightened. "Hmmph~!" Both chimed as their fluids sent slivers of warmth into each other, making both of them wetter as Yar gushed over the pre-c.u.m covered c.o.c.k of Nik's. It remained easy enough to stand at the moment but even Nik felt himself shuddering from the pleasure. His throat dried at a quickened pace while Yar continued to supply his shortage with her sweet juices, meanwhile, as his c.o.c.k got lubricated by the astounding amount of juices physically impossible for regular human beings, Yar's coiled tail finally moved up, stroking and pulling on Nik's glistening foreskin before plunging down as Nik's shaft turned even harder with another globule of slightly glistening pre-c.u.m leaking from the tip.

Feeling each of their hands roaming on their partner's body, the flame ignited between the two grew hotter as Nik enjoyed the sensation of his tongue getting ravaged for the first time in forever. "That's right~! You aren't f.u.c.k.i.n.g for your Master. Your loyalty and your l.u.s.t are two different things, feel it. He is hotter. You want to get f.u.c.k.i.e.d, instead of being the dominant one, don't you?" The whisper kept at its work as strangely, even Nik started to hear the whispers from his own domain, "F.u.c.k her. Her ass, her p.u.s.s.y, her mouth, her n.i.p.p.l.es, plunge deep into everything! She is made for you. Your tool to serve and milk you whenever you feel like it~!"


"Man, I think that there is a chance of Nik already knowing that Kaal is his previous incarnation." Nirdai's voice rang within an ordinary room. This time, possessing a Rank 8 puppet, just like Mirage, the trio fiend pillars finally sat in each other's presence. Meanwhile, on Khooni's laps, a blood-red creature barely the size of a human head with an extremely cute appearance called out, "Mew~!" However, hearing Nirdai's words, Khooni couldn't help but feel annoyed, "Why would you say that?"

"I mean... it's getting obvious. The Chaotic Soul only starts affecting reality once it has gained a 'reason'. Previously, Kaal learned of our plans and even discovered the fact that Incubus and Succubus, or, in other words, the maledom l.u.s.t lineage and femdom l.u.s.t lineage, though despising of each other, will form a unique s.e.x.u.a.l synergy once engaging in s.e.x.u.a.l activities, making them consume each other slowly. He used this against me and Mirage by the use of betting on f.u.c.k.i.n.g Supreme Seraphim's only wife, which, Kaal once again knew didn't exist.

His actions of further broadcasting the fact finally pulled the Holy Paradise and the Infernal Paradise into a long, exhausting war, which, in the end, enticed me and Mirage to get together which weakened us enough to die under Seraphim's surprise attack. However, all of this started, according to Kaal, the moment he learned of our plan. Unwilling to let his soul sacrificed and effectively ending his existence, he even deluded Dream and used her sacrifice to propel his soul into the reincarnation cycle while pulling My and Mirage's daughters Lilith and Asmodeus.

It isn't Kaal that is truly dangerous, but the effect of the concept of chaos that continuously protects the soul once it realizes any threat. Going with this assumption, everything strange that has happened with Nik from the moment he broke from my lineage and forced us to use our means rather openly to finally lock his soul, can only mean that Nik himself has realized the threats."

"But why Kaal?" Mirage said sourly. She didn't care an ounce about her daughters. She had plenty of sons and daughters and some of their existence still populate the multiverse, the fact that she actually weakened herself after s.e.x truly took a great toll on her mentality back in the day. She just wanted to finally taste the man with the s.e.x.u.a.l expertise of her caliber and found herself sucked dry.

"Why not Kaal?" Khooni gruffed, "Kaal is the only existence who could even send seers a run for their worth just by compiling multiple future timelines and realizing the most probable results even without the use of divining fate. It could be assumed that Kaal had seen his own failure and finally decided to entrust the fate of the Chaotic Soul to the future incarnation. And... do I need to mention the fact that before disappearing, he disbursed his treasures and legacies throughout the multiverse, some of which even we don't know about."


The creature called once again as Khooni patted its head softly, "I know, Kaal was a troublesome brat. But he had the capabilities to be troublesome... but the moment we made the deal with Transmigration and Death to use your blood as the medium to summon the Chaotic Soul, everything, from the beginning is going a little away from the actual plan... by now, we should have opened the gate to the tower..."

"Well... if getting hands on an 'irregular' soul was that easy, we would have long become a paradise owner by now..."

Mirage sighed as she leaned down on the table with the glass of wine swirling in her hands.

"Why don't you two actually start doing something after getting a body for yourself? Traveling around through Transmigration Paradise would be nice... we are restricted from invading the planets, so, just move your lazy butts already.

"Too tired..." both of the l.u.s.t fiends stated simultaneously, making tick marks appear on Khooni's stubbled face.


Unlike previously, Yar's eyes were open wide. Her tail slowly loosened it's hold while Nik continued to look at Yar with a similarly crazed expression. Just like how Nik's own mastery grew up on him, making him unable to hear the warning from his spirits, and mist of the unknown ravager, Yar felt succ.u.mbing to the slowly turning heart-shaped pupils mutating out in Nik's eyes. With a wild grin, both of them remained on the tacit understanding of l.u.s.t and the moment Nik pushed Yar on his stick, for a moment, able to enjoy the unnatural grooves sucking onto the flesh of his c.o.c.k while providing immeasurable pleasure, that alongside Yar's incomparably sweet m.o.a.n

Both of them felt a bang inside their heads, meanwhile, the swirling black mist within Nik once again acted up, this time, latching up to the golden piece of paper whose light even burnt a better portion of the mist.

With their vision turning dark but their bodies growing strangely active, the scent from their bodies soon started to fill the surroundings, making the peacefully sleeping Hongyue wake up with a strained m.o.a.n, however, the moment she gazed upon the wild act, she felt her realities challenged.