Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 498

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 498 Truth

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Floating in front of a wryly smiling Kaal, Nik commented softly while gazing at the familiar empty space, "Let me guess... I put into something recklessly... ah, Yar." Nik looked around, slightly appreciative of the fact that Kaal and he weren't meeting n.a.k.e.d. "A prime succubus lineage familiar, to be precise, which means, a prime succubus herself," Kaal rubbed the back of his head, "Anyway... I have been tweaking a bit inside you from the moment you stepped into my realm, but it looks like even past incarnation is categorized as a threat to the Chaotic Soul. Man... this bet, I have lost completely."

Looking towards the cheerful blue-haired ancestor of the temporal fiend, Nik inquired to the point, "If you wish to inform something, then do so quickly. If you wish to harm me, try it out. It's not like I can do anything... finally, if you have been trying to possess me, or affect me... I think, I've already known about it."

Kaal's eyelids jumped in surprise, "My manipulation... even D Ah, that's right, you still call her Sky. Hmm, where was I? Yeah, my manipulation fuses time with your emotions and senses. Even she can't point it out... in this world, nobody"

"I can, and I did. Stop acting like a know-it-all punk," Nik rubbed the back of his head and sighed, "anyway, my real name is Nik Faran, and instead of a harem of three thousand men, I aspire to have even more girls in my harem."

"S.e.x friends are better though," Kaal crossed his legs, simply floating about aimlessly while Nik shook his head, "A well-developed harem with a proper structure is far better. Of course, that way, I can sleep in satisfaction knowing that a woman I like has the same feelings as me... after all, even the effects of the wildest s.e.x experience would fade with time... aha, of course, I shouldn't be teaching you about time~!"

Nik bent his legs and sat on a non-existent chair, his slightly ridiculing gaze falling over Kaal, "Of course, let's set aside this piece of conversation as I am sure, it doesn't affect the eager dead. Surely, after trying to affect my emotions by making me seeking more pleasure and finally using me as the tool to rile Yar up so that we both can have s.e.x... to do something, probably possess me since that the most cliche option of all, I would like to understand what you expect from me, and if we can... be more reasonable in future."

"Sorry to say, but I have no more future with you," Kaal's body turned upside down while his legs remained crossed. "I did affect your emotions and kudos on finding that out, let's turn this into a questioning session. Answer my question and I'll answer yours."


"I don't care how you figured out my manipulation. Why go through with it though?"

'Well... if I am having feelings for every single woman in the city, then, of course, something was up, douche bag...' "Well, I just wanted to have s.e.x with Yar and feel how good is it... from the looks of it, I'll be trying again~!"

"Are you an Idiot?" Kaal questioned.

"Is this your second question? You'll have to answer two of mine, then."

"... No, I'd say you are l.u.s.tfully adventurous. Anyway, what can I help you with?"

'Is he going to skedaddle after answering a single question,' Nik thought before summarising the experience until now, 'Having s.e.x with Yar seems physically negative for my body. Kaal drove me in this particular direction but in the end, there's no point in blaming others for my own desires. Now, Kaal seems intent on... Chaotic Soul? A variation of a soul probably. So, he wants this and maybe... just maybe, I am safe to assume that the trio ancestors want this, too? Nah, otherwise, why would they put Brian and Ray in a similar situation? Just to create a diversion?'

As Nik continued to think and found his thoughts growing out of control, he soon recognized the familiar sensation and instantly calmed his desire to barrage Kaal with all the questions. Instead, he picked the one that couldn't be hypothesized.

"What's the Chaotic Soul? And, don't you try to give a one-line definition. I want to understand all the references, too."

Kaal's body playfully rotated vertically until he 'sat' straight and grinned, "As it says, a rather chaotic version of soul. Hmm, all the references, huh... then, I'll keep it to the points that should be affecting your situation. So, the first thing to understand is that soul is the source of energy that can affect reality based on our emotions and knowledge. Some souls have a negligible rate of communication with the reality and the few rare variations have greater communication. Champions, for instance, have a high chance to possess a good variation. Yes, there are bad ones, too.

In layman's term, what I am trying to describe is one's innate spirituality that interacts with the world and the reality itself to direct our paths and course of actions. So, if you think that destiny is a mere myth, I'd suggest you change the track of that train of thought."

Kaal snapped his finger twice in annoyance, "Well, Chaotic Soul interacts with the reality based on the incarnation's knowledge. From the moment you learned of the threat our ancestors pose, the soul started mapping out the future destiny, directing you through a particular course of action. Of course, the soul is not a different entity, but merely an... involuntary aspect of your existence. But, the true specialty of this soul lies in its attribute and the origin it possesses.


Kaal sighed in emotion while Nik regretted asking for the references. He already felt a little dull after hearing all this. After all, whatever Kaal described, though it made a certain sense, didn't mean that Nik would believe the man's words easily. The dude had been hiding in a corner of his body without his permission!

"By chaos, I mean that the soul not only interacts with the reality to affect your destiny... it even changes the course of destiny of the 'threats' to its existence."

Kaal didn't seem too eager to continue and waited for Nik, but to the fiend's disappointment, the apostle didn't continue, "Anyway... the moment I showed myself, I had attracted your discriminated mutation. A word of advice, ravagers wouldn't be oppressed if they are strong. Mystery doesn't mean strength and the Ravagers are the prime examples of the fact."

As he said so, the white space soon formed multiple cracks with a roiling black mist invading the space. With a smile, Kaal let his body come into contact with the mist as it disappeared, meanwhile, the mist coiled around Nik as if it was a desperate child unwilling to let go of its parents, pulling a strange smile from Nik.

"Scan my entire body. Aside from the system and its modification, I want you to find every single mutation brought by the damn paper. Yes, from now on, Kaal's consciousness and gifts are also a threat... purify him out."

Instantly acting on Nik's command, the mist searched throughout his body, and finally, the tip of his toes of the right foot tingled as a screech resounded within Nik's consciousness. "Tch, acting all mysterious, that bastard... the ravager mist seems good enough to act as the preventive measure against mental methods, but the point is that I must know what to target..." thinking internally as the space crumbled while Nik was lightened by the burden of a single paper, he tried to wake up, but that did not work.

"And what's this stupid name... Chaotic Soul? Tch, it only confuses other people. I'll call it Confusion Soul... since it is my soul, I have the right to call it whatever I want..."

It was slightly weird that he couldn't even try to connect to his spiritual world but after what seemed like a few hours, Nik could finally feel the control of his body and he slowly opened his eyes. If he is still alive, then surely, there is no need to panic even after being out for so long. And Nik feared the head rush that would come alongside getting up quickly. So, as Nik opened his eyes, he decided to observe the surroundings and found himself laying on the same hut that Yar hijacked. Yar... the c.u.m-soaked beauty lay on his chest with another c.u.m-soaked Hongyue on the other side of his abdomen.

"Meaow!" Hearing the peaceful purr, Nik slightly stretched his head over the top, with the intention of looking back and seeing Ray sitting on top of a royal throne with Sunny and Moon snuggled up on him... let's say that Ray's expression didn't show his happiness for a successful breeding session, "The village entered into a sudden orgy..." Ray spoke somberly, his pink hues matching Nik's violet tones with the apostles' pupils shifting from regular to heart-shaped, "And now I return to see that both of you have corrupted each other quite a bit... worst of all... the first day of our trip, and you actually destroyed the village... I even found a perfect candidate to commemorate our 'date'... a woman for you and eye candy for me..."

Ray pointed towards Nik's left, making him shift his attention towards as woman with facial features similar to Hongyue and a black-haired youth with similarly white wings, however, this youth's face actually resembled the Undead Lucifer to some extent.

"Would you believe that it was unintentional?" Nik groaned, still unable to move while Ray leaned back on his throne situated within a hut. His gaze fell on Nik's entirety before looking away, "Does that matter... we couldn't even explore the culture of this village... and this was situated within a tree. I can't believe you two actually rampaged and if it wasn't for me knocking both of you out... well, let's just say that your anal v.i.r.g.i.nity might have been taken before mine..."

"I can't move..." Nik whispered as Ray pointed towards Yar, "And I am waiting for you to clean Yar before she wakes up, but looking at both of your conditions, I'd say that you two shouldn't be riding each other anytime soon..."

"Nah," Nik chuckled, "I'd say that we just need to get better. Anyway... sorry. I didn't mean to ruin our personal time... I'd like to make it up to you in a platonic manner."

"We'll discuss that later... rest in your filth until you are able to move."

Snorting, Ray stood up and brought sweet Moon alongside him out of the hut. Finally, Sky's words resounded within his mind, "I felt Kaal's"

"He said," Nik spoke, "That all of the people around him were his bitch, under his manipulation without even knowing it. At least, this is what he let me on to, after all, I don't think a person who'll just i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e anyone irresponsibly can actually have the capacity to care."

As Sky turned silent, Nik focused on his system notifications once again. As Kaal stated, his situation had been changing wildly and it wasn't within the realms of being too 'lucky,' but if he considered the fact that he has Confusion Soul, then, probably, his situation can be linked together.

'A new innate skill, mutation of bloodline, probably the same thing happened to Yar? Wait... she is a familiar, so, the reason why Ray isn't panicking is probably due to him going through the same mutations... man, Familiars are so damn good, I need to get one myself.'


A/N: This is possibly the last mutation or stat change aside from the level up in his skills. His innates would probably remain the same, too. And yes, the Chaotic... er, Confusion Soul is Nik's true plot Armor. Not the Skill Palace, not the Dream Core, not the past incarnations, nothing. Only confusion soul. And I have made up my mind to go for the Ray route, too, of course, I won't force trap and other stiff unto the readers but simply write separate lemons with the female Ray being the canon and the trap Ray being a side, voluntary chapter. As for his harem? I'll make something of it, but, this is just my thought and I won't just make Ray and Nik f.u.c.k each other.


[Name: Nik Faran

Age: 21

Affiliation: None

Bloodline: L.u.s.t Apostle/ ???

Talent: Exotic Escort, Balance, Perfect Eyesight, Skill Palace, Physical Genius, Limit Buster

STR: 30(+70)

AGL: 30(+90)

VIT: 30(+50)

ENG: 30(+90)

CHM: 15

LUK: 9


Demon Wind Wolf Set: Dark Blue (4/4)




Spiritual Connection

Use: Allows the host to form a deeper, spiritual connection with its mate and instinctually understand the desire of the other party.


L.u.s.t's Recruitment:

Use: A special skill that allows the user to place a special mark over the agreed party from the opposite gender and allow them to wield the following benefits at the user's discretion:

System's Access (Only if the host is still part of a paradise.)

Stats Pool.

Talent Pool.

Skill Pool.

Consciousness Pool.


Charm Supreme:

Use: The user's potential charm is instantly exercised and control based on the intent of the user.


[Pheromone Illusion: Lvl 18

Use: Utilizing the scented pheromones of the host, the following effects can be achieved (The skill has a greater effect on the opposite gender):

Mind Control

Carnal Desires


Lvl 10 Boost: Dream Master Allows the user to control the dreams of the targets under the effect of the pheromones and utilize their dreams for the host's agenda.

Nxt Lvl: 27 Sp


L.u.s.t Domain: Lvl 19

Use: Utilizes the will and intent of the user to create a special domain that targets the carnal desires and deviancy of the opposing parties within the range and immobilize them.

Range: 95 meters.

Level 10 Boost: Whisper- The domain acts around the targets and pulls their greatest desires into enticing whispers. This boost provides sound-based aphrodisiac and mental high.

Next Lvl: 24 Sp


Mirage Manipulation:

Use: Targets and manipulates the senses of the opposing party. High proficiency is required or the target's life may be endangered.


Love Pupils:

Use: Transform the pupils of the user during the extremely l.u.s.tful state to synergize with anyone holding the user's gaze and sharing s.e.x.u.a.l tension with them.


Current Evolution:

[Name: L.u.s.t Apostle/ ???

Description: A unique blend of blood fiend, Incubus, and Succubus to form a bloodline that eludes the multiverse since its existence. Unlike other lineages, this peculiar bloodline only favors its creator. With each action attracting men and women alike, the spiritual and the physical talents of this bloodline is merely a tool to accomplish a single objective- Spreading of L.u.s.t.

Integration: 89 90%

Next Evolution: ???]

The mutation only changed his integration from 89 to 90%, and knowing that such a change would only bring benefits later down the road, Nik focused on the new skill in his arsenal Love Pupils. While the thought of having his pupils changed as if a maniac didn't feel appealing enough, the idea of having a set of exotic pupils still managed to cancel out the distaste, bringing Nik to a realization that he...

'Why the hell am I still hard... and Yar, your tail... it's too good~!' Nik let out a sigh of relief and felt intrigued by the fact that Yar's fleshy tail also showed the same bodily functions as the rest of her body such as sweating, which allowed Nik to realize that he may as well use his [Mirage Manipulation] on her tail the next time he gets the chance to enjoy such a wild session that even he lost his consciousness to.