Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 499

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 499 Angelic Duo

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{Notice: Minor scene of Ray taming his new member in the last. Not extremely explicit, but still, a warning is to be written.}


"Alright, stop blaming me already," Nik walked behind the huffing and puffing Ray as the lazy Sunny rested without any direct sunlight in the dimension, a stark contrast to him, Moon followed around Nik energetically. Ray, after bringing in Yar into her body, complained again, "I almost became something other than a fiend and lost Yar completely! From now on, both of you are not allowed to have s.e.x!" Nik's lips twitched while Yar couldn't help but feel slightly distressed after commanded from not having a ride on Nik... after all, she didn't like to admit it, but her body still felt relieved by quite a lot of margin. "... fine..." Nik walked up close to Ray before knuckling the top of the man-succubus' head, "I'll just help you find a way that allows Yar to stay even if you ain't a demon. That way, we can have fun again!"

"Ugh, why do I have to deal with idiots? When I looked at both of your states, it is easy enough to understand that succubus and a... well, a mixed fiend that transcended are not supposed to get together."

"I'll find a way... there's always a way!" Nik said with a bright expression. He had barely scratched the mystery of the reality he is living in and even that brought so many surprises to him. If he really gave up this early, what would be of him? In the case where there is no solution found to his problems, he'll just have to discover one. Looking over at Nik with a tilted gaze, Ray couldn't help but grow silent as his expression seemed all too similar to a certain silver-haired woman with rather reckless behavior and a hopefully lucky streak at life.

Meanwhile, Yar did say something that enticed Ray quite a bit.

"Master, hehe, I've had an interesting conversation with Nik... let's quickly look at the damage of the orgy, and then I'll tell you a whole lot about it~!" Yar's coo did provide a reasonable argument to just end the exploration of the destroyed village instantly, but holding on her thoughts, Ray continued to explore the ruined village.

"Ugghhh..." A groan reached the duo's ears as they craned their necks from the backside of the hut. Behind, an old man, probably a slave, slept over a slightly chubby woman with an average beauty and another man lay beneath her as she slept peacefully while being sandwiched, in fact, all three of them slept calmly. "I think... even kids got into this matter..." Nik muttered softly, unwilling to disturb the sleeping couple as Ray looked back, "Now that you're a father, doesn't it bother you? I mean... having Tanya should have softened you quite a bit."

Turning around, Nik replied with a short smirk, "What are you saying, I have always been a softy."

"You're not!" Pure chimed as the three spirits grunted in approval, meanwhile, the Skydream spirit within Ray came to the same conclusion.

"Hah? Always a softy? Don't make me laugh!" Ray got closer to Nik as they explored the ruined village and finally returned to the mansion of the Silver-Winged Family. "Well, since there are a total of thirteen families, we get to explore each of them... but some of them would have rank 7 spirit masters, too. I guess that ordering the full demon beast set came in handy, right?"

Nik inquired with a grin, making Ray flinch as the succubus had been the one to refuse to even wear the set with its visibility toggled off. "Your face tells it all, boy! Come on, give me my rightful 50 SO!"

With scorn, Ray transferred the amount as Nik became wealthier by 50 SO, much to hid happiness. "Anyway... this place looks quite destroyed."

Commenting at the damaged pillars, Nik skipped over through the lavish corridor and walked into the throne room which was far more damaged. The first pillar from Nik's left looked rather gory as pieces of flesh and bloodied feather still remained stuck with the prints of ropes surrounding the pillar. Meanwhile, a large crater adorned the center of the throne room leading up to the carpeted stairs with an extraordinarily large chair, well, a velvet couch to be more precise, rested. Instead of chandeliers, the entire ceiling was covered with bulb-like objects, probably the heads of the birds nesting within the village and processed in their current forms.

"Uh, how many did you kill?"

Nik inquired as Ray gave him a sidelong glance, "I don't kill, remember? That's a brute's task. All of them are thrashed into their own dungeons."

"Almost forgot," Nik smiled, "You are the softie out of us three."

"Ugh... shut up..." Ray groaned, but still, Nik felt a little amazed by Ray's tenacity to not kill his opponents in a gory manner. After a chat with Ray about his clones, Nik came to understand that any person his clones sucked would have a chance at survival, so, out of the Temporal Fiend with an amazing amount of bloodl.u.s.t, a L.u.s.t Apostle with an extremely little care for life that doesn't interest him, and the mischievous succubus who had the charms to potentially seduce the former two, it is the Succubus himself who may have never dirtied his hands with blood.

"If you haven't killed any being for the sake of 'killing' itself, then does that mean Yar is a v.i.r.g.i.n, too?"

Nik inquired, fully knowing that the act of killing is relative for Ray. If a living organism is killed for the purpose of feeding, shelter, or clothes, then Ray would not have problems, but the purpose of earning money, getting revenge, enjoying bloodl.u.s.t, these kinds of motives would likely bring Ray a moral dilemma. Of course, Nik didn't feel like preaching someone who had his thoughts straightened out, regardless of the complexity.

"Well... yeah. I never asked Yar to kill anybody for me. It would suck if Yar really took life just for my sake," Ray whispered while walking through the throne room, leading to the residential area within the manor as Nik followed with a grin, "Probably, you are blushing, right? Want to walk up and look at the cute face? Hmm? Brian would love a pic of that expression, too."

"Agh! You don't get to say stuff like that!" Ray scoffed but walked at a quicker pace. Even he found his cheeks burning slightly after saying all that he did and now, he could even feel his tone squeaking slightly.


As Ray and Nik continued their sightseeing before settling into the manor for the day and making their own 'preparations' for the night, within the internal dungeon of the mansion, a green-eyed brunette with a face similar to Hongyue stood, well, hung down with her limbs clasped in spirit restricting locks. Her wings unable to muster enough strength to even extend out and finally, and her brown locks falling over her exposed bosom, barely hiding her treasured bits through sheer luck.

"Hongyue! You traitor! Did we raise you for naught?! How could you side with the enemy when our father is dead with all his essence sucked?!"

The woman roared as Hongyue, dressed in nothing but a pair of strange garments that only covered her b.r.e.a.s.ts and crotch with slightly silky fabric and rather interesting embroidery and craft in her eyes. Unlike the woman tainted with dirt and blood with scratches all over her body, Hongyue looked beautiful and charming. Her hair tied up, her skin fresh looking with a healthy blush that even the dim lighting of the dungeon couldn't hide and her wings looked like they had been conditioned and nurtured for years. To the winged-men such as Hongyue and the woman in front of her, the beauty of the wings, their musculature, and the condition of the feathers mattered greatly, and now, even the woman felt a tinge of envy when she gazed at the slightly glowing pair of wings.

Smiling at the woman words, the enlightened Hongyue chuckled, "Mother... no, traditionally, I should be calling you sister since father's concubine gave birth to you, a direct daughter and you gave birth to me, well, I'll still call you my mother instead of elder sister," she muttered while walking forward until she stood a few centimeters away from the raging woman, "I have a new dad. He is better, athletic, well-endowed, handsome, oh, did I mention sturdy? And, I want the best thing for you. After all, you raised me, mom. And daddy is better for you, my daddy."

The woman surnamed Sikong and called Luyue gritted her teeth while gazing into her daughter's completely innocent expression. What new daddy? Their father... their man had been brutally sucked in front of her by the phantom clone of that petite woman and here Hongyue stood, singing praises of men other than the lord of the family! How could Luyue accept it? When did the most promising seed to nurture the next generation of the family head's fruits become this traitorous and whatever made her so in the first place?

As these questions swirled within her mind, Luyue found the thick metallic gates of the dungeon opening to a handsome, dark-haired youth with short hair as if he had been a criminal for a period of time {in this realm, long haired=noble, short hair=slaves/criminals} but the confident expression on his face spoke a different story. After all, which criminal would not bow itself in the presence of the Silver-Winged mistress?

However, the moment she found Hongyue jumping and hugging the man with the words 'daddy' leaking through her lips, Luyue felt a bang inside her head. After all, Luyue would have never imagined Hongyue turning her back to the family for a criminal, which made Luyue recall another 'sister' of hers who betrayed the man of the family and actually tried to escape with that brat from the black dragon family after committing the deed. Their son, however, now faced the consequences of their actions.

"You must be Sikong Luyue. Apologies for the shackles, but it was either this or the cheap trick of using the natural scent... and, I'd rather take you while being slightly sober, as my dear daughter asked me to." With his hands over Hongyue's butt, squeezing the fleshy mounds as his palms failed to cover the entirety of her ass, Nik smiled and looked at Luyue with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

'Ah, now that I remember... I really felt a little bad after doing things forcefully with Megumi... Hmm, I really have grown, huh.'

Feeling gleeful as the thought of a portion of his morality numbing out, Nik graced Luyue with the same treatment as the daughter.

L.u.s.t Domain: Whisper.


"You know, I am not in the mood to sweet talk you, darling," Ray muttered while sitting on the couch with its face towards a shackled dark-haired youth with slightly longer wingspan than normal Silver-Winged member and he did not even have the hereditary green eyes that Ray had observed too many times.

"Just like them, all of you! I'll kill you! Whoever shackles me, one day, I'll kill all of you!"

With his gaze narrowing, Ray snapped his fingers as Yar appeared by his side, n.a.k.e.d and ready to f.u.c.k with the redundantly thick and long tool dangling in between her legs.

"Master~ I didn't know you would get this angry by finding out that I told the man about our debate," Yar chuckled, her shaft slowly erecting as the chill within the man's body grew.

"I told you, that's our secret!" Ray hissed.

"As a friend, right? Friends love to bitch around with the crush of their friends, and, you should be angry for us shacking down," Yar slowly moved towards the man while he started to struggle. He was n.a.k.e.d, too. But the comparison between both of their tools was simply... too much.

"Hah? Would you get angry by a dog peeing on the floor, a cat purring loudly? No. So, why should I get angry by a L.u.s.t Apostle f.u.c.k.i.n.g a succubus? Isn't that the same as breathing for us... but you... I forbid you from exposing any of our talks to Nik, or Brian, or anyone for that matter!"

As the man shivered with the thick tool pressed against his butt, he felt all his anger and indignation swept away, "Stop! Don't!"

"Alright, but man..." Yar licked her lips as she could still feel her body reacting after having a single session with the man in question, "I really wish that we find out the way to bypass the mutual corruption... It'll be amazing!"


The youth felt the tip almost tearing him as he screamed loudly, making Ray smile happily, just like Yar as they chimed together, "Ah, that's how you should be squealing~!"