Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 500

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 500 Freaky

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Luyue remained chained, her body shuddering in anger as she gazed upon her daughter being played by the man other than her father. "Get your hand off of her! A mere"

Before Luyue could finish, Nik felt the tip of Hongyue's feathers resting on his forearms tremble. His vision, meanwhile, caught the extreme swift motion of the left wing extended akin whip and smacking the thinner fleshy top of the wing against Luyue's cheek. At this moment, it was safe to assume that Nik found a better way to teach Ning'er on how to use her wings. However, with her head flinging to the side and the locks of her brown-gold hair waving forward, Luyue felt the heat from the strike. The backhanded slap from her daughter finally enraged Luyue to the point that she turned silent. The bridges were burnt and there was no way that Luyue could ever forgive Hongyue and her betrayal.

Looking towards the nuzzling woman in bluish clothing that only covered her e.r.o.t.i.c bits but strangely made her look even more enticing and 'womanly', Luyue's gaze turned sour and dark. With a mask of expressionlessness, she whispered, "It won't end for you. I don't know what grudge you have against us, but, we will never be wrong. Dad said so. We are the descendants of the merciful god fated to fight off the descendants of the devil..." her emerald gaze regarded Nik's slowly widening smile, "A grudge?" He inquired with the tilt of his gaze, "You got it wrong. This is just a guiltless pleasure trip. Of course, I won't be keeping you out of it for long."

"My angel, why don't you finally return the favor?" Nik whispered into Hongyue's ears, his arms tracing up to the tender muscles attaching the base of her wings to the smooth back of hers. Already a sensitive spot for Hongyue, Nik made sure to stroke it tenderly. "Mmghh~ Dad, it feels great!" Luyue trembled after hearing Hongyue's tone. Seeing the shudders of Hongyue's wings that signified the physical ecstasy, something that not a single divine. Silver-Winged member ever showed, Luyue did wonder for a moment why Nik simply wasn't treating Hongyue 'naturally' tugging on her wings until the extra pair of bones and muscles supporting the large feathery treasures actually damage and sting for the rest of the day.

"You! What are you doing?!" Breaking out of her daze, Luyue inquired with a shout as Hongyue walked in front of her in tiptoes while the villainous man walked behind her. "Hmm? Mother, isn't it natural for a father and mother to commit the deed? You taught me that my dad is the strongest. So, you should forget the weak dad and just enjoy my daddy~!" Needless to say, without an enlightened mind, it was hard to understand Hongyue's sentences as she cooed into her mother... sibling's'?' ears. Nik understood Hongyue. Well, in such a scenario, all a woman can say is that he should be the one f.u.c.k.i.n.g. For a moment, instead of continuing, Nik observed Luyue's back carefully. Previously, since he had been too attentive to the competition and the fact that he would get to have a ride with a full bloom succubus, Nik wasn't able to focus on Hongyue and her exotic structure.

Such a scenario when he actually gets to have a go with a physically descriptive angel, Nik felt that there is a need to fully enjoy the benefits an angel's unusual physique provides. Rubbing his palm shortly and placing it over the muscular frame of the wing covered in white fur that extends out to palm-lengthed feathers, Nik started massaging the bent area of the wings as Luyue's body shuddered strangely. Her expression, only visible to Hongyue, made the latter smile as the daughter gingerly cupped her mother's wonderful bosom and pinched the e.r.o.t.i.c n.i.p.p.l.es that looked mature and plump when compared to Hongyue's young tits.

"Grrr* You'll pay for this!" Luyue growled, her goldish locks falling onto her face as she struggled wildly but the shackles meant to keep the prisoners week worked similarly on the noble silver-winged mistress as any other criminal. Meanwhile, Hongyue tilted her head and smiled, "No. Daddy won't pay for anything. And, I have had enough of you bad-mouthing my dad. It's time that I take my role as a dutiful daughter and mend both of yours relationship!" Luyue now had no idea should she even laugh or cry at Hongyue's words. One part of her felt exhilarated by the fact that her daughter turned out to be just as stubborn as herself and the other felt indignant as she couldn't even look the other way while Hongyue placed her palms over her cheeks and leaned down to a slow and enticing kiss.

Behind the slowly corrupting mother, Nik stood with his fingers digging behind the luxurious carpet of thick fur and gazed at the tender muscles with a thin layer of tender flesh barely concealing the nerves and the feeling of the hollow bones that couldn't be clearer. 'Are these like extra shoulders?' Nik thought internally. If this pair of frames did act as an independent shoulder for the wings, then probably...

Nik used his [Mirage Manipulation] and gently stroked the deep dimples below the muscles and Luyue m.o.a.ned immediately. Luyue herself felt surprised by the fact that she was feeling good... no, far better from her wings themselves. "See?" Hongyue whispered but before Luyue could even get tempted by her daughter's words, Nik's seemingly ethereal whispers through the [L.u.s.t Domain] kicked in, "Enjoying it are we? Hmm, your wings feel good, right? Poor you, a man never could treat your right. Your muscles are so tender... they probably 'heal' every day. They used to hurt, too. Not anymore."

Of course, Nik didn't know all the secrets of Luyue but the woman's own consciousness concocted all of her suppressed desires into whispers. As the more treasured mistress of the late family head, Luyue was subjected to miraculous healing items after she was physically ruined by the man almost every night. Her wings damaged as he would hold them tightly akin a leash and even the nervous system of her body would be affected. After all, the hollow bones of her wings, just like other silver-winged members, grew from her spine. With her gaze turning hazy at a breakneck pace, her position extremely vulnerable due to her hands shackled up, leaving Hongyue to play with her however she deemed correct, and finally, with a man scratching the lower portion of the base of her wings and making her feel good... Luyue felt humiliated and illicitly delighted.

"Ah! Please!" She whispered in between the breaks of the kisses between her daughter as Hongyue's hands had lowered upon her bosom once again. This time, Hongyue massaged the voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.ts from top, making them push apart before letting them go as they jiggled. Soon, in between the regular handling of her fat n.i.p.p.l.es, Luyue felt a familiar yet strange sensation. Something the late family head had grown tired of, too. "Mother, you are going to milk, right?" Hongyue whispered, her words instantly attracted Nik's attention as he increased the pleasure sensitivity of the woman, making her m.o.a.n the moment the slightest breeze impacted against her damp p.u.s.s.y. Looking at the darkened n.i.p.p.l.es with expectations, Hongyue leaned down and smiled with the lick of her lips, "It's been sooo~ long since you fed me... stupid man didn't want me to drink from you. Daddy? Can I drink mom's milk once again?" Hongyue inquired with the sweetest tone she could muster, unwilling to get rejected as she soon heard Nik chuckling, "Go ahead! Drink all you want, I am next!"

Luyue trembled with tears finally leaking through her eyes. She didn't want this yet she liked it. She didn't care for the act but the moment Hongyue pushed both of her b.r.e.a.s.ts together and opened her mouth wide to roughly suckle on both of her n.i.p.p.l.es, finally pulling on the renewed stream of an unending supply of b.r.e.a.s.t milk that a silver-winged woman gains after becoming pregnant even once, Luyue felt a few of her previous indignations loosening. Just slightly though. Meanwhile, finally having his fill of the wings and fully intent on understanding the anatomy of the Wingmen alongside any other species that could be hidden within the realm, Nik lowered his hands to the slightly unkempt flower of the mother that gave birth to the energetic Hongyue. As Nik's rough index and middle finger covered the soaked entrance of the cave, allowing the length of his fingers to push against the swollen clit, Nik slithering his other hand over to the left b.r.e.a.s.t that was slightly tugged upon due to Hongyue sucking onto her mother's b.r.e.a.s.ts obscenely. By now, Luyue had already tilted her hand and closed her eyes in frustration as her body shuddered against the metallic clasps every now and then, she still managed to m.o.a.n the moment Nik squeezed the base of her b.r.e.a.s.ts expertly, making her b.r.e.a.s.t squirts even more vigorous.

"Mmmgh!" To Luyue's needful grunts, Nik rubbed her fleshy entrance and pushed his fingers against her inner labia, making the grind reach right against the loose pink hole that seemed honest in its interest to devour anything that reaches into the hole. Gasping in relentless shivers, Luyue finally felt something warm and thick sliding into what she called 'Daddy's' hole. After all, Hongyue learned to call her mate 'Dad' from this debauched and i.n.c.e.s.tuous mother of hers which finally exploded into the mass of sucking machine that she currently is. As Hongyue looked at her mother's face with a curving gaze, her wings expanded and gently reached forward with the thin muscular strips reaching from the back bulging ever so slightly. As the feathered wings embraced Nik, signifying their length and dexterity, Hongyue let go of her mother's b.r.e.a.s.ts with the juicy, milky squirts slowly dripping down from the curve of Luyue's b.r.e.a.s.ts, the daughter smiled, "It feels so good, right? Dad loves to maintain, unlike that monster. He knows how to make mother feel good... after all" Leaning up to peck her mother's cheek sloppily, Hongyue gave a bright grin, "he is better than a certain long-tongued bimbo that tried to steal me away from him."

In the next dungeon, Yar suddenly sneezed with a shudder.

Meanwhile, Luyue bit her lips and refused to open her eyes even when Hongyue pecked her cheek. On the other hand, Luyue could barely keep her sanity from giving up to the enticing whispers that seemed to physically affect her alongside the pleasure wreaking havoc within her tightening hole as the two fingers moved harshly while her butt continued to vibrate as Nik moved his palm front and back quickly, churning her insides effectively while she continued to drip juices over the cold floor of the dungeon.

Meanwhile, surrounded by the feathery dome of Hongyue's wings, Nik's breathing started to turn a notch rougher as his eyes felt warm momentarily. His own need to plunge the searing p.u.s.s.y with his tool heightened considerably. While enjoying the convulsion of Luyue's inside, Nik finally looked up, matching Hongyue's gaze as the self-proclaimed daughter of his yelped in surprise.

"Dad... there are hearts in your eyes!"

She squeaked in curiosity while Nik suppressed the urge to look into the mirror and gave the mother his utmost attention by nodding and leaning back down to stary leaving a trail of hickies down from the nape of her neck to the thin gap in between the base of her wings. Meanwhile, the sight of beautiful heart-shaped purple pupils seemed to have hit certain buttons within Hongyue, making her lower her head and suck on her mother's b.r.e.a.s.ts religiously as she enjoyed the soothing stream of milk while playing with Luyue's n.i.p.p.l.es and occasionally biting on the tip to make her mother grunt.


A/N: Biology time kids. So, the first thing I wanted to clear myself of before continuing writing the exploration of winged men was the knowledge of birds. So, the most distinctive features of the Silver-Winged family is their wings. Now, ordinarily, a bird's wings is actually an evolved/mutated upper limb with its own set of triceps and biceps connect to the pectoralis to contract and extend the wing to fly, which, a harpy would have the same. But being a winged-men instead, what Hongyue and Luyue have is an extra set of limbs. Instead of the complex muscular structure, I suppose, what the feather of their wings is covering is a set of highly tender flesh and a layer of strips of muscles that have their own set of contractions and extension which allows them to summersault and do other tricks midair with a bulky human body. And with the extension of the nervous system, Nik could basically turn their wings into a large erogenous zone.