Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 501

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 501 A Happy Family

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Unable to fall and neither free her limbs with their fate to only clench themselves as her body got played with a stranger and her daughter in the utmost debauchery with whispers of l.u.s.t ravaging her consciousness and an enchanting scent that continued to increase her sensitivity alongside her p.u.s.s.y getting manhandled by whom she had already categorized as a man with touch and raw s.e.x.u.a.lity far greater than the obese family head of the Silver-Winged Family that Luyue once called her 'man' and 'dad', the mother finally opened her eyes the moment her lips parted, letting out a toe-curling m.o.a.n with a shower of juices leaking from the upper hole that soaked a greater portion of Nik's forward and finally layered the floor of the dungeon with her sweet orgasm. Her n.i.p.p.l.es grew a notch sensitive as a momentary burst of milk left Hongyue troubled to drink all of her meal as a little bit of the b.r.e.a.s.t milk leaked from the corner of the young lady's mouth.

"Hah! Hahh!" Gasping loudly, Luyue couldn't help but tilt her head back. Expecting a cruel expression, like usual, to grace her vision, what Luyue did gaze upon was an incomparably handsome man kissing the base of her wings tenderly. As if sensing her gaze, the man tilted his head up, and finally, Luyue found the set of heart-shaped pupils quite 'exotic' and strangely enticing. The main thing that caught her attention was... there remained not a drop of familiar blood leaking after her already weakened skin and muscles tore once again. 'Now' Luyue felt strange. "Hmm~ You like being kissed here?" The enthralling whispers continued as Nik planted another peck on the base of her fleshy wings, making Luyue's gaze a bit more heated as Nik held her gaze into a tantalizing lock. However, the moment Luyue felt the two thick fingers within her moving once again, she wanted to avert her gaze once again. And she would have, if Nik didn't part his lips and gently licked the slightly rough surface extending from the back.

"No! Don't do that!!" Luyue finally shouted, surprising Hongyue for a moment as she finally let go of their mother's tits, letting those ripe bosom topped by fat, motherly and milking n.i.p.p.l.es hanging and giving them a tight squeeze alongside leaning towards her neck to plant her own version of kisses. With her head-turning blank for a moment, Luyue let out a weird yelp as her drool started to leak and her eyes rolled up in passion, giving Nik a good view as he continued fingering the sloppy hole till he felt her body loosen up. All the while, the thoughtless Luyue still found Nik's whispers in her head, "Just c.u.m again. You love it don't you? Getting forced into orgasms. Having your hole bred and another youngling nurtured within!" Luyue continuously murmured words of denial while her head hooked up, gazing into the distance and her walls tightened once again however, this time, Nik stopped in his efforts and dragged Luyue out in her current peak of frustrations.

Finally, as Luyue's high faltered, Nik shuffled his tool out of the baggy pants and let it fall over her left butt cheek. Of course, the minor feeling from the heat of the shaft spreading through her body wasn't enough to break her focus from the wild throbs and contraction of her p.u.s.s.y when Nik unceremoniously aligned his tool against her slightly gaping hole and the moment he pushed the thick tip into the wondrous cunt of the mother, Luyue gasped into another orgasm while tightening around the tip itself, making Nik huff out a pleased grunt. "Hehe," Hongyue chimed while jiggling her mother's bosom up, "Mother, how does it feel? You are squirting the second time, you know? Does it feel good when I play with your b.o.o.b.s?" She whispered into Luyue's ears. Since the woman was shackled and slightly raised with her legs parted naturally due to the distance between the two foot clasps, Hongyue had to stretch her toe slightly to nibble onto her Luyue's earlobe.

'It doesn't feel good! It doesn't feel good!' Luyue chanted continuously. Her front got teased by her daughter and her traitorous p.u.s.s.y was stretched to its limit by the mere tip of the stranger whom her body honestly begged for more through the wagging of her butt. 'Ah, don't push your butt backkkk!' "Aannnghhhhh!" Luyue m.o.a.ned with a desperate expression. Her body wanting to vent more and her heart unwilling to accept the fact that instead of being physically beaten and bled out, she would rather enjoy her outside tended and her innards bred in.

"Mother, that's such a beautiful face!" Hongyue cooed, one of her hands sliding down from the center of Luyue's chest and reaching down to the front of her mother's flower, her index and thumb pinching down on the swollen clit as the woman seemed to have concluded her squirt. This time, Nik's senses picked another scent that seemed suppressed by the natural body scent of the two women in front of him. Being a physically enhanced being, Hongyue picked the scent herself and laughed, "That's being childish! How can you pee?!"

With her eyes widened and cheeks burning in embarrassment, Luyue's expression froze as her head stagnated while remaining tilted up. "Uh... uh..." Luyue stammered, unable to reply to her action of peeing alongside her orgasm. It's not like she could actually divide her orgasms out... but it remained an embarrassing act nonetheless. "Don't be so harsh on your mother," Nik smiled while taking the chance of the slightest of loosening and pushing in the entire length on one go, making Luyue gasp for breath with her crotch bulging ever so slightly, a change that Hongyue didn't miss. "Yes, dad," instantly agreeing to whatever the man of her dreams wanted, Hongyue brought her hand to the tip of the bulge, gently twirling her index atop the tip while reaching out for her mother's chin and pecking it gingerly.

Meanwhile, Luyue felt full. A familiar emotion that all of Nik's partner felt and slowly got used to. After all, it isn't every day when your cervix is pushed and the sensation is made pleasurable until Nik stroke it almost daily. As Luyue's p.u.s.s.y squirted a little stream of juices once again, Nik squeezed her butt and pulled back slowly, letting the curve and length of his c.o.c.k rub against her weak spots tantalizingly while his lips continued to mirage manipulate over the fleshy structure connected to her wings, finally making Luyue m.o.a.n in a continuous manner. In front, Hongyue continued her actions for a while and finally feeling a little 'stagnant', she decided to kneel and pull her wings back.

With her face right in front of the pounding, mother p.u.s.s.y, Hongyue placed her hands over the sides of Luyue's sweat-laced thighs while making sure that the tip of her wings doesn't get dirty by the soaked juices on the floor. After all, it is extremely hard to condition the feathers and keep the 'refreshed.' Finally, making sure that her extra set of limbs won't get their share of nastiness, Hongyue placed her lips over the top of Luyue's crotch, gently kissing it and making sure that the deep pounds of her dad doesn't affect the front too much by keeping her mother's lower body in control by restricting her thighs.

"Don't lick it! That place is not for you!" Luyue groaned and shivered as Hongyue sucked and licked on her clit, making the pounding even more pleasurable. "But mother!" Hongyue complained, "Why would you say that to me? Isn't daddy doing the same thing?" Hearing her daughter's inquiry as the c.o.c.k struck deep into her w.o.m.b and made her lightheaded, Luyue couldn't helo but ignore her daughter's whine and simply enjoy the breeding session. As she finally realized the joy of her wings caressed and an actual tool capable of reaching her depths, Luyue did start to forget the existence of the cruel man that once dominated her body and finally put her heart into squeezing the shaft within her dungeon, letting the hot hole wring the woman breaker dry as her... dad finally came thick ropes of searing c.u.m within her, gradually inflating the region above her crotch by the slightest of margin.

Meanwhile, as the sloppy c.u.m leaked out from her mother's cunt, being the daddy's favorite she is, Hongyue instantly sucked on the other form of milk happily. After all, now that her mother is bred, it is common sense that she was next and this fact made her happy.


"Angels for the win!" Nik and Ray high-fived each other as a man named Duan Jian stood behind Ray with a headful of dark hair that reached past his neck and equally glorious angelic wings behind his back. Of course, Nik and Ray refrained from stating the fact that the man himself gave a semblance to the Undead Lucifer that had destroyed Nik's second trip... maybe, Ray took Duan Jian in his harem for that very reason. Meanwhile, two pairs of beauties, a mother and daughter, both with daddy issues resolved and finding themselves calling Nik as their 'mate' or 'dad' stood behind Nik. The mother wore her brown-gold locks in a thick tail that was wrapped up in a bun with white battle uniform just like Hongyue wore the first time. Meanwhile, the only difference between the daughter was the hairstyle that framed her pretty face and looped back into a ponytail.

The trio refrained from commenting on their 'mates' action. The manor, of course, had been destroyed for the better part and now, instead of ruling over the village with the faction of the Silver-Winged family, Nik and Ray had decided to continue on their exploration and hopefully, not wreak havoc in another region. As energetic as ever, Moon jumped upon the fluffy mats that Luyue's and Hongyue's wings were, much to their distress.

"Hey! Wings aren't to play with!" Hongyue admonished moon by clicking her left wing and making the cat-sized kitty summersault in the air before landing in Hongyue's embrace with a fluffy 'oomph'. Meanwhile, Duan Jian seemed all too interested in the act of tending Sunny in his arms. Walking out of the manor and ignoring the almost destroyed village in bliss, the three winged-men alongside two kittens and two... fiends exited the village.

"Where are we going next?"

Nik inquired curiously while checking out Hongyue's and Luyue's stats through exotic escort. With their physical strength below his and skills that seemed all too biased towards the two angels, Nik decided to settle on sending a skill seed from Hongyue to the Skill Pool. After all, he didn't want to spam his entire life with skills and train them continuously. His current skill set already needed another round of optimization and honestly, he didn't really enjoy using slightly bland skills. If given a choice between explosion and fire manipulation, then Nik would chose Explosion in a heartbeat.

Meanwhile, Nik gained a pleasantly surprising luck stat point from Luyue. "Hey..." Ray opened up while jumping to reach the level of Nik's gaze and snapping his fingers in front of him, "You are dazing off again! I said, we are going to the village where the black dragon family is situated."

"Hmm, yeah, alright!" Smiling in amus.e.m.e.nt, Nik looked back at the two girls of his before thinking for a moment. By right, this was supposed to be a trip exclusive to Ray and him, but if he tried to divide his attention in the real world, the same would be apparent for Ray.

"Hey, Luyue, Hongyue. I'll be taking you two in 'that' place. This way, you guys can start interacting with girls from this world and even enjoy other cultures... alongside me. What do you say?" Had Nik not established his consciousness realm then, yes, he would have felt the slightest trace of guilt for placing Luyue and Hongyue in the Dream Core without the ability to enjoy their lives. But that is it. He did not feel any remorse for even thinking of making his girls comatose for the time being since they may as well be enjoying the best moments of their lives. After all, the consciousness realm is updated based on Nik's and other partners' collective memory. Even if the continuous exploration of Nik is not involved, the consciousness realm is already a mystical place just by the imaginative sections created by the girls. Especially the girls from the world of elementals where they finally created lifeforms of elements within the consciousness realm.

Knowing that living in real life meant sharing and living in the consciousness realm meant having their own 'Nik,' the decision came easy as Hongyue replied with a smile plastered on her face.

"Well! I want a slightly round version of dad sometimes! You know, the one that feels good while hugging!"

"Hah?" Nik chuckled as he pulled the two girls into the pitch-black orb within his spiritual world before turning to Ray, who seemed a little surprised by the entire spectacle. Meanwhile, the disgruntled Moon shook her body and rubbed her slightly muddied back against Nik's leg, demanding a bout of purification which Nik gave instantly. "Don't act so surprised, it's not like I am not chatting with the two of them as we speak."

"No, no. I do envy that Consciousness realm of yours and have started to experiment with a version of mine... but is this the concept of bros before hoes?"

Ray inquired with an amused smile as he didn't even ask Duan Jian before pulling him to the timeless harem and caught Sunny before it fell face first. "Well... since we both are hoes, too... I don't think that the saying applies to us."

Nik knelt and embraced Moon into a warm hug before walking alongside Ray, whose smile broadened in appreciation.

"Well... thanks. Never found a man for myself who could stay away from his women for me!"

Finally laughing, Nik couldn't help but reply with his head tilting towards Ray's direction, "What did you expect from me? Of course, I'll get my payment in due time!"


A/n: By now, a lot of guys are already upset by why I placed Hongyue and Luyue in the Consciousness Realm... well, I wanted to bring them in harem but also... just keep it to that. I mean, the greatest motivation for me to write this novel was the fact that I would get to collect all the harem candidates from shows, mc/dc, anime, manhua, manhwa, games, hentai and even p.o.r.nstars (maybe, I mean... Anri Okita is my fav). So, from now on, some arcs may have two forms of the harem.

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