Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 503

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 503 Por

Title: Por


Nik and Ray sniffed the surroundings together. Meanwhile, the dry hill constantly protected from the rainfall by the strand of hair became a walking paradise for moon as she hurriedly jumped down, all too intent on getting her stretch of the day once again. "This... isn't blood. Some type of wine," Nik whispered as he, too, crouched on the ground and took another big sniff, "Alright. I am calling this place Wine Hill," and to make his statement a reality, he scribbled the name on the soil with the tip of his index. Of course, Ray rolled his eyes at Nik's antic and crouched himself. Thankfully, he didn't wear a dress, preventing any variation of his panties getting seem by the debauched apostle. "Rum Hill sounds better. See? Ruuummm~ Hilllll!" Ray dragged the name while scribbling on the land himself. The two remained crouching until Nik nodded, "Rum Hill does sound better."

"Alright, let's just get into the hut," Nik looked up, the silhouette of the hut was barely visible due to the curve of the hill, only allowing the edges of the roof to be seen from the base of the hill. "Just like I thought..." Nik grinned with his eyes narrowed. Licking his lips, the apostle finally stood up, "Alarm bells are ringing in my head."

"Hee~" Ray stood up, his eyes glimmering, too, "I don't know if its the situation we are in, or your confident words... but yeah, smells like treasure in there."


Standing in front of a golden-mask that could surpass the size of a cruise ship while surrounded by nothing but the vacuum of outer space, Lucifer's raven black wings flapped themselves as he bowed in a poised manner. A pitch-black suit with a pure white tie covered his physique while the Undead Master wore his hair in a back sweep, presenting a civilized and elegant charm. Of course, the holes representing the eyes of the mask cared nothing about the elegance. The voice rumbling from the golden mask with a long spike in the middle only cared for the purpose of the visit and if Lucifer hadn't increased his physique's size to match another cruise ship, then he would have gotten unnoticed. Both, in actual strength and size.

"It is surprising. To reach rank 8 in a matter of weeks... as they say, rumors are based on the strips of reality. Speak, talented son of the Seraphim, why have you summoned my, Death's, avatar."

With a curtain of long-distanced images of stars surrounding the duo, Lucifer let out a soft breath with his body straightening once again. The crimson gaze full of calm cruelty bore into holes of the mask as Lucifer's voice rumbled, signifying the sheer distortion of the vacuum itself to let physical sound frequency pass through. "I am no son of the seraphim, Lady. And talent... that's the sham created by the strong to beguile young ones. Let's just stop with this 'amusing' test of yours that you are infamous for. I have summoned you to inquire about the current location... of Nirdai's last remaining spawn."

"You mean my only 'physical' offspring, do you not? Will his current location suffice?" The mask inquired candidly, the sweet voice of the owner seemed all to impassioned about her son. "The connected realm of gods. I know of that plane already and provoking a rank 9 will is not in my priority-to-do list...

I need you to prophecize his next location. Even his homeworld shall do."

"His homeworld is located in the 73B sector of the Cross-section Galaxy. Search for co-ordinates 980-x-3. Now, I will be taking my leave"

"I am here to make a deal, too."

Lucifer boldly cut into the statement and smiled, his eyes curving menacingly, "A parent may not care for its offspring... but the offspring of their child, that they definitely care about. I am sure, you understand my divination abilities... your son, Kaal's future incarnation has already sowed many seeds, and one of them has finally birthed. Now, I shall be hunting Nik"

"You shall be hunting Nik and want to trade my living grandkid for an enormous price," the voice broke Lucifer's flow with a chuckle, "Have you learned nothing from your past mistakes, boy? The holder of chaos is that easy to kill? No, forget that cheap talent of a soul... is my son that easy to kill? I. Am. Death, Lucifer. My source is what allows the continuation of life and the eternality of abomination that you have finally become."

The voice turned silent itself after a moment, "I have lost my touch to lecture youths... I may not be the Death Paradise, but I remain Death nonetheless. Try it. Go, the next time Nik will appear on a radar suited for your hunt will be the Paradise Wars, Plane 913, section 12, Rainforest Giganta Region. Let's see you kill the only living entity with the blood of death running within him. I don't have time to butt heads with a failure,"

Lucifer couldn't help but clench his fists at the moment while Death continued, completely unconcerned, "And lastly, talent is not a sham. Those who say so are simply not talented enough to understand their own blessings. Just like you, the egoistic fool with a mediocre talent... barely missed that goal. These games are becoming harder and harder. Well? Do you want me to drop you off? Get out from my face... mask, whatever. I am busy as heck!"

Saying so, the giant mask lost all its l.u.s.ter before floating away in the empty space aimlessly. Meanwhile, Lucifer stood with his fists clenched and his wings trembling. "Whatever, she has the qualifications to upturn my perception... Kaal... I'll kill you. Dream, too. Then, I'll find father... a step away from creating the balance between my laws and abilities... Paradise wars, huh... that's it."


Meanwhile, Nik and Ray finally walked up the hill slowly, making sure that no form of divine hair lay in a trap somewhere. After all, a strand of hair with such capabilities could only be called divine hair. Nik came up with the name this time around. "Oh, already using your pheromones?" Nik also let his stocked up pheromones loose as it was the best tool in his shed to identify and see-through a situation physically. With a formless scent emanating from the duo that even affected Moon and the slumbering and tired Sunny by a tiny margin, pulling satisfied purrs from the duo.

"There's a body," Ray whispered while Nik whistled, "Alright, a tentacle always gives a good show. Let's see... one, two... five. Yeah, a total of five tentacles. But... why is it acting so decent."

"Can you not get so complacent after detecting the spiritual resonance of a million-year-old spirit beast," Ray groaned with a gulp, unwilling to share Nik's cheerfulness. "That one is like the Skydream in you. All front but no substance... still, should we try and strike it quickly?"

"It may get killed..." Ray continued, "And that creature's... senses are already focused on us."

"That's why I am saying it. Chill, will you? Million-year-old spirit beasts are smart... at least, according to Gojira. Quite ferocious in her version, but we seem to have better luck in finding a worm and a... pentacle?"

"Pentacle sounds nice," Ray affirmed.

"Alright, Pentacle. Now, it should he either f.u.c.k.i.n.g that woman out of her wits according to the hentai logic, or should have attacked us in some manner. At least, probed us. It didn't, so I suggest we move forward."

"Dibs on Pentacle," Nik instantly continued.

"Gah!" Ray groaned with a scowl. He surely wouldn't want the comatose woman and was quite interested in the palm-sized Pentacle in the hut... "I'll get dibs next time."

"Sure. If it is an artifact or something. Dibs on strange creatures are all based on speed, mate. Alright, plaster a cute smile and walk with me. We need to look as non-threatening as possible."

"Isn't this the thought process of kidnappers?"

"Are we better than them at the moment?" Nik retorted, making Ray speechless.

Pushing his visions to its utmost capability and making sure that he didn't miss some sort of protection of the divine hair, Nik finally pushed open the light door of the hut, coming into view with a white-haired figure laying on the thatched floor peacefully while a soft-pink, palm-sized, bulb-like figure laid over the sheet covered woman. Its five, index-lengthed fleshy tendrils remained over the figure while the not-so-octopus figure with beady eyes and a surprising mouth over the fact itself let out a soft sound, "Porrr~!"

"Meaoww~!" Representing everything holy and beautiful, Moon purred and jumped around the figure. Meanwhile, Ray's and Nik's gaze fell on the layer of formation floating above the two figures. With the runes shimmering in hazy blue light, and a single, tear-shaped crystalline ice placed in the center of the formation, Nik couldn't help but smirk, "This formation... well, irrigation techniques just became extremely powerful."

And only finding that drop of ice extremely useful, Ray finally groaned, "Dibs on that ice... umm, I don't know anything about formation... spent too much time focusing on alchemy."

"Fine by me... now, Penta, why don't you tell us what is going on?" Nik inquired while stepping forward and sitting close enough to bring Moon into his embrace and place her on his lap. His way of speaking surprised Ray for a moment before he cringed at Nik's lack of imagination for the names, 'Penta? Are you kidding me?' Of course, the succubus conveniently ignored the names he set for his spirits Hissy, and Kitty.

Meanwhile, the Pentacle stiffened slightly before letting out another call, its beady eyes shifting towards Moon as she simply closed her eyes and crouched down, unwilling to pay attention to the creature in front of her when laying atop her throne.

Looking around, the creature finally lifted one of its five tentacles, revealing the pale pink suction ducts below the surface and patted its own head. Finally, Nik and Ray felt a calm and collected stream of consciousness trying to communicate with them on a more basic level of understanding where there remained no need for language, effectively removing all sorts of communication barriers.

The moment Penta transferred its understanding of the situation, it slowly shifted itself down the body of the godly woman and pulled itself into a small mug filled with water. Dropping into the mug, it finally smiled and extended its five tentacles to the edges of the mug, dipping down comfortably.

"Well, at least the mystery of the super-strong behemoth is solved... good thing I called dibs on Penta," Nik huffed out a sigh.