Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 504

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 504 Forced Recruitment

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Yu Yan, one of the strongest goddesses in the higher realm to wield power equivalent of dozens of gods and her origin turned into a wild myth of emerging from a fallen comet, giving her the best aptitude possible when it comes to the element of fire. Her fierce nature far-reaching and her actions unimaginably bold. After all, to destroy the altar of enemy gods and then erecting her own shrine, coercing legions of believers to pray for her and spread her name wide... let's just say, according to Samya, even the beast gods weren't this problematic as the neutral goddess of fiery destruction turned out to be.

Well, the eternal make-up face that simply blends into her features, the sleeping Yu Yan sported an ember-like mark on her forehead as her eyelids seemed to be slightly reddened and a pair of beautiful, plump lips extended down from the slightly sharper nose. Her silver-gray locks created a scape of white around her slightly paler shade of skin and finally, Nik postponed his intention to remove the sheet covering her body, sticking to her curvaceous figure nicely. His gaze, of course, fell on the packed bosom pushed back naturally. "Stop staring at her... she's just a goddess," Ray scoffed after seeing Nik's gaze plastered on the incredible beauty. "Only a heretic who has never shacked with a 'god' can say that... what's that Ray? Are we getting jealous here? Hmm? Ah, you never f.u.c.k.i.e.d a god, did you? Let me tell you... these gods and goddesses are so backed up that they"

"Too much information... and I'll know all that once I get my hand on a God..." Ray muttered, finding it incredible that Nik had already come across two goddesses while he couldn't find a single god. Ray's desire to find a god also stemmed from the fact that this would be the last time he could have the benefit of the succubus society's function of getting his partner's status points. And if Ray did bag a god for himself, the benefits would be incredible. Shrugging at Ray's response, Nik kept his quiet while Ray concluded with a sigh, "So that... Heaven Reaching Demon God"

"Its name is Penta the Pentacle," Nik emphasized the name of the fallen beast god. For a moment, Ray looked towards the soaked Penta and finding out that it didn't seem affected by Nik's name, Ray continued, "Alright, Penta it is... so this cute little thing got chased by that monstrous goddess due to her 'fun' hunt and ended up falling into a trap set by another god... making both of them receive fatal injuries. Penta, showing its generosity, took upon itself to heal the fallen goddess and finally, to feel its own surrounding, Penta used a drop of eternal rain to change the weather and also create this... sigh, Iron Hill to heal both of their spirituality with Penta prioritizing his strength."

"That's about it," Nik nodded and grinned, "This is what we call being at the right place at the right time."

"Ugghh... there should be some sort of male god in this realm, right?" Ray groaned, unable to keep his envy suppressed any longer as he inquired the new genderless target of the L.u.s.t Apostle.

"Por?" Shaking its head, the physically negligent million-year-old monster shook its head, conveying its thoughts on the last known locations of the few male Gods.

"Death Swamp in the Star Dou forest?" Ray furrowed his brows after finding out the location of the god who had set the trap itself only to enter into Yu Yan's range of attack before her godhood disappeared, bringing the beast god alongside her and Penta. "You aren't thinking of cutting the trip short, are you?" Nik leaned forward and grabbed the top of Ray's head, making the succubus stiffen slightly, "You were practically begging for us to go out together. I won't let you back down now," Nik whispered with an enticing sigh into Ray's ear as the succubus' lips twitched. "Fine, fine! I'll stay on this stupid trip!"

"Oh, how rude."

Nik snickered with a smile as he placed his hand over Yu Yan's head, making Ray confused. The thing is, from the moment Nik became an apostle, even though he had shown his ability to still connect and continue the art of harem collection, Nik never divulged his talent Exotic Escort which gave him the same effect as the advantage of Incubus Society, in fact, since Exotic Escort allowed him to even copy the talents he chanced upon, the benefit solely provided by the talent could be far greater. And such secrets are worth far higher than any form of artifact or equipment, which made Nik extremely cool with sharing physical items with Ray. After all, it is just a cool item... Nik already had plenty of them.

However, understanding Yu Yan's core personality, and finding the difficulty in taming the unruly goddess once she woke based on the astounding spiritual force slumbering within her, Nik simply decided to f.u.c.k her mind out and then pull her into his fold... literally. "Penta, you seem like the best beast god. Why don't you dismantle the formation and share that piece of raindrop with Ray and I'll treat you?" Nik inquired as his pheromones condensed and slowly formed a connection with the fiery goddess. After his ability to manipulate consciousness realm into creating structures, his metaphysical manipulation skills had taken a great leap, meanwhile, making his illusion skills a little lackl.u.s.ter.

On the other hand, hearing Nik's words, Ray sneered and mocked openly, "And? Would Penta really hear your"


While the frozen crystal floated up from the formation and fell moved towards Ray's direction, Nik shrugged, "Penta is a cool guy, you know. Just ask it and it'll try to help you in any form possible... I mean, that's quite obvious from it taking care of Yu Yan despite her previous actions. You all just need a fresh set of perception to find out candidates for a good pet since Penta may as well be the best" feeling Moon looking towards him, Nik's lips twitched, "I mean, one of the best pets out there. A pet god, if you may." To his words, Ray nodded with a hint of healthy envy, which he didn't try to hide. Suppressing one's emotions is the first sign of distrust and Nik and Ray felt their relationship good enough to at least give each other the benefit of doubt.

"I'll get one for myself, too... Penta... do you have a son? A father? A granddad?"

Being genderless and unique in nature, Penta shook its head and smiled cutely, making Ray groan softly and curse under his breath, "Lucky bastard!"

"Aren't I?" Nik grinned, "Anyway... I am going to be slightly busy, um, you can ask Penta to remove the barrier around the Rum Hill if you want to continue to explore the area... anyway, after that black... lizard family, I have lost my will. Heck, they didn't even look like Lizards, if they did, I would have still felt a little interested..." Nik sighed, "Of course, if you want, I can connect your consciousness and give you a special show!"

"No, thanks. I'd rather watch Penta bath instead of seeing you have fun while me being the third wheel."

"Eh? But you can... I don't know, learn a few stuff."

"Don't get in on your hand, idiot. If anyone needs tips on pleasing women, it's you. Of course, being close to women my entire life, I know a few things. You can ask me for suggestions whenever you want," Ray mocked and crossed his arms as Nik closed his eyes.

'Alright, mental connection established. Instead of invading her spiritual world which she probably can control, I'd rather pull the consciousness into a mock consciousness realm... let's see. Copying Yu Yan's behavior, complete, forming personality-based consciousness world...


Nik's vision jerked as he stood over a volcanic plain with dark land covering the scape and thin-to-thick crevices filled with dangerous lava, or so it seemed. Looking around and then gazing up at the fiery red sky, Nik started moving around. Being the creator of this consciousness world, he, of course, added the most usual rule of everyone being completely n.a.k.e.d. The concept of clothes is only appeasing in the real world... well, e.r.o.t.i.c wears could still be accepted in Nik's gracious world. "The world is on the volcanic side... does that mean Yu Yan has a thing for erupting? Maybe in anger or excitement... let's see, the shrine is that way..."

Nik hummed a soft tune while skipping towards the location, his dong wobbling about due to his movement, giving the apostle an extremely bizarre appearance. "Now that I think of it... the forms of ancient civilization all had... well, leaves for clothes... previously, I would have troubles for going to the bathroom and stuff but now... hehe, man, I really want to visit an ancient era. Wait, no, I really wish to enter an era with dinosaurs and humans... yeah, that's way cooler and primal."

Nik continued moving forward until he could see a creamish altar surrounded by the structure of eighteen n.a.k.e.d women of different visage. "Beast girls?!" Nik gasped as he recognized a few stereotypical beast girls, especially the three catgirls. One a loli-like, the other one quite voluptuous and the last one... "A futa... that's really nasty... and s.e.xy," Nik smiled the moment he found the familiar figure laid over the comfortable throne face-front while snapping her fingers as the wisp of blue-green fire continued to emerge and disappear.

Her enthralling figure instantly tugged on the slightest bit of Nik's desire as he took a speed far greater than before, the sounds of his foot echoing through the empty space with nothing other than the sound of bubbling Lava finally attracted the figure's attention. Revealing her pure red eyes the moment she turned her head, a fiery coak instantly covered her back while she continued to lay without any other movements. The first thing she said instantly made Nik realize

"Ho? Have you feasted your eyes enough? Hmm, hung enough, smart looking. A little too muscular for my taste but we can work it out... however, this world seems a tad 'unreal' and me being the most beautiful goddess instantly turns you the greatest suspect. Now, pledge your life to me, and become a good slave."

he was into her.


A/N: So, anyone familiar with tales of demons and gods knows that I have tweaked Yu Yan's personality. After all, what's a goddess without an innate arrogance, and the way I have portrayed Yu Yan until now, it seems like turning her modest would have ruined my own perception.