Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 505

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 505 Forced Recruitment Master

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{A/N: This is some reverse master-slave play and if you are not comfortable with it, then I suggest skipping this lemon. of course, go easy on me since I am writing about Nik acting as a slave for the first time and it may have some problems.}

"Slave... you say," Nik stood, slightly enticed and the remaining half unimpressed. Of course, he enjoyed the act of letting his partner take the lead in many situations. It is fun to see their decisions and actions. And maybe a person like Nik who set his pride aside voluntarily may ever achieve this form of enjoyment. But... a proper screening is a must. If he were to be a slave, he would need many things in return, but he had other queries that attracted his attention, "If I may inquire," putting up a pretentious tone with his d.i.c.k hanging out and gradually swelling, "These statues are?..." Nik looked around, now close enough to gaze upon the gigantic stony butts of the curvaceous women from a snail's view.

"Them? My slaves!" Yu Yan finally sat up, a note of excitement in her voice as her body still remained garbed in a layer of flame that gave off an azure glow, "All of them! And that one" pointing at the hung cat-girl futa, Yu Yan chimed, "is... was the best one. Curves befitting a goddess's most devoted follower and tools endowed enough to earn the title. Unlike the remaining one, this slave was the juiciest... of course, you now have the blessed chance to take that title for yourself alongside being the first man slave." Dangling her legs and swiping her hair back, Yu Yan gave a toothy grin, "Else, I'll burn you to a crisp after you are done disappointing me."

"Yeah, I love the feel of melting wax along my skin," Nik smiled, "But that play feels a little too mild. Hmm, how about spanking? With pads, harsh ones at that!" His words incomprehensible to the archaic goddess, the apostle continued, "Although... now that I think of it... sure. I am your slave, so? What should I do? Walk up to you? Kneel here and wait?" Nik smiled earnestly. The first rule of s.e.x.u.a.l play is to blend into the appointed character without breaking one's personality and what is a slave if not eager to please its master? With one eyebrow raised, Yu Yan couldn't help but snicker, "A willing slave is far better to break than an unwilling one. For those unwilling, you shove until they can't resist, but those with eager will... well" extending her foot, Yu Yan stated at a voice barely audible to Nik, "Come up here and start with licking my toes, mortal."

While Nik felt nothing but a hard boner, a tiny bit of surprise made way the moment a set of stairs directly leading up to Yu Yan's roof throne formed out of nowhere. Being the creator of this consciousness realm does not change the fact that Nik simply took Yu Yan's will as a template and now seeing her showing a competent authority in the world, Nik could only recognize the adaptability of so-called gods and goddesses. But his view on these powered beings did not change. All of them are simply pent-up beings with the inability to find a partner among their own ranks due to the innate cautiousness cultivated after a long and arduous life. Surely, Nik had s.e.x.u.a.l drive and skills surpassing a cat girl futa...

Taking a step onto the stairs that ended right in front of him, Nik slowly walked up under the scrutinizing gaze of the Goddess of Fire. 'This place is strange,' Yu Yan thought internally, recalling the face of the incorrigible Ice Wolf God that set up a trap while she left for a scheduled hunt to find unique beings formed from the essence of the laws. That time she chose a unique lifeform rumored to have birthed from the essence of 'distance'. Gods loved to call this pseudo-god the Heaven Reaching Demon God just due to its simple use in traveling any form of distance within minutes. However unruly she may be and caught the innocent essence god by surprise, Yu Yan herself felt helpless the moment she found her core destroyed and her godhood crumble away. Just the sight of that smug grin triggered Yu Yan to use all those crumbles instead of saving them and attack the enemy with her maximum effort, pulling the bastard in the realm of mortal, too.

Now, she woke up in this strange space. If not for her experience with reality the moment sue ascended to godhood, Yu Yan would have definitely felt this world as her new reality. 'Aside from the fact that I can imagine and form anything... the devoid of spiritual energy is what truly makes this world out of place. And this guy...' Gazing at the slowly stepping Nik, Yu Yan's crimson gaze narrowed, 'Is he really a slave? Since when did slaves become so... terrible.' As Nik stepped up with a flattering look, all Yu Yan could see was a visage of a demon. A horrifying existence that didn't seem to... care for the stuff Yu Yan actually treasured. Pride being the foremost alongside various other emotions. His body, his erect shaft that and the 'feeling' of soothing scent that truly tingled Yu Yan the wrong way despite being covered with her fiery cloak. Being the beauty she is, Yu Yan had met plenty of men and women. Some hid their emotions and matched their gazes with pure intentions, while others let their l.u.s.t and debauchery known, too. Yu Yan appreciated both types of people.

'But he... what kind of gaze is that. Like he knows me. A string of confidence that shows he has the greatest leverage on me'

Now standing in front of Yu Yan, his outstanding physique hiding the relatively petite but voluptuous goddess, Nik smiled and knelt, his hands cupping the left foot as the fire around her feet seemed to have gained a will of its own and retreating back towards her knee, making Yu Yan slightly surprised. However, Nik's words made the goddess' eyes widened as the man leaned his down.

"But I do have leverage, Master... none of the Goddesses ever had a night with me. And that is the greatest leverage. Samya agrees and after my special 'service', so shall you," His words made Yu Yan realize that Nik did seem connected to the world or else, he had some way to read her thoughts but the moment Nik's lips met the flat of her soft foot while his thumbs gently pressed her corner thumbs, Yu Yan trembled in a strange excitement. "Master," Nik didn't use his L.u.s.t Domain just to enjoy the play for himself, "How would you like it? I can scratch every itch you have... I can relieve every form of frustrations hidden within you...

Or, would you like to pull those services out of me, with force that is?"

The sweetness in Nik's deep voice made Yu Yan forget the strangeness of the world for a few seconds as her gaze narrowed in equal lasciviousness as Nik while he continued kissing his way up and continued massaging. "You can... read my thoughts. Slave, who are you?" Yu Yan commanded, making Nik nod as it is imperative for his supposed partners to never break their roles. "If the master is commanding to answer me... then, I am simply a wanderer. I would accede to requests that affirm with my nature"

"Request?" Yu Yan sneered, taking her foot back as the fiery cloak disappeared, revealing her n.a.k.e.d glory as she stood in front of Nik, making her silver-scaped crotch face Nik in the face as she seemingly remained unaffected by Nik's soft breathing that slowly tickled her godly p.u.s.s.y. "Being my slave is as natural as breathing and living. It isn't a request, but an honor." As Nik remained on his knees with his hands placed on his thighs, he felt Yu Yan's hand falling on top of his head as her waist bent inwardly, allowing Yan to lean down until her lips reached the beginning of his forehead, "Slave, I have decided. I'll pull your greatest potential. Just what I need after what seems like an uneventful and long slumber," breathing out, Yan's grip around his hair tightened, giving a sense of roughness that made Nik smile, "of course, you won't be smiling like that for long. I'll make a real slave out of you."

Meanwhile, with imaginary buckets of popcorn, the four spirits finally took the closest seat to another great show. After all, this is their own form of entertainment.

"Oh, yes please!" Chiming, Nik waited for Yu Yan to make her move. She had already grabbed the top of his head so all he could do was stare at her breathtaking crotch. One of the best things for Nik in traveling the world was the colored pubes of his partners. Blue, gree, raven... and seeing a garden of short silver roots, Nik couldn't help but feel his desires grow stronger. His member throbbed for a short moment, attracting Yu Yan's attention as her smile broadened while her left hand finally clenched the headful of the stud's hair and brought his face closer to her most private location.

"Well? A willing slave should know his priorities, right?" Yu Yan inquired with a slightly sadistic note, her gaze lingering over the cuts and shredded muscle of her newfound slave. "Yes," Nik leaned forward on his own accord after getting the permission and gently kissed her crotch above the pubic region. Meanwhile, still not permitted to use his hands, Nik could only lower his mouth, parting his lips to finally extend his tongue and lick over the v.i.r.g.i.n-looking slit, lubricating her slit as she pushed his face even further with a hot sigh leaking, "It is Yes, Mistress for you."

"Yes," with his face pushed further, the last dregs of Nik's words came out wrong, "Misshtresph!" With his tongue parting the fleshy entrance and playing with the slowly erecting nubbin, Nik didn't forget to blow hot sighs over the crotch, dampening the mistress' p.u.s.s.y as she finally felt excited enough to get her p.u.s.s.y wet through her own juices. Feeling Nik's tongue turning her entrance sloppy and warm alongside the playful breaths that signified the fact that Yu Yan still didn't completely control her 'pet' and that irked her. She is a goddess. Every being should simply roll for her when she demands!

"Almost forgot," the goddess smirked as a flaming chain coiled around Nik's neck and the base of his c.o.c.k. Feeling the azure flame creating a warm layer around his member, Nik couldn't help but let out another relieved sigh as he grew in efforts while Yu Yan connected her arm with a flaming chain that emerged from the end of the clasp around Nik's neck. With one hand roughly handling the top of his head and the other one finally tugging him into her cunt, Yu Yan finally let out a pleased grunt as she gave the command to take the efforts to the next level.

"Put it in, your tongue. Let's see what you can do without your hand~!" She mewled while bucking her crotch against Nik's face, pressing her crotch against his nose as Nik finally slipped his tongue into the tight and warm hole. This wasn't a real-world but it may as well get the title feeling how naturally Yu Yan's walls wrapped and convulsed as Niks stretched the broad of his tongue to mark her weak spots, which were many, as Yu Yan smiled weirdly, her gaze locked against Nik as he slurped her insides with her juices finally trickling down. The warm pleasure soon reached up to her spine, making her actions more impulsive as she grew rougher and harsher, her thighs trembled as they soon wrapped around Nik's cheeks and finally feeling her spot hit and scratched the umpteenth time while her clit rubbed against his soft lips, Yu Yan couldn't handle any longer.

"Ohhhh, so good!~"

She bit her lips lusciously while squirting into Nik's mouth, "Ummm~! No drop is to be spilled. Treasure this amber and drink all of it Ohhh~!"

Far more willing to show his worth to the new master, Nik drank happily, enjoying the taste of her orgasm as the heavenly nectar turned out to be far more fulfilling than Nik had imagined as his tongue continued to soothe the sensitive innards of his mistress. Of course, just the fact that Yu Yan had the aptitude to form clasps around his neck and c.o.c.k made Nik expectations grow even wilder.