Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 506

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 506 Who's The Master?

Yu Yan eyelids trembled as she clenched her jaws, her drool finally slipping through the constraints of her plump lips while her eyes rolling up to the roof as she supported her body illicitly against her slave's face. "Haa~" panting softly, Yu Yan couldn't help but playfully scratch Nik's hair as she waved her waist upwards, making her p.u.s.s.y entrance scooch up to his face and press against his nose, letting the heavy and rhythmic breathing please her further while making sure to keep her damp thighs wrap around his cheeks tightly. "Lick me more," she whispered, "You have good skill. Once I become a god again, you'll live a good life with an ample supply of spiritual medicine."

'Of course, a slave should remain drugged,' is what Nik might have perceived if not for him being able to read her intentions as he hotly blew against Yu Yan's p.u.s.s.y through his nostrils. Feeling his hot tongue continuing to slide into her p.u.s.s.y and reaching deeper and deeper, Yu Yan let out another toe-curling m.o.a.n full of sweetness that didn't match her arrogance, "Aaangh~ That's it, go deeper! Ooohh," cooing with a pleased expression that could have pulled a boner from any being, she continued while pulling her other hand and tugging onto Nik's neck, "Rougher! Don't hold back!" she growled as Yu Yan finally sat against Nik's shoulders, her cunt into his mouth and her thighs passing through the side of his face with her calves falling onto his muscular back.

"That's ittttt~!" Feeling Nik's tongue moving against her walls and roughly scratching back up while licking her innards, Yu Yan felt her body grow 'lighter' as she felt the second orgasm gracing her sensitive bits once again. "Drink it! Keep on drinking it!" with a broad grin and her drool finally dripping through her chin and sporting a face that should never reach near a revered goddess, Yu Yan orgasmed into Nik's mouth once again, her b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggling with each shiver passing through her body while sweat soon touched the outside of her body, giving the goddess an extremely debauched image as Nik calmly sat without moving a single inch except for using his tongue. His core already strengthened enough to support Yu Yan's supposed body weight even without using his hands to support her up. Well, since Yu Yan seemed adequate and experienced enough in taking up the role of master, Nik held no problem until given the permission to use his hands.

Finally, as the flow of nectar slighted while Yu Yan's body calmed down relatively, she let go of Nik's face and without giving him a single glance, Yu Yan stepped on the dry pavement until she sat on her throne once again. The fiery chain around her wrist connected to the clasp on Nik's neck extended to accommodate the distance. Finally on her comfortably cushioned throne that grew a bit damp from the juices still lingering down from her hole, Yu Yan observed Nik's disheveled face that still seemed to hot for her taste. His eyes perfectly clear and l.u.s.tful, his cheeks, though wet and dripping due to her illicit hold, managed to outline his wolfish jaws while the disheveled hair gave Nik a wild look. The moment Nik felt Yu Yan's gaze over him, he licked his lips clean and smiled, "I hope that the use of my tongue managed to reach the levels of satisfaction that the mistress expected."

Hearing his words, Yu Yan couldn't help but blink with a nod. Her gaze fell onto the thick and cunt-trembling c.o.c.k whose base now remained under the constraints of another flaming ring wrapped tightly around the girth, "It was okay, you need more training is all that you need to understand," Yu Yan spoke, her p.u.s.s.y in clear view, as she fondled her own b.r.e.a.s.t with ruddy cheeks clearly signifying the lie hidden within her statement. Looking down, Nik's smile receded, "Apologies. I shall work harder." With a luscious smile as her legs parted naturally, Yu Yan whispered, "That you will." Her words immediately caused a chain to extend from the ring around his c.o.c.k and reach up to Yu Yan's hand as she stopped pressing her own bosom. Now, with two leashes around Nik, she tugged.

"Come here..." showing her flexibility and simple placing both of her legs over the arm of the throne and leaning back as she completely exposed her ass and slightly parted p.u.s.s.y to the slave, she continued, "I expect you to remain standing after spurting out right after the moment you push that disgusting thing in me." That is the norm. Her p.u.s.s.y is supposed to be wonderful enough to wring a c.o.c.k dry after a single shove, just like how the poor cat-girl slave did as she would continue to pump her shaft into Yu Yan with delirious excitement.

Before he could stand up, Yu Yan's gaze curved further as she broke the chain from her wrists and wrapped it around her thighs, freeing her hand so that she could stretch her entrance wide and smile sadistically, "Did I command you to stand? Get her on your knees~! Come on! Don't make your mistress' garden wait! Your punishment won't be easy if you try to act smart!" With renewed excitement, Nik felt the tug around his neck and c.o.c.k turning harder as the chains started to contract once again, automatically pulling Nik. Lowering his back willingly, Nik started the journey on his fours, however, to Yu Yan's confusion, Nik stopped for a moment. However, her eyes widened as a shiver ran through her spine as Nik scooped the globule of Yu Yan's orgasm that dripped down her hole as she walked back to the throne and finally, under Yu Yan's astonished gaze, Nik licked his finger with narrowed down eyelids.

While Yu Yan's heartbeats grew alongside the roughness in her breathing as she sat with her p.u.s.s.y stretched out and waited until Nik stopped time and again to clean the floor diligently off of her c.u.m, she couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed. Fighting off the thought to simply let Nik use his mouth again since he... looked so hot when licking stuff, Yu Yan finally realized in astonishment that Nik had reached right in front of the throne. Still on his four and with a slightly widened gaze that put her slave no different than a puppy, albeit a handsome one, Yu Yan thought for a moment before putting her legs down, "Consider it a reward for the extra effort... slave," Yu Yan whispered, her thighs still coiled with the flaming chains that almost reached her knees, the goddess turned around, her body held up against the spine of the throne as she exposed her back to Nik, "As I said, the punishment won't be easy if you fall after a single pump," stating this, Yu Yan turned back and looked into Nik's eyes, "You have this chance to show how religious you are. You have permission to use every part of your body but the moment you deviate from the assigned hole, I'll cleave your neck, just like her," directing her gaze towards the structure of the lovely woman with dark hair, Yu Yan continued, "She tried to push too many holes and died without being able to prove her worth to me. Still, I bought that s.l.u.t at an expensive price so I felt like gracing her with one statue."

"I understand, mistress," Nik finally stood up, allowing Yu Yan to finally realize the difference in the size of their physiques, his large palms firmly pressed her squishy butt, a little damp due to sweat and an innately elastic, allowing Nik to enjoy the quality ass of his mistress, "I would like the permission to... speak certain phrases that might be demeaning to a servant," Nik whispered carefully, not matching Yu Yan's gaze as he looked down over Yu Yan's butt and pressed his member against the crack of her ass, pressing her butt against his dry, needy shaft. Meanwhile, Yu Yan didn't even consider his words carefully before leaning against the flat of her throne and turning her head back, "Permission granted"


Shrieking loudly and feeling the incomparably massive tool penetrating her godly dungeon, she felt a pair of hands wrapping around her bosom while a hot whisper reached from behind as Yu Yan felt her control loosening and the goddess ended up c.u.m.m.i.n.g another time, making her walls convulse against the searing shaft while the fiery ring clasped around the base made her entrance warm and more pleasurable, "Let's reverse our role, mistress," Nik smiled, his eyes glowing with nefarious and sadistic desires as he twisted his waist and dragged his c.o.c.k out slowly, "Now, tell me...

Who's your master?"


For a moment, all the pent-up s.e.x.u.a.l frustration, all of her expectations and the feeling of 'fullness' provided by the p.u.s.s.y stretching c.o.c.k disappeared, instead, a wave of annoyance filled her body. Turning her head once again with her eyes ablaze in azure flames, Yu Yan inquired with her cunt still penetrated, "It seems you are tired of"

"Ah... the problem with Body Manipulation is that... it hurts like hell," Yu Yan's gaze trembled as she looked at the figure. Heart-shaped pupils flashing and attracting her gaze while the fact that another, equally horrifying c.o.c.k now rested on her butt cheek didn't provide Yu Yan with any surety, "If I wanted to manipulate and create another tool... let's just say that it would hurt like a bitch..." smiling deeply, Nik took his hands back and stroked his new, second c.o.c.k while pumping into the m.o.a.ning Yu Yan, who didn't dare change the direction of her gaze. Who knows, this atrocious slave of hers might just conjure another c.o.c.k!

"Now," pressing his shaft against her anus, knowing well that any form of excrement aside from orgasms is rejected in this world, the slave inquired again, "Mistress... who's your master?"

"Don't Aagh~ Aggghhhhhh! Don't f.u.c.khinghh goo too farrh!" Yu Yan yelled, feeling a set of equally azure clasp around her neck as Nik pulled her back by harshly pulling the collar, making her lean against Nik as he left one of his hands to grab Yu Yan's jaw and planted his face against her, "Can't you taste it," Nik smiled as he squished the slobbered cheeks while Yu Yan felt the second c.o.c.k pressing against her back while the outline of Nik's c.o.c.k started forming out of her crotch into an arousing bulge that made Nik whisper, "For all we know mistress, you might end up falling for this feeling," enjoying the growling Yu Yan's face as she remained unable to summon her tools of destruction, and even speak for that matter, Nik lowered his hand and harshly grabbed her b.r.e.a.s.t, letting his rough fingers sink in, "I'll make use of you," he cooed, "You gave permission, remember? I'll f.u.c.k both your holes and turn you into a perfect mistress soaked in my c.u.m... you'll beg and dominate, a rare combination of nature indeed," feeling her slave's hands lowering and falling over the ridiculous bulge that would have broken any woman quite literally, Yu Yan could only yelp and m.o.a.n with rising indignation.

"So, by the end of this session," Nik continued, "You'll be singing, My slave is my master!"


If Yu Yan hadn't hypothesized the fact that the mysterious slave... yes, from the moment the man called himself a slave, Yu Yan considered him one. From the moment the mysterious slave arrived, Yu Yan had already considered the possibility of the man being the cause of her current condition but still, her years of experience, both s.e.x.u.a.l and battling, made Yu Yan consider the man less of a threat but a literal kid with a more than an impressive tool in his shed. Even if he could control the world, didn't Yu Yan also control the reality of the world by erecting another altar of hers with statues of her past slaves out of thin air? Alas, she failed to consider the vastness of the world and even greater heart... well, debauchery hidden within Nik.

'I can't think straight, Ohhhh~!' Yu Yan gasped, unable to express herself even with all the unhinged m.o.a.ns and rowdy groans that continued to leak through her parted lips with her tongue finally losing all its strength and consideration to remain within her mouth and just loll out, giving her disheveled expression an e.r.o.t.i.c feel. Her p.u.s.s.y had probably taken the shape of the slave's c.o.c.k, not only was the pounding extremely harsh and fulfilling, including the fact that the bulge over her stomach only grew the moment her slave penetrated her god bearer, aka, her w.o.m.b, Yu Yan also started to enjoy the sensation of the mysterious second c.o.c.k, although halfway through, still stuck within her anus, unmoving but continuously throbbing as her butt only started to loosen up with each pump, making her m.o.a.n again, and then again.

The fact that she was unable to speak and a fiery collar now adorned her neck made the goddess feel incomparably humiliated but far from that was the regret that came alongside the action of granting the slave the permission to speak his mind out.

"Mistress," feeling the hot breath against her ear, Yu Yan trembled, "How does it feel to get both holes f.u.c.k.i.e.d together? Do I get to become your best slave?" Hearing his humiliating words, Yu Yan looked back with an angry expression that simply melded into the s.e.x-crazed look she continuously gave, making Nik let go of one of her hands as he used them while pounding the goddess in wild abandon and clutched her cheeks once again, his exotic pupils making Yu Yan question her s.e.x.u.a.l morality and pushing her boundaries further.

"It's in... don't you feel it?"

'Eh? What's' As realization struck, Nik's smile grew wider, "My second c.o.c.k is already into your anus," letting go fo the remaining arm and letting the 's.l.u.t' of a goddess heavily lean against her throne, Nik harshly slapped her butt as the squeeze of her p.u.s.s.y almost made him c.u.m, pulling a relieved groan from the Apostle as he continued teaching the goddess on how much of a s.l.u.t she had been while pretending to be otherwise, "your dirty ass, as loose as your character, how laughable! It is my job to make the best mistress out of you!"

"Oooghhhh!" M.o.a.ning while glaring daggers at Nik, her tongue hypnotically waving around, Yu Yan couldn't help but squirt a hot shower against the throne, making the drench cushions soak her heavenly nectar once again as the feeling of both of her holes stretched, the feeling of both the c.o.c.ks shoved deep into her and moving about rhythmically, stirring her insides while giving a definite, long-lasting shape to her innards, "Now... I ask you again, Mistress," stopping in his actions, leaving the fiery goddess with a good choker on her neck, a hot expression on her face and loosening holes, Nik returned Yu Yan her ability to speak, making her pant roughly as she caught her breath, "S-slave! Continue! Just continue!"

"I asked"

*Pah* With a ruthless spank on her butt that finally made her squeeze tight enough to make Nik pump his hot seed into the goddess, making her expression silly and eyes roll up once again, Nik continued.

"Who's your master?"

"Ahh~! Hah! Hah! You! You are my master, slave! Whip me into a s.l.u.tty mistress! You have all the permissions you need, just don't stop spanking, don't stop slapping my b.r.e.a.s.ts, and don't you dare stop f.u.c.k.i.n.g me in both the holes! Just continue!"

She shrieked, her expression fierce but her tone sweeter than her own juices. As Nik gave her an amused glance, she slowly reached up for Nik and tilted her head up to give his closed lips a slobbered peck, "Here's your rewards~! Yu Yan cooed, her sweat matted hair stuck against her forehead as she continued with debauched desires overriding her thoughts, "Now, I demand you to turn me into your s.l.u.ttthhhhhh~!"

M.o.a.ning as Nik finally pumped his c.o.c.ks in, making his hot c.u.m overflow from the sides of her entrance, the slave smiled, "That's all I wanted, Mistress."