Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 507

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 507 A Full Package

A/N: I have been itching to write a fem mc novel with all the kinks, if you know what I mean (A light-hearted one like ellori in scribblehub) but I know myself better and any new project other than EHG/DLK get slashed out quite naturally, apologies for that. Now, this is my attempt at a first pov, I am not a v.i.r.g.i.n in this aspect, but writing a pov of a female getting her brains f.u.c.k.i.e.d out is still completely new to me, so please, endure my nuisances. If you like it however, and would enjoy the occasional povs~! please do tell me so!


How long has it been?

I questioned myself again. Musing the strangeness of the world while knelt in front of two c.o.c.ks, slobbered with my juices, they ought to be far more delicious than the ropes of c.u.m the slave dumped into me. Mggh, the feeling of being a dumpster for c.u.m, just for a minute still seems to pull reactions from my body. The kind that I truly enjoy. Untamed and s.e.x.u.a.l! The fact that his c.u.m got absorbed within me... does that mean I am pregnant? With the slave's child? I mean... he has proved his worth already. It feels like his c.u.m has a greater composition of some form of energy mixed with aphrodisiac and some sort of serum that is delicious to tastebuds... forgetting all that, why did I even agree to

"That's great, mistress," he cooed. Nik. Yeah, his name is Nik and now I have turned into some sort of l.u.s.t recruitee... probably, that reason alongside some strange set of understanding that made me 'accept' the situation could probably be the cause of me turning into a bimbo and giving the slave a handjob...s, instead. What else could I have done? F.u.c.k.i.e.d in both holes, mouth invaded with an awesome kiss and finally, filled to the brim till the point that even my body couldn't accept the whole load. The scary part my mind was literally f.u.c.k.i.e.d, full of thoughts of nothing but d.i.c.ks and s.e.x. Occasional cat girls and dragon girls, too. I miss those s.l.u.ts~! Getting his confirmation, I feel a little satisfied. Road to being the perfect mistress, is what he named it. The slave. Truly, I don't even know why we continue to play this game. That Samya... he has enough skills to bag the v.i.r.g.i.n goddess that rejected every proposal with oblivious neglect. A perfect bitch with a face and the body to drive even the women insane. My status had already fallen the moment I realized that the woman who had the galls to reject being my slave submitted and became someone else's bitch. How else could I categorize Nik's partner's knowing his virility? Every partner of his is a c.u.m-drenched whore that would want nothing more to get f.u.c.k.i.e.d again, and again, and again. Until their bellies are full and they are bred completely.

"Ah!" pouting as his hot sigh seemed to pull my body into action... damn L.u.s.t Apostles! I could only tighten my grip, but still, a hefty sum of his girth...s remained uncovered. A road to becoming the perfect mistress, is what he says. A slave would train me into being a better master. What do I lack? I am spicy, instinctual, and always get my slaves working up in pain! However, at this point, the scene of Nik's handsome face religiously licking her c.u.m from his fingers phased through her once again...

I guess, I have a lot to learn...

A little humbled, I continue. My entrances still hot with his overflowing, unabsorbed c.u.m leaking and dripping onto the floor as my strokes grow in force. The pumps slightly amateurish, but the already lubed c.o.c.ks and damp underside of the palms helped a lot, else, it might have been awkward for me... speaking of awkward, my gaze trail up, a little cautious. Slave's strangely shaped pupils really got my body hot every time I look at them. Some form of hypnotism? Felt a little too subtle for that. Still, matching his gaze, I wait for further... instructions. All to be a better master. I know...

All of this is a sham. Bimbo, that I am. S.l.u.ts, those I have trained. How could I not undertake when I am feeling s.l.u.tty for someone? There's been that evil dragon god who seemed to pull a semblance of such emotion but he had disappeared for far too long... the dragon clan up in the heavens is already in the ruins and finally, aside from the stupid old man claiming to be the god of l.u.s.t, not a single once anyone caught my eye...

Well, Nik did. And now I know why... and damn... he has a kid. The thought made my motions falter a bit. While I observed the flicker in his gaze, his lips parted as he extended his palm and gently placed it against my cheeks, once again, damp with my drool and a bit of off-white drool of c.u.m dripping from the corner of my lips. The result of a recent effort to scooch a tiny amount from the generous p.u.s.s.y of mine. Of course, the only word that could classify my holes is generous and I am not afraid to say so. My head tilts against his warm palms, "Mistress," I just love the tone and the voice whenever he calls me that. My twitching entrances agree as I feel ready to go for another round. Double penetration... I could get used to it... just the thought of thoroughly being used, pumped and bred while still retaining the title Mistress though in name, is the best. Kind of a great package. I could be spoiled, loved, f.u.c.k.i.e.d, and then still be revered to. Did I mention getting f.u.c.k.i.e.d?

As my thoughts grow rowdy by the second, my body heating up by the slave's scent, his filled c.u.m, and his seductive smile alongside those wondrous set of eyes, his lips parted...

"Press them against your cheeks, I want to look," the command felt a little humiliating. A single session fo pleasure and he wants me to act like a s.l.u.t and just press his c.o.c.ks against my cheeks? What else does he want? Maybe a cute, innocent smile plastered on my face as he sprays his ropes of c.u.m over my body? The twitching of his c.o.c.k had grown in pace. A sign my p.u.s.s.y and anus has already gone through and even when the mere thought of soaked in his c.u.m pulled another quake from her body, I feel a little desire to go slow... laughable it may sound, but there's no way I'll turn into someone's s.l.u.t in a matter of hours even when I can foresee it occurring in the span of few days~! He needs to earn it! Make me feel more what is that? My gaze is attracted to another breathtaking c.o.c.k extending out of the area above the crotch region shared by two of his girthy c.o.c.ks!

"Another one?!" A gasp leaks through my lips as I feel the slave's nuzzling palm suddenly gripping my jaws tightly and press my face against the tip of his third c.o.c.k. His harsh shove squished my cheek against his tip as his devilish hum sounded, "In my hindsight, I should just make another c.o.c.k and use your mouth... Mistress," there it is! I hate it that I love it! "Nik" before I could command him to call me mistress another time, his palm left my cheek momentarily and impacted against my face harshly. It hurt a lot.


But I

"Calling with my name... why would slave get such a form of respect?" He... slave inquired as I realized my mistake but feeling little need to point the irony in his action as the slave guided me through my mistakes with hot punishments, I nuzzled my slapped cheek against his palm again. Gah!

"I understand, Slave! Push it! The only mistress worthy to lead a s.l.u.tty slave is the one violated in every manner... you know what to do!" With my intentions and thoughts... unclear as the triple threat alongside the combined scent screwed with my mind, I feel the tip pushed against my lips. Warm and ready to plow. The twitching of his other two veiny shafts grows fiercer as I open my lips and wrap my mouth around the jaw aching shaft.


In my hindsight, even with my desire of getting drenched, I should never keep the tip of the slave's c.o.c.k pointed towards me. As the feel of my hot mouth and slimy tongue passed through his third c.o.c.k, his other two pent-up c.o.c.ks finally throbbed wildly against my palms, their veins pulsating as the first shot of c.u.m struck from my left side, right against my inflated cheek while the second one pumped out with a 'force' making the thick rope fall over my head.

"Just stop being modest, dear," feeling both of his hands wrapped around my head, he whispered while my hands got a will of their own, stroking his c.o.c.k even fiercely as his c.u.m soon covered my n.a.k.e.d front, allowing me to realize just how much of a threat is my new slave... no, I'll promote him to my man, after the act, of course, "you won't be physically damaged... so I can do this" before I could understand his words, he shoved my face against the base of his third c.o.c.k as I accidentally left his c.o.c.ks, making them fling and smack against my face.

"How does it feel mistress?" The adorable demon continued as he violated my mouth, the veins of his shaft extremely nerve-wracking while I felt the majority of the tool pass through my mouth and straight into my throat. Strangely, the throbs of his c.o.c.k as my tongue naturally wrapped around the underside of his member felt hot and enjoyable. With a tight hold over a fistful of my hair, my slave pulled me back as, by this time, I am completely useless, at his mercy to get used and violated. "Slurp~!" with a wet, slurping sound, my mouth reel back, revealing a better half of the glistening c.o.c.k I finally feel the tip throbbing against my throat. "That's a nice look," tilting my gaze up as incoherent grunts leaked through my mouth, he continued, "face slathered with c.u.m, body bred and now you will even get to have a full stomach. Isn't that the right path to becoming a master? Fulfilling a slave's desire?"

It probably isn't... but you look so s.e.xy while saying that... I'll just give you a godly pass, my hunk slave. Ravage me~! Show me the path of becoming a master. F.u.c.k my hole! All of them!

*Slurp* *Shlick* *Ghhhhgg*

With the grunts and wet sloshing sound leaking throughout the empty space, I couldn't help but make use of my free hands and grabbed both of the slave's achingly erect c.o.c.ks again. Really... just how much this hopeless fool has stored inside to not even limp for a moment after c.u.m.m.i.n.g buckets? Nevermind, I don't need an answer... I'll just be wringing that amount dry in a few moments... no, make it hours. As the hot c.o.c.k and the tight hold continued to make use of my mouth, the moment slave started using his h.i.p.s, I felt the world swim away as the c.o.c.k bulged against my throat before letting loads of sticky c.u.m right through the path and straight into my stomach.

"Gahh!" coughing an gasping, I hurriedly close my mouth. My motto not a drop to be leaked and I consider it very carefully.

The c.u.m felt sweet, unlike anything I have ever tasted... well, I did taste it before, but it got changed with the mixed taste of my own s.e.x.

"Finally," pushing me down, Nik pressed three of his tools against my two holes. Two of them, the first and the third, pressing against my p.u.s.s.y tightly and the last one rimming my asshole, the demon rammed the three tools into me.


Instead of supposed physical pain, all I got from getting my dungeons stretched inhumanely was an equally inhumane pleasure.


I think I am in love with this rough fool of a slave...

Although, I'd *oooghhhh* would need to teach him how to treat a woman better...

Nah, I want him to rut against me.

Guess... I am a s.l.u.t, too.