Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 508

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 508 Concluded Adventure

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"Ugh," Yu Yan's eyelids trembled. Waking up after a mind-reeling pounding was not the best way to go, but she'll take what she can. Her head hurt like a bitch, but she still looked around as scowl instantly formed the moment she looked at the pompous demon god formed from the essence of 'distance'.

"Por" Penta chimed and floated around Yu Yan, pulling a groan from her as the bedsheet covering her body slipped down, revealing her n.a.k.e.d front to the viewers as Penta slumped on top of Nik's head, making Moon purr in annoyance, as her mewl finally made Yu Yan turn to Nik and inquire calmly. The moment of heat had passed and even though she felt like going for 'real' this time, she understood her liberties well and already informed of her man's succubus partner, despite the gender, Yu Yan considered the boy as harmless as a beautiful whore and smiled, "Do I get a welcome present? Maybe a set of clothes?"

"Of course," smiling, Nik produced a set of indian-cultured clothes. Being the passionate s.l.u.t he is, he had a collection of outfits and the fiery red saree just seemed the type of clothes that would suit Yu Yan. "Um," Ray spoke up, his words making the Fire Goddess look towards him as she looked down at her voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.ts, ready to become Nik's relievers once again before focusing on Ray's flat sadness, "Heh," the smirk instantly pulling a tick mark on Ray's forehead as she continued, "Speak, boy. Of course, don't expect me to find ways to cure your... unneeded twig."

"Out of every single partner of yours," Ray smiled sweetly, softly punching Nik's arm before his expression took a 180 as his voice turned colder than the coldest blizzard, "I guess, she is the perfect bitch of them all."

However, not minding the conflict, Nik shrugged. "I am not your father. Sort it out amongst yourselves, anyway, I'd like to say that I am more than willing to stay here tonight... I'll be cooking, so be sure to fight lots and work up an appetite," he smiled and gestured Ray to leave while Yu Yan stood up, completely unabashed by her n.a.k.e.d form as she slowly slipped the blouse on, covering her bosom before pulling up plain red panty. For the remaining portion of saree, though a little troublesome, she accepted Nik's assistance before pulling her hair into a ponytail as she looked towards Nik, her face impassive but her eyes clearly desiring of some form of praise to appease her ego.

"Looks good, can you move properly?" Nik pulled Penta down from his head as the loveable pentacle resisted moving for a second before accepting Nik's touch and jumping down in Nik's embrace. "Can you let me roast it?" Yu Yan inquired with a gulp, her hungry gaze seemed ineffective against Penta as it chilled within her man's arms, "I have heard that this demon god"

"Penta," Nik interrupted with a smile as he softly patted Penta's round head, "Its name is Penta," and the moment Moon jumped from the table onto Nik's shoulder, the apostle issued a light-hearted chuckle, "And she is Moon, needless to say, we don't eat pets around here... of course, I can treat you to some legendary dragon or stuff like that."

"You think that a demon god" feeling Nik's condensing stare, Yu Yan shrugged helplessly, plopping down on the floor and relaxing with her legs constrained by the limits of saree, "That Penta of yours is a beast formed from the essence of the concept Distance. It can travel anywhere given that it knows the direction and the final destination. I heard that the taste of such beasts is great..." Sitting down himself to keep the eye level constant, Nik loosened his embrace to accommodate Moon and Penta together, one 'Porring' and the other 'Purring' in content, "The fact that Penta could return to the... God Plain?... and didn't should already warrant his continued, undevoured life, right? It continued to take care for you all this time, you know..." his words caused Yu Yan to hold her tongue. 'The first rule of being a master Always reward your slaves,' is what Nik taught her after getting her load of three c.o.c.ks and deforming into a c.u.m-crazed s.l.u.t. So, with a fierce blush that soon turned her cheeks warm, Yu Yan hesitatingly extended her arm towards Penta until she could feel its soft skin as she whispered, "G-good... Penta..."


Jumping from Nik's hold, Penta smiled cutely and plopped over Yu Yan's head. Penta is a good demon. The master said so and the person he had helped for so long also acknowledged it... it is happy and it will sit on the head of the person who made it happy. That's what good pets do.

"You look cute," Nik smiled and leaned forward, softly pecking Yu Yan's lips as yer face turned a shade deeper. At this time, Ray knocked and walked into the hut once again, his expression a little stiff as he was forced to admit Yu Yan's beauty, "I am hungry... can we already set up something to eat?" His question made Yu Yan nod, her gaze slightly dignified as she stated, "I would like to eat, too. You both, cook for me," saying so, Yu Yan laid down on her side while Penta's tentacles remained clutching on her head, allowing it to lay in the air. Meanwhile, Ray and Nik looked towards each other and shrugged naturally.

The lunch... er... dinner? Nik didn't know. With the entire realm covered in darkness, it grew hard to keep track of time. 'Let's call it dinner... every time...' affirming his options, Nik produced a variety of corpses, a stock he had gained after months of trash hunting in the wild to help his disciples grow natural in their spirit skills, especially Ryu'er. That cutie had some serious stuff that even blew Nik's and Gojira's mind. "Dibs on the Honey Tiger!" Ray spoke hastily, pulling a scowl from Nik as he produced another Honey Tiger for himself. A special form of spirit beast whose blood is, in fact, a variation of honey wine and with the meat dripping with thousand-year-old sweet wine, it is natural that even the strongest would crumble in front of the delicacy.

"I think... I'll capture a pair of honey tiger couple... you know, breed them and continue to get more and more honey meat," Nik spoke while getting down to the business. With a sharp kitchen knife reinforced by inscriptions and forged from good spiritual materials, the rank 4 spirit item showed its worth as it allowed Nik to easily handle even the toughest bone. "That sounds..." hearing Nik's words, Ray's eyes glittered, "awesome! Can you also store and find a way to breed Saucy Lizards, Lemon Serpents, and Spicy Gold Crows?"

Needless to say, all these spirit beast were called something else... a little extreme in this world, but Nik and Ray classified them based on their tastes. Nodding at Ray's words, Nik instantly agreed. After all, his intentions are to only store them for now until he gains a way to introduce time into the dream core. "Sure," Nik looked at Ray and smiled, "But... hmm, we'll have to find a way to quicken their growth, you know. The meat tastes great only after it has reached the thousand-year milestone." Taking out a kitchen knife of his own that looked relatively unused, Ray got cracking down on the other Honey Tiger.

The meal turned out to be a peaceful one with Yu Yan, obviously, unimpressed by the level of cooking the two mortals could sport, however, this didn't reduce any joy for Nik, Ray, and Moon as they continued to eat the Honey-soaked giant feline creature with soft hums/mewls. Meanwhile, Penta plopped down on the self-made cup of water, signifying the lack of food in its diet as it didn't seem too intent in joining everyone.

"Huaaa~!" Sighing, Yu Yan finally smiled, "A full stomach is the best one," is what she said while eyeing Nik, "Come... sleep with me. I get sleepy after eating."

As Nik's lips twitched, Ray yawned and took out a single-person bed from his inventory, "I'll be sleeping, too. Come up, Moon, Sunny, we'll sleep together!" He smiled, pulling the two kittens with him.

"Oh, come on... we are here to adventure..." Nik groaned, but happily, he pulled Yu Yan into an embrace befitting a mistress and slept soundly, leaving poor Penta alone.


It really felt the need to learn human speech more than ever as it gazed at Nik's face for the entire time... after all, it had nothing else to do. It simply didn't know how to sleep...


"Ugh... that... sucked hard..." Ray complained as the group finally walked out of the damned dimension. "Nik," looking back at his bearded comrade, Ray pleaded, "Purification, please~!" Amazed at how Ray never grew a single strand of beard, Nik's body glowed with rings of golden hue spreading across Ray, Moon, Sunny, Penta, and Yu Yan. Their bodies grew cleaner as the clothes and fur seemed fresh and recently dried out. "Still amazing..." Yu Yan muttered in appreciation, her figure only a bit shorter than Nik, giving the couple a healthy flair.

With the group out of the seriously incoherent dimension and sun right above their head, Sunny took the role of leading the troops with his mewl as Moon melted in Ray's arms, giving a loud yawn... her era of being the most active Moon Kitten came to an eventual end, until the sun sets, of course.

"Talk about bait beastmen, aside from the winged-men, none of them came close to any difference in structure... the wolfmen, bearmen, rockmen... all of them humans. Pathetic," Nik groaned, sharing Ray's feeling as Yu Yan played with the long locks framing her pretty face, "I don't understand your grievances, slave... with a goddess by your side, why would you seek mortal hybrids?"

"Yu Yan..." Nik looked towards her, his gaze falling over her large bosom as his indignations seemed to disappear, "I guess you are right, huh. I can always accompany you!" Saying so, Nik pulled the woman into his arms, his hand coiling around her waist as Ray turned his gaze with a scowl. Feeling her slave's hands rubbing her h.i.p.s seductively, Yu Yan couldn't help but push her poking n.i.p.p.l.es against her chest, "Slave, it's been a long time since I gazed upon the light of the day~!" she cooed, her hands pressed against Nik's abdominal muscles as her gaze looked past him and observed the empty space behind the building, "And there is no one around... take me here. I'll let you feel the humiliation of getting exposed in public!"

Meanwhile, Ray silently picked Penta up, unwilling to taint the pure soul once again and left from the spot. He would have stayed if not for the fact that Nik's eyes gave his intentions far too easily.

Feeling his hot fingers pressed her against her butt, and his fingers prodding into her holes, Yu Yan let out a soft m.o.a.n, "Aaangh~ right there! Ooh, that's an impressive bulge!" whispering, Yu Yan looked at Nik in expectations, her eyes still giving furtive glances to the surroundings, internally cautious of any presence other than the duo when suddenly, she found Nik's face filling her view and his lips covering hers.

"A good mistress focuses on her servant," Nik whispered, all too inclined to spread her ass as he felt Yu Yan's hands reaching down into his pants, gingerly wrapping her hands around his shaft as they slowly scooched back until her body was pressed against the wall of the Saint Judgement Hall, their lips interlocked with the wet sound of their saliva getting exchanged started to echo through the surroundings, "Mistress, you must love it, right? Imagine it, a legion of worshipers staring at us as I pound into you, filling you to the brim!"

"Ah! Nooo Ooohhhh!" Breaking through the kiss to protest against the thought of f.u.c.k.i.n.g in front of her assumed worshipers, Yu Yan felt her crotch getting wet. Finally, Nik's fingers, alongside the fabric of her leggings slipped into her wet walls. She felt hot, getting both of her holes invaded as the soft fabric of the leggings that refused to tear and stuck to Nik's finger while extending into her gave a nice, rough texture.

"Then, they'll sing your praises," Nik continued cooing, making Yu Yan pant in excitement and humiliation, "They will f.u.c.k amongst themselves. A holy orgy, with the entire land drenched in orgasms and finally, above them, you'll continue to ride me, your hole inflated with copious amounts of thick seed." Just the scene of her body openly violated as her followers continue the act amongst themselves, their m.o.a.ns and grunts leaking alongside her own, Yu Yan's clenched tightened bruisingly, making Nik raise his head with a soft growl as she sprayed into a quaking orgasm, her thighs trembling as she leaned into Nik with her ass clenched against his thumb tightly, her warm hole growing wetter due to a mixture of sweat and holy juices as her nectar showered through the confines of white leggings, finally making the c.u.m-soaked area a nice, translucent look. Gazing at her e.r.o.t.i.c expression as she breathed against his chest roughly, each heave making her blouse-covered b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggle and her fat n.i.p.p.l.es poking into his body, Nik couldn't help but twist his thumb and press into a single side of her wall, making Yu Yan shriek into another, short-lived orgasm.

"Hhuuuuunnnnnghg~ I am c.u.m.m.i.n.g Agghhh! C.u.m.m.i.n.g from aassss!!" She m.o.a.ned, her face tilting up, "I want it! I want everything you said! An orgy of my own where everyone sings praises to me!" she howled, her imagination soaring higher and higher as her pumps grew hotter and deeper. Lowering her head and pulling down her back, Yu Yan pulled down Nik's pants as she parted her lips and let a thin stream of drool drip onto Nik's c.o.c.k from the tip, slathering his shaft as her pumps came into contact with the viscous spit and glistened the tool in the broad daylight.

"Aah~ You like it don't you?" This time, Yu Yan whispered, her lips close to his member as she breathed against the wet tip, pulling a tiny globule of clear pre-c.u.m as the orgasmic goddess continued, "Pumping me in front of everybody. Showing off your limits, your acts of breaking their goddess right in front of them~ Such a devout slave you are, wishing everything of mine for yourself!" Kissing the tip and sucking on him, enjoying the taste of his c.u.m, Yu Yan's fingers reached for his full balls, massaging them as her body trembled once again, feeling the tight hold over her holes as Nik's fingers spread both of her holes, effectively tearing the impacted regions off of their fabric.

"Ooh, see? How much you have stretched me~ In that conscious realm of yours, I am nothing but a hot mistress filled with nefarious heat. Pump it out, slave~! Far better than your purification is the bath of your hot load. Spray it on my face, mmmhhhh~!" M.o.a.ning in delight, her voice growing in volume as her body built up another orgasm, Nik felt the soothing ball massage working as his tool twitched again, the tight sucking sensation right around his tip, pressing her lips against the highest point of his mushroom head, Nik finally leaned forward with a relieved sigh as he came volumes into her mouth, thick ropes leaking through her lips as the goddess' widened gaze narrowed down in pleasure, her butt twitching as she peed alongside c.u.m.m.i.n.g, her mouth full enough to only gulp in delight, feeling the sticky c.u.m slide down her throat and providing a sense of fulfillment.

'Ahhh~ amazing... although, I'd love another bout of purification... all things said and done, that is."