Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 509

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 509 The Solitary Club

Bartending came easy to Nik. In fact, he loved it. So much that he even asked Shen Xiu before getting a whole section of the manor turn into a luxury club with polished wood and dim lighting that made all the women far enchanting than usual, the same, however, could be said for Nik, too. With a four-month-old, sleeping Tanya packed over his chest, her sleeping face incomparably peaceful and her soft snores mixing with murmurs of Nik's partner, the neatly trimmed, bearded Nik garbed in a form-fitting white shirt, sleeves folding high to his elbows and a tight vest poured a cup of wine for Xiao Ming, the buxom mother of the beautiful baby attached to Nik's body.

"I still can't believe it..." Ming whispered, her gaze attracted to Tanya while downing the cup, "I feel wrong, Nik. Maybe I should go with Tanya... this is bad parenting right here," dressed in a heavy robe, Ming supported her head over her palms. She, of course, felt happy with Nik's return, Penta, Yu Yan, Hongyue, and Luyue turned out to be... an expected surprise, but the best of all was the fact that the two could be parents once again. "Just enjoy a little, look" gesturing towards Xiao Yun, the elder twin, as she clinked her cup against Gojira's and grinned before downing the content, Nik couldn't help but chuckle, "She has loosened up way more than you." Pouting, Xiao Ming turned her head, "My elder sister has always been loose... you just made her realized that is all." At this point, a pair of playful hands instantly wrapped her up from behind.

"Mum~! I didn't know you could be decent!" Garbed in an outfit similar to Nik's, presenting her as the waitress of the establishment, Nie Yu pressed her palms into her mother's bosom, stimulating the recently pregnant mother enough to make the tip of her n.i.p.p.l.es erect and push over a wet feeling, signifying the slightest spur of the b.r.e.a.s.t milk contained within the gigantic assets of the woman, "Little Tanya is sleeping peacefully after father came back," cooing into her mother's ear while reliving her daddy fantasies, Nie Yu continued, "And speaking of bad parenting... who is the one knocking on my doors for the past month, hmm~ Didn't we especially record a night for father? Even Klas enjoyed herself!"

Titled as the bearer of the smartphone, Klas got the responsibility of recording many sessions in Nik's absence as a welcoming present. Of course, the crystal-woman enjoyed herself, too. Letting her emerald p.u.s.s.y soak with mineral juices as they engaged in debauched activities. Meanwhile, another set of an orgy would continue to rage within the consciousness realm, turning Nik's and his partners' lives into a literal orgy. "That isn't it," not rejecting her daughter's touch and enjoying the forbidden taste hidden, Xiao Ming let out a hot sigh, "Alright, another cup, then! Take care of Tanya... I'll go wild tonight!" Xiao Ming downed the refilled cup and leaned forward to peck on Nik's lips, a rule clearly forbade any partner to demand anything s.e.x.u.a.l from Nik during the club time so that they can interact with each other with a sober consciousness.

"Don't worry, our daughter will have the best sleep. Just kick back and enjoy," Nik grinned as the pink-headed Xiao Xue walked back with her tray emptied, "Teacher, another round of chill dew wine!" She chimed while keeping her volume low. Just like Nie Yu, Klas, and Ryu'er, Xiao Xue wore a full-sleeved white shirt with tight black pants that traced her wide h.i.p.s and finally, a form-fitting black vest that gave each of Nik's 'younger' disciples a professional look as they helped him and spent time with the girls present. Looking at Xiao Ming walking up to her elder sister giving the elder s.l.u.t of the two a tight, butt-quaking spank, Nik smiled and shuffled Tanya softly, adjusting her small body so that she can sleep better, his scent taking a soothing quality that created a better environment for the lady.

"I'd love to get rocked by you, too, daddy~!" With no one but a Penta soaking in a cup of wine, Nie Yu felt it appropriate to flirt with Nik, the tray pressed against her body, right below her bosom that pushed the slightly modest curves up, her gaze narrowed as she purred like a needful kitten, "how about a little special drink for me? Hmm?" Leaning forward, Nie Yu almost touched Nik's lips when Ryu'er coughed softly, her piercing blue gaze didn't hold the same warmth as the smile on her face, but used to the cute reptilian and even rocking her world with a bow's ends many nights, Nie Yu winked at Ryu'er and skipped back into the area filled with girls dressed as if actually attending a form of the social meet.

"A round of Kald Wine, please," she smiled, satisfied by Nik's return. She had been bred properly to know not to get impatient. After all, her teacher is the type of man who likes to make every session count and really drive it home... well, into the w.o.m.b until packed full and f.u.c.k.i.e.d silly. "Here you go," Nik smiled and poured the wine from the earthen jar which didn't match the design of the lavish bar counters. Well, Nik could only get so much of his fantasies satisfied. And this is merely the 'branch' of Solitary Club. The real Solitary Club even hosts strip dances... well, it's his own division of consciousness that dances around the pole and give the girls their private lap dances... but well, even Nik enjoyed that and wasn't ashamed to admit it, so he remained content.


"So? That's your plan? It doesn't sound so evil..." Lanruo commented. Alongside Shen Xiu, Elsa, Xue Yin, Yang Xin, and Asami, Klas remained to their side, pouring alcohol without any stop. Of course, she also brought occasional snacks. Hearing Lanruo's words, Shen Xiu snorted, "What do you know? Being the last 'known' fort of humanity, Glory City would fall after a riot starts due to the fall in the economy. Once my Glory Center dominates a fair share of the economy, I'll employ city haters and start funding them."

"Um... wouldn't that just cause a lot of innocent to come at harm's way?" Xue Yin inquired as Yang Xin leaned forward, sharing the same concern, "Anyway... even if our eventual disappearance really plunges the Glory Center into chaos, effectively allowing your employees to do what they need... what's the point? I mean... you won't be here to enjoy the destruction, right?"

"Eh?" Shen Xiu frowned, a little flushed due to the alcohol intake while Asami and Elsa chuckled at their words, "Of course," both of them chimed in tandem, "the only way to cause chaos is to take down the city lord..."

Looking at each other, Asami and Elsa let out a smile, "and he is already taken down by a certain 'girl', right?"

Their words caused the remaining business persona to turn speechless. Ray, somehow, made sure that their disappearance would cause a major problem within the city.

"Alright then... let's think of a way to loot the city as much as we can before leaving," Shen Xiu shrugged, her opinion instantly accepted by the gang of burglars.



"Eeh~!" Xiao Yun let out a m.o.a.n in her drunken stupor as her younger twin spanked her huge ass, sending waves of pain and pleasure up her spine. Looking back with her cheeks flushed, Xiao Yun gave an envious stare to the two damp marks on her younger twin's blouse before pouting, "What was that for?" Yun inquired, her n.i.p.p.l.es instantly stimulated just by the slightest bit of pleasure, signifying the level of sensitivity her b.r.e.a.s.ts had acc.u.mulated. "I don't know, it felt natural," Ming shrugged with one shoulder, her other hand still on her elder twin's butt gave it a nice squeeze, making Xiao Yun let out a suppressed grunt as Gojira interrupted, "Now I want to spank both of you..." she muttered, her eyes gazing the twins' bosom as she licked her lips, "You guys are basically a package... damn, I envy Nik..."

"Don't be like that~" Ming smiled, her body pressing behind Xiao Yun as she held the elder twin's waist and started dry humping her sister, "We can f.u.c.k you, too~! How about it, hmm?" Fully intent on kicking back, Ming didn't show any modesty as Xiao Yun blushed fiercely, and even though she bit her lips, the simple smacks of her younger twin's crotch against her bubble butt made Yun pant roughly.

Meanwhile, Gojira clicked her tongue and waved towards Ryu'er before motioning her waist back and forth and gestured towards the twins. Of course, giving her mother a flat stare, Ryu'er turned towards Nik's direction to get a refill.

Distressed, Gojira looked at the humping twins with a gaze full of sadness.

"Alright, break up, you two... no dry humping in front of me!"

"Awww!" m.o.a.ning, Ming finally stopped, "but we had already gotten wet... so it wasn't dry at all, right, elder sis~?"

"Mmh... yeah," Yun smiled weirdly while looking to her side.


"Look at them go..." Korra muttered as her arms became the current throne of Moon. Pen Hua, Xiao Xiaji, and Gin Jiu accompanied the monstrous lady as they all gazed at Xiao Ming dry humping her sister.

"And she is a mother of two... oh, how cruel is the world..." Pen Hua muttered, her gaze turning blank for a moment as she looked towards the counter full of wine jars where Nik worked in a serene manner. "Damn... he is a yummy father... good thing we all get a piece of that," Gin Jiu whispered, her face flushed and her tummy full of alcohol. All now she needed was an equal or even greater amount of c.u.m and she is set for the night. "Concentrate... the true fun is happening there~!" Xiao Xiaji is the type of woman who would love nothing but a bucket of popcorn as the world is torn and burned. Her words instantly made the four girls look towards the pair of goddesses staring at each other. One supremely voluptuous and quite 'meaty' after gaining some recent overeating habits and the other nothing short of a supermodel with a smooth abdomen and a face to die for.


"How is it possible that..." Yu Yan looked at the current Samya, "even though you have turned fleshy... you still look so ravishing. My eyes weren't deceived back then. You are a woman that is born to seduce... a shame that you must keep the pretense of justice."

"I am not fat!" Samya hissed, her clear blue eyes staring at Yu Yan's crimson ones fiercely.

"I didn't comment you as an obese individual," Yu Yan narrowed her eyes and spoke seriously, "All I am saying is... you got lucky with my slave. That is all. Never think for a moment that by using your assets, you can make him feel better than me... I am his c.u.m mistress," the proclamation though serious from Yu Yan's point of view, turned out to be a little loud, making others attention turn towards them, too.

"C.u.m Mistress? That's new," Gojira grinned and waved, "Hey there, I am from the C.u.m Binger faction~!" Ryu'er lowered her head with a blush as she heard her mother introduce the faction far more interested in storing Nik's c.u.m and reveling in it every day... which, she was a part of, too.

"I am C.u.m Connoisseur~!" Gin Jiu remarked as Korra nodded while giving Asami a competitive look.

"And we are from C.u.m Dumpsters~!"

"C.u.m Spillers here..."

As everyone started to introduce themselves, making Yu Yan feel embarrassed by each passing moment for even feeling complacent by getting an indecent nickname from the mate that represents everything dirty in the world, Yu Yan finally heard Samya whisper with a fierce blush, "I- I am C.u.m Eater..."

"Oh, the fiery Heaven..." Yu Yan gasped, finally realizing the place she stepped into, "I want the title of C.u.m Goddess!"


Her words instantly met with a collective refusal, their shouts so loud that Nik covered Tanya's ears and moved out of the section of the manor dedicated for the Solitary Club and let the matters in Klas's dependable hands.