Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 510

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 510 I Am Eternal

"Hey, hey!" Nik slammed his palm on the desk, silencing the class with a loud call and a wide grin on his face, "Where're your manners disappeared to? Huh?" His excitement, as immature as it looked, infected the kids, including his disciples, "Let's get started with the lesson" as if a celebrity in his own right, his smile pulling the entirety of their attention, "I really hope that none of you laid back with your classes!"

"No, sir!"

All of them shouted, their cheer echoing through a better half of the building as Nik's grin broadened.


Everyone is excited. Even Ning'er and Ziyun weren't different from ordinary students. Sitting close to Ryu'er and Xiao Xue, the two silently gazed at Nik. A parting of one month allowed the two of them to realize the 'extracurricular' feelings that had solidified within them for their master. Forbidden ones. The type that would make them parched during the night and hazy during the morning. And this was the time when they weren't touching themselves while chanting their master's name. It grew harder and harder. To concentrate, to socialize, and even wait. So, the moment they found Nik sauntering into the classroom with a grin so wide that might have made the two clench internally, they finally grew patient enough to wait. And then, finally, confront their feelings in a similar manner how the two had resolved their own conflict from the past stemming from the differences in their status.

'He turned,' miraculously, the two thought the same thing simultaneously, their gazes attracted to the back of their teacher, their eyes lingering on his butt for a moment longer than any body part as they finally recovered their attention the moment Nik shuffled back the piece of parchment over his butt. Maybe it was unintentional, but the moment he looked back for a moment, matching the gaze of the two, incomparably thirsty student of his, he couldn't help but narrow his gaze, the look on his face as easy to read as breathing.

I see you.

His intentions clear and maybe Ziyun and Ning'er only needed a little push. Nik's methods had long gone public, his reputation tarnished yet as popular as ever so, the two women from noble families who were already taught the difference between genders knew about Nik's nature. Still, the man didn't push himself over them as any debauched man would. Being beauties of their own right, they of course held a certain amount of expectations for their future and when Nik entered into their equations, their bodies would twitch unconsciously. And it did, right now, Ning'er and Ziyun clenched their thighs tightly as their buttocks tightened, and their breathing took a pace greater than before. Though the eye contact lasted for mere moments, they felt exposed.

Worse of all, the two accidentally looked at each other, and there came the blushes!


Nik felt genuinely satisfied. From a p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e to a salesman and from a salesman to a teacher teaching the art of cultivation. His disciples could not keep their gazes away from him, he remained loaded with awesome skills that could only force him to train more, he had enough riches to peacefully share a content life with his partners, and finally, he had started getting the hang of Pure's spiritual tests. He had a kid, another one of his loveable partner pregnant, and finally, he had two cute pets. Even his relationship with Ray remained healthy without a hint of awkwardness.

The fact is... he had too many skills for his own good. Nik knew himself better than anybody a mind-boggling genius... well, this is what his narcissistic personality indulge itself with, but in reality, Nik hated the concept of extreme training. The only reason he even held training until now was simply due to pure joy he derived from his interactions. That is all. And now, with so many skills in his arsenal, Nik felt a dire need to remove a few of them again until they reached a number more manageable for him.

Nodding at Gin Kao during the martial arts practice as he got a part correct and quite smooth, Nik decided to fuse some of his skills and turn the ones he doesn't use into skill seeds. Either way, he didn't want to hear his spirits complain time and again on how lazy he had grown into...

A man is supposed to be lazy. What else did they expect?

Sighing at his ascended thoughts, Nik opened his status page.

[Name: Nik Faran

Age: 21

Affiliation: None

Bloodline: L.u.s.t Apostle/ ???

Talent: Exotic Escort, Balance, Perfect Eyesight, Skill Palace, Physical Genius, Limit Buster

STR: 30(+70)

AGL: 30(+90)

VIT: 30(+50)

ENG: 30(+90)

CHM: 15

LUK: 10


Demon Wind Wolf Set: Dark Blue (4/4)




Spiritual Connection

Use: Allows the host to form a deeper, spiritual connection with its mate and instinctually understand the desire of the other party.


L.u.s.t's Recruitment:

Use: A special skill that allows the user to place a special mark over the agreed party from the opposite gender and allow them to wield the following benefits at the user's discretion:

System's Access (Only if the host is still part of a paradise.)

Stats Pool.

Talent Pool.

Skill Pool.

Consciousness Pool.


Charm Supreme:

Use: The user's potential charm is instantly exercised and control based on the intent of the user.


[Pheromone Illusion: Lvl 18

Use: Utilizing the scented pheromones of the host, the following effects can be achieved (The skill has a greater effect on the opposite gender):

Mind Control

Carnal Desires


Lvl 10 Boost: Dream Master Allows the user to control the dreams of the targets under the effect of the pheromones and utilize their dreams for the host's agenda.

Nxt Lvl: 27 Sp


L.u.s.t Domain: Lvl 19

Use: Utilizes the will and intent of the user to create a special domain that targets the carnal desires and deviancy of the opposing parties within the range and immobilize them.

Range: 95 meters.

Level 10 Boost: Whisper- The domain acts around the targets and pulls their greatest desires into enticing whispers. This boost provides sound-based aphrodisiac and mental high.

Next Lvl: 24 Sp


Mirage Manipulation:

Use: Targets and manipulates the senses of the opposing party. High proficiency is required or the target's life may be endangered.


Love Pupils:

Use: Transform the pupils of the user during the extremely l.u.s.tful state to synergize with anyone holding the user's gaze and sharing s.e.x.u.a.l tension with them.



Cure: Lvl 12

Use: This skill allows the user to cure any and every disease and returns the target to a disease-free state. This skill cannot cure curses and the effect highly depends on the level of the skill.

Lvl 10 Boost: Disease Detection User can sense the presence of diseases and gain a detailed understanding of them.

Nxt Lvl: 16 Sp


Battle Arts: Lvl 2

Use: Allows the user to learn mystical arts that affect the physique through the following benefits:

Extrapolation of Battle Arts.

Combination of Battle Arts.

Infusion of Battle Arts into muscle memory.

Note: This skill needs its extrapolation bar to be filled before it can be leveled up.

EXT: 1908/100

Nxt Lvl: 11 Sp


Elemental Manipulation: Lvl 13

Use: This skill allows the user to manipulate multiple elements in affinity with the user.

Level 10 Boost: Nurture No longer will the elements turn to their basic nature and conflict with the opposing elements. If two or more elements are controlled simultaneously, the user can choose to nurture the elements from each other.

Next Lvl: 38 SP


Gravitation Manipulation: Lvl 16

Use: This skill allows the user to manipulate the gravity of the natural environment.

Level 10 Boost: Condense User can instantly condense gravity without any resistance into various shapes.

Next Lvl: 25 SP


Hamon Manipulation: Lvl 17

Use: This skill allows the user to manipulate the energy of Hamon that is polluted by the UV radiation of the stars. This type of energy has minimal restorative effects and high reinforcement effects on the physical body and is extremely malleable.

Level 10 Boost: Reinforce Passively generate Hamon by digesting the nutritional meal and reinforce the physique.

Next Lvl: 29 SP


Life Energy Manipulation: Lvl 16

Use: This skill allows the user to manipulate the purest energy of life. This form of energy has high restorative effects on the physical body.

Level 10 Boost: Life Blood With every 1,000,000 cycles of blood circulation, a drop of blood saturated with Life Energy would be refined and enter the circulation to improve the regeneration ability of the body.

Next Lvl: 29 SP


Energy Fusion: Lvl 11

Use: This skill grants the user the ability to fuse the various forms of energy. The level of skill determines the success percentage of the fusion.

Level 10 Boost: Fusion Channel Forms a specific channel where predetermined energies can fuse instantly and be manipulated by the user. A period of 12 hours is required to change the predetermined fusion.

Next Lvl: 26 SP


Energy Conversion: Lvl 13

Use: This skill allows the user to convert a particular form of energy into its opposite counterpart through the use of system-neutral energy.

Level 10 Boost: Conversion Lover Increases the efficiency of the conversion into non-affinity energies.

Next Lvl: 24 SP


Space Manipulation: Lvl 17

Use: This skill allows the host to control the fabric of space based on the potency of the level of the skill.

Level 10 Boost: Shift- Passes a limited volume to a particular length instantly in any given direction. Current Weight Limit: 170 kilograms.

Next Lvl: 29 SP


Body Manipulation: Lvl 22

Use: This skill allows the host to control various functions of the body and the external features of the host.

Lvl 10 Boost: Micro Manipulation This feature allows the host to control the body at a micro-level.

Lvl 20 Boost: Cellular Manipulation This feature allows the host to control the body at a cellular level.

Nxt Lvl: 38 SP


Absolute Sharpness: Lvl 13

Use: Anything struck enough can be cut. Each strike would draw effect without fail.???

Lvl 10 Boost: Extension The user can extend the sharpness by 6 meters from the physical body.

Next Lvl: 15 SP


Calligraphy: Lvl 14

Use: It is the skill of forming symbols by hand and arranging them well so that they show integrity, harmony, and rhythm.

Lvl 10 Boost: Swift Allows inhumane pace of forming symbols.

Next Lvl: 29


Multi-task: Lvl 26

Use: This skill allows you to gradually cope up with the burden on the mind by committing more than one complicated action.

Level 10 Boost: Deduction- The separated consciousness process different information without any discord with the main consciousness.

Level 20 Boost: Sense Connection- The various part of consciousness connect itself with one another and the main consciousness, allowing ease in the transmission of sensations.

Nxt Lvl: 53 SP


Purple Qi Manipulation: Lvl 9

Use: It allows the host to utilize the system energy to gain the aspect of ethereal purple qi.

Next Lvl: 16


Purple Demon Eye: Lvl 18

Use: This skill allows a passive boost to visual abilities. This skill requires a continuous supply of purple qi to level up.

Level 10 Boost: Accelerated Vision- Capabilities to see movements and other objects that are traveling at a high speed. It allows the user to gain visual information of surroundings at a quicker pace.

Note: In case of using SP to level the skill, the user must have a large holding of purple qi or the eyes of the user may be permanently damaged.

Next Lvl: 24 SP


Purification: Lvl 17

Allows the host to purify anything deemed waste into ???.

Level 10 Boost: Selective Purification- The user can condense the rings of purification onto a single point.

Range: 154 meters, 2 ENG/seconds.

Next Lvl: 29 SP


Genderswap: Lvl 1

It allows the host to swap the gender of the intended target. This skill does not utilize the system's energy. Higher the level, the greater the number of available slots.

Slot: 0/1

Next Lvl: 20 SP


Light Master

Use: Allows the host to gain a master level of insight in the element of light.

Next Realm: 159 SP


Fire Master

Use: Allows the host to gain a master level of insight into the element of fire.

Next Realm: 159 SP


Kill Disguise: Lvl 1

Use: Allows the user to disguise the last person murdered by one's own hands. The higher the level, the greater the effect of disguise.


Explosion: Lvl 8

Use: Spend a small amount of energy to induce explosive blasts in the surroundings.

1 Unit of Explosion= 1 ENG

Next Lvl: 11 SP


Eternal Frost Manipulation: Lvl 4

Use: Allows the user to manipulate an extreme variation of natural frost.

Nxt Lvl: 13 SP]

'Aww, man... all of these are good...'

Nik groaned. He really wanted to organize his skills somehow, but he didn't know how. Aside from the [Battle Arts] that refused to get removed, Nik found his skills extremely appropriate, allowing him to deal with various situations. Especially his manipulation skills, they are basically a godsend and now, he even became a Master in the element of Fire after hooking up with Yu Yan. His Hamon and Life Energy manipulation would get their levels even if he didn't practice them actively due to their passive boost working continuously. Meanwhile, even if he hadn't tried out [Kill Disguise] yet, Elsa's performance of turning into Ye Han had already left a great impression.

"And then comes the weapon... well, I'll be using my guns from now on... they looked... s.e.xy..." Nik muttered under his breath. Meanwhile, even if he couldn't practice his energy conversion and fusion skills, their support to his destructiveness had already made the skills quite precious. Finally, the explosion skill was the most fun to play with.

"I could instead just limit myself in using one or two skills... that would be better. I did have fun using only the explosion skill while traveling... yeah, until the next main mission is completed, I will only use hmm... extreme sharpness and... my guns, aside from purification."

While Lilith clenched her hands in excitement, Nik continued to observe his students while thinking on his surprising level up of body manipulation... finally allowing him to control unwanted pregnancy.

Yes, his life took for a better turn....

Not that he wouldn't want Tanya, in fact, if given a chance, he would pump into Ming without any restraints once again!

Meanwhile, his spread pheromones actually chanced upon certain 'spicy' actions taking place all over his surroundings. Well, amongst the Senior and Genius students mainly and a few bored teachers.

"Can you not peek at kids... it's kind of creepy," Sky muttered, sharing Nik's vision without any shame as Nik pointed out a mistake for a particular brunette student all the while chatting with Sky internally, "What do you mean kids? I am a kid, too..."

"No, you have a kid."

"Eh, did I never tell you a certain affliction over me?"

Nik inquired as Sky furrowed her brows. From the moment Nik had been born, his conditions were extremely clear to Sky. So hearing him identify a new problem proved a little distressing for the lady.

"W-what do you mean?"

"I... am eternally 17..."

"Excuse me?"

"I am saying," Nik smiled happily, "I have decided to remain seventeen-year older forever... so, I am a kid, too."

"You are 21."

"Age is just a number," Nik chuckled, "Think of it, one day, if my adventures continue, and I grow to be a ravishing hundred-years-older, the moment I meet a s.e.xy nurse, what would I say? That I am old enough to be her grandfather? No!

Remaining in sweet seventeen is the greatest."

"Wow..." Asmodeus muttered, "Talk about denial."

"I think," Pure muttered, "I understand master's intentions." Her words attracted everyone's attention as the phoenix continued, "Being younger gives a greater advantage since he could make the older women feel like they are touching on something forbidden... and well, he won't feel weird while pursuing young women, too."

"Exactly," Nik nodded sagely, "Anyway, all you eon old"

"Well, I am currently 21," Sky stated, cutting Nik short as Asmodeus and Lilith chimed their approval, too.

"Eh? No... then let's do this since you are my spirits, all of you are 17 years old from now on..."

"Works with me," Lilith shrugged.

"Yay for perky b.o.o.b.s," Asmodeus cackled.

"17... huh..." Sky refrained from commenting, but the slightly upbeat tone didn't manage to convince others. She definitely enjoyed the words Eternal 17.

"17, well, I have 16 years to go~!"

Pure chimed, forming lines on the three spirits' and the host's face.