Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 512

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 512 Reward

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"Pfft Hahahahahaha!" Asmodeus didn't hold back at all, her laughter filled with pure joy and mocking resounded within Nik's mind as the occasional, stifled chuckles from Pure and Sky only made Lilith's growl madder. Yet, being able to see her true... appearance for the moment, Asmodeus couldn't care less and continued to describe Lilith's feature, a way of payback for after overestimating her abilities and absorbing a million-year-old spirit ring, "Nik, ohhh!" the recently changed slimy blob wheezed, her melodious voice sending low-key shivers down Nik as the sound of her pants even served as a proper motivation for Nik to get another boner... and he had just concluded the daily session at a cheerful note. "Ahahaha! The obese aunty is mad~! Save me!" Asmodeus laughed, "Lilith, your cheeks! The devils," she gasped, unable to breathe, "Damn, your appearance will be my death, again! Gahahahahaha! Too much!"

"Agh! I'll kill you!" Lilith growled, huffing in exhaustion, only serving the purpose of making Asmodeus poke at Lilith once again, "You? Kill me? Aren't you doing it already? Heck, with that bubble belly... can you even catch me? Talk about breeding ten kids at the same time!"

"This is all your fault"

Before Lilith could pull Nik out of her own accord, Nik cut the connection conveniently. He wasn't the one who forced Lilith to absorb the million-year-old spirit ring without any help, making the spirit unable to fully digest the sheer spirit force within the ring and turning her appearance into an obese... more than an obese lady. According to Asmodeus, at least. After months of orgy, Nik's group had grown tamer. Well, they understood their limits and crowned Samya as the 'dirtiest' of them all... even Yu Yan's enthusiasm faltered against the stamina of buxom goddess of abstinence, who only surpassed Gojira by tiniest of margin. However, Nik now changed the room for his further rest.

With Ming snoring at his side, blissfully aware of the great opportunity she bagged, Nik looked towards Tanya sleeping in her crib. 'Damn... so cute...' With his gaze growing unnaturally bright for a mere moment, he regained his bearing, recalling that the best form of parenting may not always be the kind that interferes too much with their child. Even Ming and Xiao Yun suggested that sometimes, a father needs their capacity of anger to make sure that there remains a thread of fear within the children that unconsciously stop them from making decisions already suggested against. 'Well... this kind of interaction is far in the future... how lame, even for Tanya, I just can't force myself on someone with time-related skills. Is that an elevation or degradation to my nature...'

Nik seriously questioned his growth for a moment. Did he actually become kind enough he just remembered that he had set another guinea pig for Valkyrie Art. 'Ah, I just don't like forcing anymore, I guess... well, Megumi's tears worked wonders on me, kudos to that,' Nik laid and tilted his body, wrapping his arm around Ming and letting his forearm sunk under her b.r.e.a.s.ts while enjoying the soft mewl of the lady as she slowly shook her body and pushed her butt back, finding a nice resting location for the plush ass.

"Ugh Uwwaaaaaaa!"

"Hmm...?" Ming lazily tilted her head, only for Nik to peck her forehead, "Don't worry, sleep. I'll take care of Tanya... we already have enough stored b.r.e.a.s.t milk... of course, we'll squeeze loads tomorrow." Not minding the last comment, Ming muttered unintelligible words under her breath before sleeping as Nik gingerly sat up and cooed softly while walking close to the crib, "Hey, Tanya, are you hungry?" his whisper did serve to placate the bawling girl, but only for a moment as the slight stink made Nik realize that she wasn't simply hungry.

"Don't cry, don't cry, papa will clean you up real quick!"

Even when Nik felt a little annoyed, the broad smile on his face didn't seem bothered at all.


Ning'er felt the butterflies in her stomach as she slowly made her way towards the most notorious manor of the city. Maybe it was the mum of their teacher regarding his butt being eyed that made her feel a little nervous. Their teacher had shown himself to be a more vocal person, always laying down his expectations and desires beforehand and now, with him going for a hunt so suddenly without addressing yesterday's misdemeanor, the orange-haired disciple felt something amiss. Crossing the paved pathway while the sky of dawn remained untouched by the first ray of sunlight, the orange-haired girl stumbled across her purple-headed, unintentional partner-in-crime. With both of them trying to bury their yesterday's antics as if nothing had happened, Ning'er and Ziyun barely nodded at each other and silently walked towards the manor.

The moment they stepped past the gates, Ning'er suddenly inquired, "Nervous?" Her gaze tilting sideways and matching Ziyun's as the purple-headed teen blushed and nodded. Time and again, the duo had cornered out their pink-headed sister apprentice Xiao Xue who had broken up with a long-time fiance after having a 'talk' with their teacher and even when they knew what had happened from the fact that Xiao Xue happily moved into the manor, they still wished to hear it from the mouth of the maiden-turned- woman alas, she never gave the two girls that satisfaction and played around the conversation, of course, Ryu'er helped a lot. "I don't know..." Ziyun sighed, "but my heart... something feels strange."

Unaware and self-contained for the moment, Ziyun failed to notice Ning'er subtly licking her lips. "Let's go," Ning'er suggested, moving forward with a slight stiffness. For a moment, Ziyun felt something strange about Ning'er and the moment she gazed at Ning'er's back in concentration did she realize the fact that... he pants... no, her outfit was tighter. 'It couldn't be...' Now, Ziyun felt tongue-tied.

"Oh? Right on time," Alongside Klas, Nik prepared tubs of medicinal baths for everyone. Well, the number of tubs may have suggested 'everyone' but the number of tubs was less than usual. Nodding at Klas and letting her prepare the rest, Nik gestured the girls to enter the manor, making the stiff for a moment but they soon followed the teacher into the living room. Sitting and asking the girls to sit, Nik silently looked at the two, fully enjoying their suppressed body language and awkward, yet furtive glances towards his face.

"You two... must have a few things to say, right?" He smiled. Maybe it was wrong to manipulate young girls... nah, the moment their gazes swept past Nik's waist once again, Nik elevated the two's position from naive maidens to inexperienced maidens wanting some action. Their growing scent helped a lot, too.

"Um, teacher"

"Lying," Nik interrupted, "is not an option." His words made the two girls shift about uncomfortably in their seats. 'Ah... I am enjoying this a little too much... well, just a little more,' with gaze narrowing, he stood up and walked towards the two before sitting on the table in front of them, his body leaning forward and his chin resting over his joined hands, "I have been away for a single month...," his whisper oddly unnerving, "and you have turned so disrespecting?" His words made the two gasp as a sensual scent lingered over their nostrils, making the two blush. With the world full of natural energy, the almost seventeen years old teen looked a little older for their age, especially Ning'er in her tight black training outfit with the poking n.i.p.p.l.es suggesting the lack of undergarments.

"It's not like that!" Ning'er spoke hurriedly. She would be willing to beat the crap out of her own classmates for disrespecting their teacher. After all, a man who doesn't have a healthy s.e.x.u.a.l drive is the weird kind and if their master is actually infamous for that very nature, then Ning'er felt obligated to bring a world of pain to the blasphemer. "Master, I" with her gaze darting around, Ning'er changed her words, "we didn't mean any disrespect!"

'We?!' Ziyun almost groaned in frustration. Compelled, the purple-headed half-phoenix chimed, "Yes! We were excited to meet you after a long time!" Hearing Ziyun's words, Ning'er complimented the woman internally. However, as the two felt satisfied with their performance, Nik gave them a strange look. 'Hmm... the really believe me to be a naive fool... huh...' instantly cooking up a conspiracy, Nik held both of their hands, petrifying the two as his deep voice made them slightly breathless, "Is that so. I feel proud to be both of your master... It seems that I don't need to wait and give you girls the reward you deserve."

"Eh?" Before Ziyun could understand, Nik pulled both of them into his lap. Finally realizing the benefit of reinforcing the furniture of the manor to 'support' his whims, Nik showed his gratitude to Xue Yin in the consciousness realm while consciously placing Ning'er and Ziyun on each one of his thighs, their faces extremely close to his while they finally couldn't hold in their excitement, showing off their hot pants and aching, unintelligible whispers.

"Hmm, now, what is it that you want to tell me?" Nik leaned forward, almost brushing his lips against Ning'er as she still failed to make sense of the situation. "I" taking the opportunity, Ziyun spoke up, her gaze widening, "I don't want to feel left out!" she stated fiercely, her other hand holding over the holding hands, "Aunt Xue, then Ryu'er, and then Xiao Xue... I don't feel left out. It feels bad. Master even has a wonderful daughter with Nie Yu's mother... it's so wrong...

But I still don't want to feel like the third wheel,"

'She meant a greater number...' Nik thought internally. Meanwhile, woken from Ziyun's outburst, Ning'er felt a little 'danger' and unwilling to lose the initiative that the master himself provided, Ning'er steeled her heart and instantly leaned forward before Nik could turn his head the other direction, making Ziyun yelp in surprise as she saw Ning'er pushing her lips against Nik and using her free hand to hold his jaws tenderly.

'I... don't know how to express myself,' Ning'er thought, 'But if I want to conclude a rivalry, I fight. And if I want to... express my emotions to master... I should kiss him. That's the only way I know... master. You probably cannot hear me though...' As Ning'er felt her courage falter after the emotional outburst, and with Nik letting go of her hand, Ning'er felt a twinge of regret. Maybe... master might not be interested in me after all. Impulsive and conclusive as ever, Ning'er was brought out of her stupor as a hand coiled around her waist while a fleshy monster took control of her mouth. With her eyes snapping open, Ning'er found herself embracing Nik with Ziyun holding their master's other hand and her mouth parting in surprise. Meanwhile, Ning'er finally realized that with her legs parting, her wet crotch had been placed above their Master's thighs effectively.