Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 513

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 513 Greatest Master 12

"Ummm~" Stifled, Ziyun looked away as Ning'er's grunt leaked through her pretty lips, just like her drool, meanwhile, she sat with her eyes gazing upon the floor and counting the scratches all the while holding Master's hands tightly. She didn't want the other hand wrap Ning'er, too. Feeling left out again after her confession would just feel the worst and Ziyun simply did what she felt correct. Slightly enchanted by Master's scent, Ziyun slowly moved her h.i.p.s back and forth, edging her e.r.o.t.i.c bit against master's thighs as if is rubbing the flat of her hand against her... her... 'Gods! I can't even say that word internally!' Ziyun thought with her cheeks warming up. The sensation of her master's callous against her soft, slightly sturdy hand started to blend into her. "Hmpgghhh!" Biting her lips as Ning'er's... m.o.a.n flew into her ear, Ziyun resisted her urge to pant and continued to rub her crotch against the thigh naughtily. Enjoying the feel of 'taboo' and the delight she might feel that would make her m.o.a.n way better and sweeter than Ning'er.

'Oh, no! This is bad! This is so bad!' continuously chanting, having second thoughts about her decisions, Ning'er failed to resist master's advances, her hands slipping up to his sturdy chest while her thighs tightened around his thigh as her arched back pushed her chest against master's front. 'This is so good~!' "Mmmghh!" she squeaked, her tongue pressed against Nik's while the flat of her palms slowly turned and clenched into fists that held Nik's tunic within, tugging onto his clothes while finally opening her eyes again, willing to match Nik's clear eyes with the hazy tones of her. The scent, the warmth, and the wet sensation that might have made master already aware of her debauchery combined into a form of complicated embarrassment that sent shivers down Ning'er's spine as she quaked into a still orgasm.

"Gmmmgh!" with droplets of tears forming in the corner of her eyes, Ning'er's body trembled while her butt moved back and forth frantically, more than willing to demy Ning'er's will to save her some face and capitalize on all the pleasure it could rake over her smooth p.u.s.s.y, pressing her clit and walls against the tough thigh until she squirted a massive stream that finally stopped Ziyun in her actions, awed and slightly fearful that the purple-headed teen might show the same expression. "Fwaah~! Finally able to breathe freely, a strange voice leaked through Ning'er as Nik broke the kiss, allowing the shivering lass to get the break she deserved while giving a peck on the tip of her nose, appreciating her disheveled expression, "Good, girl. Rest a little," pushing her head against his chest while feeling her embracing his body and blissfully wetting his thigh, Nik nodded, turning his attention to Ziyun.

"Now... I'll be teaching you, what I taught your aunt," his whisper made Ziyun gulp as her eyes avoided direct contact once again. 'I can't stop!' Shocked at her body moving at its own, rubbing her butt against Master's leg as he leaned towards her, his moistened lips attracting her attention dangerously, Ziyun's head rang with Nik's comment. The aching shouts and pleased m.o.a.ns of her aunt that shook the entire city lord's mansion back then once again resurfaced within her mind. Holding her breath, Ziyun slowly leaned forward, her gaze mesmerized by the ease and calmness hidden behind Nik's expression. The moment she blinked, Ziyun felt something hot pressed against her. "Ummphh!" with a suppressed gasp, Ziyun failed to lean back as Nik's hand slid out of her damp, sweaty hold and held her waist, his thigh raising slightly and making her butt slide into him, making her c.l.i.t.o.r.i.s rub against his leg as she found her juices sucked by Master. Pushing Ziyun's limit by lacing his tongue with [Mirage Manipulation], Nik closed his eyes, enjoying the taste of the phoenix that only his tastebud could sense, his fingers sinking slightly into the flesh of her abdomen. Feeling the hot exhalation from her nostrils impacting against his lips, Nik increased his efforts as Ziyun felt all tingly and weird in her mouth, her b.r.e.a.s.ts felt hot and as the warmth continued to spread down, her p.u.s.s.y twitched, her walls contracting as Ziyun blinked continuously for a few seconds, her arms continuously tapping against Nik's chest while heavy grunts escaped her lips.

"Mmmgh~ Hmmmghh! Fnnnnhhhh~~" with a high note, a gush leaked through Ziyun's member, her head turning blank as she reeled with pleasure, her body tingling, but tamer than Ning'er's reaction as she unconsciously leaned into Nik with her head craned up, in her master's care as her p.u.s.s.y continued gushing, pulling a flowery scent with a hint of musk as sweat leaked through her curves and folds. "M-ummmgh~ Masthherr!" taking the initiative, as she swore to herself, Ziyun cooed, her tongue feeling a little numb as she opened her eyes wide and whispered, "I wanthh batterh classhes thahn aunth!" Even without waiting for her master's answer to her bold request, she raised her head and tugged Nik down, kissing him on her volition.

Exhausted, a little dizzy, Ning'er breathed heavily, her head slumped over her master's chest sideways as she took the entire scene with various thoughts floating within her mind but the shivering pleasure occupied a greater portion of her thinking capabilities. Out of nowhere, she looked down again, and instead of the folds of her master's baggy pant, what graced her sight was a thick bulge and the moment Ziyun pledged her slurry request, Ning'er saw the bulge throb. 'Master... this looks so painful.' With a mere thought, her left hand slithered down, gently resting atop the tip of the bulge as she slowly rubbed the top, feeling the monster hidden within as she looked towards master, wanting to pull reactions from him and break that calm facade.

'It's got to be a facade... his body is being honest,' with her thoughts clearing by a bit, Ning'er used her master's large body to properly adjust herself and rub her hands down further, coming into contact with Nik's warm balls, so hot that the heat passed through the fabric, making Ning'er gulp and finding that her master seemed more interested in playing with her partner-in-crime's mouth, she continued to rub the shaft continuously. 'Come on... it's throbbing so hard. So big and wide... even my hand cannot cover it. The image in the diagram shown by Elder Xiaji was quite... small.' Recalling her classes, Ning'er craned her head up, gently kissing Nik's neck, a little too short to reach the edges of his jaws due to him tilting the other side before using her other hand to slither into Nik's tunic through the hem, pushing the edge up and revealing his muscular body.

"Fuhaaaa!" Ziyun almost collapsed, her eyes full of wet desires and her heart set ablaze by nefarious flames, meanwhile, Nik slowly looked back, his eyes already transformed, signifying the crack in his 'calm-facade' as Ning'er shivered, but her hand didn't stop rubbing. Parting her lips, Ning'er whispered with a blaming tone, "It's... all your fault, master," with an unmatched determination, Ziyun looked into the heart-shaped pupils of her master, her heart thumping even wildly, "I- I didn't like bulky body! I didn't like leering! I didn't like any of this! Being touched, pleased... cared for! I didn't have any of this back then and yet"

"Yes," with her master's words cutting in between, Ning'er's bursting emotions slowly calmed down as the emotionally confused lady looked stunned by the wide grin untouched by the debauched desires oozing from his gaze, "It has been a pleasure," he continued, his hands moving from her waist to her butt, grabbing her right butt cheek possessively, "from making you a wetter for muscles to turning you into an ass staring noble, I am to blame and it has been my greatest pleasure. You feel loved, and that... I am willing to take responsibility for," stroking her butt, Nik looked towards Ziyun, " you, too, Ziyun. Your master is the infamous wife-stealer of the city. And now, I'll also be called daughter-bandit. Won't you help me?" He tilted his head, slowly helping the two down from his legs and shuffling his erect tool out.

With both of their gazes attracted to the gigantic structure erecting from in between their master's legs, the two gulped but one look towards each other made them nod softly as the whispered in tandem, "Yes... it would be our pleasure, too~!"


With his head leaning back, Nik let out a pleased grunt followed by a relieved sigh as he the wet slurping sounds filled the living room. Instead of continuing the coming activities on the hard table, Nik had already shifted to the soft sofa.

"Slurrp~ Shlicck~! Chhk! Shlllrp!"

Enamored by the scent and the taste, Ziyun continued licking her master's shaft from the side, sometimes playfully tangling with Ning'er's little cute tongue as their fleshy member glided against the wet surface, one of their hands holding the other's and the remaining hand softly massaging the hefty balls. Meanwhile, two large hands held the top of both of their heads, gently pulling their locks behind as the continued servicing their master's tool without any trouble. "Mmmghh~" mewling softly, Ning'er shifted her head a little below and moved her head up to the tip, letting her tongue play with the folds of her master's foreskin before overlapping the edge of the raised mushroom head, effectively pulling another globule of pre-c.u.m followed by an erecting throb as she raised her body, following the shaft faithfully.

"Haaah~!" Breathing hotly, Ziyun closed her lips around the shaft from the side, moving her head back and forth while pleasing her master's hardened member as she felt the thick nerves pulsate against her lips and tongue.

Meanwhile, Nik finally sighed softly, feeling quite pleased by the girls. Of course, he never set the bar high enough to make the girls feel him good enough from their mouths right off the bat that he would c.u.m. Oral s.e.x is all about technique and it would take time for the two to learn a few things. Instead, he felt like pampering the two as he finally stopped them before they feel discouraged and dampen the excitement.

"Right, you two did well," straightening his back, Nik, let go of their heads and patted the area beside him, "Get up," smiling at the two, n.a.k.e.d disciples of his, he continued, "time to kick up the things we learn from this point onwards."