Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 514

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 514 Greatest Master 22

"L-like this?" Ning'er stammered, feeling the breeze pass by her wet, surprisingly clean slit, making the violet-pubed Ziyun look a little embarrassed as the tip of her garden surrounding her fleshy entrance still dripped with her juices, making her feel slightly uncomfortable as she, too, just like Ning'er, pressed her back against the flat of the couch, her hand holding Ning'er's with a little bit of nervousness as she sat with her thighs parted. Meanwhile, towering the duo, Nik nodded, similarly n.a.k.e.d, his eyes taking their n.a.k.e.d form for a moment and then moving to action so as the keep things in motion. Placing his knee in between the two, Nik knelt closer to Ning'er while his right hand fell on Ziyun's plump thigh, making the lady twitch as Ning'er felt even more reserved, but her eyes slightly wider than usual and more expectant.

Feeling the moistened tool pressed against her crotch, the length passing through the region of her e.r.o.t.i.c bit and barely reaching her stomach, Ning'er gulped and held Ziyun's hand even tighter, the slightly glazed look on her master's face didn't help as he leaned down and took her lips, easing a few of her tensions with that surprisingly sensual taste dripping from his mouth as he used his other hand to align his tool while pushing his h.i.p.s back. Silently, Nik made sure to use his [Mirage Manipulation] to manipulate Ning'er's nervous system as the orange-haired disciple shut her eyes tightly, knowing full well what would grace her the first time would be nothing but pain! As the bulbous tip stretched her insides, Ning'er's eyes snapped wide with orgasmic pleasure wreaking havoc within her body as the tiniest trickle of blood soon felt like a dream compared to the Ning'er's butt-rising orgasm, effectively pushing the shaft into her dungeon while a thick stream gushed against Nik's crotch. "Mmmmghhhh~" melting, Ning'er felt powerless for a few minutes as her walls slowly overlapped against her master's throbbing shaft, each pulsation making her insides convulse in impossible pleasure as her hand loosened around Ziyun, enjoying the warmth and the damp feeling of sweat in between their palms.

"Ahhh~" dazed by the scene of Ning'er turning into a trembling mass of s.e.x-crazed woman who came just by a single thrust, Ziyun failed to register her master's finger invading her own walls with the tip laced, instantly making her yelp as she felt the thick finger already more pleasing than her own thin fingers. Just a single index filled her far greater than two of her 'daily' fingers combined. "M-master," Ziyun m.o.a.ned, her voice tickling the breathless Ning'er as Nik slowly retracted his head, letting his tongue be the last to escape the soothing grasp of Ning'er's mouth as the thin bridge of saliva connected the master-disciple duo. "Uungh," groaning, Ning'er closed her lips, making Nik lick his lips as she whispered, "master, ohh~ master," chanting, Ning'er opened her eyes, "please... I am feeling hotter... something's filling again, master Ohhhhh!" her request cut short, her generous master slowly moved, clenching his buttocks as Ning'er clamped against him tightly, preventing him from moving as he did nonetheless, scraping her bumps with the curve of his shaft as the drooling Ning'er clenched her jaws with her head rolling back.


"Mmmmmgh! I-it doesn't hurt!" Ning'er gasped, amazed at the newfound physical pleasures that thrummed against her body, her walls, though tight and constricting still found themselves stretched as her other hand found itself placed above her crotch, filled and hungry for more. Cupping her left cheek, Nik kissed this cute disciple of his. "Ooohhh~!" As opposed to Ning'er's rather tame whispers, with two fingers stirring her p.u.s.s.y, Ziyun m.o.a.ned crazily, her hand holding Ning'er tightly and the other clenched into a tight fist as her body arched up alongside the deep trembles the shook her plump and round bosom. "Haaah, haaah," heaving, Ziyun clenched her thighs, restricting her master's hand and forcing him to continue doing what he has done for minutes... months... "M-mahster! Tease me! More!" she declared, her violet eyes tilting towards Nik as he glanced at her direction. Instead of breaking the kiss and nodding, Nik spread his fingers apart, making Ziyun's head snap back and making way for another m.o.a.n, stirring the trio's lions simultaneously as Nik raised his h.i.p.s and pound another thrust.

*Pah* *Pah*

As the sound of flesh hitting each other soon morphed into wet slurping sounds of Nik's dampened crotch scratching in and out of Ning'er's wet walls all the while pleasing his other disciple with his fingers as her m.o.a.ns shook the manor, allowing the diligently training girls to realize the subject of recent conquest. "M-master!" Ning'er yelped, her body feeling all tingly and sensitive while instead of continuing the kiss, Nik leaned his head down, the difference in their structure made it a struggle for Nik but he finally reached his orange-headed disciple's jiggling b.r.e.a.s.ts and sucked on her right teet, slipping his tongue over the maiden pink n.i.p.p.l.es extending through the pale, fleshy delight while increasing his pace, making Ning'er feel as if she may lose all her control.

Instead of the expected pain, what greeted her was a surprising pleasure. The only kind of surprise she might love from now on. Her legs already found themselves wrapped against her master's waist as he continued to spread and mold her innards, pressing and pushing her walls and knocking onto her second door, making her entire body shudder in unexpressed joy, her h.i.p.s twerking up in rhythm to her master's pumps, greedily sucking him into her being as much as she could. 'No, no, no! I... I'm gonna' "Agaainnngh!" she groaned, her squirt gracing the world once again as her body felt a little numb and relaxed. Even though her legs remained on her master's waist, she could only hug and snuggle against the top of her master's head, kiss and stroke his hair while her hands caressed his back, the shift, and rise of his muscles every time he moved, scooching her dungeon and filling her to the brim.


"Haah," head tilted, Ning'er sighed, her eyes narrowed and hazy as she looked into Ziyun, dazed. For a moment, Ziyun felt afraid. Orgasm is something that both the partners in an act commit to and yet seeing Ning'er the only one who came time and again until exhausted, making her master divert his attention towards her, his tool still erect and massive, although, quite sloppy in looks, Ziyun didn't even have the time to revel in her fears as she felt her master's hand over her cheeks, "Feeling nervous?" his whisper seemed to calm her down while his pupils set another bout of flames within her chest, making her breathing rougher as she found her master sitting down beside her and whispering, "Why don't you get up on me? Hmm?"

'Me? On him?' before even working the thought out, Ziyun had already pushed him down, letting her body take ahold of her master's as she leaned forward, drooling from both the mouths before sniffing audibly, her hands exploring the muscular scape in front of her and her body, especially her crotch rubbing against the upper side of his shaft with her arched back, making her butt all the more cushioning. Still sensitive with her orgasms that numbered a little lower than Ning'er's, the sensation of her master's wet, throbbing tool push against her entrance, spreading her fleshy gates just by the mere width of his shaft. "Master, master!" Leaving a trail of kissed down his neck and chest, Ziyun m.o.a.ned as her master's hands grabbed and adjusted her butt, pressing her opening against the tip of his shaft as she continued, ignoring the sudden stretch until his head poked in.

"Mmmgh~!" Sucking onto Nik's flesh above his chest, leaving a deep mark and slight sting, Ziyun's wet interior happily expanded and slid down onto the base of her master's c.o.c.k, letting her cervix thrum against her master's tip and unconsciously scratching his forearms roughly, drawing thin trails of blood, making her master's scent turn even more prominent, sweeping their s.e.x-crazed scents by a greater margin and making both the disciples feel their crotch heat up even greater.

Finally inside, Nik let a single hand guide Ziyun's waist up and down, making her body dance over his while closing on to her bosom with his other hand, groping the prominent b.r.e.a.s.ts that she kept wrapped rather tightly, cupping them and squeezing onto her n.i.p.p.l.e, pulling incoherent m.o.a.ns from the purple-headed phoenix.

"Mmmgh! I'm c.u.m.m.i.n.g! I'm c.u.m.m.i.n.ghhh~!" Barely three strokes and Ziyun felt her innards constrict against her master's tool as she came over his crotch in a rather embarrassing squeal, making Ziyun clearheaded for a little while after her orgasm only for Nik to pump his waist, pushing his tool into his disciple's sweet, tight hole, spreading her p.u.s.s.y and making sure that it remembers his shape until he felt satisfied.

More vocal than Ning'er, Ziyun didn't hold her words back, "Master, more~! More!" she whispered, her hands reaching down on her master's wet crotch, a handiwork of both the disciples, as her butt finally sat against the flat of his nether regions, a thick bulge fully pushed into her p.u.s.s.y and her tongue licking and glistening her master's collarbone, enjoying his illicit squeezes that sent her b.r.e.a.s.ts and butt trembling in pleasure. "Sure thing," hearing his whisper, Ziyun felt a little refreshed, but not for long as her head rolled down into his chest while Nik continued to thrust into her flower wildly, making sure that all that remains of her p.u.s.s.y is nothing but a gushing, gaping hole. Always in need of her master's tool.

A proper harlot, as they would say in this world. "Oooghh~" the thought of being the city lord's daughter but acting nothing more glorious than a s.l.u.t for her master, Ziyun felt a sense of debauched high, her butt moving on its own as the wet, sloppy sounds of her getting plowed started to affect every single worker in the manor. Not that they weren't aware of what they needed to do...

Grabbing any person next to them, be them male or female, making sure that they don't accidentally lay hands on their masters, the workers found themselves in a tantalizing morning, screwing some form of a hole while their partners enjoyed getting screwed.

"Hey, don't look down," prodding her head up, Nik enjoyed the shameful expression on Ziyun's face that melted into her wet disheveledness, his lips pecking and sucking in the lolling tongue as he felt Ning'er finally moving and reaching up to his side, kissing his shoulder while rubbing her b.r.e.a.s.ts against his bicep all the while eyeing Ziyun getting taken roughly. "Aaah Hhhmmmmmghhh!" With another soul-stirring m.o.a.n, Ziyun came. Her expression dazed while her head full of thoughts nothing more than her masters plowing her time and again.

She wanted it. To become her master's little harlot. To look at his butt when he taught other students in a dignified posture while being there when he needed to take off a load. Always ready. Always wide and loose to accept his massive tool. Alas, only in the following three hours did she realize that having s.e.x and satisfying her master turned out to be two completely different things. Only when he came over both of their faces after almost an hour did Ziyun and Ning'er both realize... aside from being submissive disciples that serviced their master properly, there is no other way to properly enjoy his refreshing load that tasted way more amazing than any classes ever described them to be.

As expected of their greatest master... even his fluids turned out to be juice worth getting addictive too.