Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 515

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 515 Dirtiest Daughter

[Exotic Escort Initiated. List of available talents, skills, strength, wisdom, etc. for the host compiled. Please select.

Ye Ziyun

Talent: Phoenix Destiny




Energy: 6



Skills: Spread Buff, Self Infliction, Overload Buff, Phoenix Wings

Element: Water]

[Phoenix Destiny: Talent belonging to the Phoenix Lineage that allows them to have a 'reincarnating' destiny that would allow them to recover from fatalities.

Note: Phoenix Lineage not detected.]

'Well, damn...' Nik clicked his tongue, this talent was basically a free pass to living without any care. Thinking for a moment, Nik selected the [Spread Buff] and stored it in his Skill Pool. There was no way he would continue to add skills to his own arsenal. He was already saturated. Next, he looked at Ning'er's stats.

[Exotic Escort Initiated. List of available talents, skills, strength, wisdom, etc. for the host compiled. Please select.

Xiao Ning'er





Energy: 8


Luck: 8

Skills: Slice Wings, Dragon Armory, Lightning Limbs, Lightning Zone

Element: Lightning, Fire]

"What the..." looking towards the sleeping Ning'er, Nik muttered in astonishment. The stats showed in the tab of [Exotic Escort] are based on the difference between his own stats. The fact that Ning'er's tab is already allowing him to copy 8 points in luck stat stated that her true luck stat may as well be greater than 20. 'High luck for the win!' happily, Nik shoved the points in his Luck stat and concluded the session in its entirety.

"But that dragon armory is cool, too," Nik continued to lay in between the two disciples of his. The girls had begun the day, Nik had taken another leave from the institute... and he had just begun his classes, too.

[Main Quest 3

Save the Base

Description: Reinforcing the city with experts was merely the first step. The true threat lies in the enemy that wants to remove every existence of humans from this plane. Protect Glory City from the beast tide formed by the Ice Beast God's rage.

ETA: 291 Days.

Completion Requirements: 77% infrastructure, 80% population.

Rewards: 76,000 SO, Spirit Bone (Dark Gold)

Penalty: 20% Status Points reduction.]

Checking his mission tab, Nik sighed. If his assumption was correct, then this should be the last main quest followed by tons of side quests. So, in less than a year, he would be able to leave this place. 'That also means I have a few months with Tanya... I could try and stay here to find more ways, but the fact remains I am Rank 1 host, and no matter what I try, the options available for higher ranked members would not he open for me. After this world, I can take part in promotion quest...'

'The more my world root grows greater than the sum of 100%, the harsher will the promotion quest turn out to be. There is no definitive proof for the fact but now that I have experienced the concept of Luck and f.u.c.k.i.e.d up destiny myself, I can believe that some form of ethereal force would be at play... hmm, I should stop killing whoremasters for benefits... huh...' Nik mused, coddling the two girls as they slobbered upon his chest, 'Hmm, protecting the city huh... wait, Ray must have the same mission, right?'

Connecting to Ray, Nik sent out the message, [Free for a chat?]

[Yeah, but why can't I find you, Ning'er, and Ziyun, hmm? Don't tell me... those stalking disciples of yours finally got lucky?]

Looking towards Ning'er and slithering his hand over to their slender waists before grabbing both of their butts as they pushed their knees above Nik's thighs, he couldn't help but comment, [Well, they have always been lucky. Anyway, I have this main mission... that is to save the city from some sort of beast tide. You got the one?]

[291 days?]


[Remind me later that... we should start coordinating our missions. Would he helpful, since I had already planned everything by myself... ugh, so troublesome,] Ray ranted, making Nik's eyelids twitch.

[Already planned? Let me help then. The more the merrier, right?]

[Well, I already have most of the Family Heads wrapped around my index... damn, I was thinking of targetting that God. I mean, it's simple. If the god is removed, then there's no beast tide, right?]

[Makes sense,] Nik agreed, [And how did you plan to take this God down single-handedly? Do you know where he is?]

[Most probably hidden in the Star Dou forest. A commander can never be too far off from his army, what do you say? Wanna help me? I'll pay you a pretty penny,] with a pause, Ray sent his voice, soothing and sweet, [or in kind~!]

[Let's discuss payment later then... based on my contribution,] Nik shrugged. He truly stopped thinking Gods the way they should be considered. Just a few pumps and this God might swoon all over Ray, so, this mission might be completed far more easily.


"Huff!" Take it slowly, Shen Xiu took reigns of Nie Yu's training with Elsa, Xiao Yun going for their usual routine of transforming all the hunted beast hides into actual wearable equipment with the help of Xue Yin and Yang Xin for various supportive enchantments. Meanwhile, Xiao Ming happily took Tanya out for a walk. The morning happened to be a sweet one, a perfect day for a walk. Of course, supporting Ming was the overzealous Penta, who got squished by Tanya while Moon stayed back, unwilling to grace daylight with her holy presence.

In Nie Yu's hands, an arm-sized bow plated with spirit mithril remained as she couldn't completely control the trajectory.

[Heaven's Mark: Dark Purple

A spirit item personally forged by the founder of the Heavenly Mark Family. Only the users with the bow spirit Heavenly Mark can perfectly fuse the spirit item and the spirit, bringing even greater power of the bow.]

Nie Yu knew that her spirit had been a coincidental one. After all, even after getting such great power, she still hadn't been able to control her power at all. And unlike Elsa, who was surprisingly patient with her, Shen Xiu showed her true colors. A woman who couldn't care for anyone's feelings as she stood in front of the lady, her body ablaze with an extra set of flaming fox ears on her head and three, flame-furred tails swaying behind her back. Four spirit rings activated completely as Shen Xiu's piercing crimson gaze fell onto bow-holding Nie Yu.

"Don't tell me... even after so much time, you remain a novice? Hmm? 'Dirtiest' disciple, you proclaimed yourself to be, right?" Without waiting for Nie Yu to retort, Shen Xiu lazily swung her left arm, and in contrast to her languid performance, a gush of flame morphine into deadly claws showered onto Nie Yu, scorching a better half of the already battered backyard, "the only ones entitled to talk in a battle are," whispering, the flaming fox narrowed her eyes with a sadistic smile, "strong ones."

'Shit!' Nie Yu jumped back shortly, her arms ready to pull the string formed from her spirit energy as a glittering white arrow formed. Just before the first flaming claw could strike, Nie Yu let go of the string, shooting the arrow as it brought a short tornado that shot straight into the sky with a curve, pulling all the claws alongside but before Nie Yu could even let out a breath of relief, she felt her head tingle only to find a single, claw scratching her on the back of her head. Yelping, Nie Yu felt her balance unstable before she fell on her butt, making Shen Xiu chuckle, "That is what 'control' is called. I turned a single claw into multiple ones and even if it touches you, it failed to burn. Meanwhile..." looking at the sky, Shen Xiu narrowed her gaze, "you remain a bull. All power, no control."

Silent and embarrassed, Nie Yu looked away, averting her gaze as Shen Xiu stepped towards her calmly, "Control comes from experience. But you have that plenty. Control is broken from emotions, and all of us can only exist with emotions," standing in front of her, Shen Xiu smiled, "then, if you can't bring control from experience or lose your emotions... you can only experiment."

"Experiment?" Nie Yu looked up, finally realizing that a different concept might help her in attaining the control of spirit skills that everyone already has, "Yes," nodding, Shen Xiu slowly sat down in front of Nie Yu while the superb bow had already been stuffed into her spatial ring, "How to divide, how to direct your attacks, how to diverge them. These all can be learned from the experiment. Instead of shooting arrows, first, understand your bow. I am no archer, but I am experienced."

"But..." Nie Yu mumbled.

"Afraid of disappointing Nik?" Shen Xiu whispered with a smile, "You know... Nik spoils you deeply, right? He has the same eyes when he looks at Tanya... yes, debauched, certainly. But spoiling nonetheless. You can never disappoint a man who never expected anything in return... so go crazy."

Raising Nie Yu's face with her index, Shen Xiu's smile turned a little warmer, "After all, we all are crazy in some manner. Think of Nik as a part of your life... a greater part, no doubt. He said so himself. I have my nephew, you have your mother and sibling. And Nik, he has us. He thinks for himself and wishes for us to think for ourselves."

"I," Nie Yu spoke, "... I want another spar! I cannot care for all that. Part or not, I don't like disappointing is all I know."

Sighing, Shen Xiu stood up, "How troublesome. You are dirty, indeed. Sure, I am free from the matters of the center. I'll beat you until you learn control, then. It'll be our little experiment~!"

Before Nie Yu could even stand, Shen Xiu grabbed her collars and threw her towards the tree with one hand.

"That's unfair!!"

Nie Yu howled, her bow appearing mid-air as she let out a straight shot, unable to control the strength once again as Shen Xiu tilted her head and shot towards the girl with a blazing trail.


"Ughmm~ Master... not here~!" Before Nik could warmly greet the recently awoken Ning'er, Ziyun whispered hotly, her body squirming against Nik as her hands rubbed against Nik's abdomen. Seeing her, Ning'er's cheeks turned slightly red as she leaned forward and pecked her master's cheek, "Thank you, master... It felt good..."

"Just good?" Astonished, Nik looked towards Ning'er with a surprised expression, pulling an embarrassed cough from the lady as she averted her gaze and buried her face into Nik's arms, holding him tightly as her whisper leaked, "... the best..."

"Then..." prodding her chin up, Nik leaned down to take the lips of more than willing Ning'er, "want to feel even better? Hmm? Since we have skipped classes, I am sure that we should make full use of our"

"Me, too!"

Battered but more than excited, Nie Yu barged in, making Ziyun wake up with a yelp before she covered herself with the sheet hurriedly. Meanwhile, a slight exhausted Shen Xiu followed, winking at Nik while leaning against the door.

"Sure thing!" It didn't even take time for Nik to agree as Nie Yu had already jumped onto Nik, tugging on the sheet as Ziyun and Ning'er covered their upper bodies with their hands, clearly embarrassed. Looking at them, Nie Yu gave a toothy grin, "Of course... I'll be having more of you," with her tone turning softer, the brunette cooed, "Daddy~"

"Ah, yes, the dirtiest daughter."

Nodding sagely, Nik roughly took Nie Yu's lips, her body stuck against Nik's n.a.k.e.d one as the wet sound of their exchange failed to even give the two any chance to feel awkward as Shen Xiu slowly stripped and walked into the bed with a lick of her lips.

"I brought food"

Stuck in her sentence, Klas gazed at the impending orgy. Placing the tray of food on the table, she turned with a charming smile, "Well, don't mind me. I brought snacks!" she grinned while removing her top and presenting her emerald n.i.p.p.l.es, entrancing Ziyun and Ning'er.