Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 517

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 517 Final Subduction Goodbye Glory City

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{A/N: A little Yaoi/Trap smut (no s.e.x or explicit scene) with comedic intentions below.}


With a headful of ice and skin flavored in a painful purple tint, at least, in a mortal's eyes, Ice Beast God's eyelids twitched. It hadn't been the time for him to wake up, a few days, he could feel. His body wholly n.a.k.e.d, revealing his treasured jewels. Slowly sitting up, the God looked around. Finding his haze following a fiery scape with mountainous regions layered with dried soil and behind him, a cough resounded.


Turning around a looking at the face far more bewitching than any Goddess he might have met, well, except the few top ones, the ones that dare reject his proposal and out of which, he managed to destroy a rather peculiar silver-headed wench with a mysterious, meteoric origin. Similarly, the woman had a round face. Head full of short silver locks and finally, "Eh... that's" before the God could comment on the rather cute phallus in his eyes, with a swirl of hazy pink, another figure formed. Curvaceous, full, and comely. Womanly charm raging and yet again, in his dazed stupor, as the God looked down at whom he considered his devout believers to present themselves for the first 'praying' session in years, the God realized in anxiety that the limp phallus of the newcomer far surpassed the erect length of his own brother.

"Y you! What is"

"It's the moment of truth, Yar..." Ray whispered, his eyes glowing, "Since we are bedding a God... I'd say, why not we both spread him together?"

With Yar's tool already erect, making the handsome God pale, the pink-skinned succubus whispered, "A wise decision, master. Treat a God the way he deserves~"


"Brrr!" Nik shivered, slightly unnerved by the m.o.a.ns that the Beast God let out while his body remained in the real world, ravaged by the Ray, and most probably, Yar.

"Hmm? What happened?"

Although a little sad, Lanruo still managed to keep her cheerfulness. The living room remained full of people, his partners, to be exact. Tanya remained in Ming's arms. This time, intentionally put to sleep by Nik. "Nothing..." he whispered. Saddened, and strangely, relieved.

[Main Quest 3

Save the Base

Description: Reinforcing the city with experts was merely the first step. The true threat lies in the enemy that wants to remove every existence of humans from this plane. Protect Glory City from the beast tide formed by the Ice Beast God's rage.

ETA: 13 Days.

Completion Requirements: 77% infrastructure, 80% population.

Rewards: 76,000 SO, Spirit Bone (Dark Gold)

Penalty: 20% Status Points reduction.

Status Complete: Rewards Transported.]

[76,000 SO gained.]

[Hundred-thousand-year Fenrir's Ribcage: Dark-Gold Received.

Use: Transformation to the skeletal structure of the host (torso). Increases the physical capacities of the body greatly. Increases affinity with Water Element greatly.]

[Host has completed the set of missions possible for its rank. Chose to return?


[Side Quest: The Destined Disciple

Description: With the news of the Nether Master searching for a disciple, it is time to]

Before Nik completely read the mission and grew enticed, he abruptly closed the tablet. He was relieved that this world allowed him the opportunity to gain so many... aspects. Tanya, by far, being the greatest one. With his storage of smartphone filled to the brim with her pictures, this fact didn't need any more justification. He had grown to love more women. But still, as he gazed at every one of them, seeing their despondent gazes, he grinned, "Well, I'll be meeting you in consciousness realm... Yeah, till then, lay all your frustrations on me. Before you all know it, we would have a real-world to live and share. And of course, then, I'll be marrying every one of you!"

His proclamation gained nods of approval from everyone. Yet, they remained silent. Of course, the family members of the girls didn't deserve the same farewell as Nik/Ray, stashed them into his Dream Core/ Harem.

"Ugh, just send us already!" Ming groaned, making Gojira chuckle.

"You know she cries easy," Gojira put her arm around Ming, pecking her cheeks as Nik shrugged and nodded, looking at everyone. If he hadn't been able to meet them, then, of course, he would have felt incomparably sad. But instead of making their pseudo farewell incomparably corny and cringy with heartfelt apologies and promises, and deciding to plow all of them in his consciousness world in a large, full orgy in his consciousness world, Nik pulled his girls into the dream castle constructed in the Dream Core.

Once he also stored his loveable, orgy-enjoying servants, since they had shown nothing but loyalty and l.u.s.t in appropriate times, Nik gave Ray the final notice before checking the agreement to leave this world.

In a matter of a day, the Glory City had lost almost all of the major noble families, the city lord and also the most iconic youth Nik, leaving an undeniable strain to the City, shaking its fate and making its survival unknown. And even if Nik enjoyed teaching, he really felt himself impassioned when actually thinking of such a moral crisis.

'I guess... I only like simping for Tanya... well, she is the best after all.'

With Moon and Penta already sleeping in his Dream Core, Nik finally disappeared from the manor, finally realizing something grave...

He could have brought the manor into the Dream Core!


Finding himself sitting within a familiar, gloomy room, Nik suppressed his urge to groan and just shop for a few decorations and liven then place. After all, Nik only lives here for three days. Instead of squandering hard-earned SO here, he would rather purchase useful things.

Without wasting time, Nik glanced at the rapidly *swishing* dialogue boxes.

[Total World Root Gained: 37.98%

Total System Origin Gained: 214,635

Total Stat Points Gained: 98

Total Skill Points Gained: 66]

[Bonus Calculated]


System Origin: 81,518

Stat Points: 37

Skill Points: 25


[Total Exp: 100/100

Remaining Exp (World Root) Converted: 19.43]

[Rank-Up Mission Available.]


"Well," huffing loudly, Nik didn't mind but store his stats aside from 15 points which he would be placing in the [CHM]. In fact, he had even removed his equipment for the sake of the nutritional values he would have to keep up for Vitality stats far greater than 400. Although, the burden was minuscule knowing that the equipment itself provided for the nourishment, but Nik would rather equip them in need instead of keeping them on without any use.

Once the most basic ritual of 'return' had been accomplished, Nik slumped back on the sturdy bed and closed his eyes. He didn't want to be disturbed at the moment.

Once he had his fill of sleep, Nik sat up and looked at the message received from Brian.

[I just found a great place to chat. A recently established bar named Jarvis Pub. Will be waiting for you at...]

Seeing that the appointed time was barely an hour away, Nik rubbed the back of his head. With a yawn escaping his lips, Nik decided to venture into the Hall of Heroes to get his stats up. With the clause of pain tolerance medicine's removal, Nik paid the basic fee of getting his stat heightened and found five needless injecting into his body, making Nik relive his extreme bondage kinks.

[Name: Nik Faran

Age: 21

Affiliation: None

Bloodline: L.u.s.t Apostle/ ???

Talent: Exotic Escort, Balance, Perfect Eyesight, Skill Palace, Physical Genius, Limit Buster

STR: 30(+700)

AGL: 30(+450)

VIT: 30(+800)

ENG: 30(+500)

CHM: 30

LUK: 18]

{A/N: He hasn't equipped the equipments but I'll show their additive stats just for the sake of consistency.}

"That hurt like a bitch..."

Nik mumbled to himself. His jaws ached a little, but soon, he found himself more than comfortable. Walking down the pedestal while gazing at the goods occasionally, Nik finally realized a problem. The major vendors that sold quality items had collectively disappeared from the market region of the Paradise. And then it hit him. Most of them being Rank 2 or higher, must be more than willing to stock up for the auction instead of selling their items in the market region.

"Rank 2..." with pursed lips, Nik's desire to complete the Rank-Up Mission in the next travel simply to join the auction and relieve himself of a few goods, if his luck remains as heavenly, he continued to walk. Being a recent establishment, Jarvis Pub found itself a rather secluded spot. Yet, for a pub, it sported a futuristic setting with automatic steel- or some other metal- gates that opened with a soothing mechanical whirl, revealing its blue-colored themed interior with sky blue holographic screen floating over every table and mechanical hands moving around the pub from the pipes installed in the ceilings.

It took a moment to spot Ray and Brian, to whom, Nik walked while waving his hands, "Sorry for getting late... I kinda slept well."

"Eh, no worries," Shrugging as Nik sat on his seat, next to Ray, Brian picked a few dishes from the holographic menu and waited for the food to be served while looking at Nik, "I could never congratulate you face-to-face... Tanya's a good name." He smiled, "I have a gift prepared for her... well, great enough to be called the Godfather," his words earning him an annoyed glare from Ray, "but, I would rather wait until she is a few years old before presenting her the gift. It is kind of... destructive."

Recalling the might of the Diamond Tier Onesie, Brian let out a soft sigh.

"Don't worry about that," Nik shrugged, his fave forming a happy smile, "Just the fact that Tanya has two awesome Godfathers is enough for me."

With his words calming the slight strain forming between Brian and Ray, Nik continued, "So? Ready for the auction?"

"Well, that's why I asked you to meet me... I have a few important things to discuss," Scratching over his neatly trimmed blue hair, Brian smiled awkwardly, "I... ehm, have a proposal for you guys. Before that, why don't we eat first? This kind of discussion would take... hours."

As the seductive pair's brows twitched, the ordered food had already arrived, testifying the fast service of the pub.


"So?" Ray inquired curiosity, his stomach full of chicken ribs as he licked the oil from his lips.

"Well, what if I said that I have a way for... us to be independent of the Paradise and its whim?"

"No way! We already have a few stuck up ancestors up our asses. Not gonna anger the whole freaking paradise!" Nik instantly shook his head as Ray pointed out, "Yeah, I don't have suicidal"

"Damn," waving his hand, Brian sighed, "You need to eat less and hear better. Just let me finish what I have to say... it'll be long. Let me order a drink"

"Ugh, stop with the suspense and just say it," Nik rolled his eyes, feeling Brian's reservations quite... comedic.

"... fine. But, if you try to make any comment on my past, get ready for a beating."

"Fine, fine, O' Boss. Just let your wretched tale known~!"

Ray snickered, making Brian question his decisions if he should even try to invest in this little

Sighing, Brian finally spoke up.

"The situation arose from my... birth. Well, you guys need to understand that my homeworld actually has many rank 8 monsters and two rank 9 masters. Well, aside from the other Rank 9 master, who is my mother, nobody knows that the first Rank 9 master is my father..."

"Oi," Nik interrupted, breaking Brian's unease as he took the greatest leap of faith and slowly shared his origin, "Are you flexing on us? I'll have you know that I am the son of the greatest whore. So, your origin is barely worth such drama... just get on with it man. We won't judge you!"

Looking at Nik and Ray's easygoing expression, Brian finally felt a little relieved and a little humorous at his own inhibitions.

With a smile, a genuine one, Brian slumped back on his seat and begun his tale.