Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 520

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 520 Yar Ride

[Marksman Galore: Lvl 27

Use: The comprehensive skill previous to every gunman of the multiverse. It allows the user to get increasingly proficient with the way of ranged weapons based on the number of times a ranged weapon is used.

Level 10 Boost: Enhanced Precision Allows the user to intuitively adapt postures and take actions more precise in nature which leads to a lower probability of missing a shot.

Level 20 Boost: Layered Projectile Allows the user to coat a layer of substance over the intended projectile before shooting without erring of integrity in the weapon.

Next Lvl: 39 SP]

With the emergence of [Layered Projectile], Nik finally understood that his talent [Skill Palace] is, in fact, a more comprehensive version of something like Skill Trees in various RPGs he has yet to play. While he could gain new skills based on his intentions and repetitive actions, the future boosts are provided based on his current knowledge, skills, talent, and once again, his intentions. Right now, Nik firmly believed that his 'Skill Tree' was far more aligned with the elemental path and various applications and manipulation of energy. Some may argue that it was simply the lack of observation on Nik's part that brought him to such a late conclusion, meanwhile, Nik would argue that it was his determination to divert his attention to his girls rather than focusing on himself. A selfless Apostle of L.u.s.t indeed. Still, with Life Energy coating the violet origin bullet that streamed through the space between Nik and Monster, the sound itself failed to pull the monster's attention, making it seem that it might not be a host, if the duo considered the monster to be one.

With their lives on the line in every adventure, considering that the type of missions of Transmigration and the Undead Paradise may not be the same, even the undead should be cautious of... 'No, wait... they are undead. Do they even feel the threat to their lives anymore?' As Nik thought of this, the bullet pierced into the translucent flesh of the monster, not even pulling an annoyed grunt from the monster as it seemed unaffected by Nik's attack, it continued to move in a certain direction.

"Hey, Cowboy~ Missed a shot, did we?" Yar flew, carrying Ray in her generous embrace as she snickered. Her gaze falling on Nik's crotch only for a moment before she looked at his smile, a little annoyed. "Aye, miss. Don't worry, if the target is not killed..."


Shaken by the monstrous shriek of the monster that even shook the gigantic skyscr.a.p.er trees, Nik adjusted the Type-B gun into the back of his capri, against his waist, while keeping the silver Type-A combat handgun in his hands, " it sure as hell won't remain normal."

His origin, the concept that fuelled the bullet Chaos (Confusion).

Without waiting, Nik flew higher, making sure to remain outside the immediate physical reach of the maddened monster who had just bashed its mushy shoulder against the thick of the tree, "Let's explore the branches and the leaves instead. We can follow the monster while tasting dem giant fruits," Nik called Ray, pointing at the rare but juicy looking fruits hanging from the highway broad branches. Meanwhile, Nik gave the rampaging monster with his flesh undulating with each strike one last glance. Unable to find the characteristic of the monster by the minute invasion of Life Energy, Nik landed on the cross-section of the branches, waiting for Yar and Ray to fly up as he pushed his hand into the man-lengthed crevices. Unlike the brown-colored trees, Nik marveled the feel of the dark grey bark as there remained a certain mushiness within one of the many crevices.

"Hmm?" Taking his arm back, Nik looked at his palms laced in a white, viscous liquid. A fruity scent diffused in the surrounding the moment Ray stepped on the bark, sniffing and then directing his gaze towards Nik's palms. Snickering, Yar put her arm around Ray's shoulder and m.o.a.ned enticingly, "Mmhh~ Already rearing to go? Want to try triple wheel?" Shrugging at Yar, Nik failed to provide an equally l.u.s.tful and e.r.o.t.i.c response as he gazed at the dripping liquid. Only its appearance preventing Nik from tasting the deliciously scented fluid. "Sadly, I don't fill my hands with jizz. Just a trustee tree sap. Probably edible. Wanna try?"

Not presenting his hand but pointing at the crevice, Nik waggled his brows suggestively, making Ray consider the proposal seriously. "Nah! I don't like tree c.u.m... while yours... the taste still haunts me, of course, positively!" Yar winked out her response, making Ray shrug, "As the lady suggests... although, I am unaware of your tastes," placing the suggestive remark as if nothing but a casual conversation, Ray continued, "and... get rid of it from your hand maybe? Looks kind of disgusting..."

"Unless you are slurping it, of course," Yar chimed with a charming grin, "You'll make a divine expression, I'm sure of it!"

"Yeah, yeah, but, I'd rather not," flinging the sticky substance and pulling out a tissue paper to clean his hand, Nik threw the crumbled tissue, only for Nik and Ray/Yar collective to watch in sudden amazement as the piece of tissue turned into a blazing piece of a firefly, rapidly increasing in size as a deep cry of a bird erupted from the ball of flames.

"That's... t- oi, Isn't that a phoenix in its most textual description?" Ray muttered as the flaming creature grew in size to match the proportion of the forest. "Probably," is all Yar could state as she remained tongue-tied. Meanwhile, Nik furrowed his brows, "Um... could this be the Transmigration Monster, then?"

That's the only thing he could conclude based on all the uncertainties and if the monsters are actually called from the disposal of items based on the allegiance of the host, then... looking at the blob of a monster that now looked more 'slime' than a ghoul, "We might not be alone."


Hunjiko gulped. The eight legs of an arachne on his back implanted out of ingenious application and advancement of biological aspects of his homeworld clattered in panic. He had just eaten his fill, his pale skin finally gained its glow, but the moment he threw the insides of the cold corpse away, it morphed. Right in front of his eyes, the guts turned into a fleshy blob of translucent mass with a single, jagged orifice. Barely able to retreat, Hunjiko decided to take rest. The last mission had been a hectic one for him and finding out that there remained a range of perception of the monster in front of him, thanks to his own bestial sensory organs, Hunjiko managed to remain unharmed. At least, this is how his first hour in the Tropical Section entailed. With a large amount of thread secreted from the hole within his long, purple tongue, Hunjiko's beady eyes, at least, two out of six of them, turned towards large gash on one of the trees.

"I need to sleep... damn the Transmigration Paradise... if I knew that the so-called Mistress Widow's legacy was simply an entry to the system, I would have never left father." Annoyed at his own torn clothes, Hunjiko barely felt a moment of respite. Alas, the moment he skillfully weaved a net using his eight clattering limbs and cut of the connection with his mouth, to his desperation, the web, though devoid of life, pulsated. With his instincts blaring, Hunjiko instantly retreated as the deep gash into the bark turned itself into a w.o.m.b of a nasty arachne, the kind that even send the jitters down the spider-man's spine. Unwilling to waste a single second, the Royal Prince Arachne ran for his life. The perception of spiders, according to logic, should be far greater than a single orificed blob of gigantic slime and it did.


Screeches rang.

Point being Screeches. Not one, but multiple.

"F.u.c.k.i.n.g shit! No need to spit on the ground any longer! The f.u.c.k!!!!"

A loud shout shook Hunjiko. Of course, the royal insect-man didn't understand the language but he seemed to share the panic hidden within the voice, probably a curse, he reckoned. However, before he could understand the situation while dodging the damp claw of the spider since its birth, a spider almost 12 meters tall, including its legs, Hunjiko found a collective of monsters. A flaming bird, a blob of slime, 'That's' cutting his thought short aside from another impatient claw strike was the behemoth titan, eyes reddened, humanoid but tall enough to have its head almost reach the lowest of branches. A club in his hand, two giant horns erupting from the side of his forehead and only a single twist of a beast hide over his paunchy belly, the height of which short enough to reveal the monstrous dong in between the legs that could tear a regular-sized beast apart.

"Yar! It's your goddamn moment to shine!" Nik roared, his eyes barely registering the surprised spider-man before flying past him. From the corner of his eyes, Nik felt the man's expression panicking as he quickly dodged another strike. Ignoring a prey, possibly a host from the side of the Undead Paradise... damn, seeing his eight extra limbs and the pale tone of skin, Nik really felt the need to have an item to distinguish the ally hosts and enemy hosts.

"F.u.c.k you!" Right behind him, flying at full speed, Yar cursed. Of course, she would not enjoy the humor since the trio couldn't take care of the monsters using their regular means. Nik's guns proved to be useless. Deep down, Nik realized that until he found an opponent a little more size-appropriate, he should refrain from wasting the limited bullets. But still, instead of tucking them into his inventory, Nik handle the Type-A Silver Combat Handgun in his right, Nik began using his slightly overpowered skill.

"Preparing something! Just tilt away from my behind when I say so!" The great amount of energy reservoir brought by the equipment set allowed him to make full use of his skill set.

[Explosion: Lvl 23

Use: Spend a small amount of energy to induce explosive blasts in the surroundings.

1 Unit of Explosion= 1 ENG

Level 10 Boost: Line Explosion User can select a particular distance in a straight line as the focus of the explosion. Once activated, each meter of the distance would use one unit of ENG.

Level 20 Boost: Big Explosion Allows the user to focus multiple points of ENG to make the explosion more potent.

Next Lvl: 28 SP]

Focusing almost thirty points of ENG, Nik felt a rush of excitement coursing through his veins while he felt his gaze turn warm. This was due to his [Explosion] skill aimed from his eyes and the flow of ENG, thus, focusing on his eyes. In its purest form, Nik could infuse any units of ENG and it still wouldn't hurt a single cell of his body, he had already tested this fact, and thus, without the issue of bodily integration holding his efforts, Nik finally shouted "Out of my sight, Yar!"

Flapping to the left, Yar instantly fell off of Nik's vision and his gaze instantly fell on the crimson eye of the chasing behemoth. In fact, the monsters that 'grew' out of his paper tissue and Ray's spit only chased after them, the hosts of the Transmigration Paradise. The trio has not been able to make sure of this fact, but the scene of that youth attacked by the large spider still emerging from the wooden gash seemed to solidify the thought. Staring into the eyes of the Giant with the club that ran with the scent of terrible piss, Nik activated [Big Explosion.]

Instantly, the Giant stopped and felt his hair rise. Strangely mindless, like every other beast, the Giant still found a rare moment of lucidity only to find a large, merciless explosion occurring right into his left eyes. The impact laceration the flesh around the gigantic sphere and pulling a loud and agonized roar from the monster!


Stopping in its track, the Giant fell on its butt, shaking the land, good for the trio, they relied on flying. The shake even broke the balance of the blob monster with only a single phoenix, titanic-sized and flaming with rage, chasing them.

Yeah, no biggie.