Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 522

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 522 The First Contact

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Hours of experimentation and daring 'summons' of monsters allowed Nik and Ray to understand the rule of this plane. As for Yar? She had long retreated within Ray. Though joyous of her little outing, the curvaceous familiar would rather rest until her master calls upon her. The rule, yes. The rule of the plane turned out to be rather diverse. Any substance considered to be a form of 'garbage' or derogatory shall be used as the material to form some sort of monster which Nik and Ray now considered to be Transmigration Monsters given the wide variety of beasts they had already summoned. Much to their distress, however, not a single being remained lucid and every one of them simply turned out to be giants in nature to fit the current forest's proportions. A hundred meters away from the crackling fire, the duo observed Ray's phantom clones Succu-clones as Ray called them, engaging in a lively moment of passion. Since the phantoms themselves turned out to be of the opposing gender, Ray didn't feel much awkward. After all, his true body wasn't simply humping out in the wild with Nik watching the act happily.

The plan remained simple. The campfire would serve to attract any potential host with the mindset of forming groups, meanwhile, the sight of the l.u.s.t-crazed twin-phantoms fingering each other's soaking cunt would serve as the scene that would give Nik and Ray enough time to devour their prey. Surely, the two also remained diligent of surroundings. If there were more than one host and each of them remained hidden until the flourishing moment of striking the l.u.s.tful pair, the original ones, then, it would cost the pair a little more than a few scratches. With his eyes uncharacteristically dull, Nik continued to watch the scene. The dullness in his eyes remained due to a certain skill activated. At least, a certain boost. Gazing through the pupil surrounded by dulled down violet irises, Nik's vision had changed completely. First, he had integrated the frequency sensing he learned from Toph's earthbending and used it as the base to achieve a like-minded boost.

[Purple Demon Eye: Lvl 29

Use: This skill allows a passive boost to visual abilities. This skill requires a continuous supply of purple qi to level up.

Level 10 Boost: Accelerated Vision- Capabilities to see movements and other objects that are traveling at a high speed. It allows the user to gain visual information of surroundings at a quicker pace.

Level 20 Boost: Blind Focus Allows the user to stop perceiving the light and focus the vision on frequency and vibrations surrounding them.

Note: In case of using SP to level the skill, the user must have a large holding of purple qi or the eyes of the user may be permanently damaged.

Next Lvl: 38 SP]

Unable to spread their pheromones without potentially alerting any tough opponent, the duo waited silently. To Nik, instead of the brightly glowing flame, what he could actually perceive from his vision only capable of seeing darkness was the energy generated by the campfire, the movement of air, and the heat growing from the two phantoms. These energies, breathing, movements, formed continuously pulsating bright lines. Even the branch Nik and Ray were perched on. Slowly, the canvas of Nik's vision was painted with interconnected rings of pulsating energy and vibration before the intersections formed various structures. Theoretically, Nik could use this vision to see a distance far greater than his usual vision, but still, he contained the information gathered to a kilometer only. Anymore, and even his properly exercised brain would feel the stress. Finally, as he grew used to the information achieved from [Blind Focus], Nik incidentally read a figure of another existence perched a few trees in distance i.e. a few tens of meters away. Finding nobody else for the time being, Nik pulled up the party chat. Unlike the inability to contact Brian, probably a restriction of the Rank-Up Quest, Nik and Ray could still chat through the Party Chat function and finally, Nik relayed the information to the succubus.

The third-party was definitely not a human. Instead of a boner on the crotch, what Nik felt heated and thrumming in excitement was two erect shafts that were poking out of the chest. And this strangeness itself, made Ray and Nik's curiosity blossom. Suggestive d.i.c.ks instead if titties? The two had to see it for themselves. As Nik pulled Ray and brought him along to fly, Nik continued to switch in with [Blind Focus]. In its truest sense, [Blind Focus] casually mutated his eyes until the skill was activated, or toggled on the already triggered mutation and such a variation should have brought some form of physical irritation to Nik if it wasn't for the appropriate diligence in

[Body Manipulation: Lvl 38

Use: This skill allows the host to control various functions of the body and the external features of the host.

Level 10 Boost: Micro Manipulation This feature allows the host to control the body at a micro-level.

Level 20 Boost: Cellular Manipulation This feature allows the host to control the body at a cellular level.

Level 30 Boost: Painless Mutation This feature allows the host to manipulate the existent body structure without any physical pain. This feature does not impact the nervous system with the function of reading pain but simply makes the physical body of the user extremely flexible at a cellular level.

Nxt Lvl: 59 SP]

This increase in the skill was brought by hours of biological study on winged-men Sikong Luyue and Hongyue alongside Gojira, Shen Xiu, and other girls capable of transforming using their beast spirits. Even Klas, Pavak, and Virya weren't exempt from such studies. Needless to say, Nik was still far away from understanding the structure of crystal-men and spiritual races like Pavak. What did intrigue Nik was the fact that Pavak and Virya, were in fact, categorized as actual spiritual beings that his own spirits were striving for. So, in that sense, Pavak and Virya had left thuggish beings like Lilith and Asmodeus far off at an evolutionary standpoint.

With continuous switches, Nik found out that the person seemed to be smitten by the play generated by two sensual and petite clones as then exchanged fluids while rolling about on the ground. However, keeping true to their caution, Nik and Ray stopped a little away from the host. Transmigration Paradise or Undead Paradise, it mattered very little to the duo. But a single fact remained that each host present in the current war plane might have their stats filled to the brim and even have an equipment set equivalent to Nik's and Ray's set. The first kill, though easy, failed to inflate the s.e.x.u.a.lly charged duo. Slowly, they stepped on the branch. More than willing to take initiative in such a moment, Nik slowly extended his index and swiped his hand horizontally, with the tip of his index pointed towards the lower, crouched limbs of the unknown host.

[Absolute Sharpness: Lvl 29

Use: Anything struck enough can be cut. Each strike would draw effect without fail.???

Level 10 Boost: Extension The user can extend the sharpness by 30 meters from the physical body.

Next Lvl: 38 SP]

The strangest thing about Absolute Sharpness was the fact that Nik didn't get any more boost out of leveling the skill but his precision and knowledge of cutting things...and, his range of extended slash aside from the fact that... well, he could physically cut through the air, if somebody is keeping the record. Even Lilith denied him the answer, stating that he would understand it once he reaches a certain point. Still, as the compressed blade strike, a little milky in color, extended from his finger, keeping true to the width of his index and turning into a rather thin 'laser' and phasing through the crouching position of the excited host.

"Gggrreaaghh!" Nik and Ray heard a weird squeal as the expected 'thud' of the person collapsing on his blood failed to reach their ears. Taking three steps back while switching his gaze with [Blind Focus] Nik found the creature, multi-limbed, already crawling around the thick branch, making its way towards the duo. Informing Ray, Nik kept his gaze in the same frequency addled version and readied another round of slash. There were plenty of ways to make the best use of [Absolute Sharpness] like covering oneself with the slash so that any attacker or ranged attack, for that matter, is cut by itself. But, blessed with many skills of similarly over-powered nature, Nik simply couldn't pay attention to all of them at the same time. So, keeping true to his life of simplicity, Nik waved his finger the moment he found the neck of the creature emerging from the curve of the branch.


It struck. Nik saw it in HD colors once he switched his vision, but the next event made his lips twitch as a grey, root-like-vein climbed out of the torn neck of the host and pulled the rolling head into its rightful location once again. Just like Nik had described, the duo could see actual d.i.c.ks instead of n.i.p.p.l.es poking out, the n.a.k.e.d, grey torso didn't help, while the hands and legs branched out to many tentacles. The face, oh lord, a horrendous one. Elliptical in shape with pronounce gills over the cheekbones and set of two-layered jagged teeth, spread wide in a roar of anger.

"Ugh... what use are those two d.i.c.ks... nobody would ever sleep with that dude," Ray puckered his lips in disgust while Nik finally took out the silver Type-A combat handgun and snickered, "Maybe, he is the beaut of area, ladies humping his chest and maybe... fingering his crotch?" A good thing that a leather piece fashioned as a skirt, a torn one, around the squirmy waist of the host. Looking at him, Nik waved his free hand, "I don't suppose... you speak English?"


"Japanese? Mandarin? Indian? Nothing?"

Nik inquired in various languages he knew of.

"Graaagh, then?" Ray humorously let out a roar, making the monster flinch as it only jumped after a moment of consideration.

"It's my kill, right?" Ray inquired, making Nik nod as they jumped back at the same time and parted to act efficiently. "You can have this one, then..." Ray groaned. Knowing that Ray would have to endure the thought of his clones humping the monsters tits to suck him dry, Nik shrugged. He wasn't the one losing out, after all. Pointing the gun towards the strange tentacle monster, Nik triggered a shot, a quick one. And yet, the monster roared once again, his branching limbs squirming while a gush of green liquid formed in front of the weird host to instantly cover the bullet. Much to Nik's amazement, the violet bullet slowed within the thin stream of green liquid and finally, dissolved. The stream itself turning dark purple in color and before it could reach up to the mouth of the host, it let out a weird pitch and cut the stream by closing its mouth, making Nik's eyes widen


Shooting towards the monster while letting his purification loose, actively purifying what could possibly be considered a large stream of spit of the alien host, Nik pointed the gun towards the host's face, making it flinch, before turning the target to the left d.i.c.k of the monster and as it let out another stream of green liquid, which was eroded by [Purification], Nik pulled the trigger with a violet bullet instantly piercing the twitching erection and shooting straight into the being.

"Rrrraaaaaaaa!" It shouted, yet, Nik continued to expend his [Purification], not enjoying the idea of his kill being stolen by an intentional appearance of a monster. As Nik found the host's expression morph into one of maddened rage, a little observation of the slanting of the eyes of the host presenting such a conclusion, Nik figured that it might be his Origin Confusion at play. Waving his gun towards the head once again and slicing the head off with a milky slash, Nik hurriedly breathed a layer of eternal frost that covered the host and even constricted the grey vein once again. Continuing to manipulate the frost to invade the flesh and blood of the host by turning into multiple spikes and freezing the purplish blood, Nik caught the head of the beast and even without the knowing growl of the still alive monster, covered the fact with another set of eternal frost. Only when the spikes of ice drilled into the head of the beast did Nik receive a notification.

[Enemy Host Killed. Would you like a Red Medal for the accomplishment, or, would you like to convert the accomplishment into currency?]

Waiting for a moment and finding out that no monster emerged, Nik sighed briefly and asked Ray to keep up with the clones. They may get lucky tonight once again. Finally, he diverted his attention to the notification.

'How much can be earned?'

[One of the three can be selected

1) 120000 Spirit Origin

2) 60 Status Points

3) 120 Skill Points]

'And if I select the currency, I would still get the requirements for completing the Rank-Up Quest, right?'


'120 Skill Points.'

[Host's selected reward will be transferred once chosen to complete the mission.]