Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 523

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 523 Mad Lad Approaches

"Mmgh~!" Ray mewled, clearly pleased as he felt completely refreshed while staying close to Nik as the apostle extended his ring of [Purification] over to Ray. "What would I do without this skill?" Ray inquired rhetorically, happy that he didn't have to deal with any monster emerging from his excrement only for Nik to reply bluntly, "I don't know... shit under a shade and then battle some poop monster?" Lightly punching the arm of almost 2-meter tall giant, compared to him, Ray remained a healthy and petite youth with feminine charm and a height of 159 centimeters. "Gah, how could an insensitive bloke get that lucky with gals?" Once again, a rhetorical question. After all, Nik's trimmed beard even got the trap of a succubus to feel hot. Not replying to the succubus' question, Nik followed a random direction.

"You are supposed to be the party leader, right? What's our next course of action?" Nik inquired, a little too lazy to think for himself. A full stomach really was the enemy of a healthy mind. It was barely morning, well, according to the brighter wisps slipping out of the blanket of giant leaves. "Look around and hunt? What else can we do?" Ray muttered, a little too clueless. "I know, right..." Nik replied with a similar languidness. "Leader," Nik spoke somberly, "I propose that we rest. Get energy enough to hunt any hist in our way."

"Proposal accepted," Ray practically flew to a tree's side and rest while leaning against one, making Nik smile in appreciation as he soon sat beside Ray and closed his eyes while spreading his pheromones and covering himself with [Absolute Sharpness] as a defense mechanism. Of course, Nik had to explain the function of the armor around him to Ray lest the youth tries something funny and actually sacrifices body part in the act. Clicking his tongue while suffering from Yar's complaint, the leader finally decided to rest for real, his pheromones expanding and interacting with Nik's as the cloud of the barely perceivable pink and violet colored pheromones soon covered a rather large area.

The only area Nik and Ray now needed to focus on was underground which wasn't invaded by their pheromones. Yawning, Ray took the chance to actually rest while Nik continued to scout. The plan was simple, again. Instead of using suspicious succu-clones to lure out d.i.c.k-tittied monsters, Nik presented their own group as a bait. Maybe, they could truly find another host for themselves, maybe, the two would ending up resting for real. Either way, the situation, theoretically, wasn't dangerous. At least, not an immediate threat anyway.


Surrounded by giant trees, a grey-skinned raven-haired youth with piercing blood-red pupils and black, feathery wings extending out of his back and reaching to his calves looked around. Wearing a worn-out tunic with a leather chest guard, similar to the elbow and new guards extending to plates covering his limbs, the man traced his index over the hilt of a sword buckled to his waist and sighed in relief. "It worked, I am in Tropical Plane... the connection is getting breached by the War Plane, yeah," he muttered to himself, maybe chatting with someone invisible to the n.a.k.e.d and uninformed eyes, "I am just like you. Don't worry. Nik, I shall slay." His whisper came to an abrupt end before he spat, his 'garbage' instantly morphing into a Giant, blue-eyed skeletal figure with deep black bones.

However, before the skeletal could attack, the man smiled and continued to spit, bringing about various giant undead monsters and instead of attacking, all of them knelt in front of the man with an expression of servitude, at least, the undeads who had muscles in their faces to pull an expression while the multiple skeletal figures remained still. Thinking for a while, the man nodded. "20 underlings are good enough. I am transmitting you the information of a certain person. Find him, and lead him to me. Force him if you must. Hurt him if you must," the man said casually before sitting down on the ground. He didn't even have to look at the notification of the Undead Paradise to grunt out, "Overlord, enough with the missions. I have my own... there should be enough hosts in every Paradise War for the Paradise to nurture on."

Meanwhile, the twenty undead monsters of various kinds spread across every direction. Their personality enslaved and made to comply with the undead lord.

"Connection has dissolved with the main body... its sad that he won't be able to enjoy Nik's death. Well, it matters not."

He whispered in content, "3% turned out to be enough." Looking around, the man finally dangled the tip of his wings aimlessly.


"Brrr!" Nik shivered, making Ray open his eyes, "What happened?" the Succubus inquired, making Nik look around with a frown. "I don't know... just that something feels seriously wrong... let's just keep moving. We need to get you your kill, too." Ray thought for a while before nodding. "Sure thing. Let's go."

With that, the duo continued making their way and explored the forest on foot. It was slow and uneventful. Nik, at few moments, wished to spit out just to find the kinds of monsters he could summon but held on his sanity that dwindled with his boredom. There was no point in turning their situation worse just to get a rise out of it. With the sound of their steps echoing through the relatively empty forest, Nik and Ray finally stopped when they felt something strange. A rotten stench filled the area ahead of them. Physically rotten enough to even affect their released cloud of pheromones as they extinguished at a greater speed. With a moment's thought, Nik pushed out Life Energy and converged it upon his Pheromones and the effects were instantaneous. The corrosion slowed down considerably but didn't stop.

Scowling, Ray had already pulled a better half of his Pheromones while Nik began the absorption only after a few moments with a reluctant expression. "Its the opposite of life energy," he whispered, still unaware of the form of energy that the undead possess. Even after so many interactions with the energy, Nik simply couldn't attain a rudimentary affinity with the energy. There seemed to be a certain form of requirement and Nik considered the requirement to be an undead. At least, that's what logic dictated.

"We detour around the region..." Ray turned to the side only for his hear to almost leap when he found a rather large, three armed monkey... no, orangutan? At least, that's what the length of fur suggested, staring at him. With alarm blaring in his mind, Ray instantly summoned Yar while Nik looked towards the monkey with a surprised expression. No, the long arm stretching out of the middle of the monkey's chest failed to surprise Nik after he had already seen so many things but the fact that he couldn't even detect the approach the monkey made Nik take the threat to a greater degree.

Although the size of the monster suggested that it may be some form of a summoned creature by the plane, the observant gaze of the creature also called for attention that it might be a host. A host with a skill to escape detection.

[Illusion Gaze] Ray's and Yar's pupils took a heart shape as they matched the monkey's gaze. Instantly, the silent monkey screeched and jumped back. Its expression dazed and his teeth bared in excitement as Nik breathed a sigh of relief. "Let's kill it for good measure... if you would do the honor," Ray shrugged, making Nik inquire in distress, "Do you know how hard it would be for us to find humanoid hosts for you to suck dry? Just kill it!"

"No way! That isn't food." Ray shook his head while Nik looked at the goofing monkey, "Then what's the need for me to kill it? I still feel something's off. Let's go if you don't want the kill."

Looking towards the monkey, Ray finally sighed with a gloomy expression, "Fine..."

It was at this time, three large figures slowly stepped out. This time, Nik and Ray detected the interruption but the speed of the third party turned out to be far greater than anticipated and the moment three giant skeletal figures of colored bones appeared to the trio's sight, Nik finally furrowed his brows. Instantly equipping his Type-A Silver Combat Handgun to his left hand while summoning Lilith in her sword form and grabbed the infernal hilt with his right.

"Nik..." Ray paled a little, even he could feel a certain, undeniable presence as he looked at the monsters in front of him. "Yeah... this feels like Undead Lucifer."

Nik groaned, "Just hurry and kill that ape. I don't want to abandon you just because you are too afraid to get your hands dirty! If you can't, send Yar!" His words instantly making the succubus struggle before she looked at the enamored monkey. There remained a high chance that the monkey may be a host of Transmigration Paradise, but the rotten stench also gave a different probability.

Gazing at his master for her command, Yar waited patiently. Her gaze fell on the skeleton giants that slowly took out their weapons. A detached bony arm, a rusty, but skyscr.a.p.er sword, and finally, a club. Meanwhile, with a little hast pace in breathing, Ray whispered, "Let's do it... Yar."

"Sure, master." Yar smiled, a little happy, and relieved that Ray still upheld the tradition of committing acts together. Meanwhile, Nik looked at the skeleton and complained to Sky, "You know... I am getting f.u.c.k.i.e.d up because of you and Kaal."

A little annoyed herself, Sky grunted in response, "Nothing you can't deal with... the problem is, if Lucifer is mad enough to follow you here... his reputation surpasses that of a maddened dog.

"Whatever. Lilith... it's time to get back into shape..."

"Hey! I have already digested all that spiritual energy!"

"Yeah, yeah, fatty. Keep saying that." Asmodeus snickered.