Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 526

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 526 Disrespecting

"You sackless piece of shit!" Nik cursed, instantly making Lucifer's expression sour. "Excuse me?" He inquired with an ominous tone only for the pained Nik to lash at the man, "Not you! I'll get you later!" he growled, before cursing himself, "If even Tanya's name isn't enough to at least, stand, then a punch to the balls is a necessity!" Slowly standing up, Nik reinvigorated himself with the Life Energy before looking at Lucifer. "And you! If you aren't budging, then there's no need to give you the lip service. Little bitch, do you feel so damn powerful picking on rank 1 host like me?" Taking out the [Smite Token] after venting slightly, Nik instantly used one of the two remaining chances in his arsenal. "That's"

As the golden light overflowed out of Nik, instantly making Lucifer's eyes constrict before waving his sword, this time, the sheathe flying far away as the edge of his blade came into direct contact with the smite, Sky's words echoed, "Use your last chance, too! In the contest of will to persuade the plane's will, Lucifer will no doubt emerge victorious!" Not doubting Sky's words, Nik instantly used the last use as the glow shooting out of Nik's surroundings, making the open area look nothing short of the sun as a single grey line continued to contest against the brilliance. "A smite token? Really?" Lucifer's snarl echoed. A little annoyed as he continued to get pushed back by the dome of energy, a bit of his skin cracking as blue blood flowed out of the tattered clothes. "Do you really think that his sparse, meager will can contest me? A True Clone?!!" With his blood-red eyes constricting to vertical pupils, Lucifer roared, "Don't you dare push me!" Unaware, Nik simply couldn't observe the crackles and burst of fire formed from the sheer friction between the dome of energy releasing around him and the grey slash fuelled with seamlessly unending energy.

As fierce gales arose around Nik and Lucifer, the dome of energy finally converged inwardly, making Lucifer take a step forward. "It is definitely surprising! Nik!" Lucifer laughed, a thin streak of blood leaking through the corner of his lips, "Never would have I thought that you possess [Smite Token]... with his will at that! You truly represent everything I hate! From Kaal's future to the existence in your body, my father's token, and your connection with the three infernals! Everything!"

"What the hell are you shouting?!" Nik roared, "I can't hear you in here!" And even though Nik couldn't hear, he could see the area around him graying rapidly, making him bite his lips as he instantly created a tunnel and jumped down. Betting that Lucifer might be paying all his attention to the Smite, Nik instantly walked below Lucifer's location and instantly hollowed out space directly behind Lucifer, who stepped forward once more. Jumping and grabbing the leg of the man, letting his Life Energy invade from foot, Nik hurriedly returned down as Lucifer's cheerful howl rang! "Life Energy? This much won't affect me at all! Gegege! Let me take care of this smite! Let's see what you can do next!"

Instead, Nik wracked his brain before returning within the dome of energy, and this time, keeping tabs on Nik, Lucifer laughed again, at the moment, completely unaware of the changes in his body alongside the slight amount of Life Energy verge at extinguishing. 'Really? Going back inside the wall of smite?' A little amused but still keeping his caution after the previous sudden but failed attack, Lucifer inhaled deeply, "Slash!"

With a whisper, the edge of his grey and coarse blade grew even darker as the crackles of lightning that even made Lucifer's arm throb grew in intensity thundered at an even greater pace. The gales now capable of pushing the unconscious hosts far back as Lucifer took another step with a wild grin. His hair waving with air, yet, his wings stood straight with only the tip of his feathers flurrying with the wind.


This time, with a shout, Lucifer took another step, a grey crack finally spreading across the entire dome of smite as it slowly fell apart. A piece in between Nik and Lucifer unable to hold, finally allowing them to meet each other's gazes. With Nik's slightly desperate. A little further, Lucifer could even see am infernal sword clenched in his hands tightly. A broadsword and from the resonance of energy, it was definitely a spirit. Meanwhile, Nik counted internally. While Lucifer failed to see the most obvious changes, Nik could. And, seeing the dome almost breaking off, Nik readied himself to survive the toughest moments of survival. And as Lucifer's blade finally stabbed past the dome, Nik swung Lilith, this time, without the usual chatter in his mind as he struck diagonally upwards and while he failed to move the sword, seeing the tiniest crack on the edge closer to the tip, Nik continued with a bright expression.

"Let's go!" Cheering himself with a shout, unwilling to falter at such an important moment, Nik continued to strike, sparks of clash continued to emerge within Nik's vision while Lilith showed her true worth at this moment. Formidable to the core as not a single damage appeared on her. Feeling the strikes and finally realizing the damage to his blade, Lucifer growled, completely able to see through Nik's method. "How the hell did you get Absolute Sharpness?!" With envy lacing his tone, Lucifer instantly took his blade back and raised his wings, the tips of the two feathered wings converging towards Nik's direction as two grey sphere of energy collected and launched themselves in a beam at a moment's notice, instantly piercing through Nik's elbow as he barely parried and evaded the range of the second one.

'F.u.c.k.i.n.g wings beam!'

With his raised vitality, Body Manipulation, and Life Energy working their wonders, Nik's elbow displayed a gruesome image of healing with flesh and muscles squirming as Nim expertly pieces back his elbow. Still, he wasn't given nearly enough time with Lucifer punching into the paper dome and finally standing in front of Nik. Most surprising to Nik was that the man didn't seem suspicious of his chest slowly filling the slightly empty space of his shirt. Gulping, Nik swung his sword, aiming at the head but truly wishing to slash at the upper torso only for Lucifer to take a step forward, instantly kicking at Nik's side, this time, only leaving a blunt force that failed to break or puncture anything as Nik smashed against the dome, shooting outside and crashing into one of the stumps of the diagonally cut trees.

"Gragh!" Coughing, Nik wiped the blood from his mouth and grinned while standing up. "Hey... Luci..." Nik's raspy whisper instantly getting registered by Lucifer's senses as the... man? felt a little weird. Gazing at Nik and a little irked by the impudent expression on his face, Lucifer spread his wings and shot towards Nik only for him to smirk, "Why don't you share some honey? Hmm?" Before Lucifer could understand, his fist arched sideways, dodging another wave of the annoying blade, this time, even dodging the extension of the Absolute Sharpness, his fist dented Nik's face, making the L.u.s.t Apostle fly a little farther.

"What did you do?!" With the button of his shirt snapping open, Lucifer finally realized his predicament only for the bloodied Nik to cackle akin maniac. "Spicy *cough* are we?" He inquired, slowly standing up as his body started to repair itself once again.

"F.u.c.ker!" cursing, Lucifer shouted and shot towards Nik, this time, his speed easily surpassing the current limits of Nik's accelerated vision, "You disrespectful f.u.c.k! What did you do?! Change it back!" After three punches at a speed that Nik couldn't even register completely, almost caving his skull in, Nik reigned his arrogance and instantly covered himself with a guard of Absolute Sharpness, not even making Lucifer flinch in pain as his attacks continued. A self-mutilating series of attacks that continued to ache Nik with speed high enough to not even have him fly away as he got the beating in the same place.

'F.u.c.k it! It should work when she is touching me, too, right?'

Instantly removing the slightly useless armor, Nik growled internally, no...

He continuously chanted, believing his luck to make his skill activation and the punch from his foe intersect for at least once!

[Forced Orgasm]!


"Well, we can't divine Nik anymore..." Khooni sighed.

Utterly calm, Nirdai shrugged, "It was a matter of time. The Chaotic Soul works on the basis of the knowledge of the host... if Nik learned about the act of divining someone, then, it is rational that he would want to resist the effects. That is enough for the soul to show its effects." With Mirage away to satiate her l.u.s.t, the two felt relieved that there was no one shouting and acting overly dramatic.

"Checkmate," Nirdai placed his move, making Khooni flinch, who instantly moved his leg as if cramped and flipping the table, "Hmm? Where?"

"In your ass," Nirdai muttered, making Khooni chuckle lightheartedly. "Oh, one more thing... apparently, Lucifer contacted Death..."

"Her? Well, each one to his own luck..." Nirdai smiled awkwardly. Even after gaining a temporary body, Nirdai had simply lost his capabilities.

"How did Death even agree to raise a baby with your genes?" Khooni inquired curiously. This was one of the well-hidden secrets of the creator of Infernal Incubus.

"Well... I still have my moves"

"Bullshit!" Khooni snorted, making Nirdai chuckle.

"Don't believe me then..."