Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 527

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 527 A Trembling End

"*Huff* *Huff* keh!" Spitting out a mouthful of blood, not even daring to look at a mirror to check his condition, Nik filled the cracks of his skull, arms, and ribcage by Life Energy and slowly pieced them together with Body Manipulation all the while gazing at a peerless woman. Plump and comely. Her b.r.e.a.s.ts unable to retain within her shirt as her pale skin, almost bordering grey, still enticed Nik. An oval face, curving blood-red eyes, slightly broad nose, and a perfect hourglass figure. Something Nik could expect from the former son of Supreme Seraphim, a prideful lord of the past. Still, she gasped with a set of ruddy cheeks. Her wings cushioning her back, stopping her fall while she bent and spread knees revealing a darker patch over the dark grey pants.

Her crotch remained wet, dripping as her body shuddered in surprise. Unwilling to let this chance go, Nik lowered his hand with a wince, still holding Lilith with the other hand and tracing his index around the left knee of 'Luci' with a twirl. As he enjoyed the scene of the astounding figure taking measured breaths, Nik smirked maliciously.

[Forced Orgasm]

"Killlll mee Eeeiiiii!" With an unsightly squeal, Lucifer stated her wish only for Nik to reject by pulling another quaking orgasm out of the woman. The raising of her waist as the squirt gushed against her pants, drawing a damp line across the crack of her butt, Nik nodded in satisfaction. "Kill you? Why? I don't see myself dumb enough to let anything go that claims itself to be a True Clone!"

Growling, Lucifer glared at Nik only for him to pull another orgasm, lest the woman tried something strange. "How! *Gasp* How did you know?" With ragged breathing and a voice so sweet that even made Lucifer feel ashamed and aroused at the same time, she inquired. "So, it is true... Nice guess, Sky!" Nik cheered, his hands finally feeling a little relieved as he instantly purified his surroundings the moment he felt monster growing out of the puddle of squirt. With the source disconnected, the monster disappeared as Nik looked around, "This seems a place as good as any to punish a s.l.u.t seeking my attention for ages," whispering, Nik produced a bed and let it float instead. A better manipulation of gravity and wind as he leaned forward towards Lucifer and once again, used the infernal skill that made her squeak in surprise. Before she could leak, Nik controlled the recently graced woman and pushed her onto the bed.

"H-hey! Don't you f.u.c.k.i.n.g play with me! Show me the respect I have shown you until now!" Lucifer roared, blushing fiercely out of pure physical reaction as she had long wetted the bed the moment she was forced onto one. The springiness of the mattress unable to bring her aching body full of surprising desires any comfort. "Respect?" Slowly stepping on the bed and simply placing his foot over Lucifer's calf with a growl, as she struggled to move back, once again, losing her mental faculties by the sudden orgasm that seemed to instantly reset her mind, Nik continued, "There's no respect in threatening and stalking me akin a hound. F.u.c.k, this 'divinity' feels more like a universal version of stalking!"

Crouching down, Nik didn't even deign Lucifer the usual gentleness that all of his partners deserved. "I'll enjoy training you slowly," whispering a promise, Nik grabbed the pants around the damp crotch area and simply ripped the fabric apart, revealing the dark-grey slit almost covered by the fleshy mound as Lucifer's p.u.s.s.y lips still twitched in response. Immediately turning her face away, Lucifer refused to look at her body getting violated in such a manner only for Nik to lean down and breathe hotly against her flower. "If you are even thinking that I'll graciously f.u.c.k you, ohhh, then you are so wrong..." At his words, multiple toys appeared and floated around the duo. With Nik's bed taking the brunt of the squirt, the so-called bodily fluids failed to tarnish the plane and removed the possibility of monsters at all.

As Nik felt Lucifer growing vigorous again, he reeled back while simultaneously using [Forced Orgasm] once again, making her shudder, her calf fighting against Nik's foot to move freely as her back arched up, letting out another translucent squirt that reached to the edges of the bed. "S-stop it! I beg of you! Just kill me! Mmmgh!" Failing to suppress her m.o.a.n as she orgasmed out of her own efforts, Lucifer continued with heightened sensitivity, "The moment I am killed, all my memories will be transferred to the original Lucifer," uttering a hot gasp as Nik held a rather thick, rubbery dildo against her recently gained flower, Lucifer continued in abject terror, "H-he'll stop after knowing that I failed! Ggaaahhhh!"

Instantly clutching the mattress, Lucifer felt something huge and thick, but annoyingly 'soft' pushed into her. The sensation was a new one. Her p.u.s.s.y was already wet, so as the thing slid into her, slowly allowing her to realize the depths she had never thought possible, she heard Nik's cackle as she felt his rough hand smacking the inner portion of her left thigh, instantly making her squirt. Immediately biting her lips to hold her m.o.a.n, she heard Nik's debauched whisper, "Let you go and risk Lucifer learning how I defiled his clone? Risk my cards being revealed? Dumb bitch, you aren't trained enough!"

Squirming under Nik's hold as she gushed, her p.u.s.s.y stretched to the brim while her gaze unconsciously fell over the toys lying in the wake, Lucifer trembled in fear. Each one more fearsome than the other, making her realize how long she had actually abstained from s.e.x.u.a.l pleasures. She didn't need it, of course. But with her undead body gaining such s.e.x.u.a.l flavors, Lucifer couldn't help but thrash her hands. "Ooogghhhh!" Unwilling, yet unable to hold, she m.o.a.ned. Her cervix pished for the first time, she was deflowered and within seconds, she was m.o.a.ning. Had Lucifer been on the other side of the shaft, she would instantly call such a woman

"What a prime s.l.u.t, you are!" Nik smiled, clearly aroused but quite unwilling to grant Lucifer the favor. With her body already purified, Nik brought the lowliest of the anal blip in his inventory, making Lucifer realize the level of kinks she might have to suffer...

In the corner of her mind, she finally argued.

Is this really suffering?


Blindfolded for the sake of guilty enjoyment, Lucifer grunted, even her mouth gagged by a red, rubbery ball with a strap passing her jaws and clasping behind her head. Even her hands were bound by a pair of flimsy cuffs and yet she couldn't muster any courage to break off... not after getting her rubber dildo replaced by a giant vibrating one that stirred her insides, both, p.u.s.s.y and anal. The tips stretched her walls against both of her holes as she simply failed to keep her legs in control. Her shirt already damp with sweat, sticking close to her b.r.e.a.s.ts as... her adversary massaged them roughly, her body leaned onto him as his raging c.o.c.k pressed behind her. One of his hands playful enough to reach down and rub her third nubbin or push the dildos into her once again as they would slowly slide out.

"Gggmmm~!" The pinch instantly made her c.u.m as he pushed the flat of his palm against the base of the dildos as they almost skid out once again, forcing her butt to rise as her cheeks trembled with her flesh already soaked. Her pants had long fallen and crumpled aside on the bed. The fact that her blushes presented a dark bluish contrast pleased Nik to no end. Even with her eyes blindfolded, Nik held no doubt that Lucifer could see through the darkness, making him whisper against her ear, lighting another peal of raging, nefarious fire that threatened to corrode her. "Enjoying this? Really... how can a punishment even work on you. In minutes, you lost all your elegance, even as a man. Hmm," feeling her breathing turn ragged as her body softly struggled against him, making Nik chuckle, "Go ahead, break the cuffs. Take off your blindfold... see your current state. Broken, wet... hotter than most women can never even imagine, truly, I don't know how Kaal could ever get enough of you."

"H-hey!" Still hating Kaal more than her current situation, Lucifer bit her lips as her butt rubbed against his warm crotch. "What?" chuckling, Nik pulled his hand up from her b.r.e.a.s.t, gently clutching the base of her neck, "Refuting my claims? You can attack me. I am not even using any skill... and yet..." with his eyes trailing over to her sloppy and drenched undead and untiring of a hole, "you continue to act like the most desperate women. Your body begging for more and more... but you know," with Nik's voice taking an ominous tone, he whispered, "I won't give you more. Not to a woman who tried to kill me... well, that's the least of the sins you can commit. A s.l.u.t like me really doesn't value life much, not mine, anyway."

"You can't! The moment I walk away from this plane, Lucifer will be able to connect with me"

"You didn't walk away. You had too many chances," Nik growled, "Have you heard of Dream Core?" his inquiry instantly making the woman gasp and shudder, Nik realized the answer and continued, "Sure you have. You've known sky for a time longer than I have... still, I'll keep you in Dream Core. You won't be able to connect with Lucifer, and one day, I'll f.u.c.k you loose." Uttering another breathless gasp, Lucifer felt hot at his words as he continued, "Till then, I'll treat you like a slave. A s.l.u.t only for me. A leverage over your true form... hehe, you would love that, wouldn't you?"


Before Lucifer could deny, Nik pulled the woman into his Dream Core, alongside the bed. The real threat wasn't the woman any longer. Just like Nik said, he would find a way to break the connection and fill her to the brim. Till then, she will remain in a comatose state with her holes filled with dildo a little shy to his own size. That ought to make her prepared for what's to come for her. Finally, Nik looked towards the direction with the most number of unconscious hosts and licked his lips. Whatever that would happen with Lucifer is something he'll deal with later. Barely two hours had passed in here and he had already healed up completely. The hundreds of points in vitality and energy already showing their effects.

Nik finally looked at the first slot of a particular skill.

[Genderswap: Lvl 1

It allows the host to swap the gender of the intended target. This skill does not utilize the system's energy. Higher the level, the greater the number of available slots.

Slot: 1/1

Next Lvl: 20 SP]

With another lick of his lips, Nik finally moved. Though his clothes were tattered, the Dark-Golden Set of equipments turned out to be far sturdier than Nik had imagined. And the boost from them... if he didn't have the items, his skull would have been shattered quite a few times. 'Well... I guess, I should simply try and stack my Luck stat as much as I can...' By now, he had long noted that [LUK] wasn't simply ethereal. The only reason why Nik couldn't have noted the effects previously was his inability to control this particular form of energy and now, he considered the possibility that his stat had grown astonishingly for him to become truly 'Lucky.'

'I still need to find ways to take care of this divinity shit... didn't Kaal state that my confusion soul actively avoid problems after it comes to my attention? Maybe I can count on that... well, either way, I just need to make a few adjustments to my plan for the auction.'

Making his way towards the group of fallen hosts, Nik contacted Ray. A little surprised by the connection cut, Nik jumped over to the next bark casually and mused if Ray had already returned to the system. Well, Nik himself would have if he would have felt that astounding pressure... 'Speaking of which... why didn't Lucifer use that stupid pressure? I would have peed instantly... is it because of my luck? Probably, he... she could only use it once. A constraint of being a clone?' Without actual information, Nik couldn't come to a conclusion, making him feel a little fearful. "Sky... do you know what that was?"

"A redundant question," Sky whispered, "Lucifer stated... hehe, herself. An optimum mixture of spirit and will. Allows the user to resist a few strange effects, but all over, it depends on the quality of will. Yes, the will of a being can be quantified, upgraded, and utilized akin weapon... and this Lucifer couldn't match the real one's potency. I don't want to admit it... but the mad dog had a will far greater than me and Kaal combined."

"Ugh..." As a soft groan echoed, Nik took his Silver handgun and pointed at the host slowly recollecting his bearings.

"P-please... l-let me live! I" The host looked at Nik, his gaze still hazy but the expression of pure desperation and sadness made Nik narrow his eyes with a smirk.


"Emotional Illusions don't work on me, mate."

As a red medal formed over the corpse, suggesting the host's allegiance, Nik didn't even wait for a new monster to form. Instantly, he pointed at multiple heads and continued to pull the trigger in cold blood. At this moment, the benefits far exceeded his emotions in killing unconscious men, strange creatures, and surprisingly, women. Well, his caution against female hosts of the paradise that penalizes the failure of a mission with death turned out to be well understood as many of them actually continued to live even after a single bullet in.

Not paying further attention after having his kill list filled.


Playfully jumping over the muscular arm of a giant titan once again, Nik grinned and opened his inventory.

"A gift from a puny host to the will of this shitty plane. Garbage!"

And instantly, he threw out all the trash cans, beer bottles, empty wrappers of his snacks. With a drizzle of garbage touching the plane, Nik flew high into the sky, a few undead birds and elemental ones chasing him at a speed surprising to most hosts that had long lost their pairs after watching the monster party in the clearing of the forest, Nik looked below and shook his head.

He had done screwing up, he was done playing with the plane, he had completed the rank-up quest, and he had gained enough leverage to finally have a chat of equal with the true version of Lucifer.

'Yeah... I am ready to leave.'

And as the multiple hosts trembled when most of the monsters' attention fell on them, the corpse of the hosts already turning into the fuel to summon all these monsters, Nik disappeared within seconds, causing three birds to strike each other simultaneously, causing the aerial beasts to finally turn chaotic and fight against each other and clash furiously!