Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 529

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 529 Rewards Auction

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[Nik... well, happy to see you alive. I mean, Yar pissed herself when we felt that... I don't know what to call it.]

Ray replied as Nik sat in his room. The same dull room. Nik felt a little better knowing that this would be the last time he is returning to this safe and also a little comforted by the fact that he simply didn't rush to find decorations to liven up the place. [Yeah, thanks. Lucifer... turned out to be a guy nice than we thought.] Nik replied vaguely, unwilling to spread the news of him turning the man into a woman and practically breaking her through hour-long s.e.x.u.a.l methods and euphoric rush. Once again, after returning from the Rank-Up Quest, Nik now had three days within the Paradise itself and it is in this time period that the Auction is supposed to be held. The fact that Nik had completed his rank-up quest meant that he finally had the requirements checked to enter the auction.

[Transmigration Vs Undead Paradise

Rank-Up Quest 1


Description: The Paradise war between the Transmigration and the Undead Paradise takes place in the Tropical Section of the War Plane. The host is required to contribute to the war and reduce the number of the host of the undead paradise. In the forest infested with Undead and Transmigration Anomalies, you must find and hunt the required hosts.


1 Host: Successful Completion of Rank-Up Quest.

2 Hosts: 10% status boost.

3 Hosts: A Black Chest.

4 Hosts: A Silver Chest.

5 Hosts: A Gold Chest.

Status: Completed

Rewards sent to the Inventory.]

Nik looked at the screen before gazing at his own level that is only displayed within the paradise. Level 2, it stated. Once again, the world root bar depleted to zero. Nik didn't feel out of ordinary, after all, a rank up is supposed to break off a supposed shackle in his body, or so is reported, but one look at his stats made him hum a tune of surprise.

[Name: Nik Faran

Age: 21

Affiliation: None

Bloodline: L.u.s.t Apostle/ ???

Talent: Exotic Escort, Balance, Perfect Eyesight, Skill Palace, Physical Genius, Limit Buster

STR: 33(+700)

AGL: 33(+450)

VIT: 33(+800)

ENG: 33(+500)

CHM: 33

LUK: 18]

Narrowing his gaze at the static [LUK], Nik had surprisingly gained the 10% status boost without any pain. The information relayed allowed him to understand that he could once again push his stats using the stat points... but now, he realized that with so many ways to boost physical qualities, his boost in [Hamon Manipulation] already showing its wonders, the most effective way to utilize status points is, in fact, as a currency. The fact that the system translates the status points into currency had already confused Nik for a little while back then but things only grew clear for him now. He didn't need to necessarily rely on stat points to increase the quality of his body, and if he could substitute the stat points with a different form of energy, he could effectively divert the funds into a more profitable source and he might be able to verify his tactic in the upcoming auction.

However, unlike his guess for the status points, Nik severely needed skill points. With eight undead hosts having their heads pierced and their consciousness invaded by the origin hidden within his bullets, Nik had transformed his kills into skill points. A total of 960 skill points. A boon so great that Nik simply couldn't stop smiling once he looked at his total skill points. With the auction set for the entirety of three day period set for hosts, Nik hurriedly shifted his attention. Right now, all he had planned to do was organize his loot. The digestion would, however, come later. He would need to make the absolute use of the little time remaining after the auction...

'Or, I could try and use some of my rewards during auctions. I can slowly absorb skill points... so that's one way to consider.' With a thought, he pulled out three red medals, each floating with an ominous glow. These are the only ones he amassed during the cold shooting and he activated the middle one. With a dark crimson vortex leading to a place unknown forming in front of him, the opening only a few centimeters in diameter, Nik pushed his hand within and rummaged through the collection of items. Only dozens of minutes remained until the auction, Nik could know this due to a particular notification blinking in front of him.

[You are invited to Invincible Auction. All the requirements are met. Please accept this invitation before

47:12] (M: sec)

Groaning, Nik pulled something out. A piece of fabric that identified itself to be a tattered rag. Not minding the loss, Nik continued and for what came next was an absolutely horrendous experience with Nik even pulling out an empty wrapper... making his face go blank for a moment for he too, had filled his invention with the same type of junk. Shaking his head as the last of the vortex disappeared, allowing him to realize that the looting of [Curse House: Dark Purple] had been an outstanding stroke of luck, a burst of luck maybe, Nik continued to the last piece of rewards. The set of treasure chests.

The first treasure chest he had received after reaching a certain percentage in the world ranking at a single trip allowed him to gain a [Black Chest] that presented him with one of the rare and peculiar talent Skill Palace. The functions provided by the talent allowed him to actively fuse or translate any of his activity into a skill but there remained a most important piece that Nik needed to make the best use of the talent Skill Points. No matter how he creates a skill out of repetitive actions and knowledge... all of it is simply a measurement of his capabilities. If he doesn't own currency like Skill Points, the [Skill Palace] could only act as a slightly efficient means to record one's progress. But still, Nik's expectations only grew.

Taking out the familiar carved back chest, a little too short to be considered a real chest, Nik willed the item he gained from his inventory and as the lid of the chest slowly. As the empty chest treasure chest disappeared, a notification window popped in front of him. Slightly disappointed, Nik had finally understood the rewards provided by the Black Chest Extensions.

[Talent Legacy Eyes

Use: Allows the host to differentiate between many legacy users and even gain slight information of the Legacy.]

It was only a teeny tiny bit of disappointment brought by the sheer limitation of the Talent but Nik accepted the reward nonetheless. Legacy or, in layman's term an independent, less evolved system still provides a major boost to their user, and knowing any wielder of such an item would definitely bring great advantages to Nik. Without missing a beat, Nik brought out a similar silver chest. A little brilliant, but the size and the cravings on the structure turned out to be completely the same. Pushing it open, Nik gained something he didn't expect at all.

An item... a strange one.

[Legacy Token The Shop System, gained. Use the token to enter one of the multiple tests and earn more tokens to continue the journey before gaining the Legacy.]

"Sweet..." Nik smiled. He didn't have any information on the Legacy named [The Shop System] or whose Legacy it might be for that matter. But any Legacy is something worth dying for and the fact that he had gained himself a token to enter what might be one of the most orthodox methods of gaining a Legacy for himself, Nik sighed in relief. Any form of Legacy would provide a major advantage, the only fact remained that Nik still wasn't aware of the risks of the type of hurdles set by the Legacy's previous owner that he might have to overcome.

'Hehe, could it be that the Golden Chest gives out an actual legacy?' With glee, Nik opened the Golden Treasure chest not even without providing it the cursory attention he gave to the others. But the notification brought by the Golden Chest turned out to only provide quantitative change instead of a qualitative one. Still, Nik counted his lucky stars happily while gazing at the reward. Another Legacy Token, but the name was enough to make him realize that the benefits would simply be amazing if he actually managed to attain the Legacy for himself.

[Legacy Token Hunting Dimension System, gained. Use the token to enter one of the multiple tests and earn more tokens to continue the journey before gaining the Legacy.]

"Huff... hunting dimension sounds nice... hey, Sky. Did you know about Legacies?" To his inquiry, surprisingly, Asmodeus replied instead.

"Actually... I don't remember where... but I have a feeling that my Legacy exists."

"So do mine..." Lilith muttered gloomily as Sky chuckled.

"Legacy is simply a collection of energy to provide various benefits based on the host's actions. Even without one, you can gain the same techniques... just think of the Legacy as a Library. A collection of techniques, items, codes, genes, and stuff like that. The currency for each legacy, of course, differ. I managed to create a Legacy for fun... Dream Exploration System. Grew quite popular for ages~"

Sky seemed pleased by yer achievement as Pure muttered with a sigh, "I... don't have any legacy... I should try to create..."

"Only top Rank 9 i.e. beings who have broken all their shackles can create their Legacy by twisting the reality of the existence. Honestly, it's not even that great. After all, Legacy can never replicate the true effects."

Sky explained as Nik stood with a sigh. Rotating his arms as crackles echoed through the empty room. "Still, I hope that some bored Rank 8 or Rank 9 can just exchange a tamer or summoning legacy... or even something that allows me to help the girls finally break off their comatose state."

Not wallowing for too long, Nik warped himself out of the room. More than 20 minutes still remained to accept the auction and the infernal duo had already arranged a small meeting near the market place. This time, as Nik met the two, Brian and Ray looked at him closely. Their gazes roaming over him as Nik opened with a chuckle, "I think Ray has already divulged my bromance with Lucifer?" His words truer than the two could even imagine as Brian looked at his side, the market street was barely populated with depressed Rank 1 hosts setting up stalls, "He did... before we walk into the auction. I thought that we should connect our Transmigration Hearts. We can absorb it later. But... when it's connected, we can at least communicate with each other as usual."

"Sounds reasonable," Nik shrugged with an easygoing smile, "Here!" With a thought, Nik pulled out the sphere from his inventory as Brian did. Ray, meanwhile, muttered, "Damn, you must have filled your quest requirement..." as he pulled out his Transmigration Heart. With a smug grin only plastered to annoy Ray further, Nik cooed, "Damn sure, I did. You simply ran after getting scared by that party trick..."

"Don't act like you weren't scared..." Ray muttered as Brian pulled a screen in front of him and connected the three hearts. For a moment, a violet string intersected the three hearts as it soon disappeared. "Oh, one more thing..." Nik suddenly inquired while keeping his Transmigration Heart within his inventory, "Do you know anyone that can... contact people spread across the multiverse?"

"Hmm, No. I never grew close with anyone else besides Yar and you guys," Ray admitted with a shrug, "Anyway, I'll be going into the auction~!" And the youth disappeared, leaving Brian and Nik alone for a moment. "I... used to know such a person. But the man would barely see me now," Brian smiled bitterly, "Let's see if this auction has a free period of interaction... maybe you can hook a desperate female host in need for some auction."

Shaking his head, Nik sighed. "Aw, man... you just jinxed it..."

"There's no such thing."

"Oh, it's true. Jinx is real stuff," Nik waved his hand, "Anyway, I'll be going off, too. In the next world... you better keep your word true. You know, you wished to fight me, and considering that I just equaled with a Rank 8 monster, I can finally show you the difference between us."

Bragging shamelessly, making Brian's lips twitch, Nik accepted the invitation and disappeared.

"They didn't even thank me for taking care of their bills... selfish jerks..." Brian uttered with a groan as he vanished into thin air himself.