Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 531

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 531 Wings

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As Nik began utilizing his skill points to upgrade the skills on the verge of another qualitative advancement i.e. the level boost every 10 levels, Nik made sure to keep a certain part of his consciousness divided carefully to keep an eye out for the items that were being auctioned. As a sitter in the Rank Room, Nik was already entitled to the name of the items ready to be auctioned. The few off items gave their basic description from their names itself but things could change if someone considered a slight change in naming sense or culture. A water lamp could be a garden hose or a whiplash dragon could be a flaming rope. This became a reason for Nik to not grow in on his head and simply focus on the item simultaneously just because he can without any stressing effort.

"And this right here is our 43rd item of the day!" Bulkmungus cheered, "A [Brand Buster]! The description is already published to your respective seats and boy... did this item save my slaving ass!" Pulling a loud chuckle from the crowd, seemingly completely unaffected by ruining his own reputation, Bulkmungus continued, "Come on! Show me some life! Who even enjoys becoming a slave?!"

[Brand Buster: Dark Purple

Use: Any method of slaving inflicted upon the physical body directly can be completely dealt with or restricted to some extent. The item's performance can be restrictive at a greater strength]

"As I have explained earlier, many things are hidden from the description until you reach rank 6," Bulkmungus grinned, "A secret info for the destined buyer... the item can be useful to a certain extent even in a rank 5 world! Opening bid is 69000 SO!"

Looking at the effects, Nik shrugged. The person who is truly slaved would not even be allowed to use the item and who has the leeway to pull off the feat itself could use many other ways to break off from slavery. And Nik could see the item receiving a bit less of an enthusiasm. The flowery description simply cannot break the caution raised after multiple adventures is what Nik assumed. Or, maybe the fewer number of bids could be due to the increasing price, restrictive uses of the item itself, and the fact that all the items till now are dark purple. Golden ranked items and above still weren't auctioned.

At this moment, two certain voices, undisguised, emerged from the rank rooms. Looking at the origin of the voices, Nik realized that what he had in excess than Brian and Ray was Purification and his ravager bloodline that came to his call whenever he wished for the two voices who seek the Brand Buster's use belonged to the infernal duo whose hearts were connected with Nik's, at least, their transmigration hearts were.

Soon, Nik found the value if the item reaching the level of 80k. Nobody wished to flaunt their wealth, not even Brian and Ray as each of the competitors slowly probed the competition. Finally, at the price of 97k SO, the item went to the fourth competitor from the Rank Room.

"Why didn't you bid?" Sky inquired. Her query raised a little curiosity from the three spirits, who, in a way were still toddlers in the schemes present in auctions and how easy it is easy to probe others in these kinds of events.

"If..." Nik thought for a while, gazing at the two rooms shrouded in darkness. His gaze held a trace of compassion, just for a moment. "If I am to be betrayed just because of my ability to break free from a few ingeniously placed restrictions, then it's better. I can then fully remain cautious aside from my partners... but, for what it's worth, I don't want to second guess my own decision of finally trusting Ray and Brian... no matter what they think of me."

Sky, in her own space, furrowed her brows. After gaining her body, she finally retained more humane expressions that Nik still didn't have any access to. "What do you mean?" Pure inquired, a little confused. How did Nik's absence in the competition from attaining the Brand Buster become one of the minor deciding factors in the trio's budding bond?

"It is simple, really. Some intentions are conveyed more impactfully without words. Why am I not bidding for Brand Buster knowing that the three ancestors have some extent of control over me? If I can think that, then, of course, the two would, too... later in the line, if we even survive to reach such an extent, the fact that I have a way to remove such slaving methods to some extent will gradually be exposed. Better to do it now, without telling them in front of their faces, of course." Heaving a deep sigh, Nik watched the next item get auctioned off as Pure puckered her lips and continued with her inquiry, "Why make them even feel less 'entitled'? Isn't that stupid?"

"Making the most rational decision based on facts and without considering the emotions and curiosity is what makes people less... stupid... probably. It's just not my style... I'd rather enjoy trying to probe them, and if there is a chance that the two can't keep their hard-on in their covers, then we aren't even compatible enough to continue adventures together." Thinking for a moment, Nik added, "I don't know... I just feel that it is simply apt to make them realize that my condition is different from them. We might be friends, but we don't have to just stick to each other in every situation. That's too boring."

"You asked Ray to stay while you face Lucifer... how's that different?"

"Not only that... I even asked Ray to help me with Demon Lord," Nik shrugged, "But the point is, I asked. I needed help, Ray gave it to me. If Ray needs it, I'll be there to watch his back... but if he wants me to stay and wait while he faces off beings like Lucifer, I'll be more than happy to take a seat with a bag of ch.i.p.s. You know, the spicy ones..."

"I don't... I can't taste anything other than spirit energy..." Pure commented with a distressed sigh.

"For real? I thought you already had your body and"

"Hey, flesh and blood have different taste than us... I may be able to consume your platter, but you still have to clear our tests at least once so that we can reveal our true selves to the world."

Shrugging at her response, Nik continued to observe the goods to be auctioned while waiting for the Gold and Dark-Golden Tier goods to take the stage if there is any planned in the first place.


"Curious, too curious!" Yar commented loudly, the opening of a mighty-priced scotch finding its way over Yar's lips every now and then as her throat felt warm. "Aah! Slightly 'thin' than the usual," commenting with a lip as she felt the alcohol strike her spot, she leaned over Ray, her large b.r.e.a.s.ts pressing over his head as she continued, "Why would Nik not even try to buy this stuff? He is poor, I get it! But still..." a little blush over her cheeks as she looked over to the multiple rank rooms as if trying to find the one that Nik rented for Brian had already exposed himself.

"It's obvious, really..." Unlike his bubbly and cheerful familiar only having the eye for most debauched stuff available, Ray, who shared the similar tendencies, also had the capacity to keep his head clear when things mattered. The next item [Apostle Wings], a pair of [Dark Purple] wings equipment that let a host fly didn't interest him. "Nik has a way... probably... the thing that bugs me the most, why reveal it in such a manner?" He pouted, a little confused. At this moment, a tap on his forehead brought him out of his confused stupor, his gaze warmed by the sight of grinning Yar.

"Master~" she slurred, like always, as if her tongue was already inside of him, relieving him and face f.u.c.k.i.n.g him. As dominating both of them are usually, they only let their defenses down in front of each other and... surprisingly, Nik. "We think stuff out together, remember? I am a part of you... despite our... liveliness," she gave a cheerful chuckle, "we know our way around men... just help me get started, will you?"

"Sure," Ray sighed at the softness of Yar's giant bosom, "Despite Nik's own lascivious blunders, he has proven himself more than capable to manage a city through Shen Xiu and the Glory Center... his name resounded even when he remained a simple teacher and yet everyone felt that it was the most natural state of things. So, why would such a man not even be slightly interested in the item that has the slightest of the chance to break free from any hidden restriction placed by our ancestors?"

"It's not the money," Ray refuted the comment even before Yar had the chance to state, "It's... I don't understand. Feels like a bold statement to me... and probably Brian I have a way to remain free... something like that."

"Well," stopping her words with the incoming of another bout of gulping, Yar whispered with a knowing smile, "Maybe the dude is willing to finally spill some secrets that are actually worth keeping... all those stories and bullshit that Brian and Nik recounted of their origins mean shit but this... if what you say is true, then he definitely feels 'gruff' enough to tell you guys this way, from what I felt when we... you know... 'pounded'!"

Chuckling at her own words, Yar waited for Ray's insights or agreement. Finally, after a few moments of consideration, Ray sighed and nodded, "Yeah... maybe..."

"So I think we shouldn't ask" Ray continued only for Yar to lean down and kiss the top of Ray's head with a warm and passionate whisper leading on, "Apologies for the intimacy Ray but I think that's common logic to get paid after having s.e.x... I think that's how prostitution works~!"

With a twitch of his lips, Ray groaned and pulled Yar back in, making her yelp in indignation while grunting, "Like hell, I'll even consider sleeping with someone for stuff and glitters."


As Ray slowly settled himself, Brian and his familiar had a completely different reaction.

"Krodh!" Brian growled, "We get these wings! No matter what!" He simply didn't give Nik's statement any consideration. It was easy enough to read, knowing the circ.u.mstances, and Brian had his own methods or he would have already been taken down by the hosts hunting him in his earlier adventures. His familiar, another blue-haired devil with purplish skin and body so muscular that put both, Brian and Nik, to shame nodded like a puppy. His eyes wide in excitement as he dreamed of flying towards the sky with his master.

Of course, they had some sort of shoes that had the same effect... but these were wings!

'It's always awesome with wings!' Krodh grew more and more determined as he accepted his master's grunt and added yet another thousand system origin. Though annoyed by the competition, the two hadn't lost the sight of their main goals.

"We'll have wings!"

Both shouted in unison!