Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 532

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 532 Payback

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"178,000 SO!" A voice finally caught the attention of two entities in the rank room and the three entities in the Throne room. The item to be published was simply that intriguing that the hidden l.u.s.t apostle finally gave out a number that would effectively drain a single portion of his currency while he continues to drain a better half of his other form of currency Skill Points to raise the level of his skills simultaneously while enjoying the clamor.

[All-seeing Goggles: Golden

Use: Set the power and range of the goggles to see what you desire and unsee anything that restricts your vision.]

In other words, x-ray goggles. This, of course, gave Nik an idea for his different boost in his optical skill but just like any passionate man of culture, he too, wanted to a pair for himself. And gazing at the smooth rimmed glasses with dark tint... Nik simply felt the need of buying an overpriced pair of glasses. He wasn't the only one. Aside from Ray, the only competitor remaining for the item turned out to be someone from the throne room. Of course, the slightly raspy voice with a hint of inhumane charm and natural seduction turned out to be one of Nik's most prioritized troubles Nirdai.

"Well... aside from these glasses, I am only interested in screwing with our 'loveable' son!" Nirdai commented with a chuckle. In front of him remained a floating golden mask with a long horn extending from the middle. The Throne Room, as the name stated, had a throne with functions enabling the host to customize the room as they see fit. "You used a summon mask. A legacy of mine that needn't be used for amus.e.m.e.nt. You know it well... mutt." The voice behind the mask spoke coldly, "Speak, what you want."

"They think," Without answering, Nirdai chuckled. An ominous tone ringing to his chortle, "... they think that I begged you. To create one last splash. To finally try and make sense of this world... our son is far similar to 'us'. Have you heard? Lucifer lost. No... his true clone lost. Losing even the prized gender and it's a possibility that Nik would turn the clone against the fallen seraphim. Ring a bell?"

The voice turned quiet as Nirdai continued with a happy smile while raising the bid using voice command, "267,000 SO!"

"Your information networks have grown..." The lady spoke. "A compliment from the lady Death... anyway, we both know that I only needed a body to finally venture out again... honestly, it's easy to find talented women."

"What do you want"

"Why don't you call me by my true... Identity?"


"No!" Nirdai easily shrugged off the sheer pressure leaking from the mask. Death was getting angry? So what? He has been doing things on his own accord since his birth. How could he have ever gotten a kid from Death if he didn't play tricks and how could Nik not have a shred of her mother's bloodline if it wasn't for the sheer unorthodox situation? "It's... Clown," with a bright grin, he continued, "Clown, L.u.s.t, and Blood... that's what people called us. That's what you called us, remember, Death? Our essence. Our origin. Our existence... all is lost. Even Blood is barely keeping himself alive," Nirdai whispered, a tinge of sadness in his tone, "I destroyed your clone. Turned her into pure essence. Returned the essence to you, too. But, I still summon you... why is that?"

Taking a deep breath, Nirdai looked at the room identified as Nik's stay, "Why did he find a ravager, why does he have the exact same innate talent as mine... Death, answer me. Why is Nik a resemblance of mine? Why does he follow my past self's actions to the point?"

"So, you called me to hear a prophecy, is that right?"

"Your clones have the same strength as you and are present everywhere... yes. I want to know... when and how I'll meet you again."

Nirdai inquired with a soft, frustrated sniff.

"I like it... your frustrations. It must be fearful... finding your exact copy present. The same face... the same speech...

And the same fate, isn't that right? You lost it, didn't you? Your soul Chaos Soul... truly, Time had it easy fooling you."

"Answer me."

Nirdai spoke again.

"I amuse myself by thinking if the history truly repeats itself, cause I haven't ever seen this situation. But your situation, it surpasses our understanding, does it not? A group of three young adventurers trying to escape the influence of their ancestors and yet here you three are, becoming the same thing that you once slew in cold blood."

"That means you know nothing," letting out a soft sigh, "It does surpass your understanding... and you cannot find the truth. Your help is not needed."

"Got it!" With a happy chime, as opposed to her previous gloominess, Death disappeared. Her mask turning dull and finally falling onto the ground as Nirdai leaned back on his chair. Whenever he closed his eyes, the same figure continued to appear in front of his eyes. The man with blue hair and crimson eyes declaring the demise of his attackers as he slowly vanished from existence. The soul that Nirdai had obtained after such an effort finally disappearing alongside the man's death.

"Kaal..." gritting his teeth, Nirdai mumbled. Without letting his anger influence him and causing him to destroy the newly won pair of glasses, Nirdai wore the All-seeing Goggles and rested his head on his knuckles as his elbow remained on the armrest. "I truly disappointed you all... Khooni, Mirage..." Sighing deeply, he continued to let off steam by hoarding the items he found interesting.


"Aww, lost the goggles..." Nik muttered with a saddened sigh.

"Don't mind," Asmodeus chimed, "The next part of the public auction is going to begin soon enough... are we ready?"

"Weren't you there when I was copying the Tome of Battle and those inscription patterns?"

"I... slept." Asmodeus grinned.

"Ugh... all of you are so damn lazy!" Nik groaned, "And don't reply... I know, I am, too."

"Self-awareness is the key to grandeur." Sky nodded sagely.

"Anyway!" Pure cut in, "Skill Points! Gain more and more and invest all of them to Eternal Frost!"

"Hey!" Lilith growled, making Pure shout in distress, "Hey! Elder, your skill now only grows more effective without giving any boost! My skill has potential!"

"The simple the skill thee better and versatile the effects!" Lilith refused.

"With this!" Bulkmungus announced loudly, "All the hosts have the time to present your items. The auction will continue in three halves where the number of items will be limited based on their overall score and each half can only be interacted using different currencies! That's right! System Origin, Skill Point, and Status Point!"

"Hurry! We have 30 minutes!"

He clapped his hands, dimming the light of the hall as many hosts started to place their item for auction, making them nervous for their chances. Meanwhile, with most of his items gained in the last adventure already distributed amongst his girls and the remaining item too useful and precious to be auctioned, Nik had gotten the idea to create the items himself.

"Ooooh!" he shouted in surprise, "They... all are Dark-Golden?!"

Nik gulped, instantly placing the items in the skill points section, making the beginning bid in hundreds, not aware of the conversion rate of the SO to skill points, Nik could only try his luck, or if his items went unauctioned, it would truly suck.

"But... I don't think anyone would let go of such a treasure... even I am still digesting what I learned from this stuff."

Nik muttered, a hopeful expression touching his face.

"Hey! We should even auction the Blood Origin! The lesser one!" Pure spoke suddenly, making Nik shrug as he placed the blood origin of the Blood Imp into the Skill Points section. Who knows, someone might want to turn into one?

At this time, Nik recalled the tier-cap of the items and as expected, the white tiered bloodline origin returned back into Nik's inventory. 'I might have to throw it away... f.u.c.k it. Let's just keep it...' Nik shrugged.


"Alright..." Nik whispered. Hours had passed. To his unfortune, the Skill Points section turned out to be the last of the three parts. Even if the items placed in the remaining two sections turned out to be amazing, Nik figured that he had slightly overestimated the liquidity of the skill points based on the lower enthusiasm during the stats points and as Nik's expectations finally grew with the announcement of the beginning of the last part of the public auction that would present a total of thirty items, if someone even placed so many items in this section but considering the size of the crowd, it would be an insult to the creator of the auction if such an event occurred under the eyes of so many observers.

"First!" Bulkmungus sounded rather stunned. His expression showing it. Maybe, a performance stunt to pique the attention of the crowd but the moment Nik looked at the description of the item, he himself grew tongue-tied.

[Succubus Blood: Dark Purple

Use: A liter of succubus blood that acts as one of the most potent aphrodisiacs present in the multiverse.]

"T-the beginning bid is... 5000 Skill Points!" Bulkmungus whispered. Aside from the tinge of amus.e.m.e.nt and anger, he sounded rather awkward. Much to Nik's and the rank 6 host's surprise, a sweet and enchanting voice carried out the bid, "5001 skill points!"

"Holy... shit..."

Nik finally realized the opportunity he could have obtained by remaining an infernal instead if breaking from the tree since the next item to be auctioned turned out to be

[Temporal Fiend Blood: Dark Purple

Use: A small vial of Temporal Fiend's blood that acts as one of the most potent time-infused blood known for its versatility.]

With a tone sour enough to grate Nik's ears, Bulkmungus whispered, "The opening bid is 6800 Skill Points!"

"Of course!" As the crowd grew silenced, a raging voice echoed, "6801 skill points!"


"Ugh... how could have I been stupid to think that these two won't take the advantage?!" Nik whispered. His eyes already shining brightly while a bright grin formed on his face, "I am no longer an incubus, not taking a sample of my previous bloodline was a blunder that could have made me a fortune... no matter," not minding the opportunity loss, Nik also realized the desperation of the three ancestors. To stop their own bloodline escape from their clutches, they had to buy it at an overpriced rate. Not to mention the fact that the tactic only worked because Mirage and Khooni actually interjected in the bids that Ray and Brian took part in, making them eat loss at many points.

A just and vicious payback and the fact that amused Nik the most was that Brian had barely contributed a few drops of his blood and charged way higher than Ray, easily demonstrating his scheming prowess.

"Ahh!" Nik sighed, "This is what happens when you give enough options in an auction...

Conspiracies everywhere... I am the only one who remains innocent."

His words making the four spirits snort in unison for Nik wasn't simply trying to play in a public auction. He was aiming for the higher league.

And with him breaking things off with the paradise in the near future, he could potentially become a bright target.