Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 533

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 533 Plans

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"Phew!" Brian grinned, a little too amazed. He had long stopped caring if the leakage of his blood could allow some of the ingenious... well, he believed that somewhere in the multiverse, there is someone or something that is capable of even creating a bloodline from a single drop of blood. The fact that Khooni turned out to be more than 'happy' to buy a few drops of his blood, Brian felt that some of his conjunctions were not completely off. Still, he had been quite surprised when he found Ray having the same train of thought as him.

Swiping his blue hair back, Brian smiled freely, "Krodh, I'll use this chance to" Before he could inquire what had caught his familiar's tongue, Brian felt his head buzz for a moment.

[Damaged Map: Dark Golden

Use: With a clear coordinate and partly destroyed directions, the map leads the seeker to the legendary item Tome of Battle. The location of the other half is unknown.]

"And," Just as surprised as the crowd, Bulkmungus grinned, "The opening bid is merely 300 Skill Points!"

Though unwilling and even unaware of the description of the item, Bulkmungus didn't delve further for those who knew the item already knew the true worth of the map, even if it is damaged. And as Bulkmungus expected, the map instantly attracted a clamor, finally, from the 'higher-ups'. A collection of techniques that is even useful to Rank 9 beings is not something to be disregarded and finally, a silent bidding war began with the price of the item quickly increasing in front of the surprised hosts in the public auction. The price kept on rising with 10-60 skill points as everyone observed from the holographic screen present to everyone's view.

Furrowing his brows, barely enticed, Brian couldn't help but something was off. Everyone still recalled how the last incubus was 'ended' and the mighty rewards were already distributed. Mighty, being the key point. For the items had caused a ruckus in the upper level of the Reincarnation Paradise even when such an uproar couldn't reach down the ranks. So, for publicizing his identity for mere skill points... Brian truly felt for a moment that Nik had turned out to be a guy who could disregard his life for wealth, or power.

The fact that he and Ray, however, already knew was that Nik wasn't. Anything... or anyone he could love more dearly than himself could probably be his partners, maybe his kid, and that too, was up to debate for Nik truly hadn't shown deep dependence on any of his partners. "A play? Does he have something else in his mind?" Brian whispered to himself. Previously, he wanted to take some time off and upgrade his skills, and considering the range and stress of his skills, each leveling up brought a minor headache to the temporal fiend who simply didn't have [Multi-task] as Nik. But now... "Let's see. I'll just suffer from a deep headache later on... this is far more interesting."

"Rooster wings?" Krodh offered the plate filled with a delicious snack, making Brian smile as he picked one and chunked into his mouth, licking his index a second later. "That hits the spot!" Sighing, Brian looked for more only to find a squirrel-faced Krodh with his cheeks inflated and an empty plate with the smear of oil.

"You know what... you need to be on a diet!" Brian huffed before taking out another plate, this time making sure to not lose the sight of the true treasure.


"Oh... I am so f.u.c.k.i.e.d..." Nik whispered with a nervous grin as he looked at the price already kissing 3k mark. "Ehm..." Sky coughed softly, "We need to loot more. The more we gain now... the more your mastery in the elements grows, the easier it would be for you later on," she stated shamelessly. "I know that," Nik clutched the armrest uneasily. The current item was merely the base at which his schemes would finally begin. A lie to capitalize on the benefits he had obtained from the Supreme Seraphim was needed. Of course, the map was a genuine item formed from the remaining hide of a 100000-year-old beast, the quality of the material itself upping the tier of the map. Nik had even copied a few pages of the tome and hidden it within the previous world just to make his work look more genuine...

"3800 skill points." With the bid increased by 600 skill points, the auction finally grew silent as the map was sold to a hidden bidder while a dialogue box opened itself in front of Nik's vision.

[Damaged Map: Dark Golden Sold for 3800 skill points.

Less: 5% Auction Fees

Net Earnings: 3610]

"Alright, I am investing it in the [Elemental Master]... the next would probably be Quasi-GrandMaster Realm of elements, right?"

"Probably," Sky agreed, "This is one of the greatest advantages of the paradise you will lose by changing your method of growth to the Reincarnation Heart."

"Until I find a legacy that can enhance skills," Nik shrugged, "Anyway, there's no point in second-guessing our decision at every moment. We are here to make a killing just for that very reason... remember, our goal is to become a Grandmaster in Elements, try to find some sort of legacy for pets, and finally, contact Lucifer."

Had Nik defeated Lucifer, killed the clone, and let the memories flow back to the main body, he could have conveyed his intentions of being uncaring towards his homeworld but instead, Nik had found a way to make the best use of the situation by taming the true clone. As the name suggests, True Clone is a completely different existence that has the same potential as the original body and the materials required to create a true clone is nothing to scoff at. In essence, thanks to Sky's explanation about the true clone, Nik had gained himself a lascivious, tamed Lucifer who would bend for Nik whenever he wished, at least, once Nik was done 'training' her.

But the threat of the Lucifer towards his homeworld and his girls remained very real and Nik needed to make sure that Lucifer's intention to reduce his homeworld to cosmic dust is placated. Of course, Nik didn't have the ability to contact Lucifer but he hoped that someone from the 'upper' ranks of the paradise would have that capability.

"Anyways, I'll feel a little sluggish. The information and the concepts infused during each rank up of the mastery is extremely... heavy," Nik sighed and kept his gaze on the next item's auction. Meanwhile, Nik felt his understanding of various elements he already had an affinity with forcibly pulled to a slightly higher realm. It didn't bring a qualitative change but his thoughts and expertise on the elements simply grew by leaps and bounds.


"This is..." Venom Wasp, a rank 7 host under the command of Absolute looked at the new but torn map with a hint of anger. The coordinates were correct, he had just rechecked the world placed in the stellar co-ods but the fact that a completely clean map can be cut with what seems like a pair of scissors, the dark-haired old man could sense a conspiracy brewing. Studying the map once again and admiring the quality of the beast hide, Venom Wasp finally realized the world this treasure was stored in.

"The three lower realms and a god realm plane... I recall many of us venturing there once. Spirit beasts and spirit rings, was it... a little rigid power system but to spiritual races, that kind of world is a treasure." Muttering under his breath while his throne extended from an ocean of golden poison that calmed his tensions, Wasp continued, "There are more parts of the map. Someone clearly cut it to raise the price or force the first buyer to buy all the pieces of the map at a higher price..."

Easily seeing through Nik's planning, signifying the sheer experience in scheming, Wasp still sighed.

"A checkmate situation... Instead, I can buy a few parts, if the map is truly shredded enough, and then, I can co-operate with the remaining buyers... Tome of Battle is simply infused with all the martial concepts possible, not to mention the bloodline skills of the Holy Paradise," Licking his lips, Wasp recalled his few encounters with the maddened warriors l.u.s.ting for blood despite their elegant figures. Shuddering, Wasp slowly calmed himself and as he had expected, soon, another item emerged that soon cause yet another uproar, much to Wasp's dismay, those who wished to get back at him wouldn't let go of this chance even if the price of the item had been increased.

Similarly, with a knowing smile, Bulkmungus, too, realized the scheme at play as he stopped a snicker from leaking through his lips and continued, "Another item! A map to legendary Tome of Battle!"

[Damaged Map: Dark Golden

Use: With a clear coordinate and partly destroyed directions, the map leads the seeker to the legendary item Tome of Battle. The location of the other half is unknown.]

"The opening bid is... 1500 Skill Points! Have at it!"

With a loud cheer as the bidding screen soon grew into a blur due to the rocketing price, every single host soon grew green with envy.

On the other hand, with his head buzzing, a drool leaking through his lips as even his split consciousness couldn't fully support the burden of his rising mastery, Nik gazed at the number with a dumb look.

"Numbers go brrrr!" He chanted, slightly dazed as 80% of his consciousness had already been pulled back, even the consciousness city grew devoid of Nik's presence as he had to cope up with the burden. His words and situation, however, didn't make the four spirits feel any pity. Instead, Sky sighed in remorse due to the missed opportunity. "I wish Klas would have been here... she could have recorded Nik's... words."

"Haha, Nik go brrr!" Lilith chuckled, making Pure laugh out loud. Asmodeus meanwhile spread her yawn, letting others know her intention of sleeping.


"Well... damn. Both Brian and Nik scored pretty penny..." Ray pouted, seeing the price easily surpassing the realms of 6k skill points.

This auction had truly opened his eyes regarding his finances as Ray could not imagine how the higher-ranked hosts could have stored so many skill points.

"I should focus on my own skill upgrades... this is the last time after all. Yar, when the last item is auctioned, wake me up, or just carry me until I wake up."

Shrugging, Yar continued to enjoy the show as Ray closed his eyes.


Wasp groaned. He finally won the map and much to his fortune, the map was torn into two parts only. "Red Dog... his family's blood couldn't satiate him, huh..." snickering as he recalled another Rank 7 being opposing him by increasing the bids, Venom Wasp couldn't help but recall the sight of many crimson wolves lying in the pool of their own blood through gashes that his own stinger inflicted. "Whatever, he only has his kid left... hehe, I have better ways to take care of him." With his wrinkled face forming into a deep smile, Wasp continued to chuckle. His hunched back trembling as he fantasized using the Tome of Battle to the best of its capabilities.

"Ahh..." taking out a vial of silver liquid and downing it in a single gulp, Venom Wasp sighed, "Let's do this..." Still recalling the announcement of the gifts being given out when the last Incubus passed away, Wasp took out a board with strange marking etched on its surface. Taking out a small wooden piece that gave off a green eerie l.u.s.ter, Wasp whispered a few unintelligible words as the piece moved across the board in an erratic pattern.

"Hmm? I can't divine anything... anti-divination item? Isn't the killer supposed to be the same rank as the fallen incubus? How could a rank 2... or rank 3 brat get such items?"

Knowing that divination is a profession only available to hosts above rank 6 due to the ability to mobilize soul for each divination, Venom Wasp started to prepare for various situations including a scenario where his interference with the unknown brat's soul is already exposed and his identity exposed to the third party that may be protecting the host. Or... the host may have killed the incubus under the command of someone in the higher ranks.

"Well, that would make things easier. Instead of finding something from a host that would always be protected by the restriction of the world he travels in, it is efficient to target one's own leveled hosts..."

Sniffing a stream of powdered poison, Venom Wasp started to make plans to target a few hosts that may be present during the second day of the auction.