Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 534

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 534 Brad

"Ugh... next time, I'll completely focus on upgrading my skill..." Nik 'awoke' with a groan. His head still ringing mercilessly as he soon pushed more than enough points into his [Multi-Task] to simply balance the negative aspect he has been feeling. Now, he had enough skill points to luxuriously invest in one of the more important skills. Rubbing his eyelids, Nik heaved a deep sigh. "To think I fazed out from the remaining fun... well, I can't have fun everywhere, can I?" While Nik muttered to himself rhetorically, Lilith still 'kindly' remarked, "Well... you did have fun while experiencing a true battle of death with Lucifer... so yeah, if you put in enough effort, anything can be fun."

"Fun things don't require effort, right? It just comes naturally," Nik grinned and stood up. The dim room finally grew brightly as Nik slowly stretched his body just for the emotion since Nik could simply commence a warm-up using his [Body Manipulation]. The days of his legs going numb due to sitting in the same position for hours had long vanished into the past. As his limbs m.o.a.ned in satisfied crackles, Nik finally gave attention to the new screen flashing in front of him.

[Congratulations. The first planned event has been successfully concluded. With your seating arrangement, you are eligible to participate in the second event of the auction which shall commence in


Should you accept to join the event, you will be transferred to a different set-up with its own set of rules.

The following message is customized by the Host S1623

Infallible here~

Dear Patron, should you decide to join the second portion, you will be relieved to hear that by making a deal with the Reincarnation Paradise's will, I... ehm, and Absolute, have managed to create a no-kill world where the host can never experience death, pain, torture, or stuff like that. Mental ones included, too.

In essence, whatever you do, may you be a rank 2 fledgling or a rank 8 legend, all of you will have a common ground to forge better relationsh.i.p.s. Instead of ruining your expectations of this temporary utopia, I am inviting all the hosts who receive my message personally.

Join the next events, it will be fun. After all, the more the merrier~]

"Sounds like an orgy..." Sky whispered as she looked at the '~' in the end.

"Yep..." Nik scratched the back of his head, "Well, even if it is an orgy, I can't possibly lose out, right? Who knows, maybe there are more l.u.s.t oriented beings there and maybe I can learn a few things."

"That's quite... a positive outlook. Or maybe, you might finally lose your one and only v.i.r.g.i.nity," Lilith shrugged.

For a moment, Nik stopped. Considering every scenario his mind could imagine... and also the brief description by the cheerfully presented Rank 9 existence, Nik felt that there remained the slightest chance of someone having the best taste among the similar gendered hosts and pick him out of all the treats present. "F.u.c.k, now I am scared, Lilith. Remind me next time that I'll summon Asmodeus..."

"Hey!" Lilith instantly crumbled and forcibly suppressed her chuckle, "I am just kidding! Who would even try such a stunt"

"If I were gay, I would!" Nik spoke in candor that turned his spirits slightly speechless.

"Whatever..." Nik whispered, his butt clenching tightly, "I just won't remove my knickers..."

Once again remaining silent and not raising the point of someone having a steel d.i.c.k fearing that Nik would truly stop using her in battles, Lilith and other spirits felt their vision change and their bodies incomparably suppressed as Nik found himself standing in a large hall. The glimmering silver ceiling is what caught his attention in the first place, next, Nik turned his head to the right, his eyes finally gazing at someone other than the empty space as he found another male looking at him. His dark black hair carefully combed, a red suit covering his body, giving the man an elegant and royal feel while the cuffs and other accessories available to men, western, made Nik recall ancient heritages that took great care of their appearances. After all, unlike the guy looking at him with a furrow of his brows, Nik still wore a chill Hawaiian shirt and a pair of short knickers with simple sandals.

"Was it the formals today?" Nik smiled with an easygoing expression, "Sorry, I slept long." Pretending to straighten his hair, Nik enjoyed the growing scowl on the man's face as he left without speaking. While Nik found other hosts appearing around him, he still shouted, "Hey, don't you understand English? Japanese? Maybe Mandarin?" As the man disappeared, Nik sighed loudly and looked to his left, matching gaze with a brunette wearing a rather worn-out battle outfit with her short hair slightly disheveled and dirt still marring her cheeks.

"People these days..." Walking towards her, Nik extended his hand only to find her snorting coldly and walking away. 'Well... at least, this isn't an orgy...' Nik took his hand back without a hint of embarrassment and looked around. Many hosts caught his attention since other than the most 'basic' humanoid hosts, there was a variety of beastmen, exotic enough to make Nik follow the sway a few pair of h.i.p.s shamelessly, alas, the paradise never gave a user-friendly environment to the hosts and instead of calmly socializing, each of them glared, snorted, huffed, or even openly flipped each other off. Truly, to find a man with a hippo's face and torso flipping off a four-limbed, crouched lizard the size of a lion, Nik decided to steer clear so as to not attract some drama just to find some 'fun'. Poking fun at the suited man already felt a little too extreme now.


Suddenly, a strange and enticing aroma stretched across the section of the hall where Nik and many other hosts were trying to understand their current situation. While the feeling of their amazing physical aspects turning quite normal finally started to sink in, Nik looked towards his left that seemed to be leading to the central spot of the hall, alas his sight remained blocked by the number of hosts that kept on appearing out of thin air. The aroma... the quality was low. A calming effect all too prevalent. Even Nik's scent had grown too subtle to even be detected that easily unless he was excited physically. "Wait... the innates aren't blocked. Lowered, yes. Maybe this is somebody's innate skill?" As Nik mused a little loudly, of course, using the language of his true homeworld, attracting a few gazes, a few other hosts spoke in a different language. A few of them hostile, but all changed when a soft whisper erupted in every host's ears.

"It's time to spend a little amount for the convenience of the auction... in a few moments, the Paradise will offer a translator support for a..m considerable fee. I am communicating with you all using the translator. Wanna join the fun? Then I am afraid you'll have to pay up."

A masculine voice that didn't lack any charm and even soothed the situation erupting due to a host's careless activation of skill explained concisely. And as the voice proclaimed, the system's notification opened in front of Nik and a simple observation of the surrounding and noting the gazes of many hosts turning dazed, Nik figured that the notification opened for everyone.

[Do you wish to rent the Multiversal Translator for the period of Invincible Auction?

Price: 5000 SO]

Accepting the trade, Nik soon heard a sift grunt from behind him.

"Savages, still ripping us off!" It was the burly woman with her blonde hair fashioned into thin twin-tails with the end of her hair quite... bushy. her muscular frame covered by a surprising dress that seemed to fit her figure quite well while her manly face forming a deep scowl.

"I know right," Nik turned around and smiled. His violet gaze matched with her dark brown orbs. Folding her thick arms over her... well, Nik couldn't call those godly pecs b.r.e.a.s.ts so, chest. "Beat it, pretty boy! I have seen many of your kind, and killed em, too." She practically snarled. A little amused Nik snickered. The simple removal of the communication barrier simply changed the situation 180 as Nik continued, "And, you believe that a pretty boy could actually survive in Paradise?"

His inquiry seemed to have made every host in his vicinity recall the deadly situation they had been through. "I know enough to recognize one just by a look."

Shrugging and not continuing to persuade the woman into a conversation, Nik waved his hands and started moving. "You just got blew off the third time..." Sky mused as her words made Nik's smile broaden, "Yep... this shows that everyone here has a manner of resistance against the charm provided by my bloodline... isn't that great? I can speak and smile freely. Although... I wouldn't hate a woman at my side."

"Even that muscular brute?" Lilith inquired.

"She's a woman, isn't she... and I could benefit from her diet, so it wouldn't be so bad," Nik avoided contact with a growling elephant-sized dog and jogged a little, his speed equivalent to the stat points of 6 points while trying to contact Brian and Ray. Once again, the system chat function turned out to be disabled as he couldn't connect with the two.

With his slippers softly squeaking against the creamish floor as he quickened his pace to simply slide past the intersection of two slowly moving hosts, Nik chuckled while hearing the soft curses leaking through the mouths of the two middle-aged hosts.

"Passing through!" he shouted without care. Since this is his last hours within the system, he might as well stop pretending to be some mature and overly cautious host and screw around as much as he wants.

As Nik finally jumped over a bald dwarf. Truly, it was an easy jump but at the cost of being called a son of a bitch which Nik didn't mind as he finally stopped in a stupor, almost hitting into another 'wild' spirit. Like Nik, the youth wore a slightly bigger shirt. Much to his surprise, 'Go Mop' was printed on his shirt in English. A blonde youth, his hair almost platinum as his green eyes observed Nik's shirt. With both of their sandals/slippers coming to a screeching stop, the duo gazed at each other before smiling, completely unaware of how their own curves of lips matched each other.

"Nice shirt!" The youth commented, making Nik shrug and reply in kind, "Go Mop, eh."

"A scuba team of my country," The man grinned, tracing the red print of over his sky blue t-shirt, "The best one, if I may say so."

"Nik," the apostle offered his hand to the handsome lad. With his brows arching in slight surprise as he instantly shook Nik's hand firmly, "Yin Brad... honestly, it is my lucky day to meet... normal host."

'Yin Brad?' A little amused by the mixture of two cultures in a single name, Nik finally took his hand back and shrugged, "We may as well be crazy, you know, relatively compared to them... isn't that right?" Nik smiled at the passing dwarf who only huffed in annoyance and didn't take any part in the conversation. "See?" Nik smiled wryly.

Brad gazed at the back of the dwarf and snickered, "I am gonna take a leap of faith and tell you a secret... the dwarven women are crazy~!" With his green eyes gazing at Nik for some kind of affirmation, Brad was pleasantly surprised at Nik's reply as he rubbed the bridge of his nose, "Haven't slept with one... until now, I am more of a spirit guy, you know."

"Wow... spirit, eh... our world is only infested with ghosts. Never came across a spirit... not that I can do anything about them since I can't even touch them..." Shrugging, Brad gestured to move as the duo kindred spirits started moving towards the slowly developing line of hosts that led to a new seating region with a slightly raised stage. "How come you can touch ethereal existence like spirits? Some strange technique?" Brad inquired with a tone of curiosity and such familiarity that could fool the listener into believing that Nik and Brad might be the best of brothers in arms.

"Ooh, I can't tell you that," Nik smiled with a grin, "I feel that we haven't shared enough p.o.r.n to raise our level of friendship."

"Ah, my bad," Brad smiled in kind, "Too bad, I don't film myself... I do have a stack in my device."

"That's all we need in adventures," Nik continued, making Brad chuckle. "It would be true if I ever ventured into a barren world. Never had to use my treasures... but I still continue to stack them whenever I have the time. You know, data is power and all that stuff."

It was easy enough to understand that even if their worlds were different, the culture was extremely similar, so the conversation about p.o.r.n and its various tags began smoothly as their loud voices soon became the source of annoyance to many hosts present in the line that led to the seating region.

"Can you two perverted brats pipe down?" At this time, an extremely familiar voice echoed, making Nik turn to his right with a wide smile as he waved his hand towards the silver-haired petite youth in a crop top and a pair of black denims that outlined his curvaceous lower body. "Ray," Nik pushed the host behind him a little making space for the succubus to enter the line as Brad looked at Ray with a hint of surprise and remorse, "A male? Damn... this world is turning deceitful by second."

"And you are?" Ray inquired as he stood between Nik and Brad. Out of the three, Nik was the tallest followed by the lanky Brad and petite Ray. "Yin Brad... Ray, right? Nice to meet you... just to make our future conversation less awkward, let me state clearly that I am not interested in any form of male."

"Good job genius," Ray crossed his arms, "You achieved a level of awkwardness that you didn't desire... truly, Brian is more tactful than you."

"Speaking of Brian... where is he?" Nik looked around, still unable to locate Brian as Ray shrugged, "We'll find him if he is here..."

"Hey, don't leave me out," Brad groaned, "Nobody likes being a third wheel."

"Sure," Nik shrugged, "Brian is our step-dad. You know, he sometimes worries too much and even pays for our food."

"I always thought he's more like an elder sibling," Ray mused, "Step-father works, too. The kind that doesn't sleep with us."

"Ugh," Brad and Nik groaned simultaneously.