Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 535

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 535 Adapt

"Well... who knew that the seating area is automated to separate hosts based on their ranks..." Brad muttered, sitting beside Nik as the apostle was simultaneously flanked by Ray to his left side, "But damn, Rank 2 hosts are really pushed back completely..." the green-eyed youth continued, as the trio looked the hundreds of hosts sitting in front of them before the stage could be seen. The cushioned seats on which the trio sat had three buttons on the armrest that stated Stage, Exit, Deny.

"These buttons..." Nik muttered, tracing his index over the buttons popping out of the armrest without any information provided by the paradise. "Hey," at this time, Ray softly called out and nudged Nik's arms with his shoulder, attracting his attention as the succubus continued, "That was devious... in the last auction."

"Like you didn't take advantage," Nik smiled as their pink and violet gazes met before speaking, "Can you find them? Cause I can't... not even in the higher-ranked seats." Nik inquired, his intentions quite clear as Ray furrowed and looked forward only to find no-one resembling the description of three pillars of infernals but the fact that they joined the previous event of the auction meant that either they simply didn't participate in the current event or they had a way to disguise despite the restriction of special techniques and items.

"Hey!" Tapping Nik's shoulder and speaking rather loudly, Brad commented as a figure, bulky and mustached, of course, he was Bulkmungus, taking the role of hosting the auction as his loud voice boomed in the seating region. "This is the second event of the auction Barter. In here, all the host's seats would glow at random, allowing them to select the option of transferring to the stage by pressing the [Stage] button. If you wish to auction something, you have to follow a single rule Every item is supposed to be graded as Dark-Golden or higher by our gracious system." Twirling his thick mustache, making Nik feel a little envious, Bulkmungus continued, "In barter auction, you can ask for anything. Instead of us, hosts, shouting like animals to purchase your items, we will be sending you written messages co-ordinated by the system that would allow you to select and converse with a potential customer.

Using the [Deny] button, a host can refute from stepping up the stage if they do not have appropriate items to auction. The [Exit] button can be used to transport out of the seating region into the area where you all appeared. In that area, you all can communicate with each other and commence private trade. Finally, only hosts above rank 6 can offer services for auction. These services are not subject to the system's grading and any potential budder needs to assess the service properly. Of course, once the trade is complete, the host will have to provide the said service."

"Does that mean, If I were rank 6 and offered to f.u.c.k someone good... many females would bid for it?" Nik inquired in a whisper, making Brad nod, "Feels like a derogatory dream... still a great one."

"If you feel that selling yourself is a dream," Ray snorted, a little unnerved by the sync of the duo as Nik didn't continue the line of conversation for many hosts already started disappearing from the seating region, reappearing around the seating region while giving the auction stage one last look before slowly and cautiously approaching each other. "We all have more things in common than we let on... so, it's slightly depressing seeing everyone act this way," Ray whispered. "True dat," Brad muttered as Bulkmungus' voice reached out once again, a remote control in his hand with a single button on its surface, "So, let's begin without further delay!"

Pressing the button, the slightly mechanical armrests of all the seats glowed brightly before dimming down and a single spot closer to Rank 2 seats, within the Rank 4 region, glowed brightly. While everyone expected the auction to begin successfully, the light dimmed away, making Bulkmungus sigh and press the button once again. Similar to the previous moment, the armrests of the hosts glowed brightly before a spot remained far away from the Rank 2 region, and seeing a new figure appearing beside Bulkmungus out of thin air, everyone finally grew more hopeful, a little expectant of what's to come.

Instead of greeting the host, Bulkmungus simply smiled and kept his quiet as the obese man with barely any hair left on his head cheered loudly. "I have had a fortunate experience in one of the worlds where the laws and concepts can he crystallized into worms." Taking out a small caterpillar while a huge dialogue box appeared behind him, the host continued, "This here is called a Gu Worm. Its effects are listed in the description and you would also need to cultivate high. I ain't here to cheat and anyone who has integrated with the Primeval Essence Cultivation will have great benefits from this item."

[Rank 6 Insect Whisper Gu Worm: Unique

Use: A unique gu worm that allows the user to mobilize various forms of insects and tame any being less powerful than the host and categorized as an Insect by the world he is visiting.

Requirements: Primeval Aperture Unlocked.]

"For this Gu Worm here, I'll like a Mystic Code of Rank Higher than C from the Thaumaturgy system. Preferably, a defensive item."

As the man continued, Nik and Ray had already lost their interest. Brad, meanwhile, sighed, "Damn... that's a treasure but"

"You have ventured into this world?" Ray leaned forward and turned his face towards Brad as he nodded with a sigh, "A cruel one, but quite refreshing. Anyway, this system doesn't increase lifespan or energy by itself... but at higher ranks, you can start gaining the benefits of multiple concepts rather easily. Would you believe that that it is rumored that at Rank 6 of this particular cultivation system, a person can actually create an entire world within himself?"

"That's... amazing," Ray muttered, "You wouldn't know what's Thaumaturgy system, right?"

"I know the basic definition, but nothing more..." Brad shook his head as Nik shrugged, "Magic... what else. Farting rainbows and crying amber."

"Anyway... about this world creation, do you have some sort of technique or booklet or item that can get me introduced to the system? I'd like to trade if you are willing..." Nik inquired as Brad shook his head.

"Sorry, never got the chance to store the appropriate gu worms for that. However... I do have the coordinates of that world. How about we talk trade later?"

"Sure." Nik smiled as Ray chimed, "Me, too."

Which item was auctioned for the so-called Gu Worm was a mystery but seeing the host bow and his item disappear, Nik others felt that the auction had gone successful. After the host disappeared, Bulkmungus gave the confirmation with a wide grin.

"With our first auction complete, let's continue!"


"Aagh... this is boring... more than I imagined. An orgy would have been far better..." Nik's groan echoed within his spiritual world, making his spirits snicker. After all, nobody likes an auction where a person displays the item, silently accepts an offer, and then disappear. In essence, there was no flare. "Well, you should consider that every single host that is expected to be a high ranker is already old enough to be far less passionate for troubles." Sky commented while Nik refuted, "Age is just a number... and I really don't want to get too boring even if I grow old... there are so many women out there, so I don't have the option of becoming less excitable."

As they chatted, Nik finally realized that his armrest was glowing brightly. A little surprised, Nik smiled and whispered, his words spreading across the sparse Rank 2 hosts remaining while the rest had long exited and started to finally converse with each other to set up personal trade and beneficial relationsh.i.p.s. "Do you want to see high rankers dancing to my tune?" He inquired, his question pulling a confused expression from Brad and Ray as he pressed the [Stage] button and felt the same spatial shift as his boosted skill and found himself standing on the stage. By now, Nik had already assumed that Bulkmungus would never introduce a host with rank greater than 6 but anyone below that rank would be completely exposed. Considering that only two Rank 5 and a single Rank 3 host stepped up to the stage, Nik didn't have enough information to conclude but Bulkmungus' humorous tone suggested that he had some manner to at least the rank of the host in front of him.

"A special 'guest'! A rank 2 host is willing to make an appearance on the stage and try to sell us something!"

'Ah... is that supposed to be intimidation? Humiliation?' Hearing the slight scoff but a few gaze focus on him, Nik smiled at Bulkmungus, "Yeah, thanks. Can I present the item?"

Smiling silently and taking a step back, Bulkmungus gestured Nik with a slightly overdramatic wave of his bulging arm. As Nik looked at the group of hosts, he realized that the first five hosts present on a similar chair must be the fabled Rank 9 hosts. Absolute, Infallible, Grind, Adapt, and Khooni...

'But who is Khooni out of them?' Gazing at the group of five hosts that sat at quite a few spaces apart with an impassive expression, Nik sighed. 'Are they pretending to be this... uncaring or do they truly get so impassioned after attaining strength?' Questioning himself as even his spirits couldn't find the appropriate answer, Nik took out a glimmering gold vial.

"I have had quite a few fortunes. One of them is this... A rank 9 Supreme Seraphim's Bloodline Origin that does not need to be evolved any longer," Smiling as he observed a few changes in expression of the first few rows while the hosts behind them already shocked, Nik continued, "Of course, I have a list of items I need in exchange for this bloodline...

First thing, while I will consider silent offers in the form of messages, I would give preference to any host who expresses his offer through his voice. I want excitement, people. After all, the situation looks so terrible that I almost left the seating area and you guys almost lost this treasure!

Second I would not deny 20000 skill points, and a legacy regarding taming animals or other existences."

His voice caused quite a few ranker hosts to furrow their brows due to the fact that even they couldn't fork out 20000 skill points, much less a legacy! Being the item of desire but owned by bare few, Legacies are as beneficial to hosts as a paradise is beneficial to mortals.

Waiting with an easygoing smile, Nik waited, and when he looked back at the five men sitting in the row of rank 9 hosts, once again, slightly dismayed with the fact that no female's butt touched the seat.

At this moment, a message invisible to the eyes of others appeared in front of his face

[I can provide 20000 Skill Points, but instead of a legacy, I can offer you a technique that can let you reach your]

Before completing the last statement and realizing another way to gain an advantage, Nik changed his plans slightly.

"Come on!" He shouted with a deep smile, "You all are flooding my chat but can't you guys speak? My kid shouts louder than you guys. As for the recurring question, of course, you can provide something else. But have the balls or," gazing at the furrowing old woman, Nik held his tongue, "Yeah, have the balls to speak your mind. Otherwise... you are losing all the respect we low rankers have for you."

Amused, Bulkmungus chuckled. It was unknown if Nik's lie about his message getting flooded was already exposed or not, but the fact that Bulkmungus placed a bid loudly allowed Nik to breathe a sigh of relief silently. After all, there remained a certain chance of complete failure and while Nik wouldn't mind making a fool of himself, he needed to cast a successful auction of his item that he would use as a base to propel other items.

"Fine, fine! This auction did grow a little stale," smiling, Bulkmungus clapped, "I am willing to bid 13000 skill points and would cover for your other loss by providing a service Making a weapon for you that is confirmed to be in the Rank of Diamond!"

Before Nik could reject, another voice caught his attention.

"I won't be placing any skill points as a bid but I do have a Legacy of your need," the voice caused everyone to turn silent and even Bulkmungus' presence felt a little suppressed. The sudden demise of the momentum was definitely unintentional. After all, if someone with sky-high reputation expresses his opinion, it isn't to suppress others but just speak out. How the public reacts was simply not in Nik's hand and as the apostle looked at the mysterious Rank 9 host. Long brown hair tied into a ponytail while wearing nothing but casual clothes that befitted a salesman. Well... he probably was a salesman. The handbag and the slightly suicidal look on the pale face of the host gave such a thought to Nik. Heck, even his slightly paunchy figure suggested the amount of desk work given to the man.

Smiling a little to brighten the place that the person seemed to dull due to his existence, Nik refuted, "Skill Points are essential, my good sir. How about this"

Without even letting Nik complete, the only rank 9 host to respond to the bid spoke gravely, "Only the Legacy."

With not even a single message now coming towards his direction and all the hosts losing their motive to even compete due to the reputation the rank 9 hosts boast, Nik felt that his first sale was already a lost cause. Sighing, Nik inquired, "Can you describe the legacy..." while making sure that his disinterest could be seen through his face.

Silently, the man sent the description of the Legacy to Nik while giving out a piece of information that greatly excited Nik. Of course, this excitement was expertly hidden.

[Kid, I know about you. And the other two brats. Honestly, like Infallible's kid, you three are as infamous as your ancestors, even in our circle. This Legacy is barely the first of many things I can offer if you still have all of your rewards intact. You know what I mean...

I need to know everything about that little bird. From his genetics to his techniques... You'll be rewarded nicely. Here's the description of the Legacy.

Legacy: Idle Summoner

Use: A complete set of legacy with its rules and rewards that allows the user to store and carry various lifeforms with him. The Legacy is self-sufficient in absorbing the myriad energy and provide various benefits to the user accordingly. A point to note is that the system heavily depends on the user's thoughts and the beings that can be summoned or stored are based on the user's bias.

I used this legacy to find various bloodlines and use them for myself...

That's the Legacy that allowed me to gain the name Adapt.]

'Well... he sounds persuasive...' thinking, Nik decided to send a message in reply.

[What kind of rewards, if it isn't too much to ask.]

The message came quite quickly, [Any logical host by now can understand that I have some... history with the current Supreme Seraphim. That bird placed all those items in a fit of impulse, and now, I intend to make use of the opportunity...

I don't have currency to spare but the things I can provide you are definitely better than some skill points or status points.]

[What if I ask you to extinguish the last spark of Nirdai... you know who I am referring to, right?]

[I am no assassin and I don't kill for anyone but myself... however... there are some things I can compensate you with that are extremely helpful. It doesn't take a special talent for us Rank 9 oldies to see Khooni's mark on you. How about it... Ravager holder... help me out here, and I'll return the favor.]

Gulping, Nik looked at the curious expression of the hosts. Smiling widely, Nik proceeded with the sale and received the intended item simultaneously. Without missing a beat and deciding to stop making a show to simply take care of one of the biggest problems plaguing him, Nik looked at the three options floating around him and hit [Exit], just like the Adapt as the rank 9 user, too, disappeared.