Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 539

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 539 A Day Off

Nik knew the person who would hug him this tightly with her bosom warm enough to make his lower torso sweat and her arms slithering dexterously enough to slide behind his back. After all, the first one to wake up in this house always looked into his room or so she proclaimed. A woman selfish, sweet, and adorable to the extreme. As Nik slowly opened his eyes, he realized from the ticking clock hung over the area above the door that he barely slept for four hours. Four, very comfortable hours that extended to him being a willing hug bag.

Her mellow scent allowed Nik to blissfully realize once again, he had returned, fortunately in one piece. The slightest shift of his body pulled an uncomfortable groan from Okita, as Nik enjoyed calling her, Okusan. Her pink hair dr.a.p.ed over his crumpled up shirt while her lips softly pressed against the divider of his chest, a thin trail of drool leaking alongside the few hickies that were on verge of fading away marked over his exposed abdomen. He had been used in his sleep, the unfortunates of being the 'candy' under the gazes of hungry devourers.

"Hmm~" shifting her head to press her own cheeks against the river of drool the slightly physically enhanced Okusan had left, she enjoyed the caress of Nik's palm over her dry side. The other hand, of course, balancing the sweetness with s.e.xiness as the right palm reached down through the elastic of her pajama, gently stroking the soft fabric covering the buxom butt cheeks. Warm and slightly damp as Nik had expected. Even being months away from his home couldn't really make Nik forget the characteristics of his loved ones.

He, of course, made sure to remember each one of them every day. As if an obsession for only obsessions and addictions have enough strength to keep his mind from wandering too much amongst the hottest of holes Nik had ever plowed and kept him rooted. With his erection breaking his thoughts, the only action Nik never tried to actively control using his ability since this is his true characteristic itself Getting honest boners when in arms of his women Nik groped the curvaceously rounded ass. Meanwhile, his thumb over Okusan's face gave a soft brushing stroke a little closer to her nose, his warm hand covering the entirety of her pushed up cheek as an unconscious snort echoed amongst her soft snores.

He had been away for 14 days. It is the 14th of January in this version of Earth. Why this version? Because Ray lived on a planet named the same and with eerily similar cultures. Ray, as the succubus explained beforehand, was of European origins. His elder sister proclaimed to be a fluttering beauty and seeing Ray's appearance, Nik didn't have a doubt in his statement. And in Japan, an island country, Nik failed to share some of the most basic characteristics of the local inhabitants. Women cute and softly feature, Okusan being the prime example, while Nik turned out to be rugged. Heck, Rick could be considered his distant cousin if not for the slightly darker skin tone and less charming features. Still, how Rick didn't get laid after all this time was a mystery to Nik. Gunta, Nik could understand. But Rick... 'Maybe he finally got that New Years' charm?' he thought, his palm giving a considerately soft squeeze to Okusan's 'pompfy' ass. Unwilling to wake the beauty up, at least, not until the clock struck 5.

Why 5?

Gym time, of course!

Finally, using his [Psychic Aptitude: S-] on a living organism for the first time, Nik tried to truly 'focus' on Okusan. It wasn't simple. A little complicated as he slowly and 'instinctually' started to understand the physical structure of Okusan right down to her genetics. A little creeped out since Nik would rather have his first bondage session or some other kink with Okusan before trying out something related to cells and genes, Nik still tried to explore Okusan. Everything felt extremely amazing, but of course, not s.e.x.u.a.l. Even Nik would feel judgemental against the living being who could get a hard-on by the in-depth study of a living organism. Then again, maybe there is a kink named Geneomism that he simply wasn't aware of. From her body, what Nik considered to be the core structure the musculature and skeletal system that actually held a body together, Nik could feel the Hamon flowing around the thinnest of her fibers. The reinforcement of her body, as long as she took appropriate nutrition, was quite active but when taken a look from a 'whole' perspective, Okusan was barely comparable to a healthy a.d.u.l.t male.

It took Nik almost seven minutes to understand Okusan's physique... g-spots included. Well, that was his main motive. Finally, Nik's finger traced the end of her spine. Weirdly enough, it wasn't her armpit but this spot that made Okusan ticklish. The brush of his finger was momentary. Enjoying the feeling of the pink-haired landlady hugging him even tighter, Nik finally pulled his hands over to her waist, reciprocating the hug with a tight one of his, his erect, stiff shaft pressed against her abdomen as her legs dangled out of the bed.


Suddenly, Nik heard the door click open. He knew the woman. The only person who actually brought the money to this strange, newly developed family residing in the apartment. With her short reddish-brown hair slightly disheveled and her body only covered in a single greyed out panties with a cute bow over the front of the clothing, Souko entered the room. One hand clutched into a fist and the side rubbing against her eyes while the other hand covering her yawning mouth, pulling her exposed b.r.e.a.s.ts upwards slightly. Laziness clear in her gait, and slight tipsiness. Another six-pack devoured last night, most probably. Gazing at the landlady tightly wrapped by someone, with arms thick, veiny, and already enticing Souko to get down on her knees to succ.u.mb to her slowly incubating desires that she felt that only Nik should satiate from now. The grip, the sheer possessiveness in the hug almost drove Souko to a l.u.s.tful stupor but soon, everything faded when she matched her gaze with the goofily smiling, bearded youth.

It was neatly trimmed, she would make sure to compliment him while sucking every drop of c.u.m with her name on it. She would ride him. Today is Thursday, but who cares. Nobody could give her shit if she wanted to 'get off'. He arrived, finally. A little late, but to the doofus' credit, he informed everyone timely, not even allowing anyone to cry tears that would have emerged due to slight misinformation. His growth was already clear to her eyes and it brought mighty expectations which she expected to be fulfilled. "Join us, honey," he whispered. A little too sweet for her taste. Both, the name and the product. A drunken s.l.u.t loved to be used and rutted against but when seeing him scooch ever so slightly to make space for her in the already crowded bed, Souko conceded.

Slowly climbing upon the unused... well, each of them had their turns to please themselves on this bed. After all, Nik left an undeniable scent and it served to comfort them in his absence. Especially their mother, Mitsuko. "You returned," suppressing a needful groan and sticking her tongue down his throat, wanting nothing more than to drown in his fluids, Souko welcomed her man like a human. Her time to become an animal would come... right? Before she even considered the possibility of others hogging him while she had to go off to her job, Nik's left hand moved and tugged on her wrist, making her bare body lose its balance as she toppled over onto Nik and her thigh accidentally pressed against Okusan's back.

"Hey, you could try and smile, you know," he whispered, a little blame in his tone that made Souko feel a little satisfied. Once again showing the quality of impulsiveness that she fell for, Souko felt Nik's hand move slither over to her back and reaching to the top of her skull as he pushed her down and locked his lips with her. She breathed like an alcoholic, probably. After all, she hadn't gotten the chance to brush her teeth as she fell unconscious to the sweet taste of booze. The fact that she didn't even remember how she woke out of her clothes pointed towards her drunken stupors but Nik enjoyed the familiar taste. His body already geared to sense the best of things hidden inside each female body and as their tongues interlocked, Souko's legs slowly clutched Okusan's back, pulling her into a thigh hug that pressed Souko's gradually wetting crotch against the back of Okusan's neck. The other leg slithered under Nik, making him grunt as he pushed his h.i.p.s up to make space for Souko's leg.

"Mmgh~! You know, I almost felt risky in my office's bathroom!" Souko m.o.a.ned, her palms pressing his cheeks as her tongue and lips sucked on his saliva, her n.a.k.e.d chest heaving and pressing against Nik's collarbone and the side of his shoulders as his hand let go of the back of her head and slowly traced down to her h.i.p.s, tugging the annoying clothing down and sinking his finger into her right butt cheek, "Yeah?" he whispered in the breaks of their kiss, "Why don't I help you out? My body's a little restricted, so you have the chance to use my face, you know," his whisper instantly setting Souko ablaze in debauched desires and methods. Now, she really, really wanted to 'use' Nik. "All day?" She inquired, hopeful in her expression that made Nik instantly remove the usual routine he was going to inflict upon them and nodded with a gleeful smile, "All day."

Hearing his affirmation, Souko gently pulled her legs away and scooched up to Nik while presenting his lips and mouth with a sloppy and languorous smooch. Soon, she broke the kiss and licked her lip, finally breaking the salivary bridge formed between them and instantly sat on his face with a thrust knowing fully well that he wouldn't get hurt. Now, with her soaked panties over his lips and her erect, fabric-covered clit pushed against the tip of Nik's nose, Souko matched his gaze. Even in the dark, after getting adjusted to the lighting, she could see quite a bit and with the trace of dawn leaking through the covered windows, the surroundings looked presentable enough to finally have her world rocked, spread, and f.u.c.k.i.e.d completely, and quite literally.