Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 540

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 540 Show

With one hand gently hugging the sleeping Okusan, solidifying the fact that sleep was even sweeter once a person woke in the morning and slept thereafter, Nik used his other hand to grip and support Souko while she placed her hands above her bosom, slowly punching and twirling her slightly dark pink n.i.p.p.l.es and pushing her voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.ts up, her body slightly glistening with a thin layer of sweat that her worked up body produced. Tugging on the pulled down fabric from behind, Nik wedged the panties into Souko's crotch as his nose that stuck against her clit sniffed a slightly overwhelming scent. With the fluffy p.u.s.s.y entrance of the redhead's pushed against his lips, the width of the panties pushing and covering her p.u.s.s.y lips, Nik gently pursed his lips and gave a dry kiss over the wet crotch. The cloth already translucent with the dampness, traced the tantalizing lips hidden behind them.

As he tasted the first, thin stream of nectar, Nik's eyes lit up. Unlike the stale scent of beer lingering around her mouth, which would soon get purified, Nik wasted no time in dragging his tongue upwards, shifting his face a little back to let his s.e.xed-up tongue flick against the e.r.o.t.i.c nubbin popping out from the fabric. "Hmmm~" Souko sighed in relief, the tensions of her damp thighs pressing against his cheeks slowly loosened as her body bent downwards with her hands getting their support from the raised edge of the bed behind the 'head' side. With her bosom dangling in front of his face as if pulling Nik into an eternal exercise of an obese man running after his favorite dish, Nik increased his efforts as Souko gasped. Finally, with the fabric pulled away, Nik easily stuck his lips against Souko's lower lips as she grunted in approval, "Ah~ That hits the spot!"

Her crazed, loud praise made Nik feel happy. This is the praise that only him or the beer that Souko chugged could ever receive... maybe... just maybe...

He didn't really need to feel 'this' happy, right?

Gazing at the trembling body that clutched against his tongue tightly while the pair of b.r.e.a.s.ts bounced in accordance to the jolts of pleasure running up Souko's spine, Nik sighed internally.

'Ahh... who am I kidding...' thinking, Nik sent his voice to the girls present in the apartment, 'Wake up!' he boomed his voice reluctantly... but the man of the house needed an orgy for his return. Having Souko suppress her m.o.a.ns just because she would wake others up was too depressing for Nik.

He needed everybody.

He needed them now.


"Phew~ That's one tight ass, darling~!" With her belly finally showing the effects of pregnancy, Mitsuko whistled, her glasses placed over her head as she, alongside every one of Nik's partner, decently clothed, sat in the living room with the direct access to the kitchen where only one active man worked while every single girl aside from Amano, who came by later, slumped on the couch, exhausted.

Hearing the loud cheer, the N.a.k.e.d Nik who only fashioned a single apron over his body with the print Kiss the Cook smiled mischievously and turned his head while slightly tiptoeing. As he had said, this was a special return since it took him more than a year to complete his adventure. "Just some lip service?" he inquired with a distressed m.o.a.n, "And here I thought that I could get you guys to cop a feel!" His words making Amano and Okusan blush, the remaining group actually considered if they should really give the nice piece of booty the attention it deserved.

At this moment, Souko's cellphone rang. Still in one of Nik's collection of the sober shirt as the hem reached her thighs, Souko placed the can down and picked the call with a surprised expression, "Boss? Hmm? Yeah, I'm at home... what? I didn't... check again, I did," she shrugged, her conversation only privy to herself while she thought that her gestures might be understood by others. Her family, of course, understood. It was Kaya, Amano, and Okusan that had trouble understanding the gesture.

"She means I am too knocked up to understand what's going on Kurumi, with her hair flowing down naturally, translated as Souko chuckled, "Come on, it's not like I have stuff to do by being a regional manager... Mina could handle it~ Ah! There's a UFO"


Under the surprised stare of the trio, Souko cut the call with the flip of her cellphone, her model slightly outdated but she simply refused to move up from the flipping models. "UFO?" Sayako inquired with a sigh, unlike others, she actually wore her own sweater while she continued to lean against her mother, Mitsuko. "Boss still thinks UFO means that I ain't decent enough to work... you know, 'that' way~" she shrugged, "Just means more free time for me!"

"Couldn't you simply inform her beforehand... it's already 3 pm..." Kurumi muttered in annoyance as she sat with her socks covered legs pulled up on the couch while Amano couldn't help but look at others awkwardly. After all, aside from the maxi wearing Okusan, only Megumi wore her school uniform that came close to actually being called decent. Her eyes took another furtive glance of the cooking Nik, his soft hums barely audible but out of everyone, only she continued to practice religiously which allowed her to start developing the Hamon energy Nik had introduced into her body alongside others.

"Hey, Nik," Kaya adjusted her glasses while looking towards Nik, "Did you learn to cook this time around?" His actions, from cutting vegetables to coordinating the frying of the diced vegetables did look experienced enough. Hearing Kaya's words, Nik recalled the old man whose experience he stole for his own cooking. Surprisingly, Nie Li, the treasure trove of experience, barely had enough skill in cooking to be considered passable. "Something like that," he smiled while stirring the soup, "I haven't shared my experience with you all yet... it will be surprising, maybe overwhelming." His words making the girls twitch uncomfortably. This was their deal, something they never considered that Nik would actually fulfill.

Well, Nik never lied, so of course, knowing that they could be overwhelmed already made them nervous.

"Spoiler alert, I can actually create another d.i.c.k, you know. I just didn't perform true actions... well, I am here, so I think, we can take it slowly."

"Two d.i.c.ks?" Kurumi narrowed her eyes as she looked at Mitsuko licking her lips and whispering double hotdog "Is that something like tentacles or stuff like that."

"Woah, no!" Nik shook his head, "Just think of me as a magical creature with one tool exposed and the other one hidden... anyway, as a special cook, I should introduce you guys to your meal," Saying this, Nik started taking out cooked meals that instantly wafted an enticing scent that made the girls all the more hungrier.

"The meat prepared is from a special kind of source categorized as a spirit beast with powers that can put the artillery tanks of the military to shame. The best thing about these beasts is that even when they look extremely 'junky' they are mind-numbingly nutritious." As Nik walked up to the table and slowly placed their meals, he started introducing the type of beasts, their structure, and even briefly touched upon their powers and specialties.

It was at this time Megumi pointed towards the kitchen, "Then why did you wait all this time to bring the food and continued to play in there?" She demanded. Unlike the girls who got a part of their nutrition from Nik's healthy spunk, Megumi had her club activities before she rushed back into the apartment only to find Nik's sloppy c.o.c.k slipping out of Kaya's anus as he rushed to open the door.

Not a great way to meet, but she accepted knowing Nik's nature and appreciating how he has been keeping his word by not going after her mother and even waiting for the deed between them until her graduation. The latter actually becoming the source of her own distress as Nik kept her plenty 'happy' just using his fingers and tongue.

"Hmm?" Rubbing the back of his head, Nik smiled, "That? *Cough* I just wanted to present a good show for everyone..."

"Naice..." Kaya gave her thumbs-up as she already picked the first bite as Mitsuko grumbled and started digging in. "Ugh..." grunting, Okusan helped a few calm ones in serving the food as her hands did brush against Nik's butt, making him smile quite smugly.

He still got it!

Meanwhile, Megumi forgot her indignations once she tasted the food itself.

What about Nik? He ate the fried vegetables after seasoning them alongside a few bowls of rice.

"You should wear something... it isn't hygienic like this," Mitsuko muttered while focusing her honey-gold eyes into Nik's violet hues, "Ugh... too lazy to move. Don't worry, I won't be poking against my food..."

"No... ehm," coughing softly, Mitsuko finally laid her desire out, "I wanted to say, don't you dirty the apron with food... I want it clean on you while driving me crazy again..."

She spoke casually but her words made the pussies of everyone around Nik twitch as their gazes for Nik changed slightly.

"I'll surely kiss the cook!" Souko chuckled as Kurumi couldn't truly feel extremely open with Megumi by her side. Something that Nik expected to help them with today itself.

"Ah, did you tell Yuuko that you'll be staying here till night?" Nik inquired as Megumi blushed further and shook her head, "I am supposed to be out with my teammates..." she buzzed while her cheeks remained inflated with the meat of Pink viper.

"Ohm," Okusan coughed while Kaya muttered, "Ah, how young and romantic..."

Her cooing finally embarrassing Megumi enough to lower her head as she ate the meal. Still, her heart thrummed in expectations.