Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 541

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 541 Surprise 1

"I feel faint..." Kaya muttered as she looked at the pictures and compared them to the brief but easygoing portrayal of Nik's adventure. "A goddess?" Kurumi muttered in a daze while Megumi shook her head in a similar manner, "Two goddesses..." Following up, Okusan and Mitsuko muttered with a bleak expression, "A child?"

Meanwhile, the most casual of them all, Sayako and Souko hurriedly spoke with an unnatural flush. "Tanya? You have the pics, right? Show them! Show them!" They squeaked, showing a rather immature side for the first time as Nik took out the smartphone Megumi had helped in picking out and showed the pictures of the First Goddess that Nik could ever pray to, of course, she wouldn't be the last. Seeing the pics, the girls slowly grew out of their dizziness and accepted the reality, albeit, reluctantly. Especially, Okusan.

Meanwhile, Mitsuko started inquiring about Nik's experience of being a father, which Nik felt more comfortable in expressing through his words rather than his memories. "Tanya?" he muttered, "I mean, whatever she does, she just has that 'thing' you know..." he sounded a little unsure, also showing a new side of him to the girls as they grew interested with Mitsuko taking the charge, "What about the mother? She is the younger one of the twins, right? Did she take good care of T"

Before Mitsuko could let her emotions control her outburst, Nik smirked and pulled her on his lap while explaining loudly, "It is hard to accept it... I realize that, of course. But for me, it was an experience cultivated for a little over a year. Here, barely two weeks passed by. So, I understand... take your time. In fact, I now will bring you all to meet with the partners, I am sure that you'll find the place delightful!" Saying this as Mitsuko puckered her lips and leaned back on Nik, sighing in defeat as she truly couldn't refute the fact that she hadn't actually spent that much time with Nik when compared to his other partners, she whispered, "Fine," her tone gloomy. Even after understanding the situation, there was no need to hide her emotions, after all, she is the kind of woman who had confessed Nik to give him a child on their very first day!

"Hey," Nik kissed her cheeks from behind softly, "She isn't just Ming's daughter. She is 'our' daughter, you know. Tanya would love to know all of you after she grows up... maybe, even learn a few tricks, keke," with his loose chuckle reducing Mitsuko's unfounded indignations, he continued, "And... you know, she can't meet anybody at the moment, so, I'll try to find a way so that at least, Ming and Tanya can continue to live..."

"What's this?" Cutting the conversation, Megumi turned the phone and presented the image of Nik in a bartender's outfit with his hair swiped back and his jaws cleanly shaven. "Ah, that's me trying to act like a passionate bartender. Looks great, right? Should we use this outfit after the apron?" He inquired eagerly, making Souko nod with a shrug, "Outfits are great and all, but I want the last turn this time around... I enjoy the c.o.c.ktail version of"

Before Souko could finish, Sayako leaned over and kissed her elder sister's lips, instantly attracting everybody's attention. "Hmph?" Eyes widened in curiosity since they had already engaged in such acts back in their 'rebellious' phase, Souko enjoyed the comfort of her younger sister before they breathed with Sayako's blue eyes gazing at everyone present. With a smirk and her golden lock naturally falling down and covering her right eye, she whispered enchantingly, "We can all get 'used' to Nik's changes tomorrow when we return out there... right now, I want 'this'" slowly letting her hands slither against her elder sister's sloppy crotch barely hidden under the large shirt, she continued, "to get 'used' to Nik's changes."

Her words pulled an approving nod from many except Megumi who was still new to being surrounded by healthy incarnations of promiscuity since even Okusan seemed eager by the idea, her heaving chest giving her away. Still, with a very horny and needy Mitsuko on his lap, Nik tenderly kissed the nape of her neck before sliding down her loose top, instantly revealing her voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.ts. Feeling Mitsuko push her butt back enough to reveal the healthy erection that didn't seem tired after five hours of workout and poke against the hem of the apron, Mitsuko chuckled and pressed her palms against the clothed tip, "We should move this into the bedroom or else we might knock off the glass table," she breathed hotly followed by a pleased gasp as she felt Nik playing with her b.r.e.a.s.ts instead of acknowledging her words, his focus completely placed over her as his hot sighs caused her to feel a sensational tingle that made her exposed crotch wet at a breakneck pace.

As Nik's hands slowly yet gradually enjoyed every bit of Mitsuko, letting her body lose its tensions as she rolled up the hem of the apron to reveal an astounding c.o.c.k throbbing for a rub once again and slowly sink into her molding p.u.s.s.y, other girls soon grew l.u.s.tful and felt their inhibitions crumble down. Well, not that they had high defenses against Nik in the first place but his addictive scent really got things going. Seeing his tool far impressive than ever, something that Megumi felt completely unfitting, physically, for her body, slowly sliding into Mitsuko's body as her head tilted back and her face turned sideways to engage in a sloppy kiss with the man, even her p.u.s.s.y unable to truly fit him as her hands still massaged the balls the source of Nik's virility with unhinged passion, the dark-haired girl felt a tug over her shirt, making her match gazes with yet another pair of honey-gold eyes.

Kurumi, with her hair, untied and revealing a rather mature charm, slowly leaned against Megumi, her stature a little petite when compared to Megumi's but her body qualified enough to be considered far juicier and plumper. Her feline-like stare that seemed to ask for attention and care alongside the hint of annoyance for even receiving such attention in the first place made Megumi gulp, who slowly leaned back. "Hey!" Kurumi whispered as she continued scooching forward, the couch only big enough to finally put an end to Megumi's retreat as the blushing kendo practitioner felt her throat run dry when she realized the l.u.s.tful look in her classmate's eyes, "These four... are very different from us," Kurumi whispered, finally making Megumi hear another set of m.o.a.ns that didn't match Nik's and probably, Mitsuko's.

Turning her gaze, she looked as Sayako and Souko at each other's butt with a golden hue still lingering over their anuses. Their bodies meshed against each other as the purification worked like a charm. Not to mention the fact that just a little away from the two sisters on the floor that tongues their siblings' asses, two mature women slowly rubbed each other's b.r.e.a.s.ts while engaging in a passionate exchange of saliva. One of them being a pink-haired woman with assets worthy to feel envious of and the other one being a short-haired brunette with her glasses placed on the table. Seeing such a scene, Megumi felt her heartbeat quicken, and knowing that the only one left available was, in fact, her classmate, Megumi slowly turned her head and found Kurumi stare at her with blush but her eyes clearly set ablaze with excitement.

"Ooo myh gaawd!" Mitsuko's shriek rang at this moment, her body facing towards Kurumi's and Megumi's direction as her crotch finally lowered onto Nik's base, a rather scary-looking bulge formed slightly above her crotch as her head snapped back while her hands gripped against Nik's thighs instead of his balls, her body trembling as an enchanting squirt leaked and arched into the air. But the fact that attracted Megumi and made her consider one of the promises she asked Nik of was the continuous, relentless pounding. The veiny c.o.c.k sliding in and out of the mother of three as Megumi's breathing grew hotter and her eyes fervent. She wanted it so badly. Her first experience with Nik, though 'complete' wasn't the most beautiful moment she could ask for and the fact that the eventual experiences truly rocked her mind without even the use of the tool made Megumi bitter.

Gulping, Megumi found Kurumi latched to her body, her classmate's stare on her voluptuous, carefully massaged b.r.e.a.s.ts and her hands slithered onto her upper thighs with her skirt rolled up. "K-kurumi!" Megumi gasped. Already knowing and understanding the s.l.u.tty past of Kurumi and her family, Megumi thought that she could still find a good friend in her only for Kurumi to lean and place her head against her cleavage, "Geee!" her stare almost unbearable, "You have such a body even when you practice Kendo... shouldn't you be more 'tough' instead of 'fluff'?" Kurumi inquired while biting onto the button right above her cleavage as her hands softly massaged the inner thighs of her classmate. The girl in question, Megumi, felt her lower lips throb as she found Kurumi far more skillful than she had originally imagined and with each inch shortening in between Kurumi's hand and her slowly wetting crotch, Megumi couldn't help but struggle, only for sake of struggling.

"Kurumi, we shouldn't!" Megumi whispered hurriedly, her hands finally finding their strength to hold Kurumi's shoulders. The grip made Kurumi huff as she pulled her head up, easily tearing the button off of Megumi's shirt with her newfound, slightly higher strength and revealing the bust pressing against the opening alongside the outline of green bra that held her classmate's b.r.e.a.s.ts in shape. "Ah!" Surprised, Megumi controlled herself by not throwing Kurumi away. Surely, Kurumi's small stature still couldn't compete with Megumi but the moment she spat the button away and looked into Megumi's eyes with a sly smirk, her thumb finally pressed against Megumi's panties, making the heaving beauty shudder. "Why not? Everybody's having fun," Kurumi whispered as she softly pecked Megumi's chin, "And... I want to feel the same thing as Nik, you know... why don't we both find out what Nik's sees in us~" Her lips inching closer to Megumi's cheek while the dark-haired feline-like Kurumi brought her hand closer to the waist of the skirt, unhooking the locks and pulling down the zipper with her hand finally sneaking into Megumi's shirt. Finally, Megumi felt her head buzz as their lips made contact with each other, sharing pleasure, saliva, and their tongues as Megumi's hold lightened and her fingers slid down Kurumi's top unconsciously.

Meanwhile, Nik had the best moment of his life. His c.o.c.k completely sunk into Mitsuko's p.u.s.s.y while her walls tightening and clenching against his tool, the curve of his member slowly grazing against her grooves as she twisted her waist with every thrust of her butt while he continued to play with her b.r.e.a.s.ts. "Moore~!" Mitsuko slurred, her hands happily rubbing the bulge above her crotch as she felt like going unconscious. The pleasure was simply inhumane and played with her existence, making her a submissive s.l.u.t that only shook and begged for more and more she received. Her b.r.e.a.s.ts pulled apart as Nik continued to fondle them, her shoulders graced with hickies of passion and to her surprised, Mitsuko actually felt another bulge pressed against her anus.

Gasping, Mitsuko looked back with a hint of clarity, and finding Nik's whisper grazing against her cheek, she calmed down only to feel more excited than ever. "A surprise for you guys... wanted to save the first physical double f.u.c.k for you guys," Nik whispered, pressing another bulging appendage still covered by the apron against Mitsuko's purified asshole. Whatever the creator of this ability thought at the moment of using this ability, Nik thanked that existence every time he was allowed to have a shitless anal experience. After all, it simply wasn't one of his long number of kinks. With one hand pulling the apron away, revealing an identical c.o.c.k that has been f.u.c.k.i.n.g Mitsuko insane, Nik pressed his second, newfound tool against the gaping ass and finally groaned in relief, climaxing with both c.o.c.ks due to shared and doubling pleasure as Mitsuko m.o.a.ned loudly, her anus and p.u.s.s.y filled simultaneously but for the moment, she didn't dare reveal Nik's surprise to anyone else and continued to use it for herself.

After all, Mama needed some loving!