Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 542

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 542 Surprise 2

It didn't take long for Mitsuko to slowly slide up, well, to Nik slowly guide Mitsuko up from his pair of shafts. Her eyes rolled and her tongue lolling out in her mind-f.u.c.k.i.e.d state as her c.u.m-drenched innards gushed with a white, thick cream that slid down Nik's balls and then dirtied the couch itself. Nothing a wave of purification couldn't clean. But, for a few seconds, as Nik lay the trembling Mitsuko on the couch whose orgasm continued as the sheer intensity of the river of c.u.m leaking through her hole pulled another mind-numbing orgasm from her sensitive holes, the two c.o.c.ks dangled in front of her greedy, c.o.c.k loving face and with a bout of strength in her arms, she grabbed both the sloppy p.e.n.i.ses. Both of them engorging and waving in a hypnotic pattern that made Mitsuko sigh over the two tips hotly as she slowly regained the slightest bit of her mental faculties.

"Aah~ That was amazing!" Sighing with no small amount of happiness, Mitsuko slowly kissed the tip of the two slobbered shafts one-by-one. They were sweet in taste and helped greatly in clearing her mind. Quite a paradox since the tool itself caused her to lose her mind in the first place. Her slender palm unable to cover the two shafts completely, slowly slid back, slightly pulling the contracted flesh around the head of Nik's c.o.c.ks, extending the act to a sensual handjob as Nik stood with his hands slowly untying the apron and his back towards the girls who seemed a little too busy. Not that the two engaged couples minded. Mitsuko wanted both the shafts for herself as long as she could and the situation seemed optimal for her. With a fervent gaze, Mitsuko leaned her head forward and pushed her lips around the upper tip while placing both of her palms on the lower shaft side-by-side, covering a greater area as she felt Nik's p.e.n.i.ses twitch.

"It feels great..." Mitsuko heard Nik's whisper, making her increase the effort as she slowly and gradually gulped down the upper shaft, making her throat bulge visibly as the thick shaft spread her mouth. With a slight push of her head, Mitsuko could feel the tip of lower c.o.c.k press against the bent shaft of the upper tool through the flesh of her neck as she choked on Nik's c.o.c.k while his free hands finally graced her head the much-needed support. Of course, to physically give Nik a deep throat that actually consumed his entire shaft had long become impossible for Mitsuko, at least for now, but that didn't mean she couldn't enjoy her s.l.u.tty throat finally sucking off her man as he cruelly held her head while she continued to lay sideways and f.u.c.k her mouth, pushing the outrageous c.o.c.k against her mouth as her hands gave the second c.o.c.k an amazing handjob. Her palms moving quickly with a firm grip that ensured sensuality as Nik leaned forward with a relieved sigh.

Instead of dividing the pleasure sensors by introducing a bunch of nerves into his nervous system, Nik deciding to share the pleasure of his body. At his physique, Nik admitted that physical pleasure came hard for him, and even if his c.o.c.k would grow erect for any woman he was passionate for, controlling his body to orgasm at 'appropriate' moments wasn't something he was going to do. Instead, doubling the pleasure was a path for him as Nik's tools throbbed in Mitsuko's throat and hand once again. He felt it and as he clenched his toes and refrained from moving about due to his slightly trembling thighs, he came into Mitsuko's mouth, spraying a hot and unending load into Mitsuko's tilted mouth until she gagged and gurgled in his c.u.m as a thick line leaked from her nostrils while the feeling of another load painting her neck and subsequently the inner portion of b.r.e.a.s.ts white made Mitsuko vacuum suck Nik for a moment before moving her head back slowly. The ecstatic look on her face easily revealed her eagerness to give Nik her head once again and let him ravage her body as he sees fit.

But knowing that eagerness wouldn't be much use when the exhaustion kicks in, Nik gently pushed Mitsuko back and pecked her forehead. He would have gone for her lips if not for his c.u.m drooling out and honestly, that is one delicacy he wouldn't want to taste, if he could admit narcissistically. "Take a breather," Nik smiled and stood up, the pair of c.o.c.ks towering over Mitsuko as he continued, "This is a marathon, so we have all day." Turning back, Nik finally presented two shafts to the three pairs of girls all too engrossed with each other. As if taking a pick in a pet store, albeit a luscious one where the pets continued to rut each other's brains out, Nik assessed the three ladies. A pair of sisters of different origin but same mother, a pair of two curvaceous mature women that simply knew how to rub and still shake their partner's body and finally, two rather young girls at the beginning of their prime. Both kissing each other with an innocent expression of pure l.u.s.t and their arms feeling each other up. If it wouldn't have been a creepy sight, Nik would have decided to grow c.o.c.k out of his body parts and f.u.c.k all of them at once alas, he wasn't the one to share such fetish and decided to start from the middle of the three categories knowing full well that both of the girls were greater, if not equally, s.l.u.tty when compared to their mother.

As Nik moved with Megumi finally yelping into Kurumi's mouth as she eyes glued to the pair of shafts that simply wasn't humane and honestly, having seen Nik n.a.k.e.d as he opened the door back then, Megumi knew that he didn't have that... another p.e.n.i.s, Megumi hurriedly broke the kiss, making Kurumi grunt in annoyance as she, too, matched the direction of Megumi's gaze and looked at Nik's h.i.p.s, instantly amazed by the addition and her mind already brewing the plot of being f.u.c.k.i.e.d in both holes by the same man. That's kinda... THE dream...

At least, for her.

Smiling and waving at the duo, Nik chuckled, "Don't let me break your flow, girls. Of course, if you want to watch while having a fun time, I'll face in your direction. That works, right?" Nik inquired and before Megumi could inquire, Kurumi jumped and pushed Megumi down while resting her cheeks on Megumi's left b.r.e.a.s.t as she grinned widely, "That works! Honestly! Megumi would love it!" Kurumi chimed, making Megumi stutter, "W-what?! Hey!" Before she could resist, she felt Kurumi's lips on top of her n.a.k.e.d n.i.p.p.l.e, instantly licking the erect nubbin within her warm mouth as she jerked her head back, making Megumi squeak in a slightly stinging but surprising pleasure and being a kendo practitioner with years of training, Megumi did have a greater pain tolerance. Meanwhile, Nik winked towards Megumi, who couldn't form words with a clear mind and finally placed his hand on Sayako's back as she rested atop Souko with her head towards Souko's nethers and her nethers directed towards Souko's face.

Gazing at Sayako's sweaty back as her butt cheeks shook in absolute pleasure while Souko's eyes were already attracted to the strange sight of two enormous p.e.n.i.ses poking towards her direction as she continued to tongue her younger sibling's anus while her p.u.s.s.y drooled over Souko's chin and dripped down into the puddle of nectar between the gaps of her collarbone and the muscles of her neck. "Mmmgh~" unable to fight off her younger sister's attack, Souko m.o.a.ned, her breathing getting hitter as her heaving chest remaining suppressed by the flat of Sayako's crotch. On the other hand, the blonde continued to lick and finger Souko's hole with focus selfishly knowing that Nik would have to f.u.c.k her over Souko's face alas, she still hadn't gazed at the scene of her lover's extra appendage dangling between his legs. With his brows arching mischievously, Nik moved towards Sayako's behind, perfectly facing Megumi and Kurumi as they sat while leaning their shoulders against each other and rubbing their crotch fervently. "Hey, Souko, missed me?" Nik inquired as he leaned down with his knees touching the floor and took Souko's lips, her mouth filled with Sayako's juices as Niks gripped the blonde sister's butt tightly, making her m.o.a.n seductively.

At this time, Kaya bit Okusan's earlobes and eyes the s.e.x.u.a.lly dazed Mitsuko still thrumming in her orgasms. "Hey, why don't we continue on that couch?" Kaya whispered, a few strands of ger brown hair stuck to her forehead as her index and middle finger stirred Okusan's tight and fleshy hole while Okusan could barely reciprocate on Kaya's erect clit. Huffing, Okusan looked towards Mitsuko and was instantly attracted to her gushing holes. Their tasty drink, of course, making a puddle of her crotch and mouth, not to mention her b.r.e.a.s.ts and the pink-haired landlady agreed almost instantly. Giggling as if a kid whose prank had succeeded, Kaya followed and gave a curious glance towards Nik whose assets were hidden due to his bent body as he kissed Souko's mouth while spreading Sayako's asshole and pushing both of his thick thumbs inside her tight and well-trained hole that instantly clenched around Nik with a pleased squeal. Meanwhile, finally free from using her hands on Sayako, Souko hungrily held Nik's c.o.c.k, the lower one, and brought to her face.

"Hey," Souko cooed, attracting Nik's attention as he licked his lips while straightening his back, "Do her with that one," gesturing the upper c.o.c.k with the movement of her chin, Souko loosely gripped Nik's lower c.o.c.k in a guiding manner that led the tip straight towards her mouth. With equal twinkling in their eyes, Souko grinned, "Pump it hard, Nik!" She said while finally opening her mouth wide before slowly and carefully wrapping her lips around Nik's tip, waiting for him to finally move and after a moment's notice that allowed Nik to carefully select the movement of his h.i.p.s so as to not accidentally hurt Souko's jaws, Nik moved and pressed his upper shaft against Sayako's gaping and used hole. Much of the width attaining due to Nik's ruthless pounding over the months and finally, the moment the familiar yet slightly larger tip spread her entrance wide, Sayako m.o.a.ned loudly and actually pushed her h.i.p.s back, instantly packing Nik's length into her tight hole that gripped against Nik hotly.

With a happy grunt, Nik moved his h.i.p.s back, readjusting his mental direction and pumping his h.i.p.s forward, smacking the base of his crotch against Sayako's butt, sending a wonderful fleshy ripple as the blonde's head jerked up, her gaze attracted to the sight of the blushing Kurumi and Megumi fingering each other passionately while gazing at her getting f.u.c.k.i.e.d. Their cheeks flushed but their eyes incredibly excited and before Sayako could present her usual 'elder sister' grin as if she was enjoying the sight of her younger sibling unable to enjoy the way she was being used, the blonde reeled down and ate Souko's p.u.s.s.y to suppress her loud m.o.a.n. She felt too good. Every time the hot and thick tip pushed her entrance and stretched her poor p.u.s.s.y up, she would feel happy and fulfilled. Her p.u.s.s.y had finally found a stirring shaft and with the virility Nik presented, she simply couldn't stop her voice from growing louder so she thought of making use of the force and pump her elder sibling's hole real good.

Meanwhile, her mind more focused on the feeling of the hot c.o.c.k slipping past the holes formed from the curve of her palms and finally f.u.c.k.i.n.g her mouth simultaneously while Sayako's trembling butt cheeks slowly let loose a stream of sensational juice that lathered her torso, Souko felt like losing her mind but knowing what she would miss out in case she really did blank out, Souko continued to suck Nik off in determination.

"Ohh! Ohhhhh! Mmmnnn!" Megumi m.o.a.ned in Sayako's place as she raised her h.i.p.s slightly while Kurumi brought orgasmic pleasure to the poor practitioner of the bokken. The sight of her man... the person who had already taken her forcefully laying ruin to another woman right in front of her brought a strange sense of displeasure in Megumi but her body acted in contrary and shook her butt as if a dirty s.l.u.t who would still be ready to take Nik and his slobbered shaft in a moment's notice and at this point, after being away from Nik for two weeks, she really would.

She would kneel, raise her butt, accept the two c.o.c.ks, of course a wonderful surprise for her, and enjoy her first double penetration. She had seen the videos and knowing that she could actually feel the same as those women without betraying her lover even for a bit brought a sense of euphoria to Megumi. The guilt for getting together with Nik and leaving Maa-kun had long passed but she didn't want to go through such emotional ordeal ever again. And... well, since Nik actually boasted a tool way potent that any actor and his stamina already visible, Megumi felt that her life had finally taken for a good turn until she remembered the damning promise she asked of Nik.

'Why did I have to be such a blabbermouth?' Megumi complained.


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