Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 543

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 543 Surprise 3

Kurumi had the time of her life. As quickly she wished to get both of her holes plowed by the same man that made her elder sister Sayako whimper in pleasure as she stuck her tongue in their eldest sibling's wet hole that squirted a thin stream for the umpteenth time, Kurumi also realized that Megumi was a prize that could even fuel her own sadistic desires. Everything from that unconscious yet ravishingly l.u.s.tful gaze to her innocent groans and the pitiful curve of her eyebrows while the voluptuous classmate still stuck her calloused fingers into her tight cunt and stirred her hole as if she meant it! "Mmgh~" a whimper leaked through Kurumi's own lips as she looked at the spectacle of her man's glistening sweaty body pumping time and again. The wet sound of flesh digging in and out of the outrageous dungeon alongside Souko's m.o.a.ns, in particular, rang rather loudly. Kurumi's fingers, her middle and index, suddenly jolted and actually pinched the already sensitive interior of her classmate, instantly making Megumi's head jerk up while her fingers within Kurumi's hole pulled up as well, making Kurumi raise her h.i.p.s in pleasure.

The spine-tingling sensation of an intense orgasm already brewing within her body as Kurumi continued to tease her classmate and slowly pull her clothes down. They were a welcoming distraction as Kurumi found a reason to hug Megumi, their gazes meeting each other for a moment instead of observing the ecstatic man bound to have his way with everyone within the apartment and suddenly, they kissed. M.o.a.ning into each other's mouth, Kurumi's hands finally slipped behind Megumi as her back arched forward and her other hand finally made way to her ass meanwhile Megumi settled for Kurumi's plump and cute b.r.e.a.s.ts. The n.i.p.p.l.es already hard and their bodies already rubbing against each other.

Meanwhile, Nik felt his own body working up am extreme sensation of pleasure destined to be released from two shafts that ravaged a warm and s.l.u.tty mouth alongside a well-trained p.u.s.s.y that wrapped around his length tightly. "Too good!" Nik grunted with a stunning sensation of c.u.m.m.i.n.g spreading through his body as he spread his creamy drink within Souko's mouth and Sayako's p.u.s.s.y simultaneously, making the eldest choke and cough against his c.o.c.k, which turned out more pleasurable than Nik thought and the other one finally m.o.a.ned in the air, unable to remain content with eating an already warmed-up hole as the tip pressed against the entrance of her w.o.m.b and pushing it hard let out a huge nut that filled her innards to a brim and still continued to let loose like a hose.

Slowly pulling back, Nik balanced himself and let the two sisters have a moment of a breather. Souko's face already drenched in Nik's c.u.m as a smile remained plastered on her face and her tongue eagerly licking off the remnants of the drink off her palms while Nik smiled and pressed his hands against Sayako's butt, pushing it against Souko's face and instantly sealing her mouth once again. With a devious grin, Nik leaned down and whispered into Souko's ears, "There," he cooed, "drink as much as you want. Sayako's filled pack." And drink she did with her tongue digging into Sayako's full hole and scooching out an astounding load of c.u.m. Finally, Souko got the feel the drink itself since the hot load earlier was pressed directly against her throat, not giving her much of a chance but to gulp while the excess spilled out. Sayako, who didn't even get aa moment of respite clenched her jaws and thighs alike, too sensitive from her earlier action and getting her p.u.s.s.y eaten simultaneously almost sent her to the brink of unconsciousness. She had gotten her hole eaten as such but it had never been 'this' intense.

As Nik waited for a few seconds, he finally stood and coughed softly. Things had gotten relatively calm for the time being a perfect situation to announce his ability to transform, right?

"Could I take a moment of your rather precious time?" Nik smiled. Megumi and Kurumi stopped kissing and almost instantly, Megumi jumped away and lowered her head with a blush, making Kurumi's lips twitch for she wasn't the only s.l.u.t in the couple and now she knew that. Mitsuko slowly sat up, her mind still a little dazed while the eagerly rubbing curvaceous women stopped in their actions with Okusan still closed in on Mitsuko's filled cunt and Kaya long pushed away by an annoyed Mitsuko. Finally, Sayako slowly pulled herself up, her thighs still trembling for she remained on a brink of another climax just before Nik wished to announce something. With a lick of her lips, her face plastered in c.u.m and her hair visibly disheveled with ropes of c.u.m stuck against the strands, Souko sat up, tenderly hugging Sayako from behind and looking at Nik.

Sayako, Okusan, and Kaya instantly looked at Nik's additional tool, a little horror and surprise clear within their eyes for the educated and scientific-minded Sayako instantly hypothesized of Nik having to go through a risky operation just to add another c.o.c.k to satisfy everybody and it almost brought tears in her eyes when Nik smiled and continued, "I gained an amazing gift in this particular adventure. It allows me to control the structure of my body and its integrity. So, if I can learn the structure of a dog, I can even turn into one, albeit, quite a large dog. This," pointing at his drooling c.o.c.k that wasn't clean, Nik informed, "Is the application. And this, too."

In the eyes of the girls, a thick tail sprouted from Nik's behind. A little disgusted at first, the girls continued to stare in astonishment that this wasn't the only change as Nik's height grew a teeny bit shirted and his p.e.n.i.ses grew a little curvier. Their lengths shortened a bit but the girth looked far juicier than ever. Finally, Nik's ears slowly grew a fuzzy sheet of white fur that reached up to the upper side of his head and turned into a pair of fluffy... cat ears? And simultaneously, another layer of white fur grew onto the tail that waved around hypnotically. "Cat Transformation! What do you think?" Nik inquired and true to the transformation, his tail and ears already connected to his nervous system grew tense and perky in response, making the girls' eyes widen.

"S- s-" Okusan stuttered, while Kurumi muttered, "cute..." The girls had various reactions but Sayako struggled out of Souko's loving embrace and found the energy to jump onto Nik, who caught her easily and found her legs wrapping his waist with her foot a little over the base of his tail. "I'll observe it later!" Sayako practically growled, a little amazed by two c.o.c.ks and annoyed with her orgasm interrupted, "F.u.c.k my ass!" she demanded, keeping true to her nature of being an anal s.l.u.t and as she rubbed her wet, sloppy hole against the upper shaft and made Nik's ears twitch a little, a reaction that everyone observed, Nik nodded with a grin, "Only your ass? I am going to pound you unconscious!" Pledging, Nik raised Sayako's butt and used his other hand to guide the upper shaft against her dripping p.u.s.s.y then moving to his second shaft to press the bulbous tip against her anus whose entrance already spread and accepted Nik.

Leaning forward to kiss Sayako and show his expert skill in using the newly modified fleshy spines of his tongue to make the kiss even more pleasurable, something that Sayako found quite surprising, Nik pushed Sayako down and as expected, with both of her holes spread simultaneously and the two shafts pressing against each other through the fleshy wall separating her insides, Sayako already felt a little faint.


Drowned in pleasure and c.u.m, Sayako breathed softly, her eyes close as she rested. The stimulation of Nik's tongue, his c.o.c.ks slamming into her roughly and his hands continuously sending jolts of spine-tingling pleasure through her body had been too much. However, the ravaging of her body gave the others enough time to have their go at Nik. Now seated and pushed against the couch with his tail already pulled out from his behind, Nik experienced his hands fingering Okusan's and Kaya's hot honeypot while Okusan found the pleasure of Nik's mouth and Kaya instead sent shivering pleasure through Nik's body by actually sucking and playing with his furry cat tail. It had been long since Nik felt this 'easy.' His body twitched continuously and in accordance, with her holes filled, Kurumi squealed. Her hands pressed against Nik's chest and her nails digging while she banged down, riding Nik without any care for her surroundings.

She smiled in between the f.u.c.k, the feeling of her walls push against her w.o.m.b and the middle curves of Nik's c.o.c.k pressing against the fleshy wall dividing her anus and v.a.g.i.n.a. M.o.a.ning, she leaned down to kiss Nik's jaws and then continued to bite the base of his neck with a hot grunt, "More!" she whispered, instantly screaming and pleasure as she hit down till the base. "Hehe," Meanwhile, Mitsuko and Megumi, who knelt on the floor and watched the scene of Kurumi riding Nik wildly as if Nik's size didn't affect her physical limits in any manner, the mother whispered into Megumi's years and gently wrapping her arms from behind, "Megumi-chan," she whispered, hungrily eyeing Nik's full and juicy balls, "Doesn't Kurumi looks lovely?" Her hot breath sending Megumi over an edge when suddenly, Souko chuckled from the other couch, her holes leaking with Nik's seed while she chugged down a can of beer. Of course, lying n.a.k.e.d.

"Mom, don't start doing 'that' with Megumi." She grinned and winked at Megumi, "You didn't see it, but she was pretty rough with Kurumi, so I'd say, she is as much of a tigress as you," Souko's words making Megumi's cheeks burn in shame as she looked down into her cleavage covered with sweat. Instead of the fishy and musky scent, the apartment was filled with Nik's arousing pheromones so even with all the sweat, the situation didn't really change. "Oh, really?" Mitsuko inquired innocently, her palms finally grabbing the hot b.r.e.a.s.ts that Megumi presented and nibbled on the young girl's ear, "I heard about your promise, honey," Megumi chuckled, "How cute... to wait until graduation~ You know, Yuuko and Kaya were my juniors. And by that time, your mother already had a stunning boyfriend. The football team's captain and a hot stud in bed... of course, from what I heard. Honestly, he went limp way too quickly." Causing Megumi's eyes to widen in surprise, Mitsuko continued, "That's right, darling. Your mother laid with the rockstar of our time, bagging the best meat and with her body, she can do it again... tell me, who's the hottest one around this time around?"

At Mitsuko's inquiry, Souko smirked mischievously while Megumi could only eye the sack over which Kurumi's back that rode wildly could be seen. "Who's the one having the most time with him? Is it you? Me? Kurumi? Others? No!" pinching Megumi's n.i.p.p.l.es and drawing a hot m.o.a.n from the lady, Mitsuko gave the answer that Megumi dreaded, "It is your mother and while there is a chance that Nik might never lay a hand on those assets... honestly, the possibility is too low, but still, what about your mother, hmm? I am sure she would enjoy having the ride of her life, right?"

And as Megumi's lips twitched, Mitsuko gave the final blow, "And Yuuko's fetish is actually facial hair and slightly rugged body. She loves a man who can press her down and f.u.c.k her whenever he desires. And if she resists, her man needs to f.u.c.k her harder... that's her words, of course."

"N-No way!" Megumi hissed, suppressing herself to not smash the back of her head against Mitsuko's face but knowing that most of the information about Yuuko may as well be true for her mother looked amazingly gorgeous for someone her age and if it wasn't for her father's death two years ago, maybe... Megumi would still be hearing her mother's m.o.a.ns that led her to watch those 'reference' videos in the first place. Gulping at the possibility of her mother really spending a night and sharing the bed with her lover, Megumi found her thoughts cut off by Mitsuko's words of wisdom.

"But isn't that great?" She laughed, her fingers providing a sensual massage to Megumi's b.r.e.a.s.ts as the girl's throat slowly went dry while watching Kurumi's defeated back slowly resting against Nik, the plowed woman's face slightly tilted, showing the expression of pure bliss while Mitsuko's words continued to haunt, "You can be like us. A bonded family that knows everything. No secrets~!" As her words lit a burst of nefarious blaze within Megumi, Souko tiptoed over to Kurumi, who had finally fallen unconscious with her holes filled with Nik's warm seed and as the eldest of the three siblings helped Kurumi up, revealing Nik's erect c.o.c.k as it actually bathed in the gush of c.u.m that it spurted itself, before anyone could lay claim to the intended price of their patience, Megumi hurriedly struggled out of Mitsuko's grasp, making the mature beauty grin hotly as she covered her cheeks and whispered, "Ah, so young and tender~!" making Souko roll her eyes as she lay Kurumi to Sayako's side, both of their holes filled as Souko waved at Mitsuko, "Mom, help me out here... I'll get the two... maybe we should spend some time, too?"

Nodding with an eager smile, Mitsuko made her way to Souko while Megumi jumped at Nik and actually forced his chin to face his direction, making Okusan's m.o.a.ns finally touch the surroundings as no seal held her mouth any longer while the orgasming beauty had her sensitive hole played time and again. Meanwhile, as Nik felt his mouth covered by a set of eager lips and both of his c.o.c.ks pressed against each other due to the pressure of a hot and tender butt supported over them, Nik's pairs of wars twitched, making Okusan realize a way to retaliation.