Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 544

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 544 A Promise Broken

Title: A Promise Broken

Megumi felt the fleshy spines belonging to the feline tongues press against her tongue. A little surprised, she slowly rested her butt on the two p.e.n.i.ses as her thighs wrapped around Nik's closed in thighs. A little guilty for snatching Nik from Okusan, Megumi closed her eyes to not have to go through making an awkward eye contact, unaware that Okusan had already found something more interesting and as Nik's fingers continued to bring pleasure until he followed and pumped them full, too, the two didn't mind and allowed the young girl have Nik. All of them knew that it would be their second time since the possibility of both of them finally becoming truly intimate was very real, Mitsuko made sure to do so.

"Hah! Hah!" Megumi opened her eyes, her chest heaving against Nik as she took deep breathing. With her eyes finally opening and locked against Nik's gaze, she waited for him to say something. His hands were occupied and now, Megumi had a prime chance to make her second 'complete' experience with Nik be a double penetration. This wasn't something everyone could claim and after so many 'anal' fun that Nik provided during their dates and even behind Yuuko's back whenever Nik could get the chance, Megumi boasted holes trained enough to at least take in Nik in his entirety. She did so in her first try and after getting her desires fuelled by Mitsuko, Megumi was ready to break the promise. She just needed the word for she couldn't move after making Nik vow the stuff in the first place. Seeing her, Nik looked a little confused, his fuzzy white cat ears drooping sideways and painting an amazingly innocent picture of someone so debauched.

"Well?" He inquired, feeling a little hot as Kaya didn't give him any rest and continued to tease his tail as his c.o.c.ks throbbed against Megumi's buns, making the girl yelp softly. At this time, Okusan smiled and raised herself a little to blow against the soft fleshy interior of Nik's left ear, and surprisingly, a soft and melodious grunt leaked through Nik's mouth, stunning Megumi, Okusan, and Kaya, who stood near Nik. "Ooh, damn, that was good," Nik whispered and then gazed at Megumi with a pair of hungry and l.u.s.tful eyes, once again inquiring as his face leaned forwards, "What are you waiting for?" he whispered, his intentions clear that he didn't care for any promises. "Ride me," Nik commanded with a grin, his smile providing a little bit of courage to the maiden as she licked her lips with an audible gulp, her n.i.p.p.l.es shivering in excitement and her hands unconsciously gripping tightly over Nik's shoulders as he moved his waist playfully, rubbing his wet shafts against Megumi's thick and soft ass trained for months in her way of Kendo.

Ride him! Megumi almost felt like shouting as she adjusted her butt again, pressing her n.a.k.e.d and wet crotch against Nik's thick shaft while the fleshy entrance of her body spread slightly over his upper tool. She m.o.a.ned softly with her head lowered and her hands supported by Nik's shoulders as the man himself grunted softly all the while Okusan continued to play with his ears. It was a good decision to intensify the pleasure sensors of his ears as Nik enjoyed getting pampered. It was a rare but welcoming situation as he whispered, "Go on," a thin squirt of pre-c.u.m leaking once again from both of his tools as Megumi could actually feel Nik's heartbeat quickening. This was a completely opposite situation from the first time she met Nik. He wasn't the one with a clear mind but she was. He wasn't the one taking charge but she is supposed to! As the thought entered her mind, a slightly debauched smirk finally touched Megumi's lips as she recalled how Nik had played with her all this time and now, with the surprising support of everyone, Nik sat under her, more vulnerable than ever and the simple look of his expression made her heart thrum for he looked too feline and cute.

Not that she would ruin the mood by saying it and as she kissed the eager Nik, letting her mouth pleased by the comb-like, ticklish surface of Nik's tongue, instead of putting both of the shafts inside her, Megumi raised her body and used her knees against the couch to support her body up as her hands slithered down on Nik's sweaty surface before gripping the upper shaft with repressed desires and pressing it against the flat of her crotch. Finally, Megumi pushed and adjusted her body to press the tip of the lower shaft against her opening. She just wasn't ready to get double pounded. Instead, she needed Nik in a single place and now, as she matched Nik's gaze with a rough breathing and bright gaze, she slowly lowered herself while her hands started to give Nik the best handjob she could while making sure to use the slowly growing bulge of her interiors and sheer hotness of the surface.

Grunting, Nik felt his member spread Megumi's tight and hot dungeon. The curve pushed the tip against the flesh, stirring her bumpy interiors until his tip pressed against the cervix and continued to push the poor end, making Megumi m.o.a.n, the veins of Nik's second shaft stimulating the girl's erect c.l.i.t.o.r.i.s, allowing her to have cervical, v.a.g.i.n.a.l, clitoral stimulation at the same time. And after so many endeavors with Nik, instead of funny feelings that she couldn't identify, Megumi felt pleased. Pleased to know that she had it in herself to break off the shell she cast upon herself in fear of her first impression of Nik. Pleased that her body easily accepted Nik and learned to enjoy it, and this time, not against her wishes, but alongside her heart and spirit, too. Pleased that... she knew Nik better enough despite Mitsuko's gentle encouragement that Nik would have never broken the word he gave. Manipulate his promises, sure, but not outrightly break it.

Gasping as her crotch finally hit the base as she made sure to keep the second shaft pressed tightly against the flesh of her crotch to slide her clit alongside the length, Megumi leaned down and gently pecked Nik's lips, unable to keep Nik's evaluation with herself. "You are soo cute, Nik~" she actually cooed and brushed her nose against Nik's playfully. Even as pleasure formed by Nik's bloodline wreaked blissful havoc within Megumi, she continued to smile, completely ignoring the two bombshell nymphos around Nik as they continued to play with him and his hand continued to return the favor. Smiling as he tilted his face forward, Nik chuckled. His tanned skin blushing heavily as he, too, enjoyed Megumi and everyone's care. "Does that mean you'll open to the thought of me helping your mother out?" He jested, quite shamelessly making Megumi nibble Nik's lower lip as she gripped his c.o.c.k harshly, "How about I cut this off and just gift her? You can grow one again now, can't you?" Megumi smiled. Clearly, she knew how to present a deep consequence that brought a wide grin to Nik's face.

"If you want, Amano," Nik pressed his forehead against Megumi's, "You can even carve it while attached to me and I wouldn't let out a single noise. Only if that is what you want..." Pausing for a minute, Nik criticized himself internally in shame for what he was going to say but he did anyway. Maybe it was the enhanced pleasure of both of his c.o.c.ks, tail, and ears, but Nik leaned down and took Megumi's lips, "I love you... and doing you. You know... you could crush me and I would still smile at you." Moving his waist slightly as Megumi grunted softly, still keeping the entirety of Nik's within her, she continued to increase the pace of her pumps against Nik's sloppy second shaft while keeping her head low. Her heart thrummed in excitement and it wasn't s.e.x.u.a.l.


With her n.i.p.p.l.es pressed against Nik's chest, the man lamented the fact he couldn't suck on Megumi's lovely tits, too. This was an orgy and everything had its priority and knowing that the night hadn't even descended while an opportunity would present itself where Nik would suck on every one of them, he continued to move his waist in rhythm with Megumi as they both would pull away slightly simultaneously to slam back against each other. Each thrust pulling hot and heavy grunts from the duo as Kaya and Okusan made the 'ordeal' even harsher. They all felt like c.u.m.m.i.n.g. The four of them. Their shivering h.i.p.s and thighs testified to the fact and finally, as Nik and Megumi kissed each other in passion, their crotch pressed against each other, both of them came. Their mouths embracing each other m.o.a.ns but



Okusan and Kaya sang as they dirtied the couch once again. Drenching the surface with their squirts as Kaya peed simultaneously, finally unable to keep it in and wetted Nik's forearm alongside her necessary exertion. Finally, Nik slowly took his hands out of the duo as they breathed softly. Meanwhile, still dazed with finally having herself filled for the second time, finally drenched with Nik's c.u.m and this time, in the right place, Megumi felt a wave of exhaustion take over her. Even her skin felt hot as the second shaft didn't take mercy on her and covered her front, till her b.r.e.a.s.ts in the hot white seed. Before she fell unconscious, however, Nik gently lay her aside and walked back to the two milfs as they jumped on him to lick the remnants of the seed that spurted on him before presenting their butts in an organized fashion. It was finally their turn!


A blue-haired man looked around. The scenario had changed for him. Instead of ancient courtyards, what greeted his sight was modernized infrastructure. Roads, skyscr.a.p.ers, stalls, a park to his side with what he considered a lively cougar winking at him. Brian couldn't heed her calls yet. At least, not now. He had left his homeworld and finally, after being pushed aside for so long despite being the actual creator of the world he lived in, Brian simply gave up. He wasn't that world's adam and eve anymore. His crimson pupils attracted a few curious gazes but Brian could read their intentions well. In fact, he had been lucky to wear an outfit that didn't seem too out of the place.

Thinking for a while, Brian did walk towards the woman. Though her face slightly marred with wrinkles near the corner of her eyes and lips, she made it up with her curvaceous body. Her black hair with a hint of white near the ears tied back into a ponytail as her sports bra wrapped her b.r.e.a.s.ts and long leggings traced her wide h.i.p.s.

"Hey, handsome," she smiled, allowing Brian to realize that he did indeed know the language and he greeted with a grin. "Hey there... I am new in the city," he stated softly, "And you looked quite friendly, so, would you mind introducing me to someplace with a... reputable stay?" Smirking, the woman presented her hand, "Berna, and yes, I have a few places that you might be interested in." Seeing the apparent desire flickering in her eyes and knowing that a little release wouldn't hurt, Brian took her hand and shook it firmly. He, too, had taken the alphabetical evaluation of the Transmigration heart, and currently, the limits of the world made him almost as strong as the weakest of rank 1 hosts.

"Ooh, that's a firm handshake," Berna chuckled as Brian introduced himself, "Please, call me Brian." The crimson and brown pupils continued to gaze into each other as Berna suddenly held Brian's forearm softly and quite seductively stated, "Well, the first thing I am going to introduce is the most popular and isolated bush of this park. You hit me off as a wild tourist, so, I am sure, I can welcome you to the city with a high note."

"Cannot refuse a lady's well intentions, can I?"

"Gosh, no," Berna smiled, "A wonderful man simply isn't the one to refuse opportunities like these."

"Well, Berna," Not willing to continue with the pleasantries, Brian let his hands fall on her waist for a moment. Softly brushing his fingers against her soft and plump ass, "I'll follow your lead."


Sitting in his shorts and a loose top, Ray looked at the screen presented by the Transmigration Heart.

[ Status




Unlike Nik, Ray didn't have a profession or a legacy. Unlike Brian and Nik, Ray kept the evaluation numerical and continued to look at the violet screen for quite a bit of time. The only way to inquire about the rules and connect with the heart was to simply will and Ray did will to clear his queries. 'So, I can't chat with the other holders of the heart? Aren't we connected?'

And the answer came to him instinctually. While the three hearts are connected, they wouldn't be able to communicate unless they are in the same... reality. At least, this is what Ray could glean. So, it wasn't the limitation of the planet that separated the trio but probably something greater. And then, Ray came to understand that even if they cannot communicate, in the end, the connected hearts would always travel to the same reality where they could feel the highest karmic forces. So, in essence, the three wouldn't be separated too far away. Understanding the basics of the new ways to gain his strength, Ray opened the [Travel] section of his Heart.

[Fill the Criteria

Age ]

Once again, Ray came to understand that after each limit or shackles is destroyed, a new criterion would appear. So, being a rank 2 traveler with one of his limits surpassed, Ray had only control over what age he wished to be transmigrated as. The question wasn't even worth asking. Ray had to keep in mind that during each travel, he would have to complete the karma of his 'shell' that would live up to that amount of years he selected. In layman's term, as Ray understood, Karma is actually representing the wish of his own shell. It may be as wild as being the strongest there is to just happily take care of someone but what will remain the same is that the Karma would never leave the spectrum of the host's own personality until the copied believes of the shell is challenged at some point before the real host can transmigrate.

'A newborn would simply have no wish or karma, so there is no need to think of selecting a newborn. Meanwhile, a young child may have the most outrageous wish of being a god and so would a young teen. The most realistic wish could be formed after a considerable amount of time has passed and my shell could form base goals. So...'

Ray typed in and selected the age to be 21.

[The travel shall begin at 29 days...]

"Sweet, I get a month off!" Ray stretched his body and pulled a blanket over his head. He couldn't summon Yar in this world since the limits of the world wouldn't allow him to or Ray could have slept by cuddling with his adorable familiar. Sighing softly, he closed his eyes when a thought entered his mind, "If I chose the age of 30-40... would I still look this hot? I'll try it next time..."