Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 545

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 545 Kuro?

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The wind blew as Nik slowly landed. His height a little shorter than before but in compensation, a pair of raven wings flapped behind him in the dead of the night as he helped Megumi stand. Their spot of landing turned out to be the only empty construction plot of the market area as the excited and red-cheeked Megumi stood, hurriedly turning back to inspect the pair of wings behind Nik. "T-this! This is amazing! We can even go abroad with your flying!" As Megumi hurriedly thought of various tourist spots extremely popular, Nik's body reverted back. "What are you thinking about? Did you forget that we would have to apply for a visa?" Naturally, they both were now extremely intimate as Nik hugged her tightly. With a broad grin, Megumi returned the gesture. " That was amazing, too," she cooed once again.

"Next time, let's pick up the pace, eh," Letting go of Megumi but not before tightly groping her butt, one of the privileges that he could never get enough of, Nik winked and then walked out of the plot alongside Megumi. "So... I'll see you tomorrow. Say hi to Yuuko for me. She still doesn't know that her best employee has returned." Nik commented while Megumi pouted. "Mom... she praises you too much!" she huffed, "Nik is this, Nik is that! He is good at selling and stuff, you know," tilting her gaze up, Megumi waited to see Nik's reaction, still, a little bothered by his 'joke' of aiming for her mother. "Well," softly taking Megumi's hand, something she enjoyed, Nik smiled and looked down, "Can't say I blame her... I am just that good."

With no way to get even with the shameless lover of hers, Megumi headbutted Nik's arm and when the red mark on her forehead became too evident, she groaned, "Ugh, stop! Thinking about it is weird!" A little amused, Nik leaned down and whispered with a dirty grin, "But you enjoyed it when Mitsuko and Kurumi rode me, didn't you? You already have an example of how happy I can make a pair of mother and daughter together, you even have my experiences of adventures and when you'll sleep, I'll also bring you to the consciousness realm. There you can even see and talk with the said families." A little embarrassed by the topic, Megumi turned her head but her ears grew hotter. And if it wasn't for the slight numbness down there, she would have even been open to the idea of doing it again. As Nik stated earlier. He is just that good.

Nik didn't go inside Megumi's house and slipped away once he dropped her off. By this time, no buses would be in service and Nik wasn't fond of using his powers too much when he could simply walk. Who knows, maybe he will chance upon a damsel in distress during the night and may even find himself getting lucky with someone else. So, he started walking down the road as the left side was surrounded by a line of trees that extended to a small park. Once again, he found a cat strutting around. 'Isn't this the same one...' recalling something, Nik crouched down and gently patted the head of the cat, who, didn't mind the touch and even mewled softly. The sheer charm of Nik's presence could easily make the cute cate tame as Nik created a pulse of purification that instantly cleaned the cat. Its dark fur with patches of white now glimmering in a healthy shine and even if the cat seemed a little malnourished, Nik didn't care much. "There you go, bud. All clean and soft," Nik smiled and rubbed the base of the ears as the cat meowed in satisfaction.

"K-Kuro!" A shout echoed through the empty road as the streetlight buzzed a little, even flickering as Nik felt a little cold out of a sudden. Hearing the sound, the cat nuzzled against Nik's head one last time before jumping into the darkness as the streetlight closest to Nik finally turned dark. 'Okay...' standing up, Nik looked around with a weird expression and gulped, 'This is getting a little scary...'

"Thank you..." suddenly, a soft whisper came from behind Nik as he controlled the girly shriek that almost rang through his mouth and jumped away before looking back. He saw a little girl. Almost seven, maybe. Her short black hair tied into a side ponytail while she wore her pink, bunny printed pajamas. Nik shivered at the sight of her extremely pale skin and instantly spread his pheromones to simply check whether there's something wrong with this girl. And the observation didn't make him feel assured as the girl sniffed and smiled softly. "Sir, you smell so good. Thank you for taking care of Kuro... he... nobody took care of him after I left him." As she spoke, Nik blinked, and the moment he opened his eyes the girl was gone. Instantly looking behind ascertain the position of the construct of energy, Nik didn't find the girl but instead, he found a grown woman in similar pajamas. Her body was barely curvaceous and her hair was disheveled. A bruise presented itself near her lips and even her right eye was blued.

"I realized that Kuro is that one who took care of me..." with the same voice as a little kid, the girl continued only for Nik to try and grab her wrist. The woman didn't seem concerned until Nik actually grabbed her wrist, making her eyes widen while Nik's breathing a little stable as he sighed in relief. Anything that can be touched can also be beaten and after such a long time, he admittedly grew blurry about his ability to touch everything so that he could f.u.c.k anything that attracts his attention. "S-sir!" The woman hurriedly said, "Kuro! Where is Kuro?" she inquired while moving forward and grabbing onto Nik's collars. Her expression agitated as a stream of blood leaked through her forehead as a deep gash presented itself. "Papa is hurting me! Please! Call Kuro! He will help me! Please!" Her voice turning more shrill as Nik's renewed courage soon faltered, he took a step back. This bitch is crazy. And not in the s.e.x.u.a.lly good way, like Azula, who would enjoy herself getting tied and f.u.c.k.i.e.d hard!

At this moment, Nik felt something entering the domain of his pheromones and after analyzing the newcomer, Nik hurriedly manipulated his heart to beat slowly and closed his eyes. From the grip of the shrieking... ghost, Nik found her nails sharpening and finally touching his skin when a deep and charismatic voice rang out. "O' lost soul of the mountains. May the yellow springs bring you the justice you deserve!" 'A kid with healthy imagination?' Nik thought to himself as he heard the voice. Even with his eyes closed, he could see almost everything. The newcomer's face was covered by strips of talisman and one of them glowed brightly as the incarnation on the strip disappeared. Suddenly, the struggle of the crazy ghost faltered while Nik soon fell on the ground without the grip of the ghost keeping him up since he has started acting as an unconscious passerby.

"Ugh... this guy is dead? Hmm, Nah, he is breathing. Well, good for him," the deep voice did turn immature soon after the ghost disappeared, making Nik hold himself from doing any action that may alert the man. Nobody should know that he was afraid of these kinds of stupid ghosts... Thinking of this, Nik recalled that he might have been able to actually break the grasp of the woman but her face... 'F.u.c.k, next female ghost is going to be my bitch!' Nik swore since this was the only way to grow out of his fears. Suddenly, Nik found another person entering his range of detection. "Good," the supposedly elderly stated calmly, "That's a level-3 threat that you exorcised. We will continue with your training."

"Sure thing." The younger one replied in excitement and soon left. Nik felt a little relieved that they didn't bother themselves helping him and once he made sure that the two men left, Nik stood up and dusted himself. "Phew~ Now, let's forget any of this happened!" Nik smiled a little carefreely. Who knew that he'll be the damsel in distress himself? But before he took another step, his body stiffened.

"Meeeooow~!" With a twitch of his lips, Nik observed the grey-furred cat and when he concluded that the cat was flesh and blood indeed, he continued his walk to the home. He had the keys now and knowing that everyone was already asleep back in the apartment, Nik didn't cause a ruckus and silently went to his room where Kurumi was sleeping soundly. Smilingly, Nik entered the bed and snuggled against Kurumi before closing his eyes and pulling everyone into his consciousness realm. While the girls found their horizons broadened by the knowledge that they could be f.u.c.k.i.e.d as roughly as they wanted, Nik, in the real world, opened the tab of his Transmigration Heart.

[ Status






His [Status] remained the same and Nik checked the [Inventory] to find that he could only bring three items along his adventure, which, Nik instantly allowed the space to his Dream Core. Then, he finally checked his legacy.

[Legacy: Idle Summoner]

[Legacy Initiated.]

[Idle Summoner is not installed with the Guide A.I. For any information, please try and communicate the Legacy directly.]

[Idle Summoner

Host: Nik Faran


Items: Initiation Portal


[Initiation Portal: An item that allows the host to summon a single pet of his choice. The pet can be anyone from a diety beast to a simple rat.]

Taking a moment, Nik started to communicate with the Legacy to understand how it worked. So, it was pretty simple for a legacy. The more summons he has, the greater the number of summoning points he can gain and finally, buy more and more summon portals from the store of the system. By now, he had no registered summon so, he couldn't gain any points. Seeing the description of the item again, Nik couldn't help but snicker. It was a trap. In a way, at least. The summons allowed Nik to store beasts but he didn't hold their obedience just because he was the summoner. Instead, the summons might attack back so instead of summoning any god beast or something like that, Nik smiled widely. He knew just who he was going to summon and he truly hoped that his target of affection had managed to live until now.

"Wait... can I consider a ghost as my summon?" Nik thought seriously before shuddering. "Let's not poke those stupid things! And who the hell names their cat Kuro? No doubt the cat left her..."

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