Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 546

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 546 L.o.l.a

Kurumi grunted softly and tilted her body the moment she felt Nik and wrapped her hands around Nik's back. When compared to Nik's size, Kurumi looked like a rather young girl. After all, Nik could make a definite career in height-based sport such as basketball or volleyball with his physique. Easy money and fame, in layman's term but to Nik, selling books for the hot mother of his partner was more than enough. Maybe, even better than sports. "Hey," Nik chuckled as Kurumi nibbled on his chest, "take it easy girl. We'll do stuff later," Nik whispered and pecked Kurumi's cheek while she was exploring the consciousness realm. 'Should I summon now?' Nik thought to himself but when he recalled today's encounter, Nik shrugged his urge to go out in the night again. He wasn't afraid... of course. But why poke the wrong nest?

'I should just look at ghosts and stuff tomorrow.' Concluding the research he would begin tomorrow afternoon during his break time, Nik opened the [Profession] tab and was genuinely amazed that the selection of Profession tab didn't bring a screen to him, but brought a little of Nik's consciousness to a white marbled room. It was empty and the interior 'felt' cool. The marble itself wasn't the plain and clear bathroom-type version but a textured one that tickled the base of Nik's feet as he inspected the area. As usual, he was n.a.k.e.d. Truly, the fact that his body was more comfortable without clothes than them on had already stopped being amusing to Nik. A purple screen finally transitioned into his vision.

[Incomplete Chimera Initiated. Scanning the Professional. Required Skills present. Proceed to activate the assistant A.I.?]

Nik looked at the screen in slight confusion. Until now, he had never encountered an A.I in any of his systems. The Transmigration Paradise, Transmigration Heart, and the Idle Summoner Legacy did not have such an addition and honestly, it would be a lie if Nik wasn't enticed to see what an A.I. is actually capable of. In fact, one of the many women who begged to get f.u.c.k.i.e.d by Nik, the dirty holes as Nik put it when his memory was screwed with to think that he was actually a slave p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e instead of being the prince of the place, Nik's memory was clear of the fact that even his technologically advanced homeworld hadn't been able to create an A.I. and could only create a virtual program with quite a number of restrictions.

"Hmm, Activate it!" Nik smiled widely. There was nothing else to do in this empty space. He could try and communicate with the space as he did with the Legacy and the Transmigration Heart since they are his property, Nik felt apt to chat with an artificial intelligence for the first time in his life.

[Initiating L.O.L.A.]

Instantly, the screen flickered out of existence and in place, with another flicker, a translucent figure emerged in front of Nik. Long grey hair that went with her grey pupils and lips as her light blue body was covered in a surprising business suit. Her hands were behind her back and seeing that she was actually a 3d holographic model, the pose didn't present itself as her hands disappearing into her body. Looking around for a moment, the holograph looked at Nik before speaking out.

[I am now well-versed with your language.] She spoke in Arthania, Nik's true mother tongue before she continued, [Please appoint your call. The list of titles called by the previous hosts are Master, Honey, Daddy, Your Demise, 18 Inches, F.u.c.k Me, and Lick Me. Would you like to choose any one from them?]

"Uh..." a little confused, Nik shook his head, "Nik, my name is just fine." Nik then continued to think if Adapt did use the profession, what would be the name he had used out of the options present.

[Very well, Nik. I am programmed to learn about my host and their preferences but after continuous reboots, I am obliged to inform that any data regarding previous hosts aside of their titles are simply removed from existence. Should we ever part ways, your data and preferences would be removed from my directory.]

Nodding, Nik inquired, "Why am I the only n.a.k.e.d one?"

[My current appearance is a standard appearance and it can be modified by the host based on their preferences and my own knowledge and growth. My current functions include scanning your body completely and assisting in various stimulation should you wish to bring changes to your body. To be a compatible assistant, I would also like to scan your memories completely and then brought to various information spots to fill my directory once again.]

Nik blinked. "Sure... Lola." Touching his chin, Nik inquired, "So, you can appear in my consciousness and in the physical aspect of my life, right?"

[That is correct. Profession is a metaphysical existence and I share this nature. As my knowledge grows, I will be able to provide even more assistance to you, Nik.]

"Oh, no worries about that," Nik shook his head with a smile. "Anyways... we'll make do of your appearance later and... one more thing. I would prefer for you to refrain from appearing in the physical world without my permission."

[Understood, Nik.] Lola nodded and then waited while looking at Nik. He could already feel his memories being scanned since a little portion of his consciousness was also tasked with protecting his mind. Now that he can do all this stuff with his mind without overloading, he did it without a moment's wait. After all, his own tactics in the illusion have shown that aside from the physical vital points, a man can be destroyed just by a mere control of his thought.

"Scan me, too. I'd love a hologram of my insides," Nik snickered as Lola's eyes glowed white and the light from her vision slowly structured to a humanoid shape in a 3-d x-ray with his organs in full display. Instantly, Nik spoke up, "Can you scan the various energy flows in my body?"

Without answering, the x-ray scan shifted slightly before the organs disappeared and streams of various colors marred the figure. The most prominent was the emerald one that actually flowed through Nik's entirety followed by various purple, red, and yellow ones that formed vein-like patterns. Finally, Nik observed a small ball of concentrated energy in between the figure. Suddenly, the ball was pulled forward as Lola commented softly, [This is an energy source, according to your information. It does not exist in physical nature but]. Cutting her words short with a humorous chuckle, Nik spoke up, "Stop teaching me what I already know." Then turning his attention to the work of his life energy, Hamon, and the recently attained group of physical energy include qi, Nik closed his eyes and compared the structure he could perceive himself with the help of his [Body Manipulation].

"Sweet!" Nik smiled. Even now, his lifeblood was forming at a great speed, allowing him to store multiple droplets of highly enhanced blood that could heal even the grievous injuries in a short time. His muscles would compact and now that Nik had the ability to truly make defining changes to himself, he began shortly. First, with his skeletal structure. "Hey, Lola, scan these for me."

Nik presented a spine with eight skeletal arms attached followed by a golden crown, a silver bony sword covered in metallic scales, and finally, a small dark blue ribcage. These were the top spirit bones he had bagged after his adventure in the world of spiritual energy. The eight-armed devil, skyworm crown, silver dragon sword, and finally Fenrir's ribcage. Gazing at the highly potent skeletal structures that showed a surprising amount of rate to merge with any physical body. Still, even when Lola felt surprised, she was only getting started and hadn't gotten her expression correct and only stated emotionlessly, [Nik, the scans have been completed.] She remarked as Nik took the spirit bones back. Honestly, even when he was told that the bones could crush him completely by their sheer quality, Nik had always been trying to wrap his head around a method. The worse part was that even Nie Li didn't know a method of absorbing highly potent spiritual bones without a certain risk of fatality. This [Profession] alongside his ability Body Manipulation gave him an idea.

"Hmm," As Nik shared in with Lola's directory regarding the scans after she invited him, Nik thought for a moment. 'I am no scientist but... spiritual energy does bypass a lot of biological functions. So...' gazing at the cell structure of different bones presented, Nik started gazing at their effects on his energy and his physical capabilities. Of course, it failed. Nik wasn't an extremely capable person in simulating the effects of a spiritually enhanced structure on his physical and neutral energy capabilities due to his lack of knowledge and this is where Lola came in.

"Lola, when you spoke of simulation... you meant?"

[Extrapolation of various changes brought to your physical body. Of course, the effect will remain to the total limits of my knowledge. But overall, it is the safer path if you... want to start changing the base structure of your body.]

"Then start changing my skeletal structure based on... the ribcage and the crown. The other two are more specific and we'll tackle them once we have enough data on the simulations," Nik shrugged before looking at Lola and smiling, "By now, you should be aware of my preferences, so, next time, I don't want to be the only one n.a.k.e.d. Bye-bye," Waving his hand, Nik vanished from the space. Thinking for a moment, Lola began to bring changes to Nik's body. Meanwhile, her body flickered and next, she stood completely n.a.k.e.d. She didn't feel an ounce of shame for Nik was quite low on reserves himself and then, she started controlling the simulations based on the various people whose bodies Nik had observed and explored thoroughly, i.e., to their cellular structure.



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