Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 547

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 547 Blending

"Hey, you guys," Rick almost let out a tear while Gunta showed a smile of admiration when Nik greeted them out of his own volition in the gym. Machia was helping Sakura and her friends in the workout, whom Nik didn't mind sparing a few glances while everyone aside from Mitsuko could be seen working out in their leggings. Nik himself wore a loose tank-top and shorts followed by sports shoes. Of course, he didn't need any training, so he would simply help and get a little handsy with his girls. Especially Okusan. Whether she admitted it or not, she simply loved being played with when there remained a chance of getting caught. Being avid in the Japanese culture, Rick bowed, "Master!" His roar ringing in the rather large gym that instantly pulled everyone's attention, followed by Gunta bowing, too. Much to Nik's surprise, the bleach haired boy had finally regained his original hair color, that is, light brown while her sister still sported a blonde head. "Oy! We are trying to concentrate!" An annoyed patron of the gym snorted and scowled at Rick. The spectacled stranger sported a lanky physique and admittedly, his motivation of coming to the gym had been gazing at pretty girls but that was the past. Machia-san had shown him the path of muscles!

"Huh?" Gloomily, Rick turned his head. As a foreigner, Rick wasn't truly welcomed everywhere and it was even more true in certain aspects of his new, Japanese life. Though annoyed at first, he found Nik. His master, who truly accepted him! His gaze pierced through the sweaty man, who instantly stumbled back and looked away. "Enough, boys..." Nik mumbled with a sad sigh. Gunta being awkward with him, he could understand. Although, the youth still didn't know that he and Kaya were a thing already. But Rick... sometimes, Nik felt extremely depressed while thinking of this bulky guy. "Go and warm up... I am here for the whole month, so maybe... we'll arm wrestle or something." Nik continued and turned back. He was close to Okusan, who was working out with Yuuko, making Nik think of various methods to tease both of them.

"Want some assistance?" Nik smiled as he looked Okusan bench press the shit out of weights, her b.r.e.a.s.ts kept in place by an appropriately sized sports bra topped with a loose red top that stuck to her because of the sweat while a band covered her forehead to keep the strands of her hair away from annoying her. Slightly out of breath, Okusan shook her head. Her eyes focused. Just like everyone else, making Nik feel sad. 'I... shouldn't have shown what the other girls are capable of...' A slight err of judgment from his sight for the acts performed by the girls in his consciousness realm finally allowed the girls of the homeworld to realize that even if Nik truly favored them greatly to no bounds, they were incomparable when it came to beauty, power, and abilities. Outclassed in the truest fashion. Aside from Mitsuko and Souko, everyone felt the same. A sense of competition that Nik didn't have the heart to snuff out since he didn't wish to f.u.c.k mindless robots but alluring and dedicated woman driven by something close to them.

"Fine, fine," Nik's voice echoed within Okusan, "Keep at it. I can feel that all of your Hamon needs more reinforcement so... eat, train, f.u.c.k, and sleep well... I think, the third option is better than everything... but that's my preference." A short and lovely smirk appeared on Okusan's face as Nik gave her the space she needed but soon, she scoffed when she found Nik waving at Yuuko. This action, of course, attracted the attention of a sweat-soaked Megumi and Sakura (Kaya's Daughter Sakura from Dumbell Girl anime.)

"Yuuko, I hope you wouldn't mind the extension of my... vacation. Had some family troubles," Nik greeted while walking up the treadmill besides Yuuko as she shook her head while huffing. Her face a little tired since she still wasn't in the habit of waking up early but after knowing that her daughter had come across Nik and also knowing that he would be present in the gym, no matter how complicated Yuuko felt, she still dolled up early in the morning and accompanied her daughter and honestly, her expectations were blown.

How Nik grew, she didn't know. But he looked hotter. Like 'Daddy' hot! And oh god! His beard! His arms! His body! Yuuko continued to chant as she mustered the courage to keep up with her work out fully expecting to be sore by tomorrow morning. "It! Hah! I-it's alright!" Yuuko presented a smile as she knowingly jerked her torso, making her wrapped up bosom shake slightly, and seeing Nik's gaze trailing down, Yuuko felt hot. 'Gosh!' she exclaimed internally as she felt the leggings covering her crotch dip in and she hurried straightened her body to not give Nik the glimpse of her cameltoe but he still did. "I mean, it's good to be back," Nik smiled, "Usually, Mitsuko has a hard time without me, so I always try to hurry back."

Her crush for Nik was only known by Kaya, at least, that's what Yuuko thought. But Nik and the others knew it full well. And for a moment, Yuuko thought of Nik's arrangement with others and his actions at the Christmas party before he returned to his home. "Well," Yuuko kept herself from scowling, "You should be around for your future baby, right?"

"Yep," Nik grinned. Although he had wanted to make a move on Yuuko, he couldn't help but have his thoughts trailing towards Tanya. At this point, Lilith and Asmodeus hissed! "Focus! Don't let your child bar the way for providing comfort to another woman!" Asmodeus then followed up, "Yeah! F.u.c.k her good! Haven't you already seen her juicy cunt! She is practically ready for you! Think of Tanya later! You can have another baby with"

"Oh, shut up," Nik groaned, "Have some manners when a father is thinking of his child, you delirious fools!" His grunt pulled a snicker from Pure while Sky didn't have much to offer. "Oh," Nik suddenly smiled at Yuuko, making her face him with curiosity and slight expectations. It may be a little far-fetched for him to offer his 'care' out of his own volition but Yuuko still expected Nik to be this shameless and waited nonetheless. 'Maybe I should bust him with Kaya and then...' Not fulfilling the thought with her imagination, she heard Nik stating, "I heard that Megumi would have her last Kendo Match within two weeks... I was thinking that maybe I can sometimes visit her during her practice. You know, in the evening, and then maybe bring her back to the store, too."

"Of course, thank you." Yuuko sighed with a pretentious curve of her lips as Nik's next words made her eyelids jump in surprise, "And... I also wanted to discuss our term of employment once again. The current one is too much in my favor so... I don't know, I'll just tell you later at the store."

Yuuko suddenly found Nik's gaze lowered and while walking, she looked down and realized that the fabric of her leggings had wedged further in the entrance of her fleshy hole, making her hurriedly stop the machine and walk away with the hand towel around her waist.


The hustle and bustle of the school had grown a little dull. The third-year students had their finals and also needed to prepare for their university examination. Some focused on their sports scholarship while others let it loose on the books. Once again, hand-in-hand, Kurumi and Nik walked towards the gates of the school. Kurumi had grown a little tall, credits to her explosive physical strength provided by Hamon even without massive change to her body structure. A little athletic over-all but still as soft and plushy as ever. The stockings of her uniform dug into her thighs as Kurumi refused to wear the lengthy skirts as prescribed by the school rulebook. Well... then again, most of the girls didn't like it in the first place. "Come on..." Nik nudged her shoulder, "You did great. Azula kind of liked you."

"She is a s.l.u.t!" Kurumi hissed, making Nik chuckle, "Well, that's how I love em," instantly earning a glare from Kurumi. But, that wasn't the problem. It was the collective inferiority that drove her into anger and search for strength. "You do understand that you can even beat Rick quite easily, right?" Nik inquired as Kurumi nodded. While a little weaker than Machia, Kurumi had grown strong. Strong enough to back her words when she rained hell on Gunta for confronting her with regards to Nik back in his first arrival. "If power was everything in the world," Nik consoled, "then I would have never returned to this place. Then I wouldn't have left Yu Yan and Samya in the first place, you know. So, I just want you, and all of you to understand that when it comes to my choice in women... power barely holds any form of favor."

"Good..." Kurumi muttered, a little comforted. "We are here, so get going. Oh... by the way," Nik thought for a moment and tried to warn her about the ghost but then shook his head. "Hmm?" Kurumi turned to him only for Nik to shake his head, "Nothing, study well." Leaning down, Nik kissed Kurumi just like she loved it. In front of the school to make sure that if anyone wants to have a piece of her, then they must get past her hunky and cuddly man that could literally snap anyone in two pieces. With a smile, she waved her hand and entered the school premise while Nik started making his way towards the Megumi's home. He didn't meet up with Megumi so he realized that he had been a little late than usual but still, he caught the bus and finally stepped down the market place.

It didn't take more than a few moments to make his way towards the shop while avoiding Manabu's mother and other aunties that would love nothing more than to listen him talk and sell them the entire stock in the bookstore, but he had enough reputation to not stoop to these methods since it was already known that a foreign 'model' is selling books in the market. He had been wanting to summon his pet but knowing that he would get late for the store, Nik decided to summon a pet in Yuuko's backyard during the afternoon, the place he met Megumi for the first time.

"Oh, you are here!" Yuuko smiled. Her hair was trimmed to a boycut once again as she wore a creamish sweater and a pair of dark blue denims. She didn't care how she dressed now. After all, she isn't the one low-key seducing middle-aged men to buy books now. It is Nik and he could do that with all the ages of the female kind, which made Yuuko's work quite easy. Sit back and relax. As a boss is supposed to. "Let me dust off," Nik waved his hand and picked the stick with a cloth tied to the other end, "You haven't eaten anything, right?" Nik inquired. This was the usual. Since Yuuko opened the store early, her breakfast is pretty much skipped after preparing bento for Megumi.

"Gah," Yuuko shook her head, "I tried one of those shakes that Megumi drank... let's just say that there are drinks more delicious with less price to pay, including my taste buds!" Hearing her, Nik shrugged, "But it gets the work done. Anyway, go eat up. Oh, don't forget to prepare for lunch, too. Kaya said that she had some work today." Yuuko's day instantly brightened as she left with an eager grin. However, later she realized, she just lost her chance to pull the bust on Nik and Kaya screwing around.

As she left, Nik started humming a whistle and continued to dust the magazines and books. He had purchased quite a bit of a.d.u.l.t material and seeing newer stock, Nik's eyes lit up. "Ah, that's right. I need to start reading other non-fiction material now..." Nik muttered to himself. Now he had the ability to understand almost anything that wouldn't physically overload his brain, Nik decided to branch his interest to real-life subjects such as biology and physics. Of course, once Nik sat behind the counter, he whipped his smartphone out and started to search various forms of fiction. This world had western comics, shounen amazements, and as Nik continued to search dutifully while making sure to attend his customers with the warmest smile, he found something. The written form of entertainment that didn't belong to the old 'classical' era named Light and web novels.

"Hmm?... What?"

Nik scrolled down the summary of a particular novel flashing at the top trending section and the name that caught his attention was Nie Li.

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