Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 3 Chapter 550

Volume 3: Cuntivators Abound Chapter 550 Competition

It's been days since Nik had arrived. Everything clicked back as usual while Nik now had the nifty ability to actually influence Mitsuko's rare mood swings. His vacation turned out to be a great one. His basic knowledge regarding natural forces of the world grew by a little and now, he completely focused on enjoying his time here. Yuuko, as usual, didn't have a single ounce of courage to finally f.u.c.k the man who had admitted his relationship with her daughter. Honestly, Nik was a little relieved at that. Well, yeah, he did want to bang Yuuko hard but as he said Bang. And instead of sc.u.m.m.i.n.g his was around by lying to Megumi, something he didn't want to especially to the gal herself, Nik realized another way to make Megumi more open to the idea of breaking her second promise, too.

Yeah, Nik's evil genius intensified!

Local Gymnasium.

Finally, it was the east prefecture's kendo tournament. In one of the many makeshift locker rooms, a group of girls slowly changed out of their uniforms and made their way through the hallway before standing in a neat row. White outfit covered by practice armors and helmet with the facial region covered in a net held between their waist and arms. Out of the many girls present, Nik identified a particular dark-haired girl that sported a low ponytail to help with the helmet. Her eyes barely wandering through the crowds and most of her time was used to observe her opponents despite her teammates messing around. She was the captain of the team as she had gradually made her way up from the first of the day of the school and now, this was her last high school tournament.

"There's my winner!" Yuuko exclaimed within the already cheerful crowd. This was merely the first day of the tournament... well, being a prefecture one, the tournament would only last for the day itself, unlike other time-consuming sports. The audience mainly comprised of cheer squads from the respective schools and families with barely any media present to cover the completion. Sitting beside Yuuko, a man who was way too inconspicuous for his own good sat with a laid-back expression. His beard trimmed to millimeters and his blue shirt with raised sleeves outlining his muscular body. A brown jacket lying over his lap as he looked towards Megumi and let out a soft sigh.

"Say, Yuuko, I still think that we should have left a notice for any customers that would reach the store," Nik stated while trailing his gaze over to Yuuko. By now, Nik had long stopped reserving his intentions with the mature woman. He would sometimes look at her curves or playfully brush his hands past some sensitive spots during their break times. Nothing too hot and heavy but if it wasn't for Megumi, Yuuko admitted that she would have let him enter her balls deep quite a few times already.

"Nonsense, we were already late, remember? And nobody would care that much for a single day of absence. Both, your customers and mine." She shrugged, her shoulders touching Nik's arm as she slightly leaned on the towering man. "Hmm, I guess so," Nik continued, "Boss, Megumi's teammates seem pleasant. Do you think she'll introduce me to them?" His jesting tone made Yuuko scoff as she hit the side of her head against Nik's arm. "I don't like to be explicit about things," she stated, "But what kind of stamina do you even have? You aren't actually eating any wrong chemical, right? It may provide results but being natural is best for long-term..."

"Hehe, long-term... I guess I may survive the year with you after all," Nik chimed as Yuuko rolled her eyes. Nik was pleasant to talk with, he didn't hold himself back in conversations, and he was hot. So Yuuko didn't mind having such conversation with him and as Nik had said a few days back, Yuuko did grow comfortable around Nik to discuss many things.

"Oh, that's right, when's the marriage of your friend's son? Did you say by the end of the month?"

Nik inquired as Yuuko closed her eyes for a minute while searching for the information intensely. "Hmm... it is on, um, 27th," Yuuko stated as Nik felt the woman sitting to his other side pressing her knee against his leg. Feeling this, Nik nodded after getting the answer from Yuuko and looked to his side, finding a rather charming and considerate wife with her ring practically glowing gazing at him with a surprised face. "Are you a foreigner?" The brown-haired woman inquired in a slightly broken English. "Please," Nik smiled, making the woman avert her gaze for a moment as Nik continued in clear local language down to the very accent, "I've been here for quite a while. I haven't introduced myself. Nik." He presented his hand as Yuuko's lips twitched while the 'newbie' shook his hand softly. "Pleased to meet you. Please call me Aima." Only presenting her first name, she craned her head forward and looked towards Yuuko with a curious gaze. "Am I interrupting something?" She inquired as Yuuko pursed her lips before shaking her head stiffly. Still, her body remained leaning towards Nik as Megumi entered her first match.

Meanwhile, Nik continued to chat with the sudden acquaintance. "Here to cheer your daughter?" Thinking for a moment, Aima shook her head with a sigh. "I came here for a client. The type with specific needs..." she whispered as she unconsciously rubbed her ring while Nik finally sniffed the slight whiff of her crotch getting wet. "Oh." Taking a look beside Aima, Nik found the seat empty as he jested, "Ditched on the first date?"

"Unfortunately," she shrugged. She wore quite decent clothes, to be honest, but her actions were already out of the norms. Thinking for a moment, Aima took out a card and pressed it against Nik's chest. "Since this was a genuine attraction, give me a call sometimes." She whispered before standing up and taking her leave while Nik looked at the card and didn't even bother memorizing the mobile number before crumbling it and letting it fall on the steps.

"Wait, you really did that?" Yuuko looked astonished as Nik shrugged. "I work for you, remember? If I have the time, I would rather spend it with Mitsuko. And, what's the point of her being attracted to me while being open to services if she can't provide one spontaneously?" His words pulled a strange expression from Yuuko's face as Nik smiled and gestured towards the match. "And, your daughter would beat me up if I tried to play nooky with a random stranger and avoid her performance."

Finally smiling, Yuuko snickered, "If she didn't, I would have to deduct your pay myself!"

"Ah, that's so cold!"

Nik sighed as they watched Megumi fully exploiting her new strengths to finally beat the competition quite literally.


"Ahaha, you seemed confident back then," Nik snickered with a bokken in his hands as he looked at the glaring Megumi. "You know," Nik continued with a teasing smile, "I have to look out for the store. Yuuko employed me for a reason, after all." The evening sun had almost set while Megumi, with her team selected for the inter-prefecture tournament, and her confidence soaring through the skies had actually managed to convince Nik for a spar. "Gah! Didn't you say you'd go easy on me?" She clenched her jaws as Nik sighed and crouched down to level his gaze with Megumi while placing his hand above Megumi's free palm. "You know I went easy on you," he whispered as he leaned for a kiss. Feeling her reward provided at quite an opportunity, Megumi enjoyed the intimacy as Nik breathed, "And now, I'll grow harsh on you," he grinned while letting go of the wooden tool before pushing Megumi down as she panicked. "H-hey!" she hissed, "Mom is still outside!" She tried to push away but Nik easily caught her wrist and placed them back, raising her bosom in action as he took Megumi's lips once again.

"You'd love that, wouldn't you? Letting Yuuko see you getting all the action for yourself?" Nik's words instantly caused Megumi's eyes to widen as she couldn't even defend herself and instead, m.o.a.ned softly and sweetly while enjoying Nik's tongue as her gaze gradually narrowed with blood rushing to her face. "I've seen you getting more and more aggressive in the gym when it comes to your mother," Nik's whisper echoed within Megumi as he continued, "How about you finally show that Mama's girl had grown? Hmm?" As Nik finally let go of Megumi's wrist, letting her hug his head and grip his hair roughly, the man himself groped her voluptuous and perky bosom. "The sight would be the best as I continue to have you my way while your more than frustrated mother slowly enjoys the show," Nik continued to preach, letting in some actual information alongside the dirty talk that made Megumi hotter.

"N-no! No way! She would kill me!" Megumi uttered in breaks of their kisses but Nik didn't give her much time to rest as he pinched her n.i.p.p.l.es through her clothes, giving the innocent gal the rough and naughty treatment she deserved. "Oh, no, she wouldn't," Nik snickered as he pushed his waist against Megumi, a little excited as his erect shaft rubbed against her slowly moistening crotch. As they continued to make out in the grass, Yuuko, still manning the counter, sighed.

"Ughh... I gotta use the restroom..." She groaned and stood up. The continuous need to relieve herself during the cold temperature was what she didn't like about the winters. Making her way towards the inner portion of her home, she soon passed by Nik and Megumi, who stood with a serious expression. At first glance, Megumi seemed quite worn out as Yuuko sighed while calling out to the duo. "Megumi, you should rest! And Nik, can you come back to the store now?"

"Sure thing," Nik replied with a smiled and placed the bokken near the entrance of the living room before turning to Megumi, who had a strangely excited smile. "I'll reward you later, sweetheart. Your man's gotta do his job." He smiled and then walked away as Megumi collapsed while heaving roughly. She was still a little dazed but the sense of rush and excitement truly took her breath away!

She now finally considered the possibility of the truths hidden within Nik's words as she recalled particular news.

'Mom is frustrated?'

She thought to herself in confusion.

"He must be messing with me. If he had the option, he'll rather have the whole female kind be stressful enough to invite him... it's good that he can cure himself or he would have been the source of plenty unnamed STDs..."

Megumi muttered to herself as she squeezed her thighs against themselves in relief one last time before getting up. She truly needed to rest now.


A/N: This marks the end of volume Cuntivators. The next chapter would begin with the next arc itself. Yehehe, boi!

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