Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 552

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 552 Minion

"That's what you get for doing my ma!" The blonde youth yelled. He wasn't alone. The bully and his friends surrounded a young man. Dark-haired, a little skinny, and tanned skin. This was the usual scene in one of the many alleys of metropolitan New York. One of the hooded buddies of the youth yelled, "F.u.c.k him up, man! He crossed the line!"

"Yeah! We were just messing with you! F.u.c.ker, why'd you do that to his mother?!" Another one yelled, outraged as the beaten youth lay pressed against the wall. His nuts were already numb. After all, those poor babies were targetted straight off the bat. He breathed softly as his lips moved, "Your mother, kek!" he coughed as the youth who rained hell on the beaten boy gestured everyone to turn silent. "What was that?" He crouched and gripped a fistful of disheveled hair and pulled the boy's face up, revealing a clear and handsome visage now marred with cuts and bruises. The violet pupils barely visible. "I said..." the boy huffed, "Your 'ma' wanted it rough... said that your 'pa' wasn't half the man I showed her yesterday..." the boy's lips curved into a weak grin, "Hehe, I'll wait for ya to call me pops"


The fist zoomed into his face and smashed him against the wall. Finally, the youth fell unconscious and bleeding with severe injuries. "I'll catch you later, punk! Don't ever get near my family!" The blonde spat over Nik before beckoning his troops away. It was at this time, the fallen youth opened his eyes again. A little dazed, not by the injuries and possible concussion, but with another heart forming within his chest and his memories assimilating with the experiences of past seventeen years. "Hmm?" Nik furrowed his brows. "I... f.u.c.k.i.e.d my bully's mom... and he almost beat me to death," Nik concluded the last event of his yet another orphaned life.

Nik groaned. He had just arrived in this world. Fortunately, from the rapidly assimilating memories, another form of Earth where his current self spread debauchery to the mothers of his bullies. Well, hey, that's how you stop the bullies in the first place, right? That's what Nik's previous, uneducated self thought but now, Nik had to set his life straight. In this world, at least. "If someone bullies you, make sure that they don't have the limbs to hurt you... then you go have some fun with their mom... and sister. She has a lovely one... gah," Nik cried in pain. This wasn't the kind of welcoming to the world he had been expecting.

[Guys, which places did you travel into?] Nik sent his words through the connection of the Transmigration Heart. In reality, aside from his soul and consciousness, Nik's true body was stored within the Transmigration Heart itself. This is done to slowly fuse with the current body and regain one's strength once again. Needless to say, Nik's body had just started the process as Ray's and Brian's message arrived.

[It looks like I am being trained as a kunoichi somewhere...]

[Guys, I am actually on... well, I am an intergalactic pirate, if you can believe that.]

[So... not in the states...] Nik sighed and continued, [Well, until we all meet again.]

At this point, Brian took up the chat while Nik started to feel the restraints on his body loosen while quite the familiar energies started to seep through Nik once again.

[Nik, Ray, I wanted to make our travels more fun. Since we all would have our own karmas to settle, how about playing by a rule where we get to use a single method to attack, a single method to heal, a single method to support, hmm? It would be more of a self-regulation and of course, not mandatory but if all my travels have taught me something is that if you are too strong then you can never even explore your other options.]

[Sure thing!] Ray chimed as Nik issued a weak chuckle.

[Yeah, I'll do that after I heal my nuts... they are pretty much busted.]

Nik sniffed as he realized that almost all forms of energies that he had dabbled in previously were already present. His passive restorative abilities kicked in and Nik opened his stats. Instead of his original stats, the data provided was the physical evaluation of his current body.

"Ooh, that's gotta hurt. I mean, your d.i.c.k's pretty much the best thing that ever happened to you." Sky cackled, a rare form of enjoyment for her while Ray's message floated in front of him.

[Busted nut? Lucky for you. Here, I'll literally have to grow a pair once again!]

[Lol.] Is the only thing Brian had to reply with, making both the s.e.x.u.a.lly charged species groan in their respective locations.

Now Nik had calmed down after his first experience, his body already using the meager reserves to heal itself using the Life Energy that Nik actively controlled, he gazed at his status board.

[Name: Nik Minion

Age: 17

Limits: (Phantom Physique)

Bloodline: L.u.s.t Apostle/ ???

Talent: Exotic Escort, Balance, Perfect Eyesight, Skill Palace, Physical Genius, Limit Buster, Legacy Eyes

Profession: Imperfect Chimera

Physique H-

Mental H-

Energy H-

Luck B+]

'So... I am pretty much on the lowest ladder, huh... Phantom Bodies don't have any existential limits, so I can actually feel what it's like to be a high ranker if I focus on getting stronger. My real body is finally showing its worth, gah! The pain, damnit!' Nik huffed before looking at his name. 'Minion for a last name? I thought this body was orphaned. Do I get to keep my last name despite my current status? Well, it's strange nonetheless... was kinda used to Faran for the last name by now.' Multiple thoughts started to appear in his mind as Nik observed the dirty alleyway. It was almost afternoon but the street was still covered in a cool shade that Nik might have enjoyed if his d.i.c.k wasn't hurting so much.

'Let's see. In the memories of my phantom body, there's definitely a wish that it needs me to achieve.' The bruises on Nik's body were pretty much healed but he would still need a long time to heal if it wasn't for his [Body Manipulation.] 'The world is filled with... heroes? What? Really? Costume, tights, heroes?' Nik furrowed his brows. 'Ah, sure, men were tights, too. Let the world see the outline of your junks, very epic,' Nik commented internally with his tone dripping in sarcasm.

'And what I want is to... give everyone an equal footing. Wow... that's kind of reasonable? At least, all the beating I received didn't make me want to be the world's worst or best hero or something like that. Equal footing, yeah, I can do that.' Nik thought to himself as he slowly stood. Currently, he was barely 180 centimeters with his hood bloodied, and his pants tattered from the crotch. "What I need is a bath..." Nik thought to himself before smiling, "Or purification!" He chuckled as a golden pulse, extremely weak this time, emerged from Nik, and instantly, all the grim and dirt alongside the blood vanished into thin ashes that didn't stick to Nik. His battered face was revealed and it was only because of the body manipulation that he could feel the scar running down from the corner of his left eye to his cheekbone.

"Phew!" Nik whistled as he dusted his hood, still feeling the slight sting from his sack, "Brandon... the only thing that is equivalent of getting your nuts busted is... well, getting your nuts popped!" Nik spat, "Brandon Fuker, son of Mary Fuker and brother to Anna Fuker... their dad ran out on them, stupid guy. She is so hot... and good... Ouch! Boner hurts!"

Nik screamed in the empty alleyway.


Upper Manhattan, Sweet Appartments, 42.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Coming~!" With a cheerful voice, a brunette in pink shorts, and a blue top that barely reached her navel opened the door with the most innocent expression and when the moment her dark brown eyes matched a pair of slightly tired violet ones, she squealed in excitement. "Nik!" She jumped into a hug and crashed against Nik before looking up to his face and revealing a curious expression, "I thought Junior got to you this morning. Mom could barely make him understand that you are great in bed especially after dad left..."

Looking at his current girlfriend, Anna... Fuker, the woman's whose mother Nik spent the night much to both of their delights, Nik hugged back. Instead of feeling strange, Nik simply reassessed his previous version. After all, at the base, the previous Nik was the same as the current one. "Yeah," Nik coughed, "Your brother did a number on me. Can I come in?" Nik whispered as she hurriedly pulled him in and led him to the couch. "Mom's called for a cover. There's been another theft near the 5th Avenue. Hey, guess what, Captain America showed up!" Anna grinned as she sat beside Nik and blew against his ear, "Say, if Junior didn't do much to you... wanna f.u.c.k?"

'Ah, yes, another family of... s.e.x.u.a.l romance...' Nik recalled Souko and Mitsuko. Chuckling, Nik took Anna's lips. They have been together since Anna brought her for the single night and being the hot s.l.u.t he always is, he simply stayed here forever while the remaining man of the family, who lived in the 'famous' Harlem, showed his distaste from the very beginning. "Well, 'Junior' got your favorite weapon really badly. Give me a few hours. How about tonight? Your mum wanted a threesome."

A little dubious, Anna c.o.c.ked her head sideways, "She said so? Sure." Hugging Nik tightly as he uttered another groan, Anna stood up, "Hey, you must be hungry right? Wanna have my Sunday Hash Browns?" She inquired while switching on the television in front of Nik and bringing up the local news.

"Isn't it lunchtime?" Nik looked at her.

"Well..." Anna trailed, "It's either that, or hash browns..."

"Extra spicy?" Nik smiled.

"Extra spicy, coming right up!" Anna grinned as Nik looked at another coverage of the theft. A man of color stood in a grey suit with the background filled with police cars of New York's finest while the man interviewed an old guy. "Sir, did you see the shooter's face?" The news reporter asked with as much enthusiasm he could bring to the table while the old man looked at the reporter and scowled, "Nah, you strange f.u.c.k! The man pointed a gun at me, he had a mask on! Don't you f.u.c.k.i.n.g know the A, B, C of bank robberies? They don't reveal their goddamn faces!"

Before the old man could continue, the interviewer hurriedly changed his target as Nik's expression brightened instantly. Now, he looked at his skill tabs, really considering Brian's previous comment about self-regulation. Honestly, Nik felt that this method may also help him get to explore more of his abilities instead of relying on his usual means.


L.u.s.t's Recruitment: A+

Use: A special skill that allows the user to place a special mark over the agreed party from the opposite gender and allow them to wield the following benefits at the user's discretion:

Talent Pool.

Skill Pool.

Consciousness Pool.


Ethereal Illusion: A-

Use: Skillful utilization of the multi-purpose pheromones allows the user to ensnare the target permanently and physically until decided otherwise. The pheromones can be stacked up to prevent such control over the user itself.


L.u.s.t Master: A

Use: The evaluation of the user's current understanding of the concept of 'L.u.s.t'. The current application includes affecting the thought process of anyone under immediate contact.


Cure: A-

Use: This skill allows the user to cure any and every disease and returns the target to a disease-free state. This skill cannot cure curses and the effect highly depends on the knowledge of the user regarding the disease.


Quasi-Elemental Grandmaster: A+

Use: The evaluation of the host's current understanding of the concept of elements in affinity with. The current application includes the manipulation of said elements by conversion of neutral energy.


Gravitation Manipulation: A-

Use: The ability to manipulate the surrounding gravitational force and give shape to the force of gravity.


Physical Essence: A+

Use: The ability to manipulate various forms of physical enhancing energies to refine the entire physical structure of the user. Current forms of energy Hamon, Life-force, Purple Qi, Chi, Blood.

Caution: The refinement, at many times, shall inflict pain.


Energy Master: A

Use: The evaluation of the user's current understanding of various forms of energies and their applications. Current applications include the fusion and conversion of various forms of energies in affinity with the user.


Space Manipulation: A-

Use: The ability to manipulate and shape the empty space by directing neutral energy.


Body Manipulation: A+

Use: The ability to have complete control over one's body to the point of being able to mutate the body based on the user's overall understanding.


Absolute Sharpness: S+

Use: The ability to turn any object or body part sharp to the point that everything can be cut. The effectiveness of the ability is directly related to the quality of the object or body part that the ability is enchanted upon.


Multi-task: B-

Use: The ability to divide one's consciousness into numerous parts than can proceed with an independent but integrated thought process.


Purification: A-

Use: The ability to purify anything deemed waste into the void.


Genderswap: Lvl 1

Use: The ability to swap the gender of the target. The ability is restricted by the knowledge of the host regarding the biological structure of the target. The ability is not dependant on the neutral energy but the forced concept of 'change' infused in the ability.

Slot: 1/1


Explosion: C+

Use: The ability to manipulate various chaotic energies to create an explosion, manipulate, and shape them. The greater the knowledge of the user regarding the making of explosives, the better the effectiveness and power of the ability.


Psychic Aptitude: S-

Use: The user can instantly learn and understand the workings and mechanics of anything, regardless of how simple or complex. They can comprehend the complexity and exactness of events, organisms, objects, subjects, fields, powers, etc. without the need for long-term or special education, or explanation.]

'Let's see... I use too much illusion already, so I'll pass on it... that means being extra careful. So, that leaves me using pheromones only during s.e.x. Hmm, Elements, nah. Already played with Gravity. Physical Essence and Psychic Aptitude are passive, so they don't count. Ooh, Space!" Nik instantly set up [Space Manipulation] for his primary mode of engaging with stuff while keeping [Purification] and [Cure] for the support. That's pretty much it. He will now only try to limit himself by using those three forms of abilities aside from his obvious passive ones.

By now, the aroma of Anna's snack had already spread through the apartment while Nik leaned back on the sofa and started to go through various channels according to his memory.

Meanwhile, Nik silently let his thoughts run and slowly understand just how much this city... no, this world was f.u.c.k.i.e.d despite its modern charm.

"Oh, well... who knew I am still in a school. I guess Stark Vision Initiative really saved my ass this time," Nik muttered. After all, free education was worthwhile everywhere!


A/N: So, I started at a rather quick pace. Well, I thought I might as well forge some relationsh.i.p.s already. Anna and Mary Fuker are actually fictional characters from Familia Sacana, which you can find on Luscious.net. Pretty much, it's the story of swinger family full of i.n.c.e.s.t and I thought, why not just add them? I have never felt any form of aversion to fictional s.l.u.ts and they fell the criteria easily. There are more characters in this series which may be present later on~

Anyway, I have a request. Um, please, can you teach me some ongoing slangs? Oh, by the way, I am planning to make this a long one with the arc divided into four major sections. This is the Initiative Section. So, try to fill me in with as many teen marvel heroes as you can.

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