Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 553

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 553 Mighty Fine

It finally took another hour for Nik to truly fuse with himself. He had the same personality but slightly skewed morals. Well, basically, Nik didn't even have to try and act like someone else since he had always been s.l.u.tty and the fun kind that would rather have fun with a bully's mom than to spend time to set his future, something, this version of himself had already done. Nik was proud of himself. "Anna," Nik stood up and stretched. His balls were finally feeling... 'normal'. The brunette looked towards Nik while taking care of her nails, "Yeah? Going out? Take care, please. Oh, if you see Junior, just run. It hit him hard after Dad left us," she stated while coating her fingernails with a layer of light purple. "No worries." Nik shrugged, of course, keeping the grudge with himself, "Just going to, uh... you know, back at my place. There's still some work left."

"Will you swing by in the evening?" Anna hurriedly stood over the couch and looked back towards Nik. "Mum's going to cook Sauce Steaks!" She said with glee, instantly halting Nik's figure as he thought for a moment. Good food and eventual threesome? "Sure thing, I'm in!" Nik grinned and left the apartment. Of course, he didn't live with his girlfriend who was still living under her mother's roof. In fact, Nik actually used to live with Anna's brother Brandon Junior until she eyed him and fell for him completely. Of course, the former friend didn't take it kindly and continuous relationship led to Nik finally getting bullied by his friend himself. Their apartment was situated in one of the many lovely centers of Harlem. Walking out of the building, Nik straightened his t-shirt as the warm summer sun provided quite the heat in the streets. His denims had been ruined so Nik simply wore one of Brandon's old pants, the ones before his stomach and waist took a wide turn.

"I need a part-time job... that can help with my wish to provide equal grounds to everybody. Law?" Nik mumbled to himself, "And since Brian said that he is in space... is it safe to assume that Earth is aware of alien lifeforms? Or the alien lifeforms knowing of Earth? And Kunoichi? Really? Ray's gonna f.u.c.k em up..." Nik thought to himself as he walked by the stores of the city. NYC is one of the world's largest populated city. A center of the economy with opportunities present for everyone with the eyes to look for one. Cabs filled the roads more than sedans and the footpaths were filled with busy citizens. Some shouting into their smartphones, which made Nik realize that his was broken by Brandon. Good thing that he had one stored in Dream Core but he needed to tweak the language settings.

"What? Get me that Jar, kid! You wouldn't want your brother to get hurt, right?" Nik's body was slowly growing. The virtuous cycle of slowly absorbing the natural energy present in the surroundings that would enhance his physique was working, albeit slowly. Desperately so. Right now, Nik was barely as strong as someone of his age should be in the first place. For a moment, Nik looked to his left and found a breaded man grunting into his mobile phone. He stood in front of the restaurant named Dynasty Gourmet. A Chinese restaurant from what Nik could remember and according to many of the gangbangers from Harlem, some of them who used to visit Nik and Brandon on a daily basis, a front for a local drug ring. Specifically run by a mysterious entity named White Greed.

'What a strange nickname...' Nik thought to himself and continued to make his way towards his apartment. He'll think of other stuff later on. After all, no matter what he does with his supernatural powers, the first thing he needed to accomplish was to settle down with a cupboard for himself. Tiptoeing around a suited man who almost bumped into him, Nik continued to walk peacefully. But it didn't seem that the city itself wished to pass a peaceful sunday as the moment Nik took a turn, he found the corner most shop that he barely passed exploding into shards of glasses, propelling Nik alongside many citizens through the road and the pavement.


Peals of flame burst through the interior of the shop that used to display fashionable dresses and with the screams of customers and civilians caught under the fire, the surroundings devolved into a panicked state. But that wasn't all. Three pitch-black vehicles screeched through the street and made a hurried stop in front of the Dynasty Gourmet. The windows of the cars rolled down, revealing muzzles of the dreadful rifles that instantly fired through the shop, the sound of gunfires filled the street as the cars rushed away as quickly as they came. "Cough!" Nik coughed, the taste of his own blood through his mouth didn't bring him any relief as he found dense smoke surrounding the scene. Another person lay near him, his face battered as Nik shook his head to clear the ringing of his ears and crawled towards the man. "Hey, you alright?" Nik whispered, slowly turning the man to the other side and finally revealing the shards of glass pierced through his abdomen, one of them sticking into his heart. "Ah... maybe not..." Nik coughed again and slowly stood up. Once again, he was bleeding from his right knee, and yes, Nik felt that this was the most uncomfortable beginning of his adventure.

"What the hell? Since when did people love to open fire?" Nik huffed, his face covered with blood from multiple scratches and the dirt sticking to his face. At this moment, as the survivors and the injured slowly stood up, the sound of the sirens filled the surroundings as sedans painted in white and blue with flashing lights on the roofs of the car could be seen filling the scene as Nik felt tired. Sitting back down, Nik waited for the medical support brought alongside the cops. That was the most reasonable thing to do and then, he would find the idiots who caused him damage, and get 'equal' with them. Maybe, he will just cut their fingers so that they can't pull triggers ever again. Yeah, that would save him trouble. "Hey, there are already heroes in this city. Well, two, only. Iron Man and Captain America... well, let's hope that somebody would know what's going on."

Mumbling, Nik waited for a few moments before a middle-aged officer in blue, a little healthy, to his credits, walked up to Nik and helped him up. "Son, you alright? Don't worry, help's here!" The officer held Nik by his shoulder and supported him to the nearest ambulance before walking off to scout the perimeters when the bustle of news reporters also filled in. There were barely two vans but soon, Nik expected the scene to fill with them. That's the basics of this world. Crime happens, the police come and then get bombarded by reporters. Well, it's pretty much the same everywhere, so Nik sighed when the male nurse, much to Nik's misfortune, bandaged him up.

"Kid, we'll also need your statement. Got some I.D.?"

"Not the one you would be expecting," Nik chuckled and took out his school I.D. with a pained grunt. "Easy there, kiddo!" The nurse gave the identity card a cursory glance before nodding and writing on the form clipped to a mobile board. "Okaaaayyy, Nik Minion, 17, student. Minor Injuries. Can you walk without support?" He inquired as Nik nodded. "Yeah."

"Good, a strong one, eh. You are a lucky kid. This area of the town isn't safe. Especially with the Chinese Triad and Japanese Yakuzas butting head. Rest and study well. And... try not to visit a lot of Chinese restaurants. Not until the cops figure something out."

"Good thing I like Italian," Nik groaned and slowly stood up. "Thanks, sir. I'll keep that in mind." The nurse smiled briefly and then turned his attention to another patient while Nik slowly walked back to Anna's place. 'There's no way in hell I am walking around without the basic strength to run away.' Nik thought to himself.


*Knock* *Knock*

"Coming!" Anna's cheerful cry rang once again as she opened the door after a momentary stop behind the door. "Nik?" She hurriedly pulled him in, now a little concerned with his hands and leg covered in bandages. "You met Junior again?" She inquired, now a little annoyed and angry as she helped Nik sit down. His brother should simply understand that she wouldn't stop sleeping with Nik! How unreasonable can he get?

"Worse," Nik grunted, "Check the local news. Dynasty Gourmet is gunned down and a branch of Fashion Bomb is... well, bombed." Nik leaned his head back and said softly, "Oh, and I think I'll stay here for the day. Doesn't seem like my lucky day."

Anna thought for a moment and grinned, "Want to read today's horoscope?"

"Sure... after I take a bath... well, I'll need help," Nik smirked as he leaned forward, "How about it, girl? Willing to assist your hurt boyfriend?"

"Umm," Anna rolled her eyes in consideration, "Sure..." she trailed, "Wait, did you see any hero in action? I heard that they are getting more active lately!"

"Well, no." Nik shook his head, "Don't worry, I am sure that Captain still remembers that you want to be his fashion sidekick."

"He should," Anna groaned, "What's with those blue tights? His ass jiggles, you know... I don't like seeing that at all."

"Maybe we should try out captain's cosplay. Both you and me. Your butt would jiggle and my... well, it would, too," Nik shrugged as Anna's eyes lit up.

"That's why I love you!" She squeaked and jumped into a hug before pushing him down as Nik stopped his almost exploding pained shout. Anna carefully looked at Nik, "Good, no scratches to face! Let's get you cleaned, big boy! And then, I'll nurse you back to health~" she cooed with a bright smile.


"Fine, Brandon?" A man with dark skin chuckled seeing his usual customer.

"Mighty," Brandon snorted, his hood covering a better portion of his face as he looked at the man sitting on the stairs of the building. "I got the party material," Brandon continued, "But rate's going up, man. We need to step our game." He sat beside the black man who wore his hair in a bob cut fashioned in a short afro. "Again?" The man furrowed his brows in displeasure and then sighed. "Damn, they're gonna rob our clothes, too. Well, how about getting into parties ourselves? I know many boys in the nearby clubs. You know, changing our base from homeless thugs to rich f.u.c.k boys?"

"Micheal," Brandon chuckled, "Clubs? Really?" Shaking his head, Brandon looked at one of the tallest towers of the city owned by a private organization whose name now rang worldwide. "How about changing the stream? Information. I heard that there are many... influences that would give a pretty buck for a few words."

"Oh, that they will," Michael mocked, "But our deaths won't be that pretty. You know, those monsters love to go all the way through the family and there's no way in hell I am putting Mum in such a spot."

Pursing his lips, Brandon groaned, "Parties it is! As usual, 50-50?"

"You know it, partner!" Michael grinned before chuckling to himself, "Did you know? Lucas broke through the prison? Like, rumors are, he literally broke through!" Brandon's eyelids jumped in surprise. Who didn't know Carl Lucas in Harlem? The prime thug who actually had the guts to go against the high mobsters. The triads! "Whatever," Brandon sighed. He was more than happy to dabble in drugs. Who cares if a gangster runs or get arrested once again? "Oh, what about Nik, man! You gotta show him some compassion. You both were besties, remember?" Michael patted Brandon's shoulder but the youth stood up with a foul mood. It was because Nik was his best friend that he could barely tolerate that womanizer with his sister, and now, mother.

"Just message me the club's location. Leave the distribution to me."

Sighing, Michael stood up and walked in the opposite direction. It was rare to have such a peaceful sunday in the neighborhood. "Well, let's have fun with Miracle!" The man smiled, blood already rushing through his body and then into his crotch as he recalled the bodacious Miracle and her bubble butt!


Elsewhere, in the neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, two men stood in front of a door with the print on the window panel stating Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys at Law.

"What does it say?" the man wearing black shades smiled and inquired. His body covered in a cheap suit while his hands holding a stick, identifying his status as blind while the pudgy man with a broad grin announced the name with glee.

"So? How about it? Partner?"

Foggy Nelson inquired as Matt Murdock, the blind man who had finally completed his law degree alongside his best friend smiled and tilted his head with a pleased expression. "I say, we already run down for a pro bono."

Hearing him, Foggy shook his head with a smirk, "No! It's sunday! Today, we party. Tomorrow, you help others to your heart's desire and I'll earn us the money to keep us from going under."

"Sounds like a plan."

Matt smiled.


A/N: As I said previously, I don't know much about police procedures and the geographical locations so if I make a few mistakes, please forgive me~