Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 4 Chapter 554

Volume 4: It's Marvelous Chapter 554 Imposter

"How are you feeling now?" Anna inquired, her wet finger twirling over Nik's chest as the large bathtub could accommodate the two cuddling on the same side. Leaning towards the athletic side with wide h.i.p.s, plushy butt, and modest b.r.e.a.s.ts, Anna's body was a sight to relish as she continued to press her thighs against the thick shaft while her entrance spread against the width of Nik's tool. "Better," Nik replied. Anna had pulled her hair into a bun as she leaned her face up to peck Nik's lips playfully. "You know, for so much blood we washed off, the scratches are pretty moderate. Did you become a superhero, too? The one that can heal quickly?" Anna snickered at her own fantasies while Nik's hands tenderly massaged her b.r.e.a.s.ts. They were soft and felt great in his hands.

"What if I became a superhero?" Nik inquired as he breathed hotly against Anna's ear, letting her blood rush towards her face since she strangely felt excited by every single touch from Nik. Yes, she and Nik had fun in the past but it was never so sensual. Never so fulfilling. In fact, Nik was more of a 'bull' before he met Anna but as the girl who loved her innards softly and tenderly scr.a.p.ed till her deepest ends, she set Nik straight. It took time and patience to not ditch him for another one night stand but now, right here, she felt quite satisfied with herself. "If you become a superhero, then I'll be your sidekick. Who cares about Captain or Tony? We can f.u.c.k while you fly. I can give you secret blowjobs while you are stationed somewhere. And, I'll even be able to spit at supervillains."

"Considering that there is only one supervillain, remember? All those Captain has put behind the bars are gangsters and terrorists!" Nik sighed softly as Anna wiggled her butt in excitement while pressing her thighs and pushing his c.o.c.k around playfully, too. "Hmm? But if I do become a superhero, I'll definitely attract superheroines, right? Are there any?" Nik inquired with a chuckle as Anna looked back with a dirty grin, "Oh, well, if there's any super 'female', we'll have to deal with her accordingly. Mum's pretty much full for you, remember? I could barely sleep by all the sounds yesterday."

"Girl, you'll be a wonderful sidekick. Heck, why would you even be a sidekick, that's kind of low. How about a partner?"

"You are saying like you actually are a superhero," Anna rolled her eyes as she leaned back on Nik and let out a hot sigh while allowing her fingers to gingerly wrap around Nik's shaft. Some loved the average size, sadly, she didn't find anyone compatible until she discovered Nik. Now, with both of the hands, one gripping the lower portion, and the other one rubbing against the wet and warm tip of Nik's tool, Anna let out a needy grunt. "But you do feel different. Hotter," she whispered as the water of the bath concealed the dampness of her crotch, "Maybe your powers are turning poor girls like us naughty and horny?" She jested as they both locked lips with each other.

"The best kind of superpower, right?" Nik chuckled and brushed the tip of his nose against Anna's.

"Anna! I'm home!" A loud shout broke the duo's moment as they both sighed. "Your mom's back," Nik placed his forehead against Anna's as she sighed reluctantly, too, "Yep, I heard her, too."

"I am in the bath, mom!" Anna called out and continued, "Nik's staying, too!"

"Let's get ready." Anna smiled and placed her hands over Nik's cheeks, kissing him, "We'll both nurse you back to health," she grinned and slowly stood up before pulling the towel while Nik continued to gaze at her body. "So..." he uttered, "What am I going to do with it?" Nik pointed towards his boner that screamed in indignation as Anna shrugged, "I don't know. Maybe wait for a few hours? I am sure we both can tire you out."

Nik smirked at her comment and stood up. He could manipulate his body to lose its physical excitement but Nik could never have the heart to do that. He would rather have a tent pitched in his pants while he accompanied a mother-daughter pair more than willing to help f.u.c.k each other's brains out.


Nik finally came out, his hair still damp and his pants a little uncomfortable with his erection pressing against the fabric. He would have worn something comfortable but that would risk exposing a few secrets of him in front of Anna and Nik didn't feel like explaining all the stuff. He would rather spend the night and then consider if he should share the information or not. After all, revealing the strangeness surrounding him did come with a heavy risk of forsaking the impending threesome with the mother-daughter pair.

As Nik sat beside Anna and casually placed his hand over her thigh while she watched the television, another woman continued to prepare a few stuff for dinner before walking towards the living room. No, Nik did not use his pheromones but instead relied on his enhancing senses. After almost seven hours, Nik's senses had finally reached the peak of a normal human and the better thing was, that a simple rank 1 wasn't his physical limits with the bloodline of a L.u.s.t Apostle running through his veins. "Nik!" The typical redhead with her hair trimmed short to reach her neck and her curvaceous, motherly body covered in a slightly crumpled shirt and tight pencil skirt, walked over, and sat beside Nik with a straight back and concern flickering in her eyes.

"Anna just told me about the accident," she hugged him tightly, instantly bringing his face onto her soft bosom, "I am relieved that you survived. Many were seriously injured! Gosh! The city is turning lawless by the day!" She muttered and kissed the top of Nik's head, making Nik feel... a little weird. This kind of concern did surpass the usual where Nik and his partner are enjoying their l.u.s.tful desires. "Uh, thanks. I wasn't hurt that badly. A few scratches and that's it." Nik mumbled, loosely tracing Mary's back as she sighed in relief. "That's good," she whispered and finally let him go, looking straight into his eyes, "It's good that you decided to stay. Junior and I... well, we argued. And if I am not wrong, you are practically thrown out of your apartment. Stay with us until you find a place to crash in or..." Mary trailed her words as Anna looked towards the duo in surprise. "Mom, are you inviting Nik to stay with us... like 'stay' stay?"

She sat up straight, her eyes sparkling. Mary shrugged at her words and leaned down to kiss on top of Nik's forehead. "Well, Nik had a rough day. Let him decide. Anyway, it's not like we won't be seeing each other even if we aren't staying together." She winked and stood up, "Alright kids. I have to change and then I'll treat you to my special sauce steaks!"

"Yes, mum!" Anna leaned back and changed the channel. It was due to Mary's influence that despite her wildness, Anna was interested in news more than other genres. After a minute of silence, she slumped down on Nik's lap, her head nuzzling against Nik's crotch and pushing against his erection. "Hehe" she chimed, "That feels quite hurtful, Nik," she snickered, "And to think you almost got injured in that accident!" Smiling, Nik patted her head, making her coo in relief as he sneaked the remote away from her hand and changed the channel.

"Hey!" She groaned as Nik replied, "Don't worry. Just checking what other movies are airing." After a few minutes, Nik reverted the channel to the news once again where an interview with the chief of 31st Precinct aired.

"The robberies and the shooting are connected. Our men are already taking control of the situation and there is not a single reason to be worried. Aside from the masked crusader going by the name of Captain America who still fails to understand the need of law, we will bring down the criminals responsible for the recent attacks." The chief already looked tired.

"Damn," Nik muttered, "Mary covered the robbery, didn't she? One of the nurses who patched me up said that this is some sort of gang war. Japanese and Chinese, to be exact."

"Really?" Anna inquired and looked upwards as Nik nodded, "Yeah." Nik nodded, "And to think that we'll be going for our museum trip tomorrow..."

"Museums can be fun," Anna grinned, "If enjoyed with the right partner."

"They sure can," Nik presented a mischievous smile, "So, I don't think I'll be having a decent outfit tomorrow, you know... Brandon basically has the rights to all my clothes."

"We'll order some!" Anna stood up excitedly, "Jacket, t-shirt, and denims! A total set! Wait, I already have one in the cart and they can deliver it tomorrow early. The store's closed today, after all!"

Nik thought for a moment, then shrugged. "Sure thing."


A figure covered in a blue costume and a light round shield strapped to his forearm with the print belonging to the flag of USA panted. It was a dark alleyway, the source of usual crimes. Drugs, robberies, r*apes. Well, these were just the beginning. Mark had seen worse after infiltrating the slave hordes and the stays of local slumlords. In front of him lay a youth, one of the prominent gangbanger of the neighborhood with his rep sheet full of felonies and assaults but a prison could keep such youngsters in for only a short time and they would get back to their usual activities.

"Son," Mark in the costume of Captain America huffed, "It isn't too late to stop. If I find you again, I'll break you!" He barked loud enough and kicked the coughing youth as the battered boy hurriedly stood up and ran with fear and hatred clear in his eyes. It was this time, with the sound of jet extensions and mechanical whirring, a muffled voice instructed the 'Captain' from behind.

"And you aren't Captain America. Stop before you get hurt!"

Sighing in annoyance, Mark turned back, looking at a mechanical humanoid with a color scheme of hot red and gold. A blue arc reactor remained lodged in between the chest of the newcomer as Mark sat down, still a little out of breath. "Tony!" he chuckled, "Now, what would a billionaire superhero need from a poor man like me?"

With the propellers disabled, Iron Man descended on the alleyway with a clashing sound as he spoke, "Your resignation from the vigilante services. Captain America is dead and you are only a fan. Captain didn't use revolvers, the comics show that he used his shield."

"Well, I am not 'the' Captain," Mark smiled, "But that doesn't stop me from giving people hope."

"Hope?" The mask of the helmet popped up, revealing a handsome man in his late twenties with a neat mustache, "So, all the gangsters still running around killing people while you bully kids is hope?" A little angered, Mark narrowed his eyes, "And what did you do, Iron Man? Busted a nut job, your partner, who stole your tech and almost destroyed a better half of the city. You have the resources to stop all the crimes and even then, you won't, Mr. Stark. What does that say about you?"

"Wisdom," Tony replied and stepped forward, "Cold air takes place of hot air, supply fills demand, water rushes into empty space. That's the simple of the world. If I remove crime, more will follow. You want to help people? Donate, teach them self defense, raise charities. That's helping. What you are doing is a procedure of slow but eventual suicide."

"Don't teach me, boy," Mark hissed, "You either throw me in front of a station and let the cops arrest me or you can drink your pricy scotch in your luxury tower. Leave the stupid kids to me."

"If Captain was really here, my god, he would be so embarrassed that he would have chosen death again," Tony remarked as his mask covered his face once again before his thrusters launched him into the sky once again, leaving Captain America in the alleyway dead tired.


"Sweet!" Nik commented with a comforted expression as he tasted the dinner prepared by Mary. "Thanks," the mother sitting opposite to Nik on a four seater table smiled, "I don't get to cook often due to my early shifts, but I love to spoil Anna on sundays." She smiled before sighing. Anna knew all too much about her mother's worries. Despite their s.e.x.u.a.l wildness, of course, they cared for their family meaning that the two did worry for Junior. "Say, how about I try to bring Brandon next sunday? You'll be cooking again, right?"

Nik suddenly inquired while his mouth full of the sweet meat, making Mary's eyelids jump in surprise.

"You'd do that, Nik?"

"Well, yeah. He is missing out on some great food and I know he's probably eating something from a takeout."

"Will he listen to you?" Anna inquired with little to no hope only for Nik to present a grin.

"Most definitely!"

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